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Saturday, 23 January 2016

What's wrong with me?

Yeah so I've been doing some stupid 'what's wrong with me research' on the internet, because I still haven't gotten over my trip! I've come up with two possible scenarios both involving travelling to Bali recently. I've either somehow picked up typhoid fever or I have Hepatitis A. Both are contracted the same way - contaminated water or street food! Fuck! Apparently it's not Bali Belly because that would have only last 72 hours after the fact! I spent the whole day yesterday vomiting and feeling like shite and now I'm too scared to go to the doctors because I hate needles and they will have to do blood tests 😣😣😣 what the fuck Bali -ahhhhhh


High Heel extravaganza!

Unknown author? This might help!


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I just got scammed by a guy on Freelancer!

I'm so fucking annoyed right now! I applied for a heap of jobs on Freelancer, and some of them look very promising with good pay and great terms, but while I go back and forth with them and apply for more (it's a bidding system) I accepted two quick cheap jobs to get a few dollars rolling in. So....  I spent most of yesterday and all day today writing for those jobs, one of which I am halfway through the other is thus far completed, and the guy fucking scammed me! I should have realised when he originally offered to pay outside of Freelancers pay system, but when I declined he seemed okay with it - so we began our working relationship. He supplied me with a topic and a sample (which was in stilted English) of what he wants, and despite the money he was offering for the 400 word article, I took it because I'm poor! I spent all my money in Bali! And I mean, it's really bad money, like I've sold my soul kind of shit!!! 

Anyway I try and hold my head up high and I complete the article and submit. Great he says, want another one? Okay I say - a new topic and new article is given - I write and submit! All good! I say can you give me three topics so I can get some writing done and earn my meagre amount in one go and he says okay, provides the topics and I go away and write them. So basically I've written 5 articles for money to buy bread and milk, and accordingly he received an original basic article in return. I mean I'm not spending an entire day researching the topic and doing ten drafts until it's just perfect! It's cheap pay, cheap Article type stuff. And thats what I told him! Apparently a "GOOD" writer wouldn't do that, I would put my heart and soul in no matter the money -  seriously that is what he's said - and I'm like dude, you get what you pay for! Plus, let's face it - I wrote an original article with his requirements.... what does he want? Apparently I didn't write fabulous and amazing enough, and make the reader truly want to visit said place! But the facts are -  it was way better than his sample and he can go fuck himself! He says why you beg for job? why you take job if you not going to put heart into it? and I'm like hang on I didn't notice that funny flag next to his username! I click and I'm no racist, I have full respect for every nation that doesn't do underhanded shit on the internet and is or are nice people - but it the flag was from Bangladesh, and I knew without a doubt I had been utterly scammed! And no I don't think all people from there are scammers, or whatever the keyboard warriors of the world would like to say about this post - I have full respect for the men and women on the Olympic running team and anyone who is willing to make a real living that doesn't involve slave labour. but let's face it, lots of internet scams and the like are coming out of this country and the ones surrounding it! Of course it wasn't the writing - I mean come on / it's me - I'm fabulous! As if my writing, even a basic article for cents isn't going to be better than whoever else he fucking had working for 2 cents in some underground sweat shop! I got really mad, I told him I worked as a full time writer and had written over 500 articles on various topics for 20-30 dollars for 500 words, and all clients were as happy as a nut, and praised my writing skills, not to mention that I'm a published author! He then says I'm a bad person, and there are loads more people out there that could write better for less, so I told him he was welcome to go and find them. I requested no more contact from him other than for him to pay me for the work I had done, and we would part ways or I would report him. I haven't been paid - I reported him! It's useless really he will just create a new profile and email and away he goes again! Anyway I profess to always look at country flags before applying for any more jobs and to only accept those from ones I recognise! 

Lesson learnt!!! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What's this bullshit now.....

Grrrrr - I only have a small amount of researching left in me today about fucking gardening! Seriously I know  I need the money, but writing a small book on gardening is driving me insane! Fuck everyone that is writing about what they want too and getting paid for it - I hate you - but in a good, fuck you're lucky, kind of way!!!!! I am looking into compost methods and hating it! 

That is all!!!

It's official - I can't stop whinging!

