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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It's giving me a headache...

Too much noise. Too many distractions.... I'm over it....shuuuuuut uppppppppp!

I think it would be in your best interest too......

Buy my book....

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How much is too much?

I try to get online at least once a day to upload a few pics and check into all my social medias....sometimes I'm there all day, other times I just can't be assed to do anything. 

I was told, too create an online presence for my book and book promotion, I should put in 36 hours a week. I'm not sure that 36 hours a week is necessary and I can tell you right now, I'm def not promoting my book for that amount of time a week, seriously that's a lot! I am probably online 36 hours all together but it's definitely not all geared towards book promo. I do hAve other stuff I want to do and achieve like research, and learning and reading, and just fluffing around looking up random things I want to know the answers too as well as reading lots and lots of articles on many different subjects, I also subscribe to many online magazines and journals as well as newspapers -  plus ebay is my weakness and so is etsy which I absolutely adore. All those hand made masterpieces how could I not! 

Promoting my book is definitely a priority but getting the balance right can be a little tricky!

Dinner, no money and a book that I'm trying to write....

There isn't enough hours in the day, cash in my wallet and food in my tummy to sustain what I want to achieve out of this portion of my life.... I want to travel and experience things whilst eating delicious food and writing my next novel....... Pitty I'm trapped in a tiny house with no view and no money and a packet of suspect chicken sausages that no one wants to eat! 

Lessons in love

So I'm reading a book at the moment called Lessons in Love. I have to say there isn't many lessons and not a lot of love..... Possible title change should have been on the cards.... The book is about two women with the same name 30 years apart in age that swap lives. Well not swap exactly, the older one lets the younger one take over her life as she departs on hiatus to the Mediterranean island of Kos. Hopefully the lessons and the love rear their heads before then end of the book......

Thursday, 26 March 2015

What the fucking fuck!

I'm feeling jaded today - by life, love everything! I've been working really hard lately and I feel like I'm treading water waiting for some payoff that's never coming!  It's not a great head space to be it but what can I do? Yeah, try and snap out of it - it's easier said than done, especially when you watch people not even try and they have everything they want! It's a fucked up world we live in.... Making stupid people famous and then being all jealous of them because they have everything they want.... What the fuck are we all doing? 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Wait a minute....

I found this post I wrote last Friday night and it was too funny not to share....

It's friday night and I'm so fucking bored! Earlier, I had the bright idea that it would be quiet nice to have a night in pampering myself. I must have been living in some sort of fantasy world because the reality isn't as I had imagined. Usually I'm always up for a bit of pampering, but I've come to realise it's only fun when someone else is pampering me or I have a friend over and we are having a girls night. 

Buy naively I assumed that I would be all cuddled up with a face mask on sipping champagne, candles strategically placed emitting a smell that could be likened to some far off tropical island,  feet in home spa (which I conveniently  forgot that I don't own) Bubbling away,  reading a book. Followed by a pedicure and mini mani topped off with a deliscious icre cream Sunday in front of a cool rom com where in, I fall asleep and live happily ever after...

What really happened...... I wandered the house bored out of my brain tossing up weather I could be bothered doing anything, finally agreed to slathering my face with a cooling peel off cucumber mask I picked up at the shops during the week, while I was waiting for it to set I brushed my hair and refastened it into a ponytail, I considered the mani/pedi combo and decided it was too much work... Stared into the fridge incase something exciting might actually jump out at me, nothing happened. Wandered around aimlessly. Peel facemask off, it was a freaky experience akin to a snake shedding it's skin. Spent 10 minutes extracting it from my hair. Washed my face. Read the rest of the book I was reading, tidied the lounge room and it's now 6:42pm. Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk! 

What kind of shit is this?

I've been battling with myself about the extensive typing that lies ahead of me.... I have an appointment tomorrow to submit the first final draft of a book I have been writing for someone else and I have probably 4 hours of typing to do. I know once I get I to it I will be fine...it's starting it that's the problem.......

Please dont make me beg, the floors disgusting and my skirts too short!

I should just walk away with my head held high, (well as high as I can hold it after all the previous attempts of winning you over have worked but ultimately failed) but instead I'm on my knees in the dirt, skirt riding up around my ass with Next Dimensions beat pulsing through my body as I slowly lick the tip and take you into my mouth, your hands balled into fists around my tangled hair. I'm ready!!!!

(Possible expert for Ally in Disguise)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Who's that girl.....

