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Thursday, 18 February 2016


Feeling anxious today like something is missing...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

I can't stop planning holidays....

It's a sickness I know, but I have ants in my pants and I can't seem to sit still!!!

There are so any places I want to go and see and experience - ahhhhhh

What about your journal????

I've always liked writing a journal - it's soothing in a way and makes my head a little less cluttered, but lately I have been avoiding starting a new one, because I tend to write everything down - like everything everything -  and someone always ends up unearthing it and taking it upon themselves to read it like it's public property, and I always end up in trouble! Why are people such assholes????

Rejected kittens and a dishevelled woman!

Its Thursday but definitely feels like a Friday! I'm tired, really tired! The kind of tired you feel when you have been partying all night, but without the hangover! Instead, it's from feeding kittens every two hours on a rotating clock because they have been partially rejected, and because I am an amazing caring person I stepped in and took control of the situation! 

The last two weeks have basically been a blur, and I must admit it's been rather challenging but rewarding at the same time! The two kittens that survived the ordeal (read previous posts) have become part of the family! Hugo and Dolly are such cuties - I on the other hand aren't looking that cute!!! Luckily I don't have peeling skin to contend with anymore (3 layers of skin over a 4 week period from Bali sun and my stupid internal torture over what I looked like as I shed like a snake) or all hope would be lost!!!!
I will admit that my disheveled tired appearance is kind of comforting in a way, and is making me avoid the mirror and people which is always nice for a while! I'm just so tired I couldn't be bothered looking presentable!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

They were like... um.... 25 thousand....

Who fucking cares - money does not define me, or make you better than me because you spent 25 grand on a pair of Fucking sunglasses you idiot - i'd rather have no money than be a pretentious shit like you!

Call me the Cat Whisperer!

I've been caring for two rejected kittens for the last week and feeding around the clock, heating up hot water bottles and waking to the sound of the 11 alarms that are saved into my phone at 2 hour intervals - and I have to say it's hard work! But I'm killing it!!

Back story - My Persian Cat Chi Chi snuck out and got herself pregnant to some random and surely less regal specimen than what I would have chosen for her. I was angry and shocked at first, I mean how could she? and because I had planned to purchase her husband the following week! Chumway my darling baby - who is no longer with us (read previous posts for details I can't go into it here) anyway, now sweet Teddy who is 16 weeks old is living with me and Chi Chi goes into Labour (see previous posts for details) and I have two kittens and she rejects them - and I freak out, and then I come up With a plan because I'm awesome and plans are kind of my thing, and somehow convince her (the cat) to let me feed them using her body! She isn't happy about it most of the time but allows me to attach the kittens to her and she lets them feed! I have to physically make her though and she won't go to them if they cry unless I take her there / so basically I have to set my alarm for every 2.5 hours and find Chi Chi and take her to the kittens and lay her down, and pay her head and encourage her and comfort her and then get the kittens out of there hot water bottled nest I have created and attach them to there mother, and wait 25 - 30 minutes until they are full and put them back to bed and then I got back to bed and then do it all again in 2 hours! 
It's a rewarding felling raising the kittens, I've never done it before and defiantly not watched the birth of kittens, and then figured out how to get the kittens to stay alive and convince a cat that wants nothing to do with her babies to feed them! 

Done with summer!

End of summer and totally sick of this heat! It was 37 degrees the other day. Yes, seriously!!! In protest to this 'I'm walking on the sun' type weather, which in my delicate state (I've only just stopped peeling from Bali - like three layers of skin peeling and not all in one go either, I peeled originally and it was pretty bad and then when my skin had done peeling, it peeled again, and then again! It got fairly weird and I started thinking I was in serious trouble, but it finally looks like it may have stopped! How many layers do we have?) I turned on the air conditioner about 3 days ago, set to almost freeZing and have been wearing winter pyjamas and put a doona on my bed!! I've also been drinking cups of tea and laying on the lounge with a blanket - it's amazing!!!! 

My cheese obsession, Bega and a road trip!

So I've been doing some research on cheese! Yes that's right - cheese! I have a bit of an obsession actually, and plan on dabbling in my own cheese making eventually, but that's a whole other story. 

