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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

'Casual Encounters'

Post such as 'Wife is away for the weekend, come over and I will give you two hours of solid anal' are commonplace here. But before you snap the book shut think that this is a dark and sordid tale of my quest for the filthiest one nightstand, just hang on. 

This is in the opening paragraphs of the book I have just started reading! Diaries of an Internet Lover. 
First chapter - logging on..... Should be interesting as most of it (the book) are messages from an online 'dating site' notorious for its intimate adult connections. But instead of advertising in the hedonistic casual encounters section that boasts ads asking for all types of sex, Dawn the protagonist focuses her efforts on the more mild 'Women looking for Men' category.
Basically despite being able to attract men the good old fashioned way she finds websites a sure fire way to seriously satisfy her passions. 

Should be an interesting book....

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Not enough sleep and wondering what would happen if I didn't have a sore neck.....

My sleeping habits are fucked and so is my neck. I can't be bothered to discuss the sleeping thing, it's been all over the place for as long as I can remember. But Yeah, another stiff neck... 

There is something seriously wrong with me, I need to see someone...but who? A doctor? Chiro? Massage therapist? It's all a bit of a mystery, and one I will fully delve into when the crink in my neck stops consuming every thought and all my energy and I can focus on finding the answer....im tired and sore and fed up, and feeling down... 

(For previous posts on neck saga please refer to blog archives)

Writing in Heels

The blog that just keeps on giving. From writing tips, cool pics, drivel about nothing, you will become familiar with my obsessive list making, you will read exerts from books that I like or am reading,  links to my book and other social media, music, discussions about things that don't exist but could,  links to other authors, and so much more. Writing in Heels is an excellent stop over that might fill your day with hope and possibility, despite there being no inspirational quotes... It might also fill in five minutes while your waiting for the bus... Check out my extensive archives for all your distractional needs :-)

When the soufflé is fucked....

My soul on paper....

The queen of reading....

This is what I feel like when I read :-)

You have that edgy I don't give a crap attitude

It's kind of cool writing made up stories about non-existent people :-) I'm writing a story at the moment about a women who struggles to find herself and a man in this crazy world! She is a gorgeous Italian American women living in LA, who after dating a string of less than eligible bachelors finds Mr Right! Or so she thought! After 2 years of thinking she had found her match made in heaven he rips her heart out by dumping her for the women he has been cheating with! Devastated she swears off men, she eats her way through a truckload of food and piles on the weight becoming a blown out, messed up version of what she used to be. At rock bottom it's not pretty and Eventually she manages to get her life and body back - add a boob job to the equation and Ally is one sexy lady with a whole lot to offer all the men she isn't dating. She moves to New York with her best friend to start over and eventually struggles to stick to her 'no men' mantra when everyone around her is moving on with their lives. No chick lit/ contemporary romance ends without her finding her Mr Right.... But I'll leave the ending out so I don't spoil it! It's really entertaining me anyway, and kind of makes everything else seem less important somehow, like the story I'm writing is real, and the real stuff has hazy edges and seems like blah.... 
I might go missing into La la land for a few days - see you on the flip side!!!

Friday, 24 April 2015

How to write a story that rocks.... Part two

I have many ideas on how to make a story rock so to speak, but sometimes it's good to hear what others think..... So luckily I have provided you a link.... Hello YouTube.....

Kevin Smith on Writing and Filmaking

Just watched this on YouTube and thought you might find it interesting if you like writing or filmmaking or watever!!



Thursday, 23 April 2015

OMG she does this every time! We get it girl, you can put your whole vagina on the floor!

Has anyone see the movie Paradise! Hahaha the one liners in it are fucking all time! This particular one - the heading of this blog, takes part in a bar where some regular does the splits in the middle of the dance floor.....

Specific point of view

I kind of feel like I've been whinging a bit lately because there are certain things I want to achieve and do and because it hasn't happened yet it's annoying me! I'm too fucking impatient! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My celebrity crush...

