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Monday, 30 May 2016

Is there such a thing as too many books?

I was looking around my house today and realised it is being overrun by books! I have a massive bookshelf that covers half a room jam packed with books, I have 20 books crammed next to my bed, and there are shelves out in back room full of them. 

Why can't I type?

Because I can't think of anything else but space! I have a whole book to type up and I keep putting it on the backburner for star gazing and astronomy courses.....

Sky watcher

This looks like some thing I should own

Hunt for an Orrery!

It's 11:20 and I'm sitting up looking through things I can't afford on Etsy! Seriously $198 for a homemade jumper! I mean it's nice and everything but shit...... Anyway my real reason for being on there was to check out an Orrery. Have you ever heard of one? Well it's an astronomical counter for the solar system. It maps out the planets movements in real time. They are amazing to see and really really expensive! Like $250,000.00 expensive! I mean that one must be a good one right? Um yeah, but there aren't any bad ones. I went looking and thats pretty much it besides a make your own version out of a magazine subscription which is probably $1000 once you get all the issues and it looks super cheap and nasty. Another site I found was good but the maker didn't have prices so I assumed that meant don't even bother because you couldn't afford me type situation! I kept searching - cardboard versions from England that looked okay but I want me an Orrery and it wasn't looking good. There was one promising lead to a few wooden ones that you could make yourself which because I was getting desperate and my dream was being crushed I checked it out. They are all sold out!!! 
I decided to see what second hand vintage options where available because you know I need one and if I can't afford a proper one then at least I would have that! Ha! You would be extremely lucky to get your hands on a vintage one because they are few and far between my friend. It was starting to look hopeless. I've found plenty of photos, just no actually Orrerys for sale. Then I started wondering about miniature ones because they were coming up in a lot of photos so I typed that in and searched and search and finally came across some little ones. They don't move though but they are still cute and I like them. I will keep searching because surely there are Orrerys and orrery makers out there that are waiting to be found I just go haven't got there yet!

If you know of any leads please contact me!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Maple Debacle!

So I was in my new favourite cafe Paddock, and I came across the best thing ever......Maple Water! Hmmm I thought....I love water and I love maple so I can't see why I wouldn't like Maple water...I'm good like that...always trying new stuff or logically deciding on things because I'm smart,  and, it came in a juice box - so that made it even better! 

I purchased my coffee, hamburger and maple water and choose a seat opposite my friend. 
'What have you got?' She asks me... 'Um Maple Water!' I say as she looks at me weird....'Why?'
'Just because......'

I slip my straw in and raise it up to taste my first Mpwtr. Omg,  yes! This awesome new drink was everything I didn't know I was looking for, and luckily I took a photo, because I have been thinking about it ever since and it's like it never existed. 

On my return to said maple water cafe, I approached counter and requested coffee and maple water. The girl didn't have a clue. 'Oh have you sold out?' Panic, I need my Maple water.....'don't you have it anymore.....? Like not even a warm one out the back?' I say with a sinking feeling! 'Nah!' Was the response... The bitch didn't even look. I scan room for superior thinking surely there is one little box of my water laying around. It is really busy... I'm not getting Maple Water! I choose a table and resign myself to this fact!

 On my next visit I scan fridges behind server and see no fucking maple water..... What, are all the fucking maple trees chopped down or something? Why does thy giveth and taketh away? 'Do you have any maple water?' I ask even though I know that they don't! I'm starting to think I've dreamt the whole maple water scenario and they never had it.... 'Um no sorry....!' Fuck this. I drink my coffee and leave!

A few weeks later I'm clicking though some old Facebook posts and I see my checkin at maple cafe, and picture of my beloved MW. Fuck them, I think why are they doing this to me.

