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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Monday, 20 June 2016

Elon Musk

Elton also want to colonise Mars - I wonder what will happen???

Perfect shot - dandelion and the sun 😍😍😍😳
Coffee with my mum. 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Gorgeous high heels

I do annoying things to my cat but then she loves it πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Chi Chi inside my dressing gown πŸ˜πŸ™‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Vatican City - all you need to know!

I got this book - it's super interesting and the paintings are magnificent! I love information!!!

A few quick facts - 

Vatican City

The smallest state in the world
The whole of the Vativan is within the city of Rome
The Basilica - eighteen Popes and twelve Architects 
It's a a four sided fortress
No one is considered a foreigner in this city
Tens of thousands of masterpieces are kept in the Bacillica and surrounding holy buildings
We are never alone in the Vatican

If you want to know more check out the Vatican website by typing it into Google!

Looking for my star????

I was on the Starlarium app last night trying to find my star, I have the coordinates so I didnt think it would be that big a problem. I was wrong! The app doesn't allow you to type in the declination or ascension so I forwarded the time so that the Casseopia Constellation was just visible on the northern horizon and enhanced it above. I spent hours clicking on all the stars in my stars range (along the same degree lines I think) trying to find the exact one. I came pretty close but not quiet. I felt a bit defeated because all the website it was purchased from offered an address to a website you could type your star I'd into and it came up with some random picture that could be fucking anywhere if Im honest. There was no names of adjacent stars or constellations or anything and the website creator indicated my star was the bright one in the middle.

Behold the shit they tried to palm off as mine....

I then tried other star sites but nothing came close. Feeling somewhat defeated, I remembered the Online Backyard Astronomy course I had just completed on Udemy and the bit about Starlarium on your computer and how you could type in the star address and it would come up. (The app really needs this feature) 
anyway I spent my time downloading the app for my laptop, which is in desperate need of replacing FYI, and then found the bit where I could type in what I needed to, for it to zone in on 'said star'  and then - Teddy my Peke Faced Persian, decided the keyboard of the laptop was a great place to sit and wiggle around and get pet - and he opened maybe 100 seperate pages and froze it - so eventually I will locate my star and see it in all its 3D glory. Until that time I guess just go about your daily lives!!!

When I get my telescope for my birthday in just over a week I will dedicate some time to locating it properly - that and Rigel Kent which I have become obsessed with, and Epselom Bootes for personal reasons!!!!

George Adamski - Flying Saucers Have Landed!

I've started my Second George Adamski book which arrived a few days ago. It's actually the first book, but I'm reading it second because that's how I roll!!!! I'm really excited because I loved the first one and I have high hopes for this one... I'll let you know how I go!!!

Change of plans

So I was going to watch a movie on Netflix but instead I'm going to try sleeping.....which is probably a good thing, because humans need sleep. However, I can't sleep until I swear a bit about the f'ing Netflix not loading and the subsequent anguish that has caused because I can't do what I want! I wouldn't be so annoyed if it hadnt happened two nights in a row. I know right, it's fucked up! Last night I was all like oh well surely I can deal without a movie I'll just get online and do some shopping and browsing which turned out okay, but tonight was a bit of a turning point in that I couldn't get where Netflix got off screwing me over twice! I mean, I'm utilising a service they are apparently providing and paying to watch their movies in two ways. Firstly through their subscription which is fairly reasonable, and secondly for my wifi to stream the thing, so I expect it to work when I want to watch something. It's pissing me off because I can't work out why Netflixis doing this to me! I have read relevant help sections on why this could be happening and gone through all the likely scenarios but it hasn't helped. The only thing I can't put it down too is the Internet connection. However, I seem to be able to do everything else including watching videos on YouTube which in my limited knowledge of streaming videos seems like a similar thing, so I'm done. 

If it keeps happening Netflix can go fuck itself!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fuck you cigarettes!!!

I haven't smoked a cigarette for 28 days! 

Giving up cigarettes was a decision I made ages ago and I tried twice for 5 Days each time, but it didn't stick! 