Doing long nights....

I'm preparing myself for a long night of writing tonight. I've been to the shops and purchased all kinds of food that I might require in the late hours of tonight and the possible early hours of tomorrow morning. I am nearly done writing a novel for a ghost writing project I have been working on just basically putting the finishing touches on the second draft. And by finishing touches i mean a good 7-8  hours of add ins and last minute brilliant ideas that will then expand into a whole other part of the story - but I will crush this!!!

Pussy Willow

It's an erotic escape for a while but then it's over and you're left with your feelings and thoughts and life and the bullshit! Don't forget the bullshit. Never forget the bullshit! 

Fluffy cats and heart attacks

So my new pussy Chi Chi is an adorable bundle of fur! Hang on a minute,..... That doesn't sound right ;-) For those of you that don't know, I got a new Persian kitten about two weeks ago and she is such a cutie. Her sleeping pattern however could only be described as erratic. She wakes me up in the middle of the night doing all sorts of crazy shit. Last night I work up at 3:30am to clawing sounds above me. I freaked out for a moment when I saw eyes staring back at me in the dark. She had climbed up the wooden blind behind my bed and was just hanging there staring at me.....possibly preparing to launch onto my body....

When I got her down she went crazy all over the room jumping and leaping and pouncing. I had to take her out to the lounge room to settle her down which took ages.... Ahhhh  and don't get me started on the sideways run. It's so weird.... Yes, this is the first time I have ever owned a cat!!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chick Lit

Monday, 20 April 2015

It's brilliant, but no one understands it

Bullshit bullshit bullshit! There's living and then there is living in fantasy land! I live in the latter! Assuming it will all just work out and that eventually I'll get everything I want because why wouldn't I?

Hypothetically speaking

Paris first class international! New York - bright lights, big city! Tara sitting at home without a hope in hell of achieving what I want if I don't get off my bum and get into gear! Come on motivation, willpower and essence - it has to be now or it won't ever happen!

Nice to meet you

I write, I read, I eat, I sleep. I think a lot, I feel things. I write lists, I create. I crave something different, I need life. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

I'd much rather a stiff cock than a Stiff neck

Yeah so I've got another stiff neck! 3rd one in a month! I don't know what's up or what I'm doing wrong but it has to end!

This time, I can't blame the fan blowing on me. There was no fan! 
My neck has been on the verge of crinking up all week, and the 20km bike ride that I stupidly put my hand up for 2 days ago was the catalyst in this 2nd instalment of the 'this is fucked,my neck is stiff again' saga!
Seriously there isn't many things worse than a stiff neck - especially when no one will rub it for you!

 I have resorted to the old tennis ball trick - the one where you get a tennis ball and put it between you and the wall in designated pain spot and role it up and down, side to side and it helps alieviate some of the torment! Except, I couldnt find a tennis ball, so I have a cricket ball. And the wall just wasn't cutting it, so I'm on my bed with a cricket ball wedged betwen me and the mattress rolling around like some weirdo moaning in a  'it hurts but it's so good' kind of way when it hits the right spot - desperate times call for desperate measures!

What am I reading right now

Friday, 17 April 2015

One Girl was talking about her nips and shit....

I wish there were more places to go on the Gold Coast to listen to alternative poetry, discover unknown artists, listen to authors talk about their work at book readings, look at cool photography, and take part in interactive art installations. It's a culture thing.... And unfortunately it just doesn't really happen here!

The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed way of life. There has been a bit of a surge over the last 3 years of quirky cafés and bars and shops popping up in Burleigh and Nobby Beach, a handful of random open mic nights, a few art galleries and a book signing or two,  but other than that there is nothing, it's definitely not a cultural hub of any sort. 

 Lucky for the internet and all it has too offer so I can search these things out or it would be extremely boring living here, which might seem a bit like I'm ungrateful, considering what a relaxed and beautiful place it is.... But it's true. I want grit and real life, interesting conversations, live music, dirty martini's and weird shit. 

