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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Farmers markets - what real food tastes like!

You Know your eating the right thing when the juice from a tomato runs down your arm 😍😍😍👯

All about Space ⭐️

Sunday night reading 😍😍😍

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The first mother in space!

I've been doing a bit of reading on this lady and I think it's safe to say I've got a new hero on my list!

Searching for a star

My star is in this constellation.

I was given it as a gift, because i'ved  morphed into a space nut, and was so excited to view it in the night sky, and then realised that it was located in the Northern Hrmisphere which  isn't near me.... I know what the hell? I could possible see it if I went to the top of Australia and stood on a huge hill or cliff at 3am in the morning and looked north, only then might I be lucky enough to get a glimps of it on the northern horizon for a few seconds. Yeah it's a pretty tight window in some pretty remote bush - maybe like 4000-5000 kms away along some pretty isolated roads facing some hectic scenarios involving 15 foot crocs and fuck knows what else!
So maybe one day I will be able to come and view it in some northern land or maybe if I'm lucky when I do my astronomy class next year at University I can view it through our sister school in America's telescope. It's a pretty sweet setup they have going on and affords students at both campus's access to the night sky in both hemispheres. 

Space Day

I live in a city in Australia called the Gold Coast! It's a wonderful place but the light pollution at night has made it virtually impossible to see much at all! This Space Day needs to happen so everyone can enjoy the night sky!

Loosing perspective

I'm attempting to study for my archaeology exam next week..... so far; I've got it out and looked at it (the book and the cover) decided I should probably have a bath because I got those new bath bombs last week and they aren't going to dissolve themselves....and because I have to be clean to study plus it would allow me to multitask and read the Elin Musk article on his Dragon space shuttle id been meaning to read in an astronomy magazine I have been reading. And then I got hungry, but I couldn't decide what to eat because there isn't anything to eat here....and then I found a new magazine I hadn't read in a pile of magazines I bought a few weeks ago that I plan on reading so I flicked through that, and then I remembered I have been cooking chicken satay in the slow cooker and I'm actually semi retarded because why didn't I remember that when I was hungry pre magazine peruse -  anyway I think I'll have to really get into the studying tommorow because I'm a bit distracted with reading and food and DVDs and being a weirdo 😆😆😆
I know what the hell man! But it's better for everyone if I start fresh in the morning 😆😆😆

Gold Digger Novel

My book Gold Digger is available on Barnes and Noble website - Http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gold-digger-tara-anderton/1120500875?ean=9781618973665 

And also on Amazon.com


My island home 🌈👯🎤😍⭐️👊👍

It's all about the knowledge

Getting up to date on all the alternative news, future science and the unexplained! 

When I said I liked reading - I really meant I like reading! I also love information on just about anything which is why when I got to a book shop or a newsagent I find myself walking out with a handful of really random magazines, that's why I could talk for hours on pretty much any topic without getting bored!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The wind and I!

I went to Burleigh Hill yesterday to watch the billy cart races! It was a petty cool day - except for the friggin wind! 
I ended up with what I like to call windy ears! It gave me the worst headache ever and, you guessed it a bad case of windy ear - (it's when your ears feel hollow inside but achy. Kind of like a headache in your ear but not an earache!) It's kind of strange to explain,
so just know this - it fucking hurts and makes you want to put cotton balls inside with those ear drops that you can't stop smelling and then ear muffs - really fluffy ones! 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Space is awesome 😀

Can't wait to delve into this later or tomorrow..... So many interesting things going on in outer space right now and right here in our solar system! If you get a chance jump into the NASA website and check out some of the cool photos or live streams they have going. Hubble, ISS, Juno - there is so many projects and things going on...

Under The Dome

I'm Watching Under The Dome season 3 and it's getting really weird ....
Anyone else Under The Dome???

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Assignment freak out number 5!

I have two major assignments due by midnight next Friday night for two different subjects, and I'm sort of freaking out! I can't even.....
 It's Saturday night and I'm feeling a bit paniced! I diligently worked on my major essay/assignment for Communicating in the Sciences for most of the day today, (even though it was Saturday and I really wanted to be doing fun things) and I can't help but think I'm in way over my head! The assignment I slaved over, or tried to wrap my head around, seemed like the best topic ever at the time of selection, but once I narrowed down my topic several times, I've ended up knee deep in something I'm not that confident I know enough about! Writing a research proposal for a hypothetical research project about the cultural challenges humans will face when colonising Mars - specifically to do with sense of self is an epic feat.... How the fuck did I even get here? Is it too late to change my angle? What could that new angle be? Can it be done in a week? 

Then there is my assignment for Archaeology that's focus is on what Complexity means in Hunter Gatherer Societies. 2500 Words are required and all I've achieved is a few rough outlines of what I want to cover and have read and reread the text and readings and taken notes and looked at a few other journal articles relating to it.... But I haven't had the time to actually pen a draft.  
I'm not even a slacker and left it to the last minute - I've been really good completing all my tasks on time and handing it all the stuff when it needs to be - they must think I'm super human -  What the hell man!!!There just isn't enough hours in the day to get everything I need to do done!

Holiday dreaming

I need a holiday and brown skin again...


Me Stargazing at Astro Pete's In Brisbane 😀

Fat cat

This cat is everything!!!!

Solar system goals!

Trying to tick off the planets - Neptune  has so far eluded me!

The moon last night from my house!