This time, I must have been really ready because I think I'm doing it! I'm fine about the not smoking part / I don't even want one! Unfortunately I've been feeling extremely anxious and weird in the stomach for the last week and it's not great!!!
 I read about what sort of weird withdrawal symptoms I would endure, because no one can just walk away and that's it, there has to be some suffering!!
Anyway I was really shocked to read one website liken it to loosing a loved one! Yeah what the hell right??? They said that the emotions and feelings you experience can be the same ones you would feel if you lost a loved one! I started to freak out! What the fuck had I gotten myself in for? Nobody told me this 6 years ago when I was drunk at a party and thought I would try a puff of someone's ciggie! 
With knots of anxiety in my stomach I decided to take a few deep breaths and be thankful I wasn't hysterically bawling like a small child curled up in a corner. 
I'm not going to let this beat me - I'm better than that!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Study day

I'm Studying today - I'm not sure if laying on my unmade bed is a good idea - I'm starting to get sleepy.....

Monday, 13 June 2016

I'm kind of like that girl....

I did it! I'm like that girl who came home one day and looked around her at all the stupid crap that she had accumulated to make her house perfect and her life perfect and realised it was all bullshit! Life isn't about stuff, it's so much better than that! So, she packed it all up and sold it, and now lives out of a suitcase on a friends lounge. But less like that, and more just a 'what is all this crap for clean out', no selling - just dumping it, and still living in my house, but just with less stuff!!! Im pretty sure she had a breakdown, and i didn't, but I feel better about myself and the world!!!


Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Black Knight Satellite

I've been doing a lot of research on the universe and astronomy and telescopes as you may or may not know, and along the way, I came across a very interesting series of articles about a satelite that has been orbiting earth for a long time, like 13000 years. Apparently no one from Earth put it there. So who did? Aliens? Maybe, because Russia and the US deny ownership, and there is evidence that it has been in orbit well before anyone from this planet had the technology to put something of its size and nature into orbit. 

The Black Knight as it has been dubbed, is very interesting indeed. Below is a photo captured by NASA.

So, why don't we really know a lot about this mystery satellite? 

Because when it was officially discovered The US Goverment tried to hide it and when that didn't work, because stuff like that can't be kept hidden forever, NASA released official images which apparently show the Black Knight Satellite but they tried to brush off as space junk. Fortunately, we didn't believe them. And the the Internet happened! There's plenty of information if you go looking, and a series of photos and youtube videos.  http://youtu.be/lT4Vq32zlDsyou might find interesting, but most people just choose to go on with their lives.
Me - I thought ooooh what have we got here, and always one for an in depth look into things I got to work. The more I read, the more I got the feeling that I had seen this same ideology in other things that couldn't be explained, so people just listened to the governments explanations of space debris and whatever sounds plausible for that particular situation, and moved on with their heads rammed firmly up their asses!!!

So what do we know about the Black Knight Satellite and Satelites in general?

There are currently around 3500 human-made satellites in working order around the Earth, not including old satellites and space debris cause by crashed satellites and other junk we created. These Satelites are very different to the Black Knight in that these human made ones are used by us for communication, observation, and so on. The black knight isn't used by us but hastold us two things. 

The Black Knight satellite has been transmitting a signal for the last 60 years. (probably more, but we didn't have the technology or know how to receive its signal or did we? In 1899 Tesla discovered an electronic signal that he believed was coming from space. That Signal was later picked up in the 1920s by HAM radio enthusiasts. These were originally of Earthly origin, but their timing was bizarre! A signal would be received then a second repeated signal received a few seconds later. These Long Delayed Echoes (LDEs) were difficult to explain in terms or radio waves bouncing offatmospheric layers.  In 1973, Scotsman Duncan Lunan (1945-) went back to these signals to see if could make sense of them.  Miraculously by plotting the delay times against the order in which the echoes were received he could create what appeared to be star charts and diagrams. By deciphering them Lunan decided that the signals were actually messages transmitted by a probe originally from the star Epsilon BΓΆotes (Izar) which had been lurking near the Moon for the past 13 000 years.  The Epsilon BoΓΆtis is a double star in the northern constellation of BoΓΆtes. It has the traditional names Izar and Pulcherrima. This star system is visible with the naked eye. If you want to check it out, Starlarium is a free app you can download and use. 