This is bullshit! 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I'm drafting a slam poem in your honour!

It will be awesome, it will encompass your essence and you will love it!

You're like the loudest climaxer I have ever heard!

Have you ever been in an awkward situation where someone is having sex in the same house you are in and you can here every moment of their experience like you're some creepy weirdo sitting in the corner of their bedroom watching the performance! Yeah me too! It's sort of funny and rude and crazy all at the same time. Luckily mine was when I was a lot younger and the memory is only a small blip in the big scheme of things. 

Sitting in the lounge room of my friends boyfriends apartment by myself after going to party while she slips off to his adjoining bedroom to 'give him one' isn't my idea of a good time. Especially when his flatmate is roaming around the house at a loose end. So I sit drunkenly on the lounge as she gives the performance of her life for the neighbourhood to hear trying not to make eye contact with his friend and attempting to block out  her screams. In my mind I'm like seriously the guy isn't even decent and despite him being nice from what I can remember he had a lazy eye and curly long hair - surely old wok eye isn't concealing a weapon of mass destruction in his pants that no one knew about  - it's just not possible. So what could be making someone scream like that... Admittedly she was drunk, and knew she had an audience so maybe that was enough to turn up the volume.... It got me thinking then, like it has now, about women who are really loud in bed, and I came to the conclusion that screamers are fakes! They want attention, point blank, and it's fucking annoying. As a guy it might be a turn on I suppose, to get recognition for your hard work but it's just so over the top, it's not real and it's not necessary. It just can't be. I've had sex, a lot of sex actually (not the sort that destroys vaginas or anything) but a decent amount and I enjoy it. A lot actually, and there are definite noises that come out of me during this heady passionate time - moans and shudders and sexy whispers and dirty talk, but nothing like I heard that night or anything since unless it's been a porno.... Not even when I'm drunk... 

I once was seeing this guy who told me to be quieter whenever we had sex because he had roommates and didn't want them to hear us, so I muffled myself..... Months later he complained that I was too silent during sex and he wanted to hear me because it turned him on, which was confusing because apparently I was too noisy before.... So I guess everyone likes something different, and different circumstances require different things.

I did ask my friend after the fact what her deal was that night, and she pretended not to know anything about it. And I was like dude you were so loud, I remember asking her if she was always like that and she didn't answer the question and I have never come across anyone else like that so my judgement is based on that one experience and then a porno which was an experience but definitely not worth looking into because the girl was being paid to get pounded and surely her battered pubic region was numb by that point and she was trying to fill in the blanks. 

So in conclusion, in my opinion screamers are fakes - not to mention super annoying! Can you imagine dealing with that on a daily basis? I just don't believe it's necessary to the outcome to carry on like that! 

So, if your women is screaming in bed thrashing about like a women possessed, banging walls and drawing attention to herself ask yourself why? Do you live with flatmates? Is their an audience ? are you being unwittingly filmed for an amateur porno, is she possessed? 


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lost parts of the story.....

It's brilliant but no one understands it!

Bullshit bullshit bullshit! There's living and then there is living in fantasy land! I live in the latter! Assuming it will all just work out and that eventually I'll get everything I want because why wouldn't I?

Dear Diary

Entry number three will focus on a hypothetical situation surrounding my book Gold Digger and involves a lot of wishful thinking and bad weather outside! 

Firstly Gold Digger is real, it's an actual book that is available to purchase from several different locations on the internet, and hopefully in bookstores really really soon. Her is one such place.... Http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gold-digger-tara-anderton/1120500875?ean=9781618973665 

Anyway now that we have established I do have a book for sale and I'm not nuts, on with the story.

 So we have a book, now about that hypothetical situation.... I just suggested on G+ quiet politely, that if everyone that follows me or likes my posts actually purchased a copy of said book I would be rich, and I could go on to buy as many shoes as I want.... Which is only a small portion of the dream, but one that is significant in that I would havE to look fabulous whilst continuing on my journey to fulfil said dream....