 It's 11:30pm at night and I have a craving so hard for the Mapley goodness that I'm prepared to fucking grow my own tree, or attempt to combine water and maple syrup just so I can get a quick fix. I'm a maple junkie...I need it. I don't just want it, this is now a need! 
A revelation at 12am leads me to searching out who else stocks this new obsession - by some miricle, I locate the actual website - and cheer out loud! It's in Vermont but one little ocean isn't stopping the inevitable. They sell maple water to anyone - and I can buy 12 juice boxes for 24.99 anytime I want! Yay! And guess what I even learnt something! They tap the actual tree and get the Maple Water directly out of it. There is no combining the maple and water it actually produces Maple Water...it's pure! And it contains 46 naturally occurring nutrients! How cool is that!

I love the Internet!!!!

Weighing up study areas with a head cold!

I wish this stupid runny nose would go away! It's seriously driving me crazy! I'm currently sitting on my bed wondering if this is really the best spot to continue with my astronomy course? Should I perhaps move to a more conducive study area wherein achieving more because I am in fact in an appropriate spot...or is my bed that spot? I'm so confused!!!

Monday, 23 May 2016

High heel heaven


My photos of the moon and Mars - Saturn seems to be invisible!

The moon and Mars! Saturn is actually there in the middle almost, but you can't see it because I took the picture from my iPad! I know it's a travesty but hopefully soon I will have my telescope and camera so I can get some really amazing shots!!!

That little smudge up the top of the pic is Saturn -  it's the best I could do!!!

What's in the night sky tonight!!!!

Tonight Monday night, the sky put on an amazing show! We as people often forget to look up, and ever since I started really getting into astronomy and it told me to look up, I have been. I am amazed and in awe of the beauty of the night sky. I really took for granted its beauty and immensness!!!

I mean, there were definate moments I had looked up in the past, and thought wow, what an amazing sight, but that's really it, and I got on with my life. 
But now, I look up at the sky every night, at least once, and often for at least half hour these days, because, it's so cool. Seriously go outside right now and look up! It's frikken excellent! It's the only way to describe it! 
Anyway tonight,  I saw the moon, Saturn and Mars in an arced line,  it was amazing! Jupiter as always didn't disappoint, I could have stayed out their all night if you haven't already, you should download stellarium. It's an app that pinpoints your location and then gives you a map of the night sky above you and pinpoints planets, moons and stars for you to view. You just lay it flat when you're outside and it tells you everything you need to know. Look up and locate what you want to look at. It's so cool!!!

I really need to get a Camera!

This poor excuse for a photo is my attempt at taking a picture of the moon from my iPad! I shouldn't have even bothered.......

This is the moon with Jupiter underneath it!

This was Jupiter.....

They all looked really awesome in real life! I don't have my telescope yet so I was just looking at them with the naked eye.

Reading....it's everything!

George Adamski, Aliens, a cover up and what must be the real truth!

I've just finished Inside the Spaceships by George Adamski! I came across George in an article I was reading, and what it said sparked my interest in him. After reading more about him, I decided I needed to read one of his books to see for myself if what he had written was true or a load of rubbish like many had claimed. George had a divided audience. Those who believed every word he told and those who thought him a fanciful author who could spin a good yarn, some of these even going as far as calling him a liar, a cheat and a scoundrel. I tried to keep a very open mind as I read the articles and stories of him and then when I read his book Inside the Spaceships.
 As a bit of a backstory, my fascination with the night sky, has also led me to studying some of the Ufology which I find fascinating. As with anything I read, or see, or learn, I embraced it, because I love information and knowledge. And I built an image of it in my mind, and obviously watching all the Hollywood Movies it helped create a bit of a fanciful notion of what if anything is out there. I will tell you exactly what I believe later in this post. 

Despite all this, I thought it was a pretty terrific book really! And contained some fascinating and believable tales. 

The description of the crafts or ships, and the way George relayed what the 'higher beings' told him, was very detailed and in depth, and written in such a way that seemed out worldly. 

