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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Pressure at 11:15pm

I have at least a few hours of work ahead of me responding to emails  for Gold Digger related questions, approvals and the like! I'm feeling a bit of pressure at 11:15pm about not having it all sorted,  but that's probably because I could have gotten it all done and out of the way today but ended up looking after 4 children of various ages, and nearly tore my hair out chasing a baby around that wouldn't go down for its nap! 
The Gold Digger stuff isn't hard, I just need to do it! I am still procrastinating on a few words that just don't seem right in the press release package which needs some extra attention.... I could probably do it now but being tired and typing this in a lay down position probably isn't the best place to be responding to emails that basically requires at least an upright position and a bit more brain power than I have available at this current time!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ramblings of a slightly obsessed EBay binger!

About a week ago I was on eBay looking through the candles section for something pretty and exotic to put on my coffee table and I happened to come across a candle holder that is frekin awesome! I basically ummmed and ahhhed over spending $60 on an antique dog candle holder - seriously there was way too much time and energy that went into this thing, but lets just say it was a "must have" moment and making a definate decision to buy it was something that crossed my mind on and off for the next week. 

I actually wrote a full blog post about it, going into specific detail about my newfound obsession for a candle holder, and why despite it being $60 I couldn't make my mind up due to other commitments that require a decent amount of money, but somehow I just stupidly deleted it before I posted it and its gone forever.

 In its place you have this. Im not sure I believe in its ability to live up to that post but ill give it a go....this was the follow on blog post to the never to be viewed 1st eBay post......

I would just like to say, well gloat about not having yet purchased the dog candle holder that I discussed and obsessed over in a previous blog post.

I showed exceptional restraint as the last hours, minutes and seconds ticked by on the auction and then while it was relisted at the same price. However, after being so adament about not buying the candle holder I did purchase 3 small pendant lights for my lounge room, which as it turns out were only the globes, so I've had to go back and match up globe number with corresponding light fixtures and purchase these as well, they are totally amaze and well worth the extra effort i had to go to to get it right - silly me for assuming i would just get it all in one transaction. I also secured a retro pod green picnic set and currently am highest bidder on a moose head decorative pillow for my lounge, all of which exceed the cost of candle holder that i am still considering. I know - this stuff happens! I also managed to add 100+ things to my watch list, due to a sudden but justified obsession with bento box's of every size and shape and then obviously various bento cookbooks - because i have never eaten it or them or whatever it actually is. The pictures of the bento box's  full of exotic ingredients looked pretty convincing at 2am last night when i became instantly obsessed with watch listing everything that encapsulated bento box's and related products. In the height of my frenzy I was actually picturing all of them sitting on shelves in my walk in pantry waiting for me to use them and it made me feel good!

As my bento box obsession started to wain, or maybe it was that i had viewed almost every possible page pertaining to bento box's, i decided that i would see what was happening in the picnic basket category because i suddenly realised that the one i already own isn't enough. By itself it is not nearly big enough to transport all the food i would need on this phantom future picnic. So i sent time choosing my favourites and added them to my watchlist. Then I only naturally moved onto picnic blankets , because where the hell would i sit? 

As well as books, candles and a $200 Bento Box Jewellery stand that wont go with anything in my house or bedroom but I just needed to watch -you could say I might have had a bit of a moment of insanity - I'm just glad i didn't get paid until the following day or it could have been ugly!


So I've finally started Yoga! Well, not officially, my first class was supposed to be last week, but it got cancelled because the hall was being used for something else apparently more important than me starting my fist yoga session!

Anyway, I realised I'm like probably 15 years behind the times, but i have never been one to go with fads... better late that never I suppose.....


Oh Deer!!!

The anticipation of the official release of Gold Digger is looming and I cant help but wish I had a little bit of patience! It feels like I am in limbo - its been a journey thats for sure!

Jamming in the car.....

I had a moment in the car when Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody came on... it was fairly epic!


Patriotic and somewhat stupid Australian.....

Sitting here wondering why accommodation to stay on snow in Australia is so fucking expensive!!  (There obviously isn't many places where snow falls in Oz, so they charge through the nose for cabins and chalets because they know people will just pay it for the experience)

It actually costs less to leave the country and go to the South Island of New Zealand than it does to travel too the Koziosco  Mountains in Victoria. It's a 16 hours drive from my house or a two hour plane flight and a two hour drive.