This theory is actually valid and warranted because it's true. Ask and you shall receive is coming to mind.... Imagine if I could actually get people who like me and my posts to buy a copy just because I asked them too, and it was like some sort of miracle - that people just did it because they wanted to see me succeed... I mean stardom and good fortune can come from a lot of hard work (which I would like to add I have done) and probably other factors I'm not considering, because I just woke up and was like maybe I should just ask people to buy my book. But surely with stardom and fame, a lot of it is luck, being in the right place at the right time, fucking the right producer, manager, lighting guy, being exposed to the right people, or somehow just winning people over with charm and charisma, oh and talent.

Then I thought hmmmm maybe I could ask to be everyone's pet project and see if you (they) can make someone famous just because they wanted to - take the power away from all the movers and shakers and put it back in the hands of the people..... And then I was like yeah that's going to happen......

It could happen, it just probably won't, which is okay because I'm just thinking out loud.....

What to do.

I have so many things I could and should be doing but I never know how to prioritise my time and get everything done, instead choosing to see where the wind blows me... Tonight (not tonight - another night, a night when i wrote this) I am faced with a few choice options and I don't know weather to start reading a new book, get on with writing Ally in Disguise have another ciggie and go to bed or watch a movie? I probably should choose Ally in Disguise - hmmm where in the hell did I put my latest draft? But I really feel like curling up in bed.....

A day in the life of a published writer.....

Why haven't they updated your royalties website, it's saying you've only made 11 dollars.... You're never going to make any money are you? 

Face it love, the chances of you making money are looking fairly slim.... Maybe if there was a miracle, maybe if the book was read by all the right people, maybe just maybe you'll make some money.....it's unlikely.......

Orange pants and the new love of my life....

Chi Chi my new Persian Pussy - the best cat ever if you ask me, has made everything as it should be. She is is soft and so cute, it's pretty much unexplainable! I guess it doesn't even matter about the pants......

Ultra Cream Clenser

It scrubs and rubs but there is no happy ending!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Romance novels - finally get some love!

Despite what the link suggests, this article is actual geared more towards this blogs heading. It touches on why romance novels have had no love in the past - referring to the lack of acedemic recognition it as a genre has had, and goes on to say how now romance novels are being recognised and studied as a genre worth looking into and researching and studying. It was very interesting!


What? Is she skint for followers on twitter or something ?

Social media is a fickle world! Getting followers is like a game of cat and mouse.....and that's even if you're on the right social media! How do you know you are reaching your target audience? Are they on here or over on Twitter, Facebook or G+? 

So I joined them all  hoping that my effervescent personality and funny if not sometimes pointless blog posts would reach the world. This in turn has created my somewhat legendary G+ page that was originally a means to upload links to my blog but has turned into a photo montage of my life, showcases my twisted personality and entertains the masses with the weirdest, craziest, funniest pictures that the net has to offer. 
Being popular on one site however does not guarantee success anywhere else. With over 15 million views on G+ and 7000+ followers you would think that would transfer to other places. No, it does not! On Twitter for example, I have around 400 followers and I'm lucky to get a few likes on my most popular posts. 
Is twitter as popular as G+ or is it that G+ allows more of my personality to shine through therefore more people like me? 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Writer 911

Are you having trouble coming up with a brilliant idea for a novel or have you got an idea and dont know what to do next? Want to know the secret to sorting out your ideas so they all make sense and you can turn it into a novel.? Basically I can help you. 

When I come up with an idea or the premise of an idea for a book, it might not make sense right away, and that's okay. My ideas show up at really unexpected times and I grab a note pad and just let it flow. The idea here is to just write down what's in your head. It won't come in order and sometimes it's all a bit mixed up, but write everything down. Names, thoughts, feelings, locations, a sentence that stands out, phrases, smells, items, conversations future characters might have. All these things will evolve over time and turn into a book. Usually the name of the book won't come until way later, and don't freak out if you have no idea where any of it is going...just write. When you don't have anything else in your head, walk away and have a rest. Get a drink, process what has gone down - you have started your book! 