Fuck it's hot! I just want summer to be over now! Bali heat has depleted my everything, I'm peeling like a snake shedding it's fucking skin for fucks sake! I'm hot and bothered, I still have Bali Belly, I feel sick, I'm poor and eating handmade bread and I have a gardening ebook deadline in 4 days for 18000 words! I've just written two articles about Prague and some other place in Norway and the pay is fucking horrendous but when you are poor you just pull up your sleeves and get it done! Yeah shit is tough over here! And I can't believe I'm whinging because I just came back from a wonderful holiday - so this post makes me a shitty person, who should just shut up and get on with it - but I'm sick of pretending everything is okay and being all like yay, look at me and all my cool photos of my holiday and my fabulous life and my cool friends,  and yeah I came home with plenty of money and everything is fine! I'm no model citizen, I'm not a Kardashian - nor would I want to be one - that's one fucked up family over there! I'm real and alive and I'm aloud a whinge every once in a while - I'm hot and poor! Whinge whinge whinge!!!!!

I can't get this sleeping thing right....

I've been home from Bali for like a week and I still haven't gotten back to sleeping right or on time! I went down at 1am last night and just woke up at 12:16pm! My stomach is all messed up too, like I've taken a healthily living organism and put some fucked up crazy shit inside there and no matter what I do I can't make it right! I've been drinking heaps of tea and water to flush it about, but if I'm not better by the end of the week it might be time to head to the doctor! Hopefully I haven't picked up anything sinister while enjoying the delights of Bali and Lombok! 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Gili T Island Lombok

Rainbows on Gili T - perfect moment!

A pool in Ubud Monkey Forrest

My little Teddy Bear

I have a real life teddy - he is an angel! 

Freelancing for a pittance.....

Fuck I just wrote this whole post and it deleted itself! What I was trying to say, was today I hit a low point in my freelance writing career when I accepted a job offer to write a freelance travel article about Prague! A 400 word article for practically nothing! Oh well at least I learnt something about somewhere I knew nothing about! Beggers can't be choosers I guess but seriously!!!

Peace - Ubud Bali

I had the time of my life....

Sick I know - 

but seriously Patrick - I miss you every day! Dirty Dancing Forever!!!!

Fake as a snake!

Funny when you find out stuff about people that have so much to say about everyone else - and it's worse than everyone's shit put together! What a fucking wanker! 

Jesus! Stop tell me next time - I can't handle it!

Seriously I just don't want to know - maybe next time!

Why don't you come back next week....

I'll have all the answers then ........

Nows not a good time....

No questions
No answers
Just Being!

Waterfalls Ubud Bali

Yes I was here and it was magnificent! The steps down and then back up where a bit of a nightmare but well worth the amazingness of such a site! The water was heaven - so were the sacred pools and water coming out of the rocks with Hindu offerings surrounding them!

Well worth the visit!

Gold Digger

You probably have the deets but if you're not in the know then my book Gold Digger is available @ http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gold-digger-tara-anderton/1120500875?ean=9781618973665 
You can also find it on my author website and Amazon website! 

Weird fish experience in Lombok!

Getting my feet mauled by a tank of feet sucking fish on Gili T Island off the coast of Lombok Indonesia, was probably the creepiest, and then coolest thing that has happened to me in a while! I was somehow convinced by many who had been there before (in a situation where you might consider dipping your tootsies into a tank full of fish waiting to chew your dead skin cells off the souls of your feet) that it was something that I just had to try, so I did! I was led by a lady at a spa across the road where she got down and actually washed my feet for me! I don't know if I've ever experienced anything like it, despite having been for a pedicure before. After which she led me back across to the tank area where she encouraged me to place my feet into a tank of fish! Without tooting my own horn I would like to say I have pretty nice feet which I do take care of, so the poor little guys were in for a shock if they expected to get some sort of loose skin to nibble on! And I was right! Very quickly they decided the lack of scum on my feet wasn't sufficient at all and started climbing up around my ankles and legs which got really weird! I kept having to take my legs out to stop the creepy feeling from taking over my life! Anyway after 20 minutes I was instructed my ten bucks worth had been sufficiently used up and I pulled my legs out, glad for the experience, but pretty positive that I would never ever do that again - well maybe if you twist my arm!!!!


