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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Study girl.....

My feet are frozen, I may need to get them amputated? Today is a study day! What am I studying? Archaeology! I have listened to a lecture for 101 minutes about early humans on my bed, folding washing, unpacking the dishwasher, laying upside down on the lounge. I'm like a small child! Then I looked over my assignment requirements (1000-1500 words describing the major physical and cultural features of Neanderthals. Where this evidence was found and the significance of the geographical location!) Now I'm supposed to read chapter 4 of my textbook -The Human Lineage and then read 4 articles relating to said chapter! I'm actually finding it very interesting because I love learning new things! 

Why am I studying archaeology if I want to become an Astronomer you ask! I will explain.......

For my science degree I'm majoring in Physical Sciences so I can become an Astronomer. That much you know 😊 if you didn't then just preview all the latest blog posts and smattering of space related photos on here and G+. 

Anyway there are 4 core subjects with my degree and then for my major its 8 units. So I had to pick 12 electives to complete the 24 units to get my bachelors degree. There is a huge selection to choose from and they covered a wide range of topics. The idea of a bachelors degree is to obviously study the things pertaining to the career you wish to undertake, but also to gain a broader range of education in a few fields. I tried to stick to things that would compliment what I was learning in my major.

Core subjects
Communicating in the Sciences
Computing Studies
Statistics - Data Analysis
Enabling studies (mathematics fundamentals)

Physical Science Major
Astronomy 1
Astronomy 2
Physics Concepts 1
Physics Concepts 2
Modern Physics
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Medical Physic
Adaption  Photonics

Here is what I picked for my electives.

Intro to Anthropology
Weather and climate
World History
Science Fundamentals
Intro to communication studies
Adaption to climate change
World Civilizations
Environmental studies
Science project
Sustainable resource use
Biology concepts

Anyway I'm pretty sure it's lunchtime, so I might have a break! 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Star Gazing at my place!

Tonight I set my telescope up on the front deck at my place and settled in for a night of star gazing.  I checked out Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Acrux a star in the Southern Cross and Alpha Centuri. I saw Vega and Hadar as well. I tried to view Izar in Epsilon Booties and Neptune but I wasn't in the right position to see them 😞😞😞

I'm now waiting for the moon to get higher in the sky so I can stare at that for a while! I'm totally loving my new telescope if you can't tell 👯👯👯

Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Facewipes push!

I've used some face wipes in my time, but I have never had a better experience than with these babies!!!
 Not only do they cleanse your face, they smell amazing and they are actually really good for your skin! No I don't work for the Rosehip Facewipes company, I just really love these wipes and think everyone who hasn't tried them, should 🤗🤗🤗😆

Monday, 18 July 2016

Being productive

In light of how much work i now know I will be doing for uni, I'm going to plan my week accordingly so I don't spend my weekends reading 3 chapters of a science book with 100 questions that need to be answered! 

Here we go.....

Sunday, 17 July 2016

I am a science machine!!!

34.5 hrs on Unviersity study so far! My whole weekend was non existent as I tried to wade through the sheer amount of science fundamentals information I was required to read and watch and look up - I actually started to think it wasn't possible! Anyway I've made it out the other side in one peice so I'm giving myself the afternoon off! I think I might watch a movie and then stare at a wall 😂😂😍😍😂😂

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Learning all the stuff 😃

Thursday night and Ive just read two chapters of The Past in Perspective an introduction to human prehistory for my World Archaeology class and now it's onto three chapters of Conceptual integrated Science for my science fundamentals class! 
I am way smarter than I've ever given myself credit for - I know this because I am enjoying it and I actually understand it! 

All hail science nerd girl 😍😍😍😍😍

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Counting my penguin friends!

Here is a picture of some gorgeous penguins that need classifying. Being part of Penguin Watch is really important to me because;
a- I love them and 
b- they need our help. By monitoring them and counting them we can determine what and how our actions effect their environment amoung many other things. It is important to get involved in projects like this so we can ensure the future of our wildlife.