After that I like to creat a mind map. I put the main idea for the book in the middle and then draw lines to sub headings. You can create any subheadings you want - you might want to do a bit or research on mind maps and feel free to change it up to suit your needs.  Protagonist, Characters, sub characters, locations, era, genre,  etc and then expand on those. Filling in the gaps. You haven't named the characters so I would put, mid 20's women, single white female, works in journalism. Male mid 30's - lives in ,California, lives dogs, eats healthy, loves the gym and works as jr exec for movie studio. 

Locations, LA, New York, possibly overseas.

AFter that I take each character and break them down giving them identities. The locations are thoroughly researched and information is used to set out the book..... And then from there you just write and write and write.......

Fan mail!


I got sent this amazing photo of a fan reading my book in the bath with a glass of wine and candles...

 I love it! 

It's so cool when I receive pictures or comments from people who love my book, it makes it all worthwhile :-)

Dear Diary

This is my second diary entry for this blog..... If you read the previous post titled Dear Diary - you would know that I've been a diary writer since I was a child, and I've had some very mixed experiences with them. It might be worth a read if you're interested. 

Anyway onwards with this entry....

I've had a strange day today, a nothing day. It's 3:22pm on Good Friday. I'm on holidays for two weeks starting yesterday afternoon. I should be ecstatic but I'm not.  I haven't really thought about why I'm feeling like this, I will delve into it later! Maybe it's because when I think of a holiday it usually involves a tropical destination and a fruity cocktail with umbrellas and stuff. I'm not going away on an actual holiday to said tropical destination and it sucks the big one! Besides feeling let down that I can't afford a holiday away, I have no real plans that include anything fun.... It's depressing! In my defence I might be in shock because it was an impromptu decision to take a break a "holiday" to clear my head, relax and recharge. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up feeling ready to chill and enjoy.

Today however, I woke up at 9am feeling disorientated and made myself a cup of tea. After flicking through the channels on TV blurry eyed I settled on some animal plant something or other and tuned out. I ate a musli bar for breakfast and half a tub of cold noodle pasta, brushed my teeth and dressed. I read the rest of the book I was reading, and then wandered around for a while. I updated my Goodreads account to say I had finished my book and went to the shelf of my 'too reads' books and picked another. I read the first ten pages, used the bathroom and wandered around. Did two loads of hand washing packed the dishwasher and went outside. It was drizzling and the ground was soaked. I came back inside. Thought about making chocolate brownies but then thought I might not. Laid on my bed and wondered what to do...couldn't think of anything. Decided I might go onto ebay and etsy and look at things I would buy if I had money, but decided I would do that later instead. And then I started writing blog posts..... It's going to be a really long afternoon...... 

Its a fictional series based on the artists imagination.

My imagination is very vivid and has been for as long as I can remember and certainly warrants extra attention from me most days. I have always been a huge reader and I love movies which go hand in hand with writing and having an excellent imagination. The downside to being such an imaginative person is that It's hard to switch off and come back to reality. I'm currently working on my third novel called Ally in Disguise - another contemporary romance that fills my life with joy and hope and romance and life.

I'll admit my view on reality is somewhat skewed because I live in my fantasy writing world a lot of the time but I think that's what makes me so wonderful. 

Creating characters

Writing a book is the best experience...you get to create people, turn them into anything you want them to be.... How old are they? What do they like to eat? Where do they work? It's all up too you. Are they mean or are they nice? You decide - you choose.... 

For more in depth tips on characters, writing a novel, getting published or finding an agent search through my blog archives for all my ideas and thoughts as well as first hand experience.

The four elements of story telling.


I'm too time poor to engage in anything else...