But, as a patriotic and possibly somewhat stupid Australian I have decided to pay the price too get the experience.

Other than coming to terms with being fucked out of my moulah - I have to decide if I want to join the masses at a hotel, brave a B and B that could very well see me being stuck with a small group of strangers who hang around in communal areas hoping to chat about the amount of snow that fell overnight or god forbid what I'm doing for dinner, and could they join me because they are at a loose end.  

Then there's the cabins or chalets that cost you the big bucks and I'm guessing for privacy. And if I choose a house - am I sharing it with all my friends which isn't exactly private is it? 


Haha I know plenty of people like this.....

There is never enough time for all the reading I want to do!

Im halfway through a book that is fairly mediocre, but I have a thing about giving a book a more than decent chance of convincing me its worth my time! Mostly out of loyalty  to the author, I end up reluctantly finishing it and wondering, not for the first time why the 400 page, over descriptive story wasnt condensed into a much more reader friendly 200 or so pages. There are definately moments in every book that are worth reading, but i found the tedious job of waiding through the bullshit not great. Instead of not being able to just walk away, I plod along wondering if I will ever get there, and thats no fun when I have a bookcase full of "too reads" waiting for me, that could very well hold one of those "this is the best book" moments. It can be a bit frustrating, plus there is so much life to live, work to do, sex to have, finding the time I need to dedicate to it is hard!


People always say they love men's accent from foreign lands like France and Italy. I can agree to a certain degree, but for me, it's an Irish accent. There's just something about it that makes me swoon.......

Justin Timberlake VIP ticket

So excited - I've just found out I'm going to see Justin Timberlake in Concert in Brisbane on Friday night!!!!

Now what shoes will I wear.......

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

You can't ever be prepared for that!

So Gold Digger is almost ready to be released - just waiting on the printers and the press release, and despite this being such a fabulous time, there are so many things I need to prepare myself for. 

Firstly I will say - this is an amazing, exciting, fantastic experience...it is everything! 

Now bout the preparation thing.... I know Gold Digger is going to get some great publicity from the press release and the interviews and the websites and the publisher marketing, as well as my blog and on all my social medias and hopefully I can sell heaps of copies and make lots of money and buy a new bed, but the thing is I have to also try and prepare myself for the shit part too, the fall out! 

Today - publishing a book is different to the old school pre internet era - you released a book, you got reviews in the paper and people bought your book if they liked the sound of it. Now a writer is faced with everything! I mean there is so many avenues to get your book put out there, which is great to attract readers and sell books, but in return you have to face the wrath of a truckload of haters! The people who will actually turn on my book, and me, the ones that write bad reviews on purpose like its their life's dream to go around crushing new author spirits. The people who will just hate me for no reason.

You might ask yourself why would i even be thinking like that and i know i shouldn't be, I am proud of my book and myself and i guess I m feeling vulnerable - i know its not going to be everyones cup of tea and some people will hate it and thats okay but i still want to prepare myself or actually harden myself to what could very well be a big fat emotional orgy of hurt feelings and head burred under the pillow moments amongst the triumph and victory. I have a lot of support and its my defining moment in my career, but I don't know if that actually prepares someone for being bombarded by a group of bloggers, other writers and the general public judging you!

I don’t just have one book in me. I have hundreds. I have thousands. I am large, I contain multitudes. Whole libraries where every book has my name on its spine, motherfucker.


So I found this funny blog post by Chuck Wendig and thought I would share! Most of the questions and statements have happened to me before - it's actually like Chuck has teleported the same thoughts and feelings I have into his blog.... It's pretty spot on!!



They say this to you with this wistful gleam in their eye, as if writing is just a hobby, like it’s just some distant silliness that they’ll get to when they manage to win the lottery. A worse (the worst, even) version of this is: I have a book in me.