In my opinion, To fashion such a tale, with so much detail and enlightenment, would be difficult for someone who wasn't a senior priest or similar, and even then, a priest with a very high understanding of both astronomy, the universe, God and the whole history of the world. Im not saying this isn't possible, but in some scathing reports about George Adamski being a Liar amoung other things, it says he only had a very limited education. So how then was he able to have such a deep understanding and way of relaying this message if he was in fact an uneducated phony and a con man???
I really think people (the American people) didn't know how to take what he was saying as truth, it was just too out there, too unbelievable and they didn't understand or want too, because it went against what they were told  was fact and fantasy. They had been trained by movies and press backed by 'the government' to think such a notion was make believe, a fantasy, so the people he was telling his tales too mostly turned against him. Although it's probably good to note that he sold over 200 000 books and two out of three were best sellers. It was the end of the 1950's and despite George being the first of a long list of people claiming to have witnessed alien craft - resulting in his amazing stores being made into books, and even having photos that were tested for authenticity and passed,  the press, the government, scientists and academics dubbed him a liar and a lunatic and set about trying to discredit him in any way they could, along with the rest of the contactees, after a few cases claimed by attention grabbing whores proved to be untrue. It probably didn't help Georges plight to enlighten the world that the US government along with the 'ruling' armed forces had been covering up aliens for years and blanketing anyone who spoke out as crazy, uninformed and stupid. Even when photographic evidence was presented and actual footage. 
The battle of LA is a prime example of a bullshit cover up by the government and co, and the odd head up ass syndrome the people of America suffer from! Even when an alien craft was photographed flying over the Californian coastline and several thousand witnesses saw it with their own eyes no one believed them! When it was published on the front page of the Newspaper the following day surely they believed then! Nope, they chose to believe the retraction the very next day of some bogus story claiming that a weather balloon had been the culprit, even though the picture was an alien craft and they could see it with their own eyes! 

The idea of UFO and alien beings doesn't seem that far fetched to a lot of people! To most it is a tantalising idea to be studied and explored. Exciting and scary but thrilling! To others, it is deemed completely unbelievable and therefore impossible and ridiculous. SETI  (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) an American organisation run out of Berkley University proves that even educated university professors and scientists are stepping out of the shadows and trying to contact Alien life out in our Galaxy. How then could Alien life be so far fetched? How can such a book be completed ridiculed if we don't actually know?

The history of our world presents interesting tales from all the nations dating back many thousands of years of a time when there where Human like Gods, Aliens from other planets and interesting depictions of celestial beings coming down from the heavens in craft that sound very similar to what some people have reported seeing over the last 60 years. The remnants of that history was left behind in the form of monolithic cities, books and stories, carvings and structures that defies the technology of their time. 
I'm not sure when and why we stopped believing or knowing but we did. We lost this knowledge and I don't know when and how we will work it out again, but I'm sure one day we will. 

My view is simple! I would be neive to think that we here on earth are the only intelligent beings in the whole universe - The Cosmos! Seriously? We can't be! Have you seen how big the universe is? Our galaxy - The Milky Way is a small speck in the universe, there are hundreds of other galaxy's and probably hundreds of planets that are capable of harbouring intelligent beings just like us. And You only need look at the Internet and watch, read and listen to the tales being told there.  Some admittedly are probably not all together true,  but not every one of them can be false either! I've seen hundreds of amateur movies on Ufos in the sky, I've watched plenty of documentaries on unexplained phenomena,  it's all there if you want to see it, I don't proport to know what exactly they are, these things captured hovering in our sky's, or why they are here, but they are! Look up!