Prioritising my workload isn't something I am good at..... I want to get so much done, I end up doing little bits of everything and therefore take twice as long to complete anything. My problem is that despite good intentions of how my day should go I always end up doing something different. Being good at so many things (tooting my one horn moment) is hard. That and the fact that I have so many hobbies and interests, friends and family, I just don't have time to get everything done and it annoys the hell out of me.....

Reading bubble.....

Chez Paul Bar


I love you Etsy!

Does anyone have a few thousand dollars to spare so I can buy all the shit I want on Etsy? Seriously it's a flipping gold mine of hand made raddness that I need in and around my house! From cool vintage cameras tuned into lamps or luxurious hand knitted rugs that would be perfect on you plush leather lounge Etsy has you covered! 

Ahhh why am I poor?

Please buy my book Gold Digger so I can make my wish list a reality.


Connecting with my audience through film.

So Ive decided to try my hand at making a few clips of me writing, writing outlines, and making mind maps etc. A friend of mine is an artists and she painted a really cool picture and filmed it and the speeded it up and you could see her painting the picture from start to finish. It was really cool and I was hoping to incorporate that type of media into my blog to connect with other writers and interested people. Anyway that's the plan I'll keep you posted


Gold Digger

Check out my book Gold Digger at my author website, Barnes and Noble and Amazon - it's about 3 women whose lives are intertwined through a whirlwind of lies. Cheating and betrayal...


Fleeting feelings of hatred and then joy.

So I was at the shops yesterday, and I've changed purses because the one I was running was this huge oversized Kardashian Collection extravaganza, and it's just not realistic for everyday shopping, so now I just have this tiny little thing that fits coins, my key card and folded notes in it. Anyway so I'm at the shops and I'm walking through the centre on my way to Coles supermarket to purchase a pkt of cigarettes (I know how naughty) and I'm getting my money out ahead of time so I'm prepared and ditsily dropped a fiver on the way to the counter, I realise almost immediately that it has slipped and turn back to retrieve it. Meanwhile old love, who has obviously been stealthing me from the Moment I took the money out of purse and watched it flutter to the floor, has sprinted over from the tobacconist and dived on the money like she owned it. I had turned by this time and saw her picking it up.

'Excuse me' I said as she stood upright. 'Thats mine!'

She stared at me with a 'finders keepers' look on her face, and for all I know readying herself for a scrap if necessary to defend her right to keep the wayward note. Despite her having seen me drop it and realise my error, she didn't look like she was going to hand over the money. I put my hand out to her so she could pass it over staring her straight in the eyes. She stared back. It's weird and very awkward. She finally hands the money over, still having said nothing, but obviously trying to intimidate me.... I grab the cash and turned back to purchase cigarettes. She stood staring at me as the lady rings up my purchase. I hope she leaves. She walks away a bit and turns and stares at me again, I walk away wondering what her fucking deal is..... I make it to the car and lock myself in, somehow fearful that by standing up for what was mine she was now going to do something stupid, because in her sick mind she deserved that money - she found it! 

What a fucking weird experience!!!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A stiff neck, two weeks and a dream!

I've been suffering out loud from a horrific stiff neck that turned up about two weeks ago. It was basically unbearable, and I could think of nothing else but the pain and agony I was enduring as even the smallest tasks became the biggest effort I had ever put into anything. It's funny what you take for granted, until you're writhing around trying to find a comfy spot, the one where your neck lines up with nothing, but the pain is alleviated so you go with it. It is in this spastic position that you try and think about anything but moving and so you sit looking like some creepy weirdo wonder why it has come to this! 

 Anyway, thankfully it (the crippling neck pian) went away, and I was grateful for about 25 minutes until I moved on with the rest of my life. Unfortunately that was short lived, and I woke about 3 days later in an even worse situation than I could have imagined. There was a lot of moaning and swearing a few ' fuck my life's ' thrown around, a lot of laying on flat surfaces, embarrassing mounouvers to turn and answer people who insisted on sitting and or talking in my blind spot, and a few massages that sort of helped. I have no idea what's going on, but it's not good! 

