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Friday, 31 July 2015

Not this.....

I'm broke again and am home on a Friday night wishing I was anywhere but here! It's 6:41pm and I've already had a bath and gotten into winter woollies, eaten dinner, read some of the book I'm reading and painted my toenails. This is going to be the longest night ever...... A movie I've seen is coming on at 8:30 but that's so long away. I hate nights like this, the ones that have no fun prospects to look forward too except maybe the half a bottle of wine in the fridge or the leftover sangria - is drinking at home alone bad? Will I  or won't I? 

I have a wedding to look forward too next weekend so it's not all bad, and a few wonderful things coming up so I guess a night at home on the couch isn't that terrible   - except if it feels like this is all I have done lately. I did go to a hens night last weekend and stayed over at a hotel, and it was fun. I also went on mini break to Northern New South Wales to a trio of cabins on a mountain that has a view all the way to the ocean and went quad biking and hiking and picked fruit and slept by a log fire a few weeks ago and come to think if it I met my dad in Noosa for the night the weekend before last so really I'm a complete whinging bitch  who doesn't know what being bored is. And that's what this is. A bored rant about nothing. I could do heaps of things to entertain me but none of them are what I want to do tonight! None of them are foreign countries and yummy exotic food and sand and salty skin and sex and life and.......

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

It's one of those days

Yay shoes


Advice from Cathy Kelly


The story needs narrative and dialogue to drive the plot along. Don’t write reams of narrative. A vital piece of writing advice is show, not tell. Don’t have eight pages telling the reader about an argument. Show it with a scene.

Sometimes the writer needs to know all about the character’s past but the reader doesn’t. We may not need to know that he owned a hamster when he was eight – unless he’s a serial killer and chewed its ears off, obviously.

- See more at: http://www.cathykelly.com/advice/narrative#sthash.lZAsgKd5.dpuf

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Blah blah blah

Ahhhhhh - So tired and drained from the weekend, and the lead up to the hens night I organised for a friend of mine. I feel like I need a holiday! Haha who doesn't!
I tried to read today but I couldn't concentrate on the characters which is rare for me, I felt a little restless all day and despite my exhaustion I couldn't sit still - I also really hurt my knee on a bench on Friday night and the bruising is terrible. Walking is fine, kneeling is impossible and touching it isn't great but sometimes I like pressing on it to remind myself I'm alive and maybe because I'm a little bit weird! 
Back to reality tomorrow - work and all the usual stuff..... Plus now I have to set my sights on the wedding which is in two weeks, and as a bridesmaid I have certain duties to fulfil including but not limited to helping set up the whole reception and ceremony because it's being held in a hall. I also have to find shoes, choose the right sort of nickers, make a hair appointment to get a blow wave and sort out a whole heap of other stuff.... I'm not complaining it's just I'm already so busy it's making me tired just thinking about it! 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

To do list

I've written a list of things that need to be done today so I don't sit around and pretend I'm really busy! It has a wide variety of things on it but at least I will be getting things done. I've ticked three things off already and I'm feeling motivated by my accomplishments. It's so hard working from home because it's very easy to get distracted by all the things :-)

Weird shit is my jam!

Yeah I like it, I love it, I live it!


Advice from Cathy Kelly.

It seemed fitting to include advice from Cathy today as I am reading her latest novel It Started With Paris. 


Some writers write a draft of the entire book, then go back over it and polish, which results in a second draft. Then go back again and do another polish.

I tend to write in segments. I write a draft of the first third of the book, then go back over that until I like it or until I go mad; whichever comes first. Then move on.

Edit, edit and edit again. Then take a leap of faith and send your manuscript.

- See more at: http://www.cathykelly.com/advice/editing#sthash.Edp3cI7K.dpuf

Monday, 20 July 2015

New books....

I went to the bookshop - a very dangerous thing for a book addict to do, and instead of buying just one which was my my limit because I'm saving for Hawaii I came home with three.....
I'm reckless in bookshops, it's the smell and the excitement and anticipation and the thought of leaving a really good story behind...

Dear Diary

So I've been doing a whole lot of nothing today but everything at the same time! I've been all over Goodreads updating statuses, searching through a heap of books I might want to read in the future and adding them to my 'to read' list - I've visited authors pages and left a few comments. I've been preparing myself to start reading a new book I got which consists of me reading the back of the book, and wondering weather to start it now or later. I did a few voice recordings and posted them in G+ because that's what the people wanted :-) I've folded and washed a large quantity of dirty and clean clothes and stressed out over a hens night I am organising! I made jelly, ate chips and made a cup of tea, I thought about the dick head that hasn't paid me for a job on freelancer and wondered weather I should report him. I played with Chi Chi my Persian Pussy and thought about cleaning my oven but decided not too. I thought bad things about my terrible toaster and wished it was a shiny new one as I toasted toast. Now I'm reading magazines! 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Is he going to brute force a seed attack on you?'