Why isn't it common knowledge then? I don't know. Maybe we don't want to believe. Maybe we don't want to get ridiculed, or called crazy?
If you think a cover up isn't likely, ( from who, it's up to you to decide,) and that everyone who thinks something else (UFO's or aliens, or intelligent life outside planet earth) is out there, is batshit crazy, then that's okay, but tell me what the hell these things are in the skies. They can't all be weather balloons can they????
Conspiracy theory is a term thrown around heavily when this subject comes up, and lots of people like to say 'oh the alien coverup' that's just some stupid conspiracy theory! Is it though? Or is that what they want you to believe so you never know the truth? Do the Amercian government ie the armed forces because we all know that's who really runs America actually have Alien contact? Do they have alien craft? Are they spending billions of dollars trying to replicate alien craft in their possession? Do they or have they in the past spent a shitload of cash studying telepathy in extreme detail? Have a bunch of ex Area 51, Nsa, airforce and government officials come out claiming aliens are in fact here and have all sorts of evidence and knowledge to back it up? Seriously it's not hard to figure out something is going on and has been for a very long time. But yet people still don't seem to want to believe. It's like they have blinkers on? Goldfish syndrome perhaps? 

One thing I find really interesting is, that as a nation of people (Americans) who believe all sorts of crazy shit and have participated in a plethora of interesting rituals over the years aren't all on the alien bandwagon.... Americans love a good band wagon.....let's not forget America has done some pretty weird crazy things in the course of their short history, for a start what about  the whole burning people at the stake thing. What was that for again?  I mean shit, that's some pretty heavy reading.....and what about the whole witch thing! I think they killed them too didn't they?? If you (Americans) can believe in witches and kill people because of it then why not aliens???? But then now you celebrate Halloween and dress up and get candy but those exact people you are celebrating were killed for their craft years earlier! And let's not forget that later in your odd history, anyone considered crazy, strange or nuts for beliefs in certain things or going against the norm was thrown into an asylum and left to rot. What about prohibition, which has nothing to do with it I suppose, but  talk about taking away free will and the right to decide! Which, is apparently the cornerstone to their very existence, America the great and free and all that. American weren't real free then where they?? And that maybe is where it is relevant because you somehow managed to convince the whole bloody country that what you (government) said goes, and alcohol was out, despite the rest of the world thinking a few good drinks where just fine! You managed to somehow control a population (well mostly) and convince them it was your way only - and that's what's probably happening with this whole alien thing. You're mind fucking the world and convincing them that you know everything and you must be right because that's what you are telling us - so Aliens aren't real, even if we see them with our own eyes, because you said so! What you say goes and we will all follow it because we are sheep!!!!!!!

In the night sky

My Stellarium app is so awesome. On Sunday night, Despite the clouds looming over, I saw the gorgeous full moon and Mars - Saturn eluded me unfortunately, because of the weather, which I'm coming to learn rules astronomy, but I was viewing with my naked eye, so I couldnt expect that much. I did see Jupiter though and a few other stars.... so it was pretty great anyway. I can't wait to get my telescope!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

More coffee, more Study!

Gold Digger Novel

Gikd Digger is still readily available on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon websites! It's about three women whose lives intertwine through a series of lies, cheating and betrayal!!

More Astronomy Study ⭐️

Saturday, 21 May 2016

I need these!!!


So because I have been extremely dedicated to my new Astronomy course and basically anything to do with the night sky, I decided to have a little break and watch a movie about something else! Ha yeah right! Subconsciously I must still be there because despite the movie being about three main characters and integrity - it still centred around space and the universe and the gods! When I picked it, I did it at face value! Hot male lead. Check! Two leading ladies I recognised. Check! Destination I'm planning on travelling too in the near future. Check! 

It had all the right ingredients for a lazy Saturday on the lounge with my donut previously purchased in anticipation for said event! 

Anyway it was enjoyable and u learnt something! 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Astronomy study

I'm watching a lecture on The Milky Way! It's really interesting - if you're into that kind of thing :-)

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Monday - the day that never comes......

When you should be typing up the masses of pages from your wonderful book, but you can't find it in yourself to start, well...keep going! 

Tomorrow is a new day I guess, but it is Sunday.... I wonder if  I shouldn't just wait until Monday???? A fresh start and all that! I need to make a schedual and stick to it for once and not get distracted by all the things.....

God I love research!

Its one of my favourite things! 

Give me a subject, and I'll research the shit out of it!!! I'll produce a indepth report, log, paper, itinerary like nobody's business! I swear it would rival that of anyone I know, and I'm sure many scholars who spend years researching and studying! 