It looks like I have leprosy! Does that disease even exist anymore?

 I've definately done some major damage, hopefully not irreversable! I mean seriously, my shoulders are just flakes! My arms have white dots all over them where new patches are forming and growing. My hands look like they are that of a 69 year old women who has hung washing on lines for her entire life..... Why why why? FUCK!!!!! Oh,  and I'd just like to thank the asshole sunscreen companies for making 50+ promises that they just can't keep! If you follow their directions to the letter,  you will still end up with your entire body shedding a whole layer of it's skin, weather you like it or not! I currently feel and look like a walking fish flake maker! I feel gross! I feel violated and let down!!! 14 days In the blistering heat of Bali obviously will not do wonders for your skin! The nice holiday glow I planned on coming home with is not in the cards people! Hopefully when I finally return to normal, I will remember this day and never never ever believe that sunscreen does anything! 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Anti Cool Girl

This is not a review - only to state that this book is a must read and if you haven't jumped on Google or Goodreads and done a search whilst simultainously reading this post, then surely there is something wrong with you! I will write a full review and obviously favourite experts ASAP but for now just read it - it's all I ask at this moment!!!!

Watching shows that mean nothing....

I'm watching shows that are mindless, sometimes it's just what you have to do! 
Does an indoor pool with handmade Spanish tiles as a focal point make you better than me? Is having a billion dollar house making you magnificently amazing and happy and better and cool - probably???? 

Happy today...

If you read my blog - I'm not even sure anyone does anymore, or ever did, but if you or anyone is out there, the Finding myself in Bali post from last night may have led you to believe I'm a bit of a nutter! It was nothing but real, raw emotion and I won't apologise for being real and in the moment! I will say if you're doubting that feel free to locate the archives section and scroll through the plethora of posts clearly indicating that I am in fact a sane human! I'll admit to being on the weirder side of what most people consider normal but basically I'm just some girl writing her way through life! I'm emotional, I'm happy, I'm fun, I'm real! 
And today despite being tired, I'm not sad - so that's happy right? 

Gili Air Stopover

I was lucky enough to go on a 14 day holiday to Bali - I got back two days ago, and yes I will mention yet again - struggling with the jet lag, or maybe it's holiday lag -  anyway, I went over to the Gilis off the coast of Lombok for a few nights to check it out and have to say, had a lovely time! The water is definitely that blue and was abundant with fish and sealife! If your into adventure - you have to go there!

Cheech and Teddy

Luwak Coffee

Yeah, so I drank coffee that an animal that I can't remember the name of pooed out! Like I do, but I'm jetlag was so I'm not going to strain my brain trying to remember -  just look up Luwak Coffee and you will learn all you need to know) Yeah so anyway this animal - kind of like a possum if you're from Australia or something in that sort of family, well, he shat out the coffee beans that it eats and they, the people who make the coffee, clean and heat and grind it (the pooped

Out bean) and brew it and I drank it - best coffee I've ever tasted! Yeah no one will ever want to kiss me again but it was so worth it!!! I also sampled 20 different teas and coffees that an old Balinese man grew all the herbs too, before which he led me through pulling off different leaves and making me smell them - it was sensory overload but in an awesome way - all while sitting in a magnificent setting overlooking lush rain forrest and just basically in heaven I samples these teas and coffees and wondered how I was going to afford to buy everything I was tasting!

Unfortunately the photos to accompany this post are still sitting in my uncharged camera at the bottom of my unpacked bag so so tuned - cheers

For Cinta

My sister Jacinta is often called Cint or Cinty or Cinta - so I thought it appropriate that I take a photo while I was holidaying in Ubud Bali to commemorate the moment :-)


Pineapple Juice in Paradise......

Sitting in Ubud in the Hills of Bali sipping on a freshly squeezed Pineapple Juice overlooking rice terraces with Balinese music playing softly in the background, has to be good for you right?

Jet Lag and wanting to finish your book.......

Whenever the hell this jetlag goes away, I'm really looking forward to getting back into my writing..... I'm working on Ally in Disguise and hopefully is loved by all and sundry and it sells loads of copies and I'll be a really revered author and I have money to like buy tickets to America so I can visit my sister......