Anyway, I started looking up dairy farms and cheese factories because who doesn't love cheese and needs to seek it out on the internet??? 

So, to coincide with the road trip I'm planning for July which will take me about 14 hours south of where I live to Thredbo, and into prime dairy farm land, I thought I might check out a few choice farms and eat my way through the southern highlands. 

During my extensive research I came across a beautiful dairy farm town called Bega. It's about 2 hours south of where I am headed for my ski holiday, and seriously this place is too picturesque to miss! (And who doesn't want to go two hours out of there way to witness it in all it's cheesy glory!) Not only will I get to visit the famous Bega Cheese Factory, I get to admire all the beautiful farms and rolling green hills, and probably drink a lot of milk and eat yogurt and whatever else they make on dairy farms! You can't get much fresher than that! 


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Put the holiday planner down and take a deep breath....

Despite having just retuned from an epic 2 week adventure in Bali about 3 weeks ago, i'm already planning my next trip away! 
I spent a huge chunk of my life dreaming about travelling to far off destinations, If you can imagine wanting to travel a lot and then times that by 100, well that's how I felt about it!  For reasons I won't go into, I never got to realise that dream until a few years ago. It was a pretty emotional moment when I stood on foreign soil for the first time! Things Like yay, I finally did it and stuff like that went through my head. There were a few tears, and from that moment on I promised myself I would travel to all the places I lay in bed wistfully thinking about! Being from Australia, the costs to travel abroad can be quiet significant! I've started out small visiting the neighbouring South Pacific - 

Villa in Vanuatu 
Lifou in the Loyalty Islands 

And then thought about going to Hawaii, but when I finally got around to booking, the entire holiday had tripled in price!! I know, what a load of shit! So reluctantly (because i was really looking forward to Hawaii) I opted to book an impromptu holiday to Bali! 

So with four destinations under my belt, I am looking forward to planning my next overseas trip. In the future, I'm planning on Visiting America, England, Europe, Fiji, Bora Bora, India, Canada, The Caribbean, Mexico and Nee Zealand. I'd like to visit so many more places but I think you get the picture. 
Anyway, unfortunately I can't afford to travel overseas every year, so I comprised and agreed to go every second year which is pretty amazing but I can't seem to sit still! Next year is a really long time away..... What am I going to do until then. My mind began to come up with all sorts of money saving scenarios for a cheap holiday to somewhere and that's when I come up with a holiday road trip! I live in Australia and this country is bloody massive and despite having lived here for 36 years I wouldn't have seen even half of it! The east coast is the most populated and where I live. I've traveled as far north as Airlie Beach and as far south as Melborne. I've been as far west as Dubbo and stopped at some lovely places along the way. There are so many places to explore and I want to see it all!

So I'm planning a road trip to the snow!
It's like a 15 hour drive south from my place, which is in the state of Queensland. My city Gold Coast is 1/2 hour from the New South Wales border and once I cross it into another state I will drive for over 14 hours and still be in the same state! It's a fucking long drive, but imagine what I will see along the way! Wonderful little towns and yummy food and lots of wide open spaces! Ahhh I can hardly wait! 

I'm planning on staying in a place called Goulburn which is almost 3/4 of the way there. I picked it because I have never been there, and it seemed central to the highway that will deliver me to my destination. The town itself is surrounded by dairy farms - so I imagine the milk that accompanies my breakfast will be world class stuff! 
Then I'm staying in a cabin in a beautiful little town called Jindabyne, (I visited here as a 16 year old on a school trip) which is 35km from the ski fields of Thredbo for 5 nights. I plan on doing a lot of skiing and drinking a Ridiculous amount of hot chocolates. I'm already looking for ski gear and scarves on the internet! After that I'm heading east to a qaint little town called Berry for the night. Its a country town famous for its dairies quiet close to the ocean. It's out of the way a bit but I couldn't resist staying in a place called Berry! After that it's up to Woolongong to see some family for the night. After that I'm headed to the Hunter Valley near Newcastle to stay in an Irish Pub then home!

Yes I'm a freak!