Your response: “I don’t come down to your job and tell you, ‘I wanna be a janitor someday.’ You have a book in you? Well, you better do what I did, which is take a long hard squat in front of a computer or a notebook and force that story out, because that’s the only way this thing gets written. I don’t just have one book in me. I have hundreds. I have thousands. I am large, I contain multitudes. Whole libraries where every book has my name on its spine, motherfucker. Don’t write a book someday, write a book today. That’s what I did.”

Then, drop the mic. Right on their foot.


Here, the person offers a little elbow-elbow poke-poke-poke suggestion that writing is this little side table, this luxury of the wealthy or perennially lazy. The translation is: “Oh, sorry, I have a lot more important things to do, but when I get some free time, I’m sure I’ll write a book or maybe take up decoupage. Could be I can catch up on some of my favorite shows, too, while I’m doing nothing else at all in any way important.”

Your response: “You do have the time to write. You have 24 hours in your day and I have 24 hours in my day. Oh, what’s that? You have a job and kids and important things to do? Yeah, because nobody else has those — that’s just you, holding up the American economy and the nuclear family single-handedly. Hey! Guess what? Everybody has shit to do. Kids, dogs, jobs, second jobs, flower beds to weed, checks to write, groceries, Facebook, porn, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, fucking. We’re all living life one minute at a time. It’s not that you don’t have time to write. It’s that you do not consider it important enough to give it time. But I do. I carve little bits of meat and skin off the day’s flesh and I use every part of the animal. I use the time I take to write. Fifteen minutes here. A half-hour there. A lunch break. That’s how shit gets written.”

Then, whack ‘em in the forehead with a calculator watch. Bop.


Because your ideas are dumb and this person’s ideas are great! They’re the architect. You’re the builder. You can be the diligent wordmonkey, and they can be the idea factory — and together, you can form a New York Times bestselling super-team!

Your response: “Hey, can I also chew your food for you? Maybe you’ll let me defecate your poop, too. I love to work other people’s jobs. You’re the boss. I’m basically just a transcriptionist — a stenographer for your brilliance. Or, or, maybe I have a whole head full of my own ideas, and if you want someone to write yours, then here’s a weird fucker of an idea: move those wriggling little sausage links you call ‘fingers’ and put your unmitigated genius on paper your-own-damn-self.”

Then, press a pen into their hand and trap said pen into said hand with an entire roll of duct tape.


Sometimes this comes from a noble place, sometimes it comes from a gravely Narcissistic one. But the point is, these people feel they have lived a life not just worth living, but worth everybody else reading about. Of course, it’s almost never true. It’s never, “I shot Hitler on the deck of the sinking Titanic.” It’s not, “Here’s how I saved an orphanage from a pack of sentient cyborg dingos during a four-week trip across the Australian Outback.” Sometimes it’s “I worked hard and accomplished things and raised a family on minimum wage.” And trust me — that’s great. Amazing, and you should be proud and everyone should be proud of you. But unless you also saved your family from a Terminator, it’s probably not the stuff of a stellar biography. Worse is when it’s just some upper-middle-class shit who thinks they have something vital to share regarding shopping habits or diversified investments or Beverly Hills real estate.

Your response: “Oooh, bad news. I would. I would! But the Authorial Council won’t let me write your life story until your life has effectively ended. For your story to live, you must die.”

Then, kill them. As they gurgle their last breath, whisper at them, “I don’t make the rules.”


Never, ever, ever tell a writer this. Just don’t do it. Don’t tell an architect you don’t enter buildings. Don’t tell an arborist, “I totally hate trees. And nature in general. When I see trees, I cut them down just so I don’t have to look at their dumb tree faces and their stupid asshole branches anymore.” I mean, really, you don’t read? It’s just — whhh — what is wrong with you?

Your response: “You should start, because reading is fucking fundamental.”

Then, hand them your favorite book. Taser them until they read it all the way through.


Ha ha ha ha. Ha. Hahaha. … aaaahh hahaha.

Your response: *laugh so hard you barf*

Alternate response: “Yes, I am wealthy as fuck. Which is why I look like a feral hobo that just wandered in from the woods. It takes a lot of money to look this bewildered and disheveled. I don’t wear pants because pants cost too little. No pants are worthy enough when it comes to containing the valuable gemstones that I have pube-dazzled into and onto my genital region. Seriously, do you want to see my crotch emeralds? You heard me. Author money is awesome.”