If you are interested in finding out more you can go to the Zooiniverse website 


and click on the Penguin Watch Program. The subsequent website will tell you everything you need to know and get you started counting penguins. If you want to help but don't have the time to count actual penguins, you can donate money to help with the monitoring and conservation of these beautiful marine animals.
If penguins aren't your thing you can check out a plethora of other projects - I think 45 last time I looked on the Zooniverse Website!

What is Zooniverse?

Zooiniverse is a Citizen Science platform that connects you with projects that need help from everyday people with a variety of projects, it is so 'freakin' awesome! If you haven't been onto the website then you are truely missing out on an awesome thing. From counting penguins to determining if an asteroid has a tail you will find all the best citizen science projects out there all in one place! (Other than Seti@home and the Stardust Project run by Berkley University) this is as exciting and interactive as it comes.

 I myself am a part of 11 projects mainly to do with space and astronomy but there is something for everyone and well worth clicking this link.


These are the projects I am participating in as a Citizen Scientist. 

Bachelor of Science

So on Monday I finally started my university degree in Science. I'm doing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physical Sciences so I can become an Astronomer! Yeah it's pretty exciting! I'm doing some of it externally so I can pick and choose my hours which is awesome, but the problem with that is having access to future lectures and assignments and all that. Why is that a problem? Because I am a freak. I did 4 hours yesterday and 6 today and I have basically covered 3/4 of the workload for this week. It's only Tuesday afternoon!
I decided when I started this degree, to see how part time went, because, it's been a while since I studied at university and I didn't want to get in over my head. 

So I chose 3 subjects, one less than full time - and I'm kind of wondering if I couldn't have handled the whole four, because I'm all over this thing like a rash. But I do really want to get great results and dedicating my time to perfecting the three is probably a wise choice and I can always make it up next semester......
I overthink everything and I'm annoying myself 😔😁😳😉

Writing in Heels? More like Astronomy in Heels!!!!

So as you may or may not know I started this blog as a budding writer hoping to get my first novel and subsequent novels published. You have followed me through all the ups and downs (you can find them in the archives) and watched me grow as a person and a writer. I have entertained you with various stories from my life and those around me and sometimes even stories about people that I don't really know. I've shared opinions on just about everything, divulged details of upcoming novels and ones you haven't even heard of yet, music interests, holiday snaps and recipes for the most delicious food and yummy cocktails. I've commented on current events and things not so popular. There have been book recommendations and reviews, cat photos, things of interest. Lots of weird and wonderful discoveries, and everything in between, and now the Astronomy!
I'm seriously obsessed! I start Uni to do a Bachelor of Science Physical Sciences in less than two weeks and I'm super excited! As you can tell by the recent previous posts mainly consisting of space related photos and information, that it's consuming me - in a good way obviously, but somehow taking over what this blog originally started out as.... I am still writing however, but it has kind of taken a back seat to the Astronomy....sort of becoming more of a hobby than a career if I'm honest. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, I love the whole process of creating a book and the story but realistically as a career it's a pretty tough gig. The money isn't great unless you like Danielle Steel or something and it's something I feel like I could do as well as becoming an Astronomer. 
I'm almost finished writing my third novel and am hopeful once it's edited a million times that I could have it published. I will continue with it over the next six months and decide weather to pursue other ideas I have for a forth novel when it comes to that.  I've given up the freelance writing. I made some decent money doing a ghostwriting project and also writing articles for medical websites, and an okay amount for the dating websites and travel articles I did, but in the end I had a pretty awful experience on Freelancer with a fucking dickhead who hired me and then ripped me off after I completed a ton of articles for him. That pretty much ended my freelance writing career now that I think about it. I became disillusioned with the whole writing for a living thing and wondered if I couldn't be more than what I was...... So I picked Astronomy. It was an easy choice for me because I have alway had a fascination with the night sky and our solar system and beyond. Over the last 4 months that fascination turned into something more and I decided to pursue it because I love learning new things and I'm pretty great at research and stuff. 
Anyway I'm not sure where this blog will lead me and you, if you follow, but I'll let you know as we go along.....