Tara Anderton (me) was born in the small coastal town of Port Macquarie on the mid north coast of NSW where she grew up, and is perfectly placed to write about far off distant lands like America, Britian and Europe because she has a pretty great imagination and does lots and lots of research. In between reading endless books, studying English Lit, collecting High Heels, cooking up gormet meals, dreaming up crazy ideas for businesses she will never open, knitting scarves that no one will wear, gardening, planning holidays, taking photos and delving into topics that never go anywhere but are interesting all the same, Tara is also an author. Havinh written a recently published chic lit novel Gold Digger, she hopes to have another novel out by the end of the year. She also pens a blog Writing in Heels.

For more information on Tara go to her author website, visit her on Goodreads or check out her extensive photo montage on Google +

Thursday, 19 March 2015

It's all in your head!

She glared at him, feeling the old frustration. Sometimes in his presence she felt the deepest connection to him, and other times she felt completely alone - as though any bond to him was her own bitter imagination....


He loved how she put shiny stuff on her lips for him....

He loved her for being so beautiful, and he hated her for it. He loved how she put shiny stuff on her lips for him, and he also reviled her for it. He wanted her to walk home alone, and he wanted to run after her and grab her up before she could take another step.
Let me love you, but don't love me back. Do love me and let me hate you for a while. Let me feel like I have some control, because I know I never do. 

Ann Brashares

Drinking Fanta in the dark and thinking about writing......

I'm feeling restless like I need to write, like I need it to consume me again.... It's nearly time, it's nearly here!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Nefertiti Street

If you haven't read this book you are totally missing out! I wouldn't usually pick up a book like this as I tend to stick to chick lit and contemporary romance but I found it in an old secondhand bookstore I frequent to find out if print books and other little gems and something made me buy it. 
The story basically plays out over a number of years both here in Australia and in Egypt which I've always had a fascination with. It's about the authors life and her feelings and how she awakens something inside herself and acts on if instead of withering away in a mundane life she wasn't suppose to lead. 

Smoother skin - it's a thing!

It's with castor oil forming a sheath over my retina and creating a somewhat blurry and irritating outlook on life that I write this blog post about the lengths I am willing to go to, too look good.

 Over the last six months I have been following a lady online who basically transformed her skin from a terrible mess, to a silky smooth surface (as well as going on a vegan diet for three weeks,) which in turn prompted me to give it a go. Well the oil application, not the diet so far because I have done some research and it looks fairly full on and fucking expensive. 

But first -  Let's get it's straight, my skin in no way resembles the lady I am talking about's skin, and I'm not really one for diets especially not vegan ones, but I was amazed at the results she got and thought I should give it a go. Why not apply castor oil to my face instead of $100 creams that proport to do all these amazing things - and they may very well do all those things, but for $3.99 from the chemist I thought the oil option was worth a shot. 
So basically I'm about two months in (diet so far not started) and I have definitely noticed a big change in the texture of my skin and how smooth it is, and my best friend has also comments on how good my skin looks which is great, but I will say this - the oil (which I apply liberally just before I go to bed around my eyes, which subsequently slides down my face coating everything and somehow even manages to get on my forehead) can be super annoying with bits of hair getting stuck in the slick that my face has become, and my pillow basically needs to be thrown away....but my skin has never looked better so I'm willing to deal with looking like I've just dipped my head into and vat of grease... 

And that's my story xx

100 ways to say bad...

I love using new words........

Sunday, 15 March 2015

It didn't go to plan....

All the things she planned to feel. The way she planned to look and seem, the appropriate things she planned to say. None of them came to pass. 

The Last Summer (of you and me)
Ann Brashares 

The last summer

How often she did attempt to process his thoughts in her mind. She took his opinions too seriously, remembering them long after she suspected he'd forgotten them. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

That's ridiculous! That's not reality!

But it's my life and I love it!

Check out my latest novel Gold Digger and delve into my reality.... You won't be disappointed!

It's available at Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gold-digger-tara-anderton/1120500875?ean=9781618973665 

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Gold-Digger-Tara-Anderton/dp/1618973665/ref=la_B00QOS1DKI_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1424320415&sr=1-1 

And my author website - http://www.sbpra.com/taraanderton

Sunday, 8 March 2015

You know who has penis envy? Men do!

I don't envy it myself -  I crave it, need it and want it...but I do not envy it!

I think the only people that envy penis's are other men. The I wish It was bigger scenario, the it's too big and I can't get it in scenario, and the it looks weird and I want it to look like that guys scenario. 

Hmmm now that I think about it maybe some women do have penis envy but not in the way that they wished they had a penis but in the way that they wished the guy they were fucking looked like the guy in the magazine they saw (although those magazines aren't great but you could get penis ratio and crave it.)

Loosely based on someone's life.