Releasing a baby turtle back into the wild......

I was lucky enough to visit Gili T Island off the Coast of Lombok last week.... On my two night stopover I found a turtle conservation project, and decided to totally get involved by donating money, (around $20 Aussie) and in turn was able to release a baby turtle back into the wild. The eggs are hatched in captivity, and hand raised until they are strong enough to survive, or a better chance than most hatchlings, who can be eaten by circling birds, eaten by waiting various sea creature for an easy meal, or poachers who sell them on the black market.  It was a pretty awesome experience. 

Goodbye Wayne - and goodluck xx

Friday, 15 January 2016

Finding myself in Bali....

I had a pretty rough month - I lost my fur baby Chumway to a terrible accident that involved a brutal savage beast of a dog dragging my angel through a hole in the fence and killing him.... I was hysterical for two days! I came to accept my dad is going to die very soon which is breaking my heart, as I lay in his arms on Christmas day and cried my heart out at the injustice of this life, I was a broken woman!  I was bullied by an inlaw for sport because of a stupid comment about yobbo aussie guys as a generalised post,  I was tormented by someone who I thought loved me for fun, and if that wasn't enough some other terrible shit happened that I can't even go into because let's face it some things need to stay private in this crazy 'share the whole fucking lot kind of world we have found ourselves in!' I stopped writing, loving, thinking straight and basically had a break down which resulted in a few (lots of) panic attacks and lots of fucking tears! Like rivers and rivers of them! Some pretty hateful messages and updates that were written with anger and came from a terrible place forced upon me from the situations I found myself in, from a person and people who I should only feel loved and be loved by! I am a good person - I am a good egg - but there is only so much I can handle! I took myself to the doctors to get some Valium to numb the pain and agony I've been enduring for a long time! I think it's helping???? Everyone sees what I want them to see, a mostly happy, funny, weird person who posts cool pics, makes funny comments and loves her friends, eats at cool cafés, loves anything French and has a passion for really high heels, who happens to be a writer, yeah I've had a book published that no one wants to read apparently despite it being amazing and I'm a freelance writer, who loves gardening to sooth my soul, best friends (worth mentioning twice )and well almost everything, but the last 10 years of my life, and even long before that, I've had to deal with some pretty fucked up shit which mostly I can hide, because I'm actually a pretty upbeat person - but one person can only take so much before they break! And I broke into a million little pieces! So I booked tickets to Bali and ran away! Two weeks, 10 massages, releasing a baby turtle back into the wild,  3 different locations, and some soul searching helped!  I'm still taking the Valium but the panic attacks aren't happening as much and I'm trying to turn it all around again! Reading The Anti Cool Girl by Rosie Waterhouse helped, as did finding that the Hindu Religion is worth researching - and maybe converting too because seriously they are some peaceful enlightened people! I ate food I've never tasted and cried when i probably should have been happy! It came after my first massage and weirdly enough I actually felt loved by someone I had never met - Tari was her name and despite not getting the happy ending that most men would be there to receive, my happy ending was the loving touch of a women that actually made me feel loved through massage - I know weird but I suppose I craved the touch of loving hands and a beautiful soul - which I haven't felt for a very long time! Just being taken care of despite paying for it made me feel loved! If you don't get it then I can't explain! 
Bali helped me, the crying helped me, and I know the massages did - the long walks, staring into Jackie a gorillas (maybe another sort of monkey) eyes for 10 minutes straight at the Bali Zoo as he held his hands out to me in a rare alone time moment felt like our souls connected - maybe I'm actually crazy? Maybe I'm not, but it helped me! Staring into rice terraces, smelling new smells and walking in black sand beaches for hours and hours rejuvenated my soul! It also made me sad but then happy again! Maybe I am crazy! 

So anyway I've decided to be stronger because I just have to be - I'll surround myself with only people who make me feel right - happy, loved and me - everyone else will just fade away! They have too or Tara will disappear - I don't want to be a shell I want to be the best Tara I can be!

This year is going to be all about me - writing and love! Everything else has to be blocked out! 

And that's my little story!!!!!!