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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Gold Digger


Dreaming of Bali

Teddy in a pot

The Martian

This - I mean, it's everything! 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Chi Chi

Journey to Europa!

My other other hobby Astronomy, is something I've been interested in for the best part of 20 years! I seriously find it really interesting, and you will find me watching all sorts of documentaries and movies on space and the universe and related items quiet often! I follow NASA and Setti and lots of space related websites on various social medias because I find it fascinating! Anyway I've found this little gem at the library recently and am planning don watching it just as soon as I finish watching The Martain for the third time in three days. Don't judge me - I have no explanation other than - because I can! 

Ally in Diguise makes full comeback!

With an invigorating new outlook on life, I have undertaken the huge task of typing out my novel ally in Disguise! It's coming along really nicely and I have been riding the second wind that has turned up at the 11th hour all the way to success! I've spent probably 18 hours so far over the last three days alternating between typing and writing and I feel excited about how it will turn out! It's such a good book and I can't wait for y'all to read it!

If you haven't read my first book Gokd Digger you can check it out here!


Julia Child's on hold

Despite receiving my Julia Child's cookbook some weeks ago and the promise of some choice Beuf bourgeon  I have yet to purchase the ingredients and undertake the cooking of such delights!  It's a fucking sad state of affairs when you can't just do what you want!!!   

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I tried on everything in the Ivy Park line and felt like a cute, stupid Beyoncé themed Sausage Link

A word of warning to anyone foolhardy enough to experiment with a line of athleisure that in theory was constructed around the idea of making you feel more like Beyoncé but in practice obviously dramatically expands the already significant difference between “you” and “feeling like Beyoncé”—the Ivy Park sizing is a real game of roulette.

Before we get into details, a few disclaimers are in order. First, to be frank, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I exercise (walk my dog and purchase expensive group classes that heavily involve lying down on the floor) but I have not been to a gym in half a decade and my fitness motto is Always Give 70%. In other words I am not acquainted with “performance,” so neither am I acquainted with “performance apparel,” and have never stepped foot in, say, a Lululemon, despite the fact that their million-square-foot New York flagship store is directly underneath the Gawker office near Union Square. I know relatively little about fashion in general or athleisure specifically save the way the latter concept appears to me from the outside, i.e. a sick and twisted fantasy that positions the upkeep of one’s ass-cheeks as the primary work of one’s life. 

Second, I find visible brand names profoundly embarrassing, even and especially when they are “Ivy Park.” I feel the same way about the prominent display of a clothing brand that I do about tweets where you can tell the sender is horny, i.e. save it, buddy, you can take care of this need in a more discreet way. As I approached the Ivy Park display, I felt the type of affectionate dismay that I do whenever I see my own Ashlee Simpson Autobiography Official Tour XL t-shirt and/or tweets where you can tell the sender is horny, which is specifically the sort of “Oh god, you’re trying to elicit a conversation, aren’t you” feeling, immediately accompanied by “...you will not be eliciting that conversation from me.” (On that last point—as with so many others—I was wrong, a primary exhibit being the existence of this piece.)

So now that we are seeing eye to eye on everything, I’ll ask you to quickly put yourself in my shoes (wandering a large mall in my-and-Beyoncé’s hometown in an attempt to purchase a dress you will wear to a wedding the next day). I found myself in Topshop, where I was tempted to buy something ill-advised involving “nude illusion,” and then became mesmerized by the Ivy Park line, which occupies a taped-off portion of the sales floor. I picked up a pair of gray sweatpants first, and then an Ivy Park-branded sports bra, and then a white mesh tank top, and then a pair of bright blue leggings, and then a peachy pink sweatshirt. I laid these things gently over my arm like large sheets of fresh pasta (the most precious things I can imagine) and headed towards the dressing room in a fugue state. Somewhere around the Janky Bathing Suits portion of the building I turned on my heel and walked back. I replaced every Ivy Park item on the rack carefully and hurried myself out of the store before Beyoncé’s witchery could ensnare me again. Yikes, I whispered to myself. You don’t even work out.

For more hit this link....

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Remember when I was super brave and did this!!