It might be stress, it might be the fact that on the two nights I got the 'stiff necks' I had a fan blowing air on me at pretty much full force all night. I remember it being very hot. My mum told me I had a chill in my neck when she noticed my handicap,  which I have always assumed was an old wives tale, but I'm beginning to think she is right..... 

Anyway despite this obvious revelation,  I've decided to take a two week holiday, because I'm probably stressed and need some down time.... I'm not saying it isn't just a chill in my neck, but I'm not saying it is either. Who knows really, and I'm not prepared to risk any stress related issuers raring their ugly heads down the track because I didn't look after myself.... so I plan on hanging around the house in my pyjamas, staying up late watching silly movies, sleeping in, lots of cooking, reading, more sleeping, maybe a bit of lite gardening because that's zen isn't it, a few trips to the beach before it gets too cold, and lots of bubble baths and nail polish and face masks and coffees with friends..... I've also got a new idea for a book so i might jot down a few ideas and see where the wind takes me.....

Happy Easter and I'll see you all soon :-) 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dear Diary

(A diary entry from sometime last week)

It's been a long day.....I overslept, got into an argument that escalated beyond where it should have gone, and felt down most of the morning despite having made up with said arguer! Ate a brunch of potato chips and Greek salad combined (one chip in combined with mouthful of salad ) Then I did some work. Packed the dishwasher, patted a puppy and then went to the beach for some fish and chips and a walk. Just had a bath whilst reading a book and simultaneously topping up the water with my left foot to keep it at the right temperature. I love writing about my day however mundane or boring it may seem, it reminds me of when I was a girl and used to write in my diary every day without fail.

I've had many diaries over the tears but somehow they have all been destroyed... It's probably wouldn't surprise you to know that those diaries have gotten me into a lot of trouble. Several people who will be shamed at some point in this post think it's their right to read other peoples diaries, my most personal thoughts and feelings, and in turn I have had to defend those thoughts and feeling because they stuck their noses where it wasn't wanted. I have had my dad, my best friend, a friends mum, and my sisters friend all open the sacred pages of my diary and read things that no one should ever read. I was very hurt and upset that they would invade my privacy like that. If I'm honest, I have never gotten over it - ive since tried to write another diary but its never going to be the same. I can't really open up for fear of getting caught out again, and have whatever is written misconstrued and used against me.... 

People in hell want iced water! Doesn't mean they're getting it!

"I want this and I want that..... " is all I seem to be hearing lately off everyone! Cars, trips, houses, stuff. Things that I can't afford but totally want too. I want a lot of things but it doesn't mean I'm getting it! I want my own tropical island - it sure as shit doesn't mean I'll ever own one. It sux but it's reality...well mine anyway.....


I watched the whole series of Lost - the TV show last year, and couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before then. I loved every moment of it - seriously one of the best shows I've ever watched...which has made me want to watch it again - I know I've seen it  - but I need too - it's just the way it is!!!

Selling books and living the dream.....

If you follow my blog or me on Google plus you would know I've recently published my first novel Gold Digger. It's a chic lit / contemporary romance book about three women who's lives intertwine through a series of lies, cheating and betrayal. It's been a really great experience for me and one I hope to visit again in the near future. 

Because my book has been published internationally, it can take up to three months for sales to be posted to my royalty page on a website set up specifically for me and other lucky published authors to view book sales, and money made from said book. 

So far I haven't had much joy, but I'm trying to stay positive because I know I've sold at least 50 books. The reason I know this is because people have contacted me and told me they have, and I've also had people send me pictures of them reading my book. So there is that, But they haven't showed up on the royalty website yet, which is a good sign, so who knows I may have sold hundreds or even thousands! I don't however want to count my chickens before they have hatched.... My fingers are still crossed and I'm excited about the future... Maybe, all my hard work will start paying off and I can go on a holiday and buy some new shoes and who knows treat myself for a while - god knows I deserve it!!!!