I'm scared by sleeping with someone else. What if he wants-'
Delia fell silent.
'Wants...?' Adam did a 'carry on' hand gesture.
Delia started giggling and couldn't stop, the words coming out strangled. It felt good to offload to Adam.
'Bum sex!' She mouthed the words.
'If you don't like something you say so,'Adam said. 'What am I missing?'
'Then he goes away and tells everyone on the internet he's had the most boring sex of his life with me.'
'If he does that sort of thing, I'd question why you were sleeping with him in the first place. Who is this, by the way? Someone I know? Is he going to brute force a seed attack on you?'
'No! A hypothetical man.'
'A hypothetical bum-sex bully online over sharer. I see why you're concerned. This entirely made-up man you've had imaginary sex with is quiet the non- existent dick.'
Delia was shaking with laughter now. 
'Or. You could sleep with a man who wants you to enjoy it, and doesn't check in as Mayor Of Your Ass on Foyrsquare.'

It's Not Me, It's You!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Have you read my blog

It's about writing... It's about reading, it's about me and then all the randomness.
Flip back through the archives and come on my journey with me. 

I'm going to be a writer.

You are a writer.... I know but I'm going to be a published writer.....

Julie and Julia


Sometimes when I read a book I picture the author sitting hunched over their desk dreaming up what the character does next! Their mind spinning as they write. 

Julie and Julia and Tara

So I'm watching this cool movie about Juia Child's and a women called Julia who cooks her way through Julia Child's cook book. It got me thinking about the last time I watched this movie - it actually inspired me to start this blog. I was initially going to do something similar with a Jamie Oliver Cookbook but then I had an epiphany and Writing in Heels was born. 
It's funny how things happen like that. I would still love to start a cooking blog one day because I am passionate about food and cooking, but there just isn't enough hours in the day. Seriously - I'm crocheting a blanket for my lounge, repainting my entire house, reading a book, plannig a holiday, organising a hens night for one of my best friends, fulfilling bridesmaids duties, baking homemade bread, re-watching the entire series of Lost, promoting my novel, writing my third novel, being a good friend and family member and that's  just in my spare time. During the week I homeschool a child - I was going to be a teacher in another life and got halfway through my degree before i realised I was on the wrong path - I write as a freelance writer and can do anywhere up to 3 articles a day that are published on various websites. I'm also currently working on a ghostwriting project that is going to be turned into a series of ebooks. 
Yeah life's crazy!

Hypothetically speaking

If you were to buy any book in the world what would it be?

Books as best friends

No ones going to want to fuck an elf

Or are they?

Why wouldn't you make it happen?

Trying to get sales on my book is harder than first expected. I know it's not because it isnt amazing, it totally is..... 

Its getting it into the right hands and onto the right shelves.



Buy it, share it, like it on Goodreads! 

Dear Diary

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been working really hard, just not on this! But, if you follow me, or are good at noticing stuff, then you will see that I have posted a heap of posts in a row today - and that's because I had written them separately over the last few weeks and am posting them all at once now. Today (sometime in the last two weeks) I finished editing the good copy of OMG a ghostwriting project I'm working on and emailed it to my client. It was a huge relief to send it as all writers know, that ahhhh sound when you are no longer under some sort of invisible deadline to get something submitted is my second favourite ahhh. 

Now, with an empty timeslot on my hands that needs to be filled, I have decided to continue with my third novel Ally in Disguise a novel about a girl who struggles to find a genuine guy who isn't an absolute narcissist.... It's obviously got more things going on but that's how I will explain it for now.

Being yourself - the writer


Be yourself

Appreciate your own talent. Don’t compare yourself. We all do it and it’s fatal to writing, creativity and life in general. Think that you’re this unique, marvellous person and that you’re going to give this writing business your best shot.

Writing a book is like closing your eyes and asking the universe to help you, and then, if you really believe in it, the magic will start to flow. But believing in it is the key. You have to love writing and it genuinely has to come from your authentic self. By this, I mean that if you think you will hit the writing jackpot by becoming the next John Grisham or JK Rowling, then forget it. Don’t be the next anyone – be the first you.

- See more at: http://www.cathykelly.com/advice/be-yourself#sthash.aIkjeC7G.dpuf

How to write a short story in one hour!

I found this on YouTube and thought I might share for all the short story writers out there. I've written tons of short stories - none published - hang on maybe I should publish them? Hmmm something to think about.
Anyway here's the link.....