The Skypoint Climb - I didn't overcome my fear of heights, but I gave it a red hot go!!!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday isn't fun day!

Instead of doing something relaxing or fabulous or interesting I'm doing house work! I hate housework! 
I'm having a mini break but it's not cutting it - I wish I had 'all the money' so I could do whatever I want!!!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

I need wine, money to go on holidays and the willpower to stop buying shit on mylayby!

I have a really bad craving for red wine! I don't normally drink a lot of wine because, well...I just don't! 
I think I like the idea of wine - the reality of the situation is, it isn't that good! I mean I like it enough to have a glass or two, but I don't want to drink a bottle of the stuff! Ahh the hangover, I can feel it just thinking about it! 

As for the holiday, it's beyond that - it's travel - I don't just want a holiday, I want to travel - a lot! I seem to be experiencing obsessive behaviour about wanting to travel! I think about it every day, sometimes it's all I think about! Okay not all I think about, because that would be really weird, like I was a programmed robot or something and I'm not, I just need to travel -everywhere! I've currently got 3 seperate holidays in the works which is excessive I know, but in my defence it's over a 1 year period!

As for the mylayby website - if you know what's good for you, you will stay away!!!
I currently have a slight/getting weird addiction to searching through their extensive wares and laybying all of the stuff! 
The basic gist of the website is they stock a shitload of items in many categories that you can 'lay-bye', you can choose the amount you want to pay for the items you wish to purchase weekly or fortnightly and pay off said items within a time frame that suits you, up to a year! 
So originally, I was like ooh they have so may cool things, and had a moment of feeling like Isla Fischer in that movie where she goes nuts with the credit cards and ends up in major debt, but decided I should be an adult about it and instead of buying everything I fancied I should probably replace my fridge which is really fucked! As I looked through the options, my eyes kept drifting towards the bedding, gift card and holiday sections. I convinced myself I needed more time to ponder the fridge options, and it wouldn't hurt just seeing what sort of gift cards and holiday options they had available. As I excitedly looked through all the great stuff and categories and pictured myself shopping and  laying on some palm tree lined beach in Maui -  I immediately decided I couldn't live without all of the stuff. To cut a long crazed story short,  I ended up laybying lots of stuff with various start and end dates! The items listed below are not in any particular order - 
2 doona sets and set of really nice sheets, a Turkish towel set, 2 televisions, $100 Peter Alexander gift voucher, $200 Dan Murphys gift voucher, $100 Dymoks Gift Voucher, $500 Big 4 Gift Voucher, passes to Australia Zoo, and three seperate vouchers for Jetstar in various amounts so I can go on Holidays!!! 

I will not apologise! 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Riding on the bus always makes me horny....

Riding on the bus always makes me horny, something to do with the sensation of moving while looking down into the world below.....


Reading in Bed

Mamma Mia

I hate musicals as a rule! The ones on telly I mean! I love live musicals, although I'm pretty sure I've only seen 2. One at school, which I thought was great because it was performed by students I knew, which made it totally awesome!
The second was at the casino with my dad, but now that I think about it, it may have actually been a show because there where horses doing tricks and stuff! I do remember seeing a version of Disney on Ice at Seagulls at some point if that counts. Anyway, I'm sure I'd like a live musical! 

So basically, when a musical is aired on television, I always find myself rolling my eyes and flipping the channel after humming along to a few barrs because I find it a bit cringeworthy and can become quiet grating if I'm honest! Other than Grease (because who doesn't love Danny Zuko in leather strutting his stuff) I steer well clear! 
Then along comes Mamma Mia set in the Greek Islands (ahhh) and boasting a cast of my favourite actors! I mean Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep singing Abba in a rundown resort on a Greek Island!!!! It's seriously awesome in every way! So much so. that I've gone down to the Library and hunted it down and borrowed it! 


Ally in Disguise

I can't stop! 
It's not suppose to be like this, but it is! Consuming my mind again.
Fighting it! 
I struggle. 


I just got up and I'm already bored. I wouldn't mind a joint!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Julia Child's Cookbook has arrived!

New winter boots!