Then, steal their wallet.


For some reason, some portion of the population will always associate creative legitimacy with CAN I WATCH THIS ON MY TELEVISION AT SOME POINT? If it’s not on a screen with Tom Cruise acting in it, it basically doesn’t ping their radar. The suggestion here being that books are basically just food pellets that go into the giant trundling hamster that controls all of Hollywood. “FEED TEDDY HOLLYWOOD MORE BOOKS. THE BEAST HAS REJECTED THIS TOME AND THUS IT IS NOT WORTHY. THRUST IT INTO THE SEPTIC TANK WHERE IT BELONGS FOR IT CONTAINS NO ENTERTAINMENT TO NOURISH AMERICAN MINDS.”

Your response: “Yes, it has. Have you heard of a little movie called: The Avengers?”

Then, hit them in the crotchbasket with Thor’s Mjolnir. Film it on your iPhone.


This is an honest outreach by an author who desperately needs someone to read his novel. It’s not meant to be malicious. Writers are addle-headed, desperate creatures and we want to find community and understanding and acceptance and some sense of if this thing we spent a lot of time writing is worth the ink cartridge we used to print it. (Hint: probably not. Ink cartridges cost more than most novel advances, I think.) Just the same: yeah, no, sorry, not today.

Your response: “I apologize, I do, but no, I will not read your fucking novel. I understand why you want me to, and I appreciate you coming to me with it. But reading your novel also means critiquing your novel and that would take time away from my own work. I’m a writer, not an editor, and specifically not your editor and frankly, who’s to say that anything I’d offer you would be worth a good goddamn anyway? Plus there are legal issues if I read your novel and it ends up being somehow close to something I wrote or want to write in the future and — it’s just a Bitey Ewok of a situation. But you should be really proud of yourself for writing a novel, and you should definitely go hire an editor or join a smart and compassionate critique group or find an online beta reader. I, sadly, am not your huckleberry.”

Then, shake their hand. Give ‘em a hug if they’re willing. Because writing a novel — more to the point, finishing a novel — is hard business and they fought the Word War and deserve big-ups.



Your response: “Yep! We’re in a couple cooking classes together. Man, that guy makes one helluva goulash. Or should I say, ghoulash, ha ha ha, like, ghoul? G-H-O-U-L? Because he’s a horror writer, get it? Aaaaaanyway. Actually, we do this thing monthly called Orgy Thursdays, where every third Thursday it’s me, Kingy, Gaiman, Danielle Steele, the ghosts of Virginia Woolf and Harold Pinter, and we get together and — you know, it’s not always like, an actual orgy or whatever, sometimes we just go out and hunt humans for sport? But sometimes it’s an orgy. It’s cool. We all know each other. And we can communicate telepathically because we’ve all consumed one another’s blood. Chancellor Atwood of the Authorial Council decrees it must be so.”

Then, bludgeon them with a copy of King’s Insomnia.


Coffee. Or booze. Or tea. Or whatever your writerly drink of choice is. 

Your response: *gnash teeth, wail, begin setting small fires, birth a clot of live screaming squirrels, fire lasers from eyes, hover above the city until you release a telekinetic wave of destruction the likes of which no one has never ever seen before*

Then, kneel down in the wreckage and open your mouth until someone pours coffee into it.


That tired old question. I get it, because people look at you and think it’s impossible for one brain to contain such weird ideas — ideas interesting and strange enough to commit to paper. Still — understand if you’re gonna ask this that we’ve been asked it approximately 457 times before.

Your response: “The question isn’t, where do you get your ideas.” Then, grab them by the collar, get real close until they can smell your old coffee breath and hiss at them: “The real question is, how do we make them stop!'

  • Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. This is his blog. He talks a lot about writing. And food. And the madness of toddlers. He uses lots of naughty language. NSFW. Probably NSFL. Be advised.

Gold Digger!

If you follow me, you'd know that I have just published a book called Gold Digger. Its a contemporary Romance novel about three women whose lives intertwine through lies cheating and betrayal. Yeah, sounds pretty intriguing doesn't it!