The Black Knight is on a polar orbit around Earth which is interesting, because when they discovered it way back when, us humans weren't capable of launching anything that could orbit that way. In other words The Black Knight’s orbit was unlike any other object orbiting Earth. In fact, The United States nor the Russians possessed the technology to maintain a spacecraft in Polar Orbit Until 1960. Moreover, Polar orbits are often used for earth-mapping, earth observation, capturing the earth as time passes from one point and reconnaissance satellites. This would put the Black Knight in the category of an observational Satellite. 

1960 North American System Listening Station picked up a radar echo. They had detected an unknown satellite in orbit. R.Johnson director of the Adler Planetarium said... 

The object does not even have the decency to maintain a regular schedule like any other heavenly body or man made object we have ever seen. It appears some nights and some nights it does not. 

The Black Knight satellite is an object approximately 13,000 years old of extraterrestrial origin.

So what do I think?

Hmmm I think lots of things. It's a bit confusing but I've seen too much, my eyes are too open so this is my theory...

The Black Knight Satellite is definately real, it's not a bit of space debris,  and the guy who said he interpreted the message as it was, was telling the truth! In my opinion The satellite was put there by an alien race of some sort - no I don't have all the answers but I have some, and I think it's enough to make up my own mind on what I think is going on. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong but somehow I don't think I am. Anyway, This race of beings, who are obviously interested in our planet for whatever reason be it resources, to monitor our progress as a race or more than likely to keep an eye on the ever present uprising of crazy leaders who  pose a real threat to themselves and us and obviously their civilisation if we continue to test bombs, weapons and other related bullshit and push those toxic fumes and microwaves out into the universe. My guess is that they are dumbfounded with our stupidity and seriously wondering how we are still alive and then why the hell we are so retarded and so hell bent on fucking ourselves and possibly them - so they thought they might keep an eye out. 

Anyway that covers my belief that the black knight is real and why I think it's there so now I might delve into the governments role in all this! The US Government (including armed forces because they actually run the country) probably know a whole lot about Black Knight (maybe they are doing some deep undercover research on it and its origins and that's where some of the 4.3 trillion taxpayer dollars went last fiscal year that was unaccounted for) but as per usual they won't tell us a fucking thing! The secrecy astounds me! How the AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVENT REVOLTED is beyond me. The whole UFO and Alien "conspiracy theory" is so fucked up! People have been brainwashed - your Goverment is corrupt and you have no idea what is going on under your noses! For those that do I am sorry for you! 

Your government are lying to you and somehow convinced you that what you have seen for yourselves is something else entirely and you believe them! 
 A large chunk of people from one town in America, some 2500 people, witnessed a thrilling unexplained phenomena in the sky's over their town during a meteor shower. I've seen the footage but then what? Nothing that's what. Life goes on, people talk about that one time that weird thing happened and then whatever! Even the ones that keep on thinking about it and believing and asking are told they are crazy or put in a category of sudo science and laughed at by the acedemic world. Yet even with the proof the history of ancient carvings and stories from long ago we have been convinced that nothing is going on. 

The Goverment don't have the balls to just come out and admit they have been lying through their teeth for 60 years about Aliens, Ufos, the black knight satellite and all the other shit we know is going on. We have seen it, we know things are happening. It's stupid that we are left to speculate because we don't have our own way of knowing for sure what the hell is going on. We know some thing is though and we have a right to know the truth! All of us, not just the Americans, the world! 

This is so typical of the US Goverment! That's why I seriously hope China and Russia are into disclosure because that's what it's going to take. 
 The latest is the US Goverment are trying to come up with a plan to govern who can go to the moon or not and be able to approve or deny access. Yeah seriously! Who the fuck do they think they are? They don't own the moon! It's getting weird.

 Why are they so freaked out by, if there are no aliens, Ufos and whatever then why can't anyone do whatever they want? I know why they don't want people on the moon....and so does Buzz Aldren....if you asked him, he might say because they saw aliens there and they shit themselves and haven't been back. Look on YouTube at his testimonial - you might be suprised! Not to mention that there are photos circulating of alien bases on the dark side of the moon and all sorts of stories relating to amateur astrophotographers photos. The US Goverment don't want a heap of private aerospace companies funded by independent billionaires who are making a whole lot of progress landing on the moon and making contact without their interference. What if we are privy to information they don't already have? What if we find out how to live without their oil and gas and electricity? Why if they tell us that the America Goverment are fucking liars!