Online Astronomy Course for Beginners

So as you know I've been really interested in Astronomy for the last 3 month or so! Well if you know me, I've actually been interested in it for years and years, but lately, I've been really enthusiastic about it and it has led to me joining astronomy clubs, getting invoked in various citizen science projects and seriously considering purchasing my first telescope, not to mention dreaming up trips to the Parkes Telescope in Western NSW because that's where the Dish was Filmed, and even the possibility of getting my bachelors degree in Science Majoring in Astronomy! 

Anyway in anticipation of this major life shift I have decided to familiarise myself with what I could very possibly seriously get into, like professionally which is Astronomy! So this online course is seriously perfect! 

Oh yeah!!!

My happy Place!!!

I would read the shit out of those books!!!

High Heel Heaven

I can really see myself in these babies!!!

Space Nerd thirsts for knowledge!!!

I'm doing a million things again tonight! It really started around 2pm....I've read the knowledge encyclopedia on space, done 6 lectures for my astronomy course, watched at Least 15 YouTube videos relating to astronomy, the universe and Ufo's, watched one disc of The Cosmos, stared at the night sky twice, and now I'm thumbing through a book called Galexy! Yeah I'm vaguely worried my mind which is obviously thirsting for knowledge can't take much more, but I'm not done - I have a second wind coming on! 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Goodbye celebrities don't let the door hit you in the asses on the way out!

Lurking around every corner is a photo, story, ad, pictorial, interview and meme relating to some sort of celebrity!  Celebrity - someone who has achieved success in the entertainment field. Movies, television, music! 

These fields have allowed certain talented individuals to become famous through said talent or talents, sending the general population and the paps into a complete frenzy! And by frenzy, I mean completely mad! And that would be okay if it hadn't trickled into other fields of journalism and started suffocating me at every turn! 

I am not in anyway denying that they are talented in their field for 'talents' bestowed on them randomly. ( yes I believe some people had to work at it and practice just like the rest of us doing our jobs) but your either born with it or not and I don't agree with the way they are treated! 
Actually, It has really pissed me off how we seem as a society, obsessed to the point of mania over everything they do, say and think! To the point where it is popping up in the most unexpected places! 
I actually read about a celebrities break up on a social media page for a serious news publication! I, along with I'm sure a lot of real people un followed them on the spot, because I for one have had it up to my eyeballs with them. (Celebrities and the people making them crazy famous for reasons I can't fathom) the worst bit is that people (dumb people with nothing better to do than obsess over celebrities! In their defence it is being forced down their throats and only the strong ones like me will make it out alive or realistically unscathed, because they are eating it up! They can't get enough and it's making me scared! Do they realise it's making us dumber as a society? Why do they care so much? Why don't I? 

It would be okay really the whole flooding the Internet, TVs, radio and general life of the world thing if their was an off switch! Or if they the paps, only covered their new movie, events surrounding that movie, an awards night or two and even a rare sighting out with their family or friends and leave it there. But unfortunately, they can't! Don't follow them around, stalk them, sit outside their houses like they hold the key to the meaning of life. Because, they don't! 

Seriously, shouldn't we be celebrating astronomers making discoveries in space, or scientists and doctors finding cures for dreadful diseases? What about celebrating real achievements instead of bullshit! What about concentrating on life and love instead! What about anything else but that! 