You probably wouldn't be surprised to hear that as a writer I get a lot of people saying 'oh I have the best idea for a book' or 'you should write about me.' I've even read blog posts about it. Yes it's that serious, people are blogging about it, and now it seems that I'm doing the same. But if you know me you know it will be some twisted take on annoying people who think that whilst I'm out having a good time with my friends I'd like to take a 55 minute time out to hear their thought ideas and philosophies on writing, how to write a book and why I should use their terrific idea in my next novel. And I start to think, they think my ideas can't be as good as their own ideas, and or life. Or maybe it's that they think that their lives are so interesting and fantastic and that they are super knowledgable when it comes to writing a book despite never having been a big reader or have researched anything to do with writing a book and that they would definitely make a great protagonist in my next story. Either way, its kind of annoying. I don't begrudge anyone the chance to think up and or write their own novel, I just don't need to hear every idea everyone in a 300k radius has about what would make a good book. 

If your ideas are so great write your own book, or hire a ghost writer to write it - which I happen to be. I have actually started adding that in at the end of their long winded operation 'get my idea for a book across (weather it's in the actual genre I currently write in or not) across in the most pompous and off putting way to the only writer they know' and hope by some miracle I'm all like 'that's the best thing I have every herd of, and I will totally let you dictate what my next novel will be - you can be the creative genius behind the whole project and I will merely relay your words of wisdom and it will be a best seller and you will get all the acclaimed because you sir are a fucking genius!' 

If you want me to write about you or write a story you have put together in your head late at night or have been thinking about for a while,  I would be happy to look over your ideas or listen to what you have to say for a fee and with an appointment. I do not appreciate being accosted at a party or dinner with friends and told surely the best idea I have ever herd. The last straw came and went a long time ago and I'm finding it hard to be pleasant when someone I don't even know try's to give me their ideas. It's not like I walk into a room and say hey everyone I'm a writer, but somehow some random always sidles up to me when I'm at my most vulnerable (having a good time) and says 'So.....you're the writer I've been hearing about. 'Yeah that's me!' After a bit of small talk it's all like oh I've got the best idea for a book about.....I've actually had one guy yelling in my ear in a really annoying and equally creepy way at a bar one night trying to tell me about his awesome idea for a book about this guy who sounds a lot like himself who goes around getting  all these chicks to be under his power and do whatever he tells them to do, and I was like fuck this guy.... I actually excused myself and went to the bar - he followed me around for the next hour trying to piece the story together and get his overall vision into my head. Needless to say I got I a taxi and went home.

When people ask me what I do and I say I'm a writer I can get a mixed reaction. Most people are all like cool, that's amazing, wow, I love you because your not only cute but smart and funny and I'm all like awww thanks that's really sweet. And it is and I'm happy and having fun. But then....da dum. Not only do I get the people mentioned in the rant above I also get some really pretentious bastards saying ' I'm thinking about writing a book, it can't be that hard can it?' 

No it's nothing mate - it's not my entire soul poured into creating this masterpiece, I haven't spent the better part of eight months living three other main characters fantasy lives in my head that I created from scratch and stayed up till 4am at least 5 nights out of 7 and lived breathed and ate dictionaries, google research and endless typing and writing and thinking and then doing it all over again.  

All as I can say to these people is fuck off!

Don't get it twisted - in the right situation or environment I love talking about writing with people, and I don't even have to know them, they could be a complete stranger and I would love to hear about their projects and ideas -  I love talking about books and genres and everything to do with what I love but you have to go about it the right way. I don't even mind hearing your idea if it's In The right context...but please do not force your shit into my personal space when I haven't invited you in and expect me to give you praise. It's just going to piss me off. 

They don't think that way....

People who don't read with a passion and excitement. - a thirst for the words and the stories that unfold then they will not understand what I feel about books..........

High Heels

I love a bag, I love a car, I love a shoe. But damn it, I'm not going to put miles on my vagina to get it!

Being a Bang Bang Betty to get the things I want just isn't my style. I love shoes and superficial items just like any other women but I'm not going to compromise myself to get what I want. 

Bridgette on the other hand has no such qualms...


Will you come with me somewhere?

On a Journey into a fantasy land full of made up characters in real places doing things and living their lives, making you like them and care about them....

Gold Digger http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gold-digger-tara-anderton/1120500875?ean=9781618973665 

Finding something interesting to talk about....

I've really missed my writing for the last few months - choosing instead to focus on other projects and things that require my attention and it's starting to affect me. When I write the creative part of me is unleashed and I have so much to say my hand can't keep up with my brain....I miss that....

Super Grande Projects

You know I love a good list, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I am providing you with another one about proposed projects for the coming year - some short term, others long. Writing lists helps me bring my goals and dreams to life plus it also fulfils some sort of void inside me - maybe it's also partly so I don't forget stuff because I think a lot of things and who in the hell is going to remember every thought in their heads - not me, and I'm not saying that everything I think is profound but I like to keep track of it all via lists and maps and such.... Don't judge me.....

