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Monday, 30 January 2017

A message to humanity

A message from the Galatic Federation

This year is also one of completion, and we expect many of you to reach that point where you have made that permanent step up into the Light. Living in the Light is a way of life, and not easy to achieve against the backcloth of duality. You will be tested every day as to your resolve to keep what you have gained from your experiences. However, your will to succeed will carry you forward, and with determination no one will deflect you from your chosen path. When you can handle events that happen around you without being affected by them, you will know that you have reached the point of no return to the old ways.  


Stand in your own space created from your desire to be one who is embracing Unconditional Love. Do not be moved by anything that happens outside of you, and you will have found your true self. Do not despair if this sounds too much for you to achieve, in the coming period the help you get will be greatly increased and you are certainly not expected to do it all by yourself. Our very purpose is to help you individually and also collectively as the One Consciousness. If you put your mind to what it is you want out of this period of opportunity, it will come your way. We mention often the power of thought, and as time passes you will find more evidence of your own ability to create.  


I am SaLuSa of The Galactic Federation, and feel great happiness that you are finally in the year of action that will see the manifestation of many of our promises to you. Simply keep your spirits high and do not be deflected by those who would pull you down. . Be in joy and look out for us as we come more often into your skies, we are here to ensure your success. We have much love for you, and soon we will able to arrive upon your Earth and demonstrate it for all to see.

living in the light