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Friday, 25 March 2016

Smiles big

Covered in Kitty's

Hugo and Dolly having a cuddle and sleeping on me :-)

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Fuck the Kardashians!

I swear if I have to listen to one more thing about a Kardashian making a closet into a dedicated area just for their gym clothes I will scream! Who fucking cares - seriously, I'm so done! Why the fuck does anyone care about this family? The medias obsession over them has ultimately made stupid people famous, and then by hanging on their every word it has propelled them into some sort of false stardom! These women are poison! They are convincing the world through a trashy TV show well past it's use by date and the media to care about dumb shit! Wake up people - none of it matters! Who cares if you have 100 bags or a fur coat made by yeezy! Nothing they do or wear or eat matters! Please stop listening to them, trying to be like them, loving them! The Kardashians represent what is wrong with the world! They don't care about anything real! Can you imagine being that shallow? That obsessed with yourself and how the world sees you that you are convinced it revolves around you! It's so sad that anyone thinks everything they do matters!

Not only have we had to deal with Kim, Kloe and Kourtney for the last 10 years and all that entails but now the younger two Jenners are all grown up. Kendalls mum got her a modelling career and she is now an IT girl, whatever that means!  She hangs with GiGi Hadid and co because that's what famous people do and posts tweets of herself and them all over the world - loving 'life'!  Not to be outdone Kylie sorts herself with Botox and lip fillers and an edgy look that her momager engineered  to trump her sisters or at least compete because it's all about what people think!!! Then bloody Kanye I'm so cool West turns up with his big mouth and attitude which only makes me cringe more! Old Bruce couldn't just fade away, he had to make his mark and I've even heard a rumor he is going to be the next US bachelorette! Fucking hell that will be cring worthy! 

So now we are living in a Kardashian world where People are blowing pay checks on clothes they can't afford and cars that they want people to see them in and sitting in restaurants because that's where the cool people eat! They are watching the Kardashians like they are the only people that knows what comes next! You are sheep - I feel sad for you! Go travelling, eat noodle cups, read books, drink coffee with friends! Stop all this shit - it's not life! Life is feeling something, doing something, caring, loving, listening! What's important to you? It's not them - they don't matter!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I need another holiday stat!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

OMG noooo

I can't find the 5th draft of my book Ally in Disguise anywhere!!!! I've checked in all my files on my IPad and it's not there!! Shit, Shit, Shit! I know where it is too! It's all coming back to me! It's on my old laptop that happens to be fucked three ways from Sunday! When it died I remember being really upset because I had that book, and another one I was working on for a client on there, plus a large amount of photos and memories that just disappeared which sucks the big one, and I had to type up the while thing again -  just like I will have too with this one! I probably should have backed up all my work like a normal person - but I like living on the edge apparently! 

Fuck me, I'm writing!

Omg I did it! I actually dragged out my novel from the depths of paper work that I had piled high all over the house and I'm actually going to write today! I'm pretty fucking excited! 

Monday, 21 March 2016

What should you read in 2016 - a list of someone's top 100!

I came across this list on my inter web travels and thought you might find it interesting? Sometimes it's easier for other readers to do the hard work and you can reap the rewards! As in, grabbing their lists and hitting the bookshops! You're welcome!


Instead of talking it out, I'm writing it out!

So if you read my blog http://taraanderton.blogspot.com you will know that I've been to Bali recently and I had a really amazing time! (We won't discuss the Bali Belly I endured once I retuned home or the fact that I peeled three seperate times and possibly did permanent damage!) Previous to that, I went on a cruise to the South Pacific which was also fabulous, and have subsequently become obsessed with travelling and organising trips! 

Not surprisingly, I'm currently planning my next holiday OS and am tossing up between Greece, Hawaii, or Japan! Help! 