Maple water never forget!

I momentarily forgot that maple water is my everything and I have to order a crate so I can enjoy the epicness that is maple in water.....I'm ordering on Wednesday when I get paid 😏🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

My happy place.....

I love this 😍😍😍🤗

I Learnt about the moons of Saturn today.....

Today I delved into the unknown and learnt about the moons of Saturn. There are 62 in total if you can believe it, and I became quiet fond of Titan, Saturns largest moon, which is completely awesome because it has an actual atmosphere similar to that on earth, and that is pretty special because it's the only moon in our Solar System that is known to have an atmosphere around it. I found out that this is considered highly unusual and very interesting to astronomers. Which is obviously very interesting to me because I'm an astronomer.... Well amateur astronomer anyway. The article suggested that maybe in the future Titan could be colonised or even house extra terrestrial beings. 
Yeah it's pretty cool....

Mars the red planet

Checking out Mars.... On my Mars app 🤓🤓🤓

No internet makes me do things......

I ran out of Internet yesterday and I can't afford to buy any until Wednesday (the perils of having no disposable income) 
(I am posting this via hotspot in a 5 minute window some awesome person allowed me)

So far I've;

washed everything in the laundry, and hung it all out
Read two Astronomy/space magazines and learnt some really amazing things
Star gazed for 3 uninterrupted hours last night with an old pair of bonocs and a mattress and sleeping bag
Raked up a truckload of pine cones and needles that were choking my yard
Rescued an old table that was rotting outside and cleaned it up and brought it inside
Had two baths and washed my hair
Watch the Martian again
Written a heap of blog posts
Thought about uni
Planned my next week out so I'm productive
Cleaned my desk
Ate lots of food (I'm currently waiting on baked potatoes from the oven that I am going to split open and douse with sour cream and bacon pieces)
Loaded the dishwasher and unpacked it
Planned a living wall for my from deck and indicated where I would like my new fire-pit to go
Thought about buying a candle 
Thought about how I want my house too look when I actually have moment to make it look like that - I looked through a previously created folder of inspiration pictures and was sad momentarily that I didn't have money to burn like so many other people...but then I was okay, because after all, it's just stuff!!!!!

Cats are awesome!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Space is awesome 🤓🤓🤓🚀🔭🌌🌠

More reading in between studying and staring at the stars 🤓🤓🤓🤓

Fake it until you do.....

My motto - until I get it 🤓🤓🤓🤓🚀

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Stardust - searching for craters!

Spending my Saturday afternoon searching for craters!
Yes I am truly a nerd 😂😂😍😍

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Surrounded by parties.....

There are three parties going on around me and all the music is trying to compete with each other. It's like being at a Big Day out with all the stages dotted around everywhere and you're stuck in the middle and don't know which way to go, but also it's annoying! At first I was like cool, and now I'm like shut it up or I'm going to start being really annoyed! Also I had planned to stargaze on my front deck tonight and I went to take out my mattress, pillows and sleeping bag in anticipation and got a toxic face full of smoke billowing over the fence from the impromptu bonfire the have blazing in their yard! I poked my head over to see why there was so much smoke and realised they had the makings of a blazing bushfire/house fire! The 20 something drunk teens were singeing eyebrows whilst swigging cheap beer out of the bottle none the wiser to the dangers of what lay ahead if old mate throws that next rather large log with attached bushes into the mix. I'm surprised they don't have a petrol tin at the ready and I'm wondering if everyone in my house is up to date on the evacuation plan. 
I head back inside wreaking of smoke, momentarily thinking that I was lucky I hadn't washed my hair when I had a bath earlier and also wondering if I could forge ahead with my stargazing plans despite the bullshit that surrounded me. I decided that yes I would go ahead so I positioned myself on the mattress and began. After 25 minutes I realised I was bopping along to a particularly good song I didn't know the name of and thought this isn't so bad. Then a bad of teens pulled up in a convoy of cars polluting my area with lights and ending the awesome song as the group shut down the music to greet the new arrivals. I headed inside to make a coffee and plan to go back out again soon. Hopefully the replacement music - heavy techno is only a reprieve for the lovely tunes of earlier but I somehow have the feeling it's here to stay. I don't think I'll last long out their in any case as that type of repetitive bullshit really irritates the hell out of me. I must be getting old!