I'm not completely ungrateful, I do thank them, the celebrities, for entertaining me in that movie for two hours out of however many actually make up my life! And, I appreciate being able to bop along to a song on the way to living my actual life, but that's where it ends. I shouldn't have to wade through a massive amount of uninteresting, click bate stories about what Gigi Hadid and co got up too on the weekend or who they are dating now. I'd much rather hear how my friends who I have an invested relationship with weekend went. I don't care if she didn't get to jump off the back of a boat with Cameron Diaz and I don't care that they are in Hawaii eating dinner at whatever restaurant and that they may or may not have run across another celebrity and had a conversation about their dogs.... I don't give a fuck. Nor do I care who Tay Tay has in her 'Squad' and what undies they are wearing. Seriously? I truly think we have lost ourselves, putting someone with a talent for entertainment above what really matters. If you think about it, you would agree that we put too much emphasis on making these people believe they are above everyone because they can sing a song or play a certain character in a make believe thing! Don't even get me started on the Kardashians! (You can see how I feel about them in a past post entitled 'Fuck the Kardashians')

It all came to a head with the whole Beyonc矇 thing. That girl is so over exposed it's reminding me of the Paris Hilton debacle. (The over exposure killed her celebrity and now the poor girl can't even get In the B grade mags, which I am sure is killing her!)

So to Beyonc矇 I say this - Lady put some fucking pants on and disappear for a while! Seriously is their no end to you singing a hundred songs with the same 'women are power' theme, dressed in a black pair of granny nickers gyrating around flicking your hair back and forth? It's so done it's not even funny anymore! 

Anyway, because of all this bullshit. I have decided that I will be boycotting all celebrities online. I have systematically gone through all my social media and deleted or unfollowed anyone in the entertainment industry and anyone championing there super celebrity status by stalking the ass off them! Instead, I will be Replacing them with real things of interest. Things that will enhance and enrich my life rather than depleting it. 

So I say join me, cut the shit out of your lives, concentrate on building relationships with real people, find interest in other things. Celebrities don't matter, clothes from magazines that will put you in debt don't matter, what's inside matters and if it's filled up with shit their won't be room for the real stuff!!!!

And to all the celebs and paps out there that's purpose is to get up In The morning a get photographed in a cafe for exposure or to be the one behind the lens to supply magazines with the 20th pic of whoever eating a burger  - you are dead to me! 

Concentrate on the real things in life.....how empty must you be to think you are everything to me - you are not! 

Organising holidays, contemplating a degree, not going to yoga, and wondering when the typing will end!!!

My mind is full of so much stuff that I need to organise it all into little compartments in my brain! It's hard keeping track of everything, so that's why I tend to randomly spew forth information on this blog. Everyone is all like what the hell is this blog even about? 

It's about me, and high heels! Well, me mainly in the high heels writing, except lately there hasn't been so much writing and definitely no heels. Well maybe a few pairs...... It's about books and reading and writing books and articles and little stories to entertain you with. It also covers my crazy life and extensive list of hobbies that keeps growing. It's about nothing and everything all at the same time! 
It covers holidays and planned holidays like the three I'm going on this year. The degree I'm thinking about doing and the book I'm supped be typing up but keep avoiding.....
I should probably go to yoga but because of the hobbies and the travel there isn't any money to balance it all out with the yoga. Which is probably the best thing for me! Well not probably, I know it is... And I'm hungry!

Let's work our way through this conundrum

So I'm really confused about what I want to do with my newfound astronomy obsession! Well it's not that newfound - I mean I've been really interested in Space since I was a child, but lately it's become a really big part of my life. Anyway as you know I'm a bit of a dreamer and having achieved a lot in my life already, but I'm hungry for more! 

I really like learning things! I love information and knowledge on pretty much anything!  So getting deep into astronomy isn't that big of a challenge for me. But how far do I go?
The reality of the situation is this - I have about 10 real hobbies that I partake in on a very regular basis. Is astronomy one of those hobbies or do I take it further? There are two paths I could follow here.

1 - buy my telescope, attend my monthly meeting at my new astronomy club I've joined and visit a few observatories - maybe do a few online beginner astronomy courses. Like it in a normal, healthy hobbies type of way like normal people.

2 - do all that, but instead of just being an amateur astronomer, go back to uni and do a bachelor of Science majoring in Astronomy and then do my graduate degree and then maybe my PH.D.? 

Yeah it's a fairly big decision, but being the dreamer I am I'm not sure weather I should make such a huge commitment???