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Monday, 26 December 2016

Expanding your mind - an epic movie list


HOliday movie list sorted ✌🏼️👌

Kevin Spacey, summer holidays and a new era of babes in Space!

December has been full of highs and some terrible lows. Last December was bitter sweet also - hopefully it's not the start of some fucked up pattern of despair laced with s few highs.

Highs included -
Finding myself on holidays for 6 weeks after the frenzy of university study, which has allowed me to relax, take a 5 day trip to Hamilton Island, get a suntan, buy lots of unnecessary things online, join an Astronomy club, read about Chi or Qi and think about learning how to harness it through falung gong or tai chi ( I might start going to classes....) Ive though about learning how to brew beer even though I don't actually like beer. Ive spent as many nights as I can star gazing and trying to master Starlarium - an app that helps people learn about space and what they are looking at when they look up into the night sky. It had some really cool stuff, you can even track satellites.
I saw two super moons which was pretty epic, ate lots of food, got a pedicure and read all my astronomy magazines I have been collecting for such an occasion. Ive even hosted a Christmas lunch.

Lows -

I rewatched Lost for the 4th time on Netflix as a way of helping deal With my grief over loosing a family member... I Know It sounds weird but I Needed a distraction when I went to bed at night and that's what helped Me!

I ate twisties which are basically poison and I really regret it!

But now, I'm kind of bored and sad!  It's Boxing Day and I'm ready to get back into it
I need a distraction! You'd think with 6 weeks of holidays stretched before me I'd be sinking into summer mode and be planning Netflix marathons and days at the beach.... I'm grieving and long period of time to think isn't really ideal at this point!

Also for Your information the title of this Blog Oh Shit t's Kevin Spacey - A Twisted View of the  Cosmos is a working title only.