When I started looking into all of this while I was doing my astronomy beginners course I was really stoked to start following Nāsa and get right into all their projects and stuff and then I started seeing a common thread - the link between the US Goverement, Nasas research and the conspiracy theories about aliens and Ufos all started to weave into a story of lies and deception.
They have basically reduced NASA to an online joke. They were everything when it come to space exploration and their achievements of their time, but then the Goverment got too involved, and instead of supplying the money and letting the scientists and physicists and astronomers get on with it they silenced the truth. The findings become huge secrets and the people involved pawns. The more they found the more secrets they had to keep. Then the visits 

Check out the Sirius Didclosure documentary, get online and see for yourself. A conspiracy theory I think not

Saturday, 11 June 2016

plantable pencil

How cool is this? I'm seriously going to get these! What an amazing idea.....

The ultimate Starchair!!!

Omg I'm in love!!!  This is the Skyrover Starchair, and it is the SHIT!!!!

Seriously if you haven't seen this thing, then feast your eyes on this baby! It's what Astronomy wetdreams are made of, and takes stargazing to a whole other level! I can't even imagine how comfy and awesome it would feel kicking back in this thing and viewing the night sky! I mean....it's everything! Check out the binocs it's running, they are so awesome it's not even funny! I really need me one of these, I just have to find 7 grand to make it happen!!!!

The Skyrover is clearly the best Starchair on the market and if you believe it, it's actually portable and has a joystick! Yes you heard right - I challenge anyone out there to find a better one!!!

Gold Digger Novel

If you haven't already or didn't even know, I have written a book called Gold Digger and it's Available on Http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gold-digger-tara-anderton/1120500875?ean=9781618973665 and also at http://www.amazon.com/Gold-Digger-Tara-Anderton/dp/1618973665/ref=la_B00QOS1DKI_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1424320415&sr=1-1

Baby Raven

Antelope can see the rings of Saturn

That's pretty impressive! These guys have permanent telescopes as eyes πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


Stardust at home is a citizen science project that I have been involved with for about 3 months. I've just hit the top 50 for foil searching! I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments so far πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸŒŒ

I'm more of a visual learner!

Getting intimate with the universe!

Just a little lite reading for a Saturday night πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“

The night sky

What will the night sky look like for the Southern Hemisphere? You're welcome πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“

Friday, 10 June 2016


I'm hot but I don't want to take my jumper off!

 That explains how I'm feeling today! 

I have a lot to do, so I'm not doing anything! Well I'm cleaning a bit, but probably not enough to make a difference. 

It's been a weird month!

I applied to uni to do a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Astronomy because you know, why shouldn't I become an astronomer?  I find out on the 16th weather I get in or not. 

I've given up ciggies and its day 22, and I have to say it's actually pretty bad. I feel anxiety all the time, like I've forgotten to do something. I even feel anxious about the books I haven't read! It's getting weird! 

I can't stop buying things online related to astronomy..... I'm staring at my 'Pluto - Never Forget' T-shirt while typing this!

I've been contemplating throwing everything in my house in the bin and starting again! (Hopefully I rationally decide not too because I dont really have any money to replace any of it)

I have a free month of Netflix and I'm keep watching really random movies that end really badly and it's making me feel strange! (Ps please don't watch Jaws 3 it's just as bad as you remember)

My cat thinks he has to go to the toilet in the bathroom like everyone else and keeps shitting in the bath - I have taken out shares in a bleach factory and have noted that my gag reflex is excellent!

I ripped the carpet up in my bedroom in Preperation for polished concrete floors but every time I sit on my bed or someone else does it rolls and I have a moment where I fell like I'm on a boat and get a wave of nausea and it takes me back to the cruise I went on - I'm actually getting sea sick off my bed!

I could continue with this list of..... 'What happened to me this month' but I think you get it - my world is strange!!!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Beautiful winters day in Australia

I'm an idiot!

Apparently my phone is a five C not S like previously thought.....