Project 1 - I've been working on some ideas for upcoming novels and am planning to use those ideas in the next few weeks to make a series of mind maps and charts to help me turn these ideas into characters and story lines. I'm also going to be making some really cool inspiration boards to further bring those ideas to life, plus I love making lists and charts and boards.

Project 2 - I've decided to step out of my comfort zone with reading this year and delve into the unknown. I plan on reading at least 10 books that have nothing to do with the usual genres I frequent when selecting a book to read. Follow my progress on Goodreads by adding me - Tara Anderton

Project 3 - I will commit to a plan about my writing schedule and get more work done!

Project 4 - to be advised.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Living off bread and sex and cheap drugs

He glanced down at his wrist, expensively cuffed.... Of course his life had changed. No one could expect him to remain a bloody hippy all his life; to live off bread and sex and cheap drugs. 

The Tennis Party

Friday, 6 March 2015

It's kind of like breathing.....

I finally got to read some of the book I started reading last week, today. 

It was kind of a relief - which may sound weird because it wasn't for an assignment or anything, it was just for pleasure. Well more than pleasure, it's like breathing to me. So basically what I mean is for the last week I haven't been breathing properly.... I have been busy with other stuff and the only time I have to read is when I'm so tired I have double vision and that's not the best thing to read.....

Barnes and Noble - book buying heaven!

Looking for a great chick lit book to read? Check out Gold Digger.....


Ally in Disguise

I'm almost done with my first final draft for my newest chick lit extravaganza Ally in Disguise. It's been an amazing ride, one that has helped me grow as a writer, which is a great thing. I've learnt so much along the way and I'm excited to see what the final result is. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tara Anderton - creative genius and faux holiday planner extraordinaire!

Sitting on my lounge in a top that is far too hot for comfort, puffing on a cigarette, I'm battling between using my time to think up witty and equally funny blog posts to entertain the masses at the same time fulfilling something deep inside me, and planning holidays that may never be taken. I'm also halfway though watching a movie I've seen numerous times 'what women want' which has been paused midway so I can explore these random thoughts in my head. If I'm honest what I've also been doing is ogling spa packages to a place that only someone like jLo could afford, and logging in to my royalties website every 2 days to see if by some miracle my book has sold a shitload of copies and yes, I can afford to be wrapped in seaweed and mud whilst being administered the most heavily head massage topped off by a shower in the rainforest waterfall spa..... 

Monday, 2 March 2015

I'm going to need your dedication and your time.......

I've always been the type of reader that starts a book and has to finish it all the way - sometimes to the bitter end. Usually I can pick if I'm going to like a book from reading the back and looking at the cover, but sometimes I get stuck with a real stinker. I don't know if it's my loyalty to the author - or to reading, or being a writer and hoping that a reader would give my book a chance, even if they didn't like my writing style or the way the story is going. Or, maybe it's knowing that they deserve at least the opportunity to redeem themselves if it's been crap most of the time, and sometimes, I am proven wrong and I actually enjoy the end, usually I get the vibe quiet early on but for some reason continue reading it (under duress) until it ends. Sometimes I hate it that much I keep putting off reading it and drag it out when really I should have just said fuck it, this isn't worth my time and sent it to the 'attempted to read but couldn't manage it because I value my time pile'. 

The worst part about having a dodgy book in my reading repotoir is the fact that I only read one book at a time. Meaning I don't ever start another book until the proceeding one is complete..... Anyway that moment (the one when I drop kicked the book into the wall) came tonight - the first time ever I think I really just couldn't face it. I won't go into a slanderous discourse on the author or book because I'm not that way inclined but I will say I will not attempt to read the remaining 300 pages of bullshit and the most boring characters I think I have ever come across.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I vow that from now on I will not be reading anymore  mediocre books by authors who should have been rejected and sent back to the drawing board.... 


The Tennis Party

It's exactly the sort of bright, hilarious novel you want to read while flopped on a sun-lounger with a chilled spritzer to hand.

The Daily Mail

That's all I need to pour myself a glass of this spritzer they talked about and start reading.... I'll let you know how I go, or you can follow my progress on Goodreads by following me.


Book dedications....

Dedicating a book to someone is a huge thing. When I open a book it's the first thing I read after the cover and back blurb. I often wonder who the people are and what they mean to the author. They are like the unknown heros in the authors life and that's something special.

Here are a few random dedications for you to read and ponder on.....

For my parents, David and Patricia Townley

For everyone who grew up in the Eighties and can still sing along

For Benjamin

For Heather Schroder

For Georgina, who believes....

To Peter with all my love

For Sam, Dex and Erin, my gang

For Marce