This is where you would think the blog post would end and it did until I went back out to look at the night sky again and despite the terrible music I pushed through hoping to see some meteors or something to make the night worthwhile. I did 7 in fact and also got to see the police pay a visit too one of the neighbours who was conviently nude parading around talking nonsense to the residents of the house next door. They where the ones who called the police because I heard the whole thing unfold. It was pretty bad, but at one point I had to hold back a laugh at some of the thieving said but ultimately hated them all just a little more for running my night!!!!

Gold Digger

Join three extraordinary women on a journey of a lifetime as they try and make their dreams come true.



The future is later.....

Or is it? I've decided that the future is now and basically enrolled myself in a Bachelor of Science so I can become an Astronomer! Live your life exactly how you want to and then you will have no regrets!

Wind chafe or just fucked lips???

There is probably a point that had already passed where I have to go from blaming wind chafe for the state of my lips to actually accepting they are in actual fact FUCKED! There is no amount of lip smacker that is going to heal this bullshit - I need to pull out the big guns... Paw Paw! I'll let you know how it goes.....

Why aren't you typing?

I've been sitting here trying to motivate myself to type up some more of the edited version of Ally in Disguise....but it's not looking very positive! It's only 10:45am and I'm considering a siesta already! I could very well get up off the couch, put something warmer on because I'm cold, make myself some belated breakfast and get into it with a vengeance but I can't......
I have no internet, no contact with the outside world and i feel like it's 1984 except without the home phone. I really just want to look up astronomy stuff and get on my Hubble app. I'm evolving, it's weird - I've turned into a space nerd and despite still having a love for literature and writing - it's not enough, I need more. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Getting familiar with my Laser Pointer

Just getting familiar with my Lazer and laws about Lazers in Oz!

In Astronomy the use of a lazer pointer (usually green) can be invaluable. Using a laser to point out Stars, constellations and planets is a great way of learning and teaching others about astronomy and also finding and directly pointing at stars so you can line up your manual telescope! I found this out at a star party from a young kid who was commanding a dobsonian and proceeded to quiz me on how many moons Jupiter had and then Saturn and so forth because I suppose that's what kids do....
However, Laser pointers are considered dangerous in the wrong hands because of various reasons. (One being a bunch of fools getting together with a powerful lazer and thought it would be funny to point it at some planes going over) and is the reason why lasers have been classified and a special rule of 1mw being implemented as the hugest grade of laser a civilian can have unless they have a special reason such as astronomy purposes. 
Another being the fact that you can blind yourself or others if you where to point it in anyone's eye. Like seriously it could fuck you up!
So after reading all this I thought if better check out the actual law in my area because It's good to know what your getting yourself into before hand so if anything goes wrong while you are using your laser you know where you stand!
Those Certain unnamed idiots who did dumb things tries to spoil it for the rest of us can suck it because luckily if your in the Astronomy field you can point away 👯👯👯

Getting up close and personal with out Solar System!

It's a cold afternoon where I am and I can't really find anything to hold my attention! I've drunken coffee, planned a drive up a mountain that I subsequently pulled out of because I need new brakes in the car, and don't want to wind up in hospital because I was irresponsible! I've wandered around aimlessly for a while, did some washing, ate food, pet cats! It's been super fun..... I'm sort of at a loose end I guess.... 

At the risk of sounding like a bigger nerd than I already am, I suppose I should familiarise myself with our solar system in anticipation of my impending science degree 😁