It will be available for purchase in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for all the details ....

Writing in Heels - What is it?

So when I first started this blog I wanted it to be a culmination of everything that made me, me! (Well almost everything, a girl has to have a little mystery) Writing, reading, books, thoughts, feelings, music, my spin on certain current events in my world, pictures, shoes, life, anything, everything!

It was and is a place to go to share parts of me - my writing, my quirky personality, my life.... to document my struggles, my achievements, my book. I share writing tips from my personal journey and from other authors, both successful and struggling like I was for some traction. 

If you delve into the extensive archives - its me talking about wanting to get a book published, and what I was doing to try and make that happen. Then what happened once it did! It's basically a play by play of the process I went through to publish my first novel. You will also find funny posts I have written, and posts about life from a different point of view.

I really like being able to come here and write what I think, what I like, what I am into. Its just another release, a way to express myself - I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Technology Kills - It's real people!

So I don't know if you heard about the girl in Australia who died at the hands of a technology clusterfuck, but let me assure you it was fairly grim.

The poor girl was found electrocuted (murdered) in her Western Sydney home surrounded and connected to her killers - the very things she worshipped!

Apparently the dodgy laptop charger she had purchased online from some scum bag company in China who made it their business to skimp on actual safety approved merchandise making cheap ass imitations and putting all our lives at risk was to blame!

Anyway, she had her laptop plugged into mains power sitting on her lap with headphone buds in,listening to music whilst simultaneously charging her iPhone and playing on it.

Basically the laptop exploded on her lap electrocuting her through her legs and ears resulting in a heart attack and severe burn to her legs chest and ears.

I mean - HOLY SHIT!!!! This could have happened to anyone!

We all love our technology, and are all probably guilty of having many devices on the go at once. Maybe not quiet the combo this poor victim had going, but we've all basically been there at some point. I don't know about you but It scared the fuck out of me when I read it, as did the ten other related articles on things that had happened to other people whist using their laptop or phone. There is some pretty messed up shit going on that you wouldn't know about unless you went looking. So, in this girls memory and for my safety, I have vowed to stop sleeping next to my phone, to not talk too long on my phone, never use any device while it is charging if its not completely necessary, and to never use my laptop on my lap. I also wont be talking on my phone while its charging, or rest it on my leg or any other body part for any length of time and I definitely wont be walking around with it in my bag for long periods. Oh and I won't be ever buying a charger from china!

 Its time to get real people or we will all be dead from some sort of Tuma or heart attack.

My Top 14 Favourite TV shows at the moment!


Broad City


The Only Way is Essex

Courtney Loves Dallas

Treehouse Masters

New Girl

Happy Endings

Real Housewives

The Singles Project

The Block - Glasshouse

Million Dollar Listings NY and Miami'

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

The Carrie Diaries

So you're thinking 'Holy Shit' thats a fair amount of shows to be invested in on a weekly,  sometimes daily basis, and you're right. 

Well they should stop making such great, and not so great 'but I just have to watch shows!' The writers and actors should be held accountable! Its so not my fault! Plus it should be noted that I don't sit in front of the tv all day watching these shows with an alarm set for when the next one is due to start I have a thing called series link, and it allows me to record the shows I like to watch and even the whole series and i can view them when it suits me. Also, In my defence and as previously mentioned in past blog posts. as a writer i find inspiration in many form. Mainly ether books in my genre, rom com movies, music and TV Obviously real life comes into play along with other factors but I am trying to justify my TV habits ad I think I gave it a fair go and came out not looking like a house bound inbred stuck at home watching trashy TV with my hands down my pants.

Ink - Addicted to the smell!

Sometimes I forget about the thrill of writing until I'm back in front of the pages with a fully inked pen supply and time on my hands. I love the smell of ink on paper - its a bit of an addiction. I thought it was just the writing and the thinking and the creating but its also about the ink....

Plus 1

So, as you may or may not know, I am a regular contributor on Google Plus, where you will find twice daily photo montages of personally hand picked things that i find either funny, inspiring, twisted, sexy or just completely fucked up! Amongst all that you might find links to a blog post, music, photos of High Heels, photos of me and much more. 