Hawaii is the obvious choice, because it was where I wanted to go first, I even have an itinerary planned out for all the activities I want to do while i was there, which included but wasn't limited too snorkelling, sipping cocktails whilst simultainously watching the sunset and stuffing my face with a seafood platter that could feed 7 people, hiking on or near active volcanos, and visiting as many Hawaiiany places as possible,  unfortunately I ran into a plethora of obstacles that prevented that from happening. Namely, the ass falling out of the aussie dollar, and also by the time my $4000 worth of flight centre vouchers were posted out, the cost of the entire pre priced trip had in fact tripled in cost! So Hawaii is a really big possibility for next easterish, however Greece is seriously calling my name! I've always wanted to go, I mean who hasn't? All those white sandy beaches with turquoise water lapping on it's shores! The food is enough to make my tastebuds go into overdrive, I can practically smell it.... The culture, the history the sites, the Greek Islands!
But then there's Japan! I know it's a weird choice considering the other two are tropical paradises with so much to offer, and Japan is well - Japan! But - It would be a totally fun holiday and a great experience! Also the flights are a damn sight cheaper than flying 3/4 of the way across the world to Greece for triple the cost! Hawaii is decent at the moment - accommodation still pricey but workable! It doesn't help that I like expensive hotels with heaps of amenities - the main thing for me is the pool - if it doesn't have an amazing setup then they have totally lost me - even if my hotel is beachfront, It's just the way it is! Another thing is restaurants and cafés on site. I need them! Also proximity to city is a plus but I don't mind a walk! One thing I like is watching movies and seeing an amazing hotel and then I want to stay there! Japan is totally different and my needs have changes because a pool isn't really an option I guess it's just location and such that would interest me! 

Hmmm decisions decisions - I guess it's Hawaii! 

If you don't read, you don't succeed!

This is what im reading right now! It's a bit sexy and interesting so far ..... 

Sunday, 20 March 2016


It's Sunday night -  I'm giving up smoking tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to it actually! Not dreading it like I thought I would, because I'm going to swap it for yoga and looking after myself! Pretty smart idea! A New chapter of my life is about to start! Yay me!

Goodreads reading challenge

I love the reading challenge on Goodreads, and I love the fact that you can keep track of all the books you have read!!! 
If you're like me and have been reading since you were a kid - you will more than likely be into something like this and appreciate it! 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Take me here....

Picture board ideas for upcoming novel!


If you haven't heard, I've written a contemporary romance novel called Gold Digger and it's amaZing - obviously! You can buy it on the Barnes and Noble website and also on Amazon! It's a really fun read - so check it out!!



High Heels

Bored Betty goes on week long fun fest and burns herself out!

It's been a huge crazy week! I went flying at IFly with my best friend, I started yoga, I went to the Madonna concert Ånd my brother turned 30! Yes it's been pretty epic! 
Firstly the IFly thing was amazing! My best friend Jodie surprised me with some tunnel time at IFly and I had a fabulous time!
Secondly, I finally started yoga! I had been meaning to start for years but somehow never got around to it! Anyway, it was everything I thought it would be and more!
If that wasn't enough, I was given two VIP tickets to the Madonna Concert in Brisbane which was totally awesome! Madonna is everything! 
Finally my brother turned 30 yesterday which was you know, Excellent! We went to dinner last night at Hard Rock Cafe and by 10 pm I was seriously wondering if I was going to be able to keep my eyes open as everyone was tossing back cocktails while i drank coke - ever the party pooper! I managed to follow the group to the bar next door for a bit but had to leave just after midnight! 

 I was sitting around last week thinking about how bored I was and how everyone was busy and doing stuff with their lives and I wasn't, and I just wanted to go for a coffee but I didn't want to go alone! And then I started thinking how long it was until my next holiday despite still being on this holiday, and then I wondered why I couldn't get enthusiastic about stuff that I normally found interesting or fun like reading and you know things I like.  And then I went deep and started thinking about what it all meant? Like why are we all here? And why is the government hiding stuff from the general public? I delved back into the possibility of mermaids being real, (still undecided but leaning towards yes because I need something like this in my life to believe in that is a fantasy) which progressed into Aliens and space and lots of you tubing and article reading, and even went as far as megaldon and weather or not that fucking prehistoric beast still resided deep in our waters! Yes - the holiday needs to end!!! 

Backstory - (I'm not working at the moment - I finished up at my job last December after two years home schooling a little boy in between freelancing and writing a novel among other things including a few choice hobbies, and I really thought a nice long break was in order for all my hard work! So I rewarded myself with a holiday to Bali and an extended break because I felt like I needed it! I did, need it that is, and it was pretty great but I think it (the holiday) needs to end - because I might be going mad or suffering from Cabin Fever???) Anyway as I said, it's been pretty great - but over the last few weeks I've been feeling restless and quiet bored if I'm honest! So this Monday I either need to knuckle down and finish the novel I'm working on and do freelance articles in between to fund my next holiday, or get a proper job and do the novel in my spare time? 

