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Monday, 26 October 2015

Monday, 19 October 2015

Really? Really!

So I've started two other blogs and they have absolutely nothing to do with writing....I probably shouldn't have committed myself to another hobby, because I should really be focusing on writing and my book and my actual job and like, life....but I couldn't help myself. 

One is called Itinerary Freak, and it's about travel obviously! I realised I had another amazing hidden talent when I started creating my itinerary for my upcoming trip to Hawaii. I got so deep in my research of hotels and activities and stuff I've ended up with about 12 apps on my iPad relating to my trip and Hawaii. Yeah it's gotten weird, but along the way I discovered what a brilliant itinerary maker I was. I mean you should see this thing it's truly a work of art! Anyway I'm always dreaming about holidays to exotic destinations and sometimes I get online and try and work out how long it would take me to save for a dream holiday to such and such destination and I'll make up a mini budget based on the hotels and activities I might like to stay in and go on.... And I thought I should fucking document this....it's good stuff. So I am.... Aptly named I think. 

The other is about a new business I'm thinking about opening... A gourmet picnic basket business that would essentially supply the lovely people of the Gold Coast with picnic baskets ready to go for lunches with all sorts of yummy items on the menu. Kind of like when you go on Holiday to a fancy hotel and you call room service and see if they can whip together a lunch basket so you can go and feel your girl up at a private beach location, whist sipping expensive champagne and feeding her grapes. It's really in the early early stages of planning but I've published it because I can! I'll work through all the details as I go and who knows maybe one day I'll actually have a thriving business out of it....

Yeah so that's my little story!

Im glad we are both committed to it!

The fact that I'm reading and you know it and you know how you have to leave me alone or I will loose it or be a bit crazy or won't stop talking about the book and what's happened......

Friday, 9 October 2015

You're about to experience the best moment of your life...

Bridgette wants it all but at what cost????



How not to get distracted by life and write that book!

It's so hard to write that novel you've always been meaning to write when life gets in the way. Work, family, down time, hobbies, sports, friends, favourite TV shows, YouTube marathons, pintrest and social media are all great, but don't really make for a conducive environment when you want to lock yourself away and write. I'm really a social butterfly that likes to be alone a lot of the time! Getting that alone time is virtually impossible, but as a writer you have to make time or it will never happen. Lately I've been doing everything but write and I've decided to make myself a list of long and short term goals as well as a flexible daily routine so I can see how much time I'm actually wasting so I can get stuff done in an orderly fashion whilst clearing out a chunk of time for my writing. It's only in the planning faze but I have high hopes that sometime over the weekend I will get some quality time writing. I'm working on my third novel Ally in Disguise and I really love working on it.  I'll keep you posted on how it works out.....

Reading is life...

High heels and other stuff....

Writing in Heels has been around for a while now and I have to say that I really appreciate all my followers and visitors! It's been pretty random and informative all at the same time...and I'm glad you all like it :-)

Doing the reading thing.....

I've read over 30 books this year, and I think maybe it's my adult record. 

As a child I read a lot! Like a lot a lot! I would beg my mother to take me to the library in the little seaside town I grew up in, and I would borrow the maximum amount of books any one person is aloud to borrow at any one time, which is 20 books. I would bundle them all up and carry them home like they were extremely precious and they were/ are!!!!! I would get into my comfiest clothes even back then, and lay on my reading lounge (yes I had my own reading lounge! It was a big old comfy number with flowers all over it and mum positioned it under a big window overlooking the back garden. It was the 80's and mum was right into her indoor plants - so I was surrounded but greenery with beautiful hanging overflowing pots above me. I had a little coffee table to place my snacks and drinks on...it was amazing.) so I would lay all my treasures out in front of me and read all the backs and decide which book I would start with. For the next two weeks, whenever I wasn't at school, or busy with my after school sports, I could be found on that lounge, or in the bath, or taking the clothes off the line (one of my daily chores) with my book pegged to the clothes line so I could read and fold all at the same time. Yes I was utterly obsessed with reading. It was everything! 

I would have read every single word of every book I had borrowed, and lived 20 amazing adventures with all the wonderful characters that resided in the pages of my favourite thing....books! And then it would happen again, I would remind my mum my books were due back at the library, and she would say 'have you read all those books Tara?' And I would say yes and she would shake her head and say 'I don't know where you get it from...' She would drive me over and let me wander around the isles for as long as I liked and choose my next 20. Sometimes I would select a book from the cover alone, other times I would be choosy and ponder over what to take, what I would bring home. Ahhh I have fond memories of all that time living in fantasy land.....

So basically, if I think about it, and I had to add it up, I would have read close to 400 books in a year.... Every year since I was like 8. That's taking into account that maybe just maybe, a few of those fortnights I didn't borrow or I was sick which I really don't think I was....but also when I was 8 I was probably reading little kids books but it still counts. Because if you think about it, it is relative. As were the books I read as I got older. Wow - mind blown!!!

If you want to check out what I've been reading I have a list on Goodreads. Just type in Tara Anderton. 

I love my kitty!!

Seriously my cat Chi Chi is the best ever.... And I'm not just saying that because she is mine - she is a really cool cat! Just saying :-)

You will need to make time for me...,,,


How to know what genre you like.

The best way to work out what you're into is to read books in various genres and go from there. I've read plenty of books in most genres and you get to know what you like and what you don't over time. Generally read the back of as many books as you can and decide on the ones that sound the most interesting to you. Movies are a great way to help you decide too. If you like Sci fi movies your probably going to like a book in a similar genre..... If you like documentaries or the history channel look for books that are the same. There is so much to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. The top 10 section at most bookstores is a good place to start because they are usually written by well known authors that have a history of producing books that people like and want to read. If your into something a bit more quirky look for book reviews online or in magazines or the weekend newspapers. 

Good luck :-)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

That's ridiculous! That's not reality!!!

But it's my life and I love it!

Check out my latest novel Gold Digger and delve into my reality.... You won't be disappointed!

It's available at Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gold-digger-tara-anderton/1120500875?ean=9781618973665 

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And my author website - http://www.sbpra.com/taraanderton