You should know that These photos aren't just your run of the mill photos, they are some of the coolest, funniest, strangest sexiest pictures i can find in the deepest realms of web discovery.... and i would like to think my followers and viewers appreciate the effort in put in to find them. 

If you aren't yet on Google Plus then you should check it out - if you are and want to follow me or check out my feed then just type in Tara Anderton.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


So it's Sunday afternoon in Australia and I have to say its been a pretty relaxing day so far! I slept in - watched bullshit tv whilst sipping a black tea - roamed aimlessly around the house, listened to some music, did some washing - made some lunch, sat outside for a while and now I'm planning on laying on the lounge and reading a book! 

That's what Sunday is all about......

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

I pretend!

Sometimes it's so calm and normal and everything is going along just the way I like it, I've forgotten you, for a second, a moment, longer.

I pretend I don't like you, that it's nothing - but it was, it is! My feelings are real, my thoughts consume me. I'm fine, and then something happens, a reminder, an intrusion, and it's like my world is turned upside down all over again - I can't get you out of my head, you didn't do anything - nothing's changed, but I want the darkness, the brooding, the unknown - I try to block you out, but you are always there, waiting for me to think it's finally over, and it is over, whatever this is, but really it's not - you are in my veins - your smell, the way you taste, the feel of your chest - the way you fuck me-  everything! 

You appear aloof, untouchable, and you are - You pretend with other girls - imposters, girls who don't understand what this is - I hate you, I love you - I want you! 
I forget you, and then you do something sweet!

 I don't want you - I need you - In another life, an alternate universe where you can't live without me.

You won't leave me alone. - I need you too but I don't want it - I never do!


(Possible exert for Ally in Disguise)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

TV overload

I think I've watched too much TV - and I have never said that!

Those who know me would say that I'm a little invested in all the shows I adore and movies I watch, but agree that they have helped me become the fabulous writer and person I am today.

I can't really put into words (which is a bit cliché) how much of an inspiration television and the shows it provides have helped me create characters and story lines for my books. 
People often think, as a writer it must be other books that inspire a writer to write, and maybe so, but in my case it is a culmination of other books, TV shows and movies. Let's not forget those shows and movies are scripts written by writers telling a story. It's so connected it's not even funny and the combination of all three are just a delight to work with......

So anyway..... About two months ago,  as far as I was concerned there couldn't be enough TV - never too many episodes of The Hills or seasons of Girls, and don't even get me started on the movie network, but there was just never enough time to watch what needed to be watched.

My, how the tides have turned! Basically,  I've totally overdone it!

The contributing factor to this TV overload and the ultimate relisation that I just have to turn it off and move on with my life until such times as I feel comfortable with rejoining the viewing population is being housebound for a month and a half! 
When will I go back to normal? No one knows...I'll just have to ride it out.

Why has this happened you ask. Well, being seriously sick for 5 weeks has forced me to become extremely well acquainted with everything TV, and despite feeling much better finally, I've been taking it easy due to lack of energy associated with being so sick, which has forced me to watch exorbitant amounts of TV which has made me see it in a whole new way. I bet your wondering why I didn't read and cruise the net for other possible 'mind off sickness' activities,  but I found that I couldn't concentrate enough - so I was stuck with TV. And, despite all the wonderful things you can find on TV now - I've just watched too much! Way, way too much! 

Don't  get it twisted, I'm not watching absolute bullshit, settling on anything I can get my hands on, stuffing cheese balls by the bucket load down my throat whilst simulaniosly playing with myself. It's quiet civilised over here. I pre record most of my viewing because nothing I want to watch is ever on when I want it, so I regularly review the guide and pre select everything I want to watch and even series link shows so I don't miss anything. I also don't eat cheese balls, it's more like some savoury snack, cheese and crackers with or without a few olives, fruit salad or maybe even sushi. Anyway  It's seriously gotten to a point where I'm started to get agitated even with my favourite shows.  Time to take a moment I think!!


Love your French!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Make me promise

Make me promise to look at the sky more often and live in the moment…..

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to smell the roses – take a breath of clean crisp air, feel the sand in your toes, the sun on your skin. As of today I am going to try and have one of those moments each and every day – you only live once…..