Anyway looking back,  I haven't had a moment to myself this week, which was a refreshing change from how bored I was feeling but I think I went too big because It's  Saturday night at 10:12pm and I'm so f'ing tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, and at the same time I'm the kind of annoyed that makes you feel like you have ants in your pants and you're mind is in a hundred places but nowhere all at once, and you're harassed and nothing feels right and you know you should just put yourself in a dark room and shut down but you won't and you don't know why! I'm basically an overtired weirdo who needs to sleep and get a job and that's my little story!!!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

I don't even.....

It's 11:28pm and I've gotten my third wind, and am thinking about writing and books and exotic holidays to far off destinations! I should probably go to bed because that's what a normal person would do, but I'm far from that! Unfortunately, I have spent a long time getting my insomnia and night owl tendencies under control, and have been going to bed like a regular person at a descent hour! It's been good and I feel a lot more rested and I think I've been functioning better as a person! 
The problem with that is my writing which mainly happened from 10pm till the wee hours most nights rendering me zombie like during the day and probably very difficult to live with, but I was on a writing high, and was so creative and alive in the moment! Hours used to fly by and it was everything!

 Now I've been doing other things and hardly writing - (well on paper, I'm always writing in my head) but getting heaps of sleep which is kind of a necessity and the best bit is, my brain works during the day! The fact that I am considering staying up tonight to write is ludicrous, but probably means I'm ready to get back to it, and it's exciting but I'm scared because I like sleep now and I'm comfortable.....and...and....


I'm pretty sure I'm reading a book I've previously read, but I'm a weirdo and because I started I have to finish! It must have been a while ago because I didn't immediately pick up on it but then I remembered but didn't if you know what I mean! So I'm stuck halfway through a book I've probably read and wondering if my life and time is precious enough to put it back on the shelf? Hmmmmm

Take me back to Bali......

Where my toes felt that cool water and I was relaxed and happy and away! Holidays are everything :-)

It's so succulent!!!

This will be my front garden in about 3 weeks - ahhh the serenity!!!


I cried like a small emotionally disturbed child

I hate being let down! It happened yesterday and it made me cry! I'm an emotional person! 

The Aspic Police

Maybe it was a little presumptuous of me to think I could bone a duck and make 7 Aspics! Seriously who even eats Aspic??? Please phone in if you have eaten aspic or been near one!!

Maybe I've got A.D.D, that might be why my house is such a mess????

My house is a fucking terrible mess and I can't get motivated to clean it! If only I had a bulldozer and a shitload of cash - problem solved!!!

Swanning around drinking coffee!

It's a swan song :-)

Julia Child's Cookbook - I need one!

I'm on the hunt for an original Julia Child's cookbook - Mastering the Art of 
French Cooking!
If anyone comes across one can you please send it out to me :-) In the meantime I'll be all over secondhand bookshops and making full use of the internet to locate one! Yay

Ahhh it's working again!

I just wrote this amazing post about how this blog started, which might not sound that amazing but take my word for it - it was, but it disappeared into the void when I was posting it, I know, seriously!!! As you can imagine, it totally pissed me off because of all the effort I put in and you know because stuff just pisses me off some time!  The subsequent post explained the previous post and touched on my disappointment at it not posting, in my opinion it was equally awesome, pithy and you know just cool, and then that disappeared too! 
So just know this - I am watching Julie and Julia - I love it and I'm May or May not start a similar blog in the not too distant future! Peace!

Why can't I post anything

I have so much to say and it won't let me post!!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Take me back to Gili T


I just read two books in 3 days! That has to be a record or something!!!!

If you're looking for something to read you should totally check this book out - so good!!!

The kittens are 5 weeks old!

Hugo and Dilly are 5 weeks old - they are so cute and I'm glad I put the effort in to help them survive - 
Can someone please come and clean my house! Seriously over housework right now! 

Iron Burn

It's official I'm am seriously clumsy! The amount of fingers I've squashed in gates and cut while I'm preparing food is actually stuipid! Not to mention my poor head that keeps getting whaled on cars and granite counter tops, and now I've burnt my hand on the iron! 


House Hunters International is the best - it makes me want to move overseas and enjoy life from another point of view! I've always wanted to live abroad! I've only known life one way - wouldn't it be great to live differently and experience that? I think so!!! 

Me today

I should be writing but I'm having the day off! I should also be trying to remember what my login details are for my email but I won't! I could be cleaning my house but I don't think I'll do that either! It's raining outside and I'm wearing pyjamas - it's looking grim!