I need new winter boots! No one told me that they cost a fortune though! I mustn't have bought boots in forever. Anyway I've narrowed it down too these three but I can't decide.... 
I think I'll sleep on it!!


I've joined an astronomy club! I can't wait to start gazing at the stars 🌙🌙🌌

 I'm planning on visiting a local planetarium at the weekend and hopefully I'll go to a larger one in the coming weeks in Brisbane. 
Yes I have a lot of hobbies :-) it's not my fault I'm interested in everything!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My kitties are leaving me!

People want to buy my kittens -they are coming tomorrow! I know they have to leave, but it's sad! I want to keep them all!

This is my last night with them - I keep walking around thinking oh 'this is one of the last times she suckles her mumma' 'oh this is the last time Hugo will play with Dolly' it's getting morbid - the poor things don't know why I keep picking them up and squeezing them! 

Goodbye my darlings xx

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Oh fuck!!!!

I'm not as talented as I thought! I made a mistake early in the piece and didn't realise!!! I've spent the last hour unravelling it :-(

Ally in Disguise

I've finished writing the 5th draft of Ally in Disguise! I'm really loving it! Now to type up the whole book (I lost the file for it on my computer when it died) I think, despite my fair to good typing skills, that it still might take me two weeks! Ahhhhh


Woman of many talents!

My Nanna taught me to knit and crochet and sew when I was a little girl! They are probably considered old fashioned now, mbut I still love pulling out my instruments and making things in my spare time.

 I've made plenty of choice pieces over the three crafts, including a library bag, and night gown that I sewed and Modelled in a school exhibition. Ive also done shorts and headbands! I've knitted scarfs and blankets squares that I meant to send to the poor but haven't got around to knitting enough to warrant them making a blanket yet, I've crotcheted 8 large blankets for myself and family members which were gorgeous! 
Anyway,  I'm currently in the process of crocheting 2 lovely blankets for my chocolate leather lounge and winter and cuddles! I'm using a big hook (my first time) and thick gorgeous wool to make them.
 I was shopping one day and saw a gorgeous crocheted blanket for $289 and as I was admiring it and feeling it, I thought 'I could make that!' So I am! 

This is what I have so far! 

Saturday, 2 April 2016


Man uses mindfulness to accept he is a twat!!

Here's some fun reading for you!!


Mauritius - oh yeah

Why are there so many wonderful places to visit? I just want to be rich enough to travel around and visit all the places on my wish list whilst writing fabulous chick lit novels and eating all the food and visiting all the sites!!

Swim with the piggies


The Land of the Strays!


This is the coolest place ever! It's like oh no - nobody loves me and then this!!! Hahaha suckers 😂😂😂



Book reviews make the world go around!!!


You could even swing by Barnes and Noblr and give me a shoutout too!!!


Goodreads reading challenge update!

Yeah so I'm loving Goodreads! It's the best way to keep track of all your books and what your reading and also to connect with other readers! Anyway I'm doing the reading challenge and here is my update :-) to connect with me on Goodreads just type in Tara Anderton! 

What I'm reading right now!

I've just started reading Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe! Can't really say if I like it yet, because you know, don't judge a book by it's cover! Could be the best book I've ever read for all I know??? It could also be the worst but I won't know that until I get stuck in! You can check out what I've previous read on Foodreads and look through my reviews if you so wish 😆😆😆😆

Take me back to Bali

Reminiscing about my wonderful holiday and wishing I was back there! Gili T Island was amazing - definately planning another holiday there soon 😍

Should I move overseas???

I'm thinking about moving overseas for a year - not sure where though? 

I have a few readily available options.

I can go to America - my sister is an American citizen so I am eligible for a green card apparently, which could be really fun!

Amsterdam seems pretty great, because you know, the clogs and the weed 😂 

I have a duel citizenship for Italy which is helpful, so I could go there too? Only problem is, I can't speak Italian. so that could be difficult! I do love the food though...

I think they would let me into England pretty easy too so that could be an option and I do love the look of all the cool pubs!

Hmm decisions decisions....

High Heel Heaven

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Berry Tea shop!

I'm so going here when I go to Berry :-)

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