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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Vanderpump Rules

Watching one of my little indulgences right now - Vanderpump Rules and thinking about all the tv I watch! It's got to be some sort of an addiction!
In my defence I don't just watch tv for the sake of it - I only watch things I'm interested in. 
I have foxtel iq, its like pay per view tv, and it allows me to search for program's and movies I like or have heard about and prerecord them as well as series link which tapes all subsequent shows. And when I get some time I can go back and watch them all to my hearts content! 

So what sort of stuff am I interested in? 

Well it all depends on my mood, whether  I am looking for inspiration for a character in my book, want to chill, maybe even zone out, or what type of thing I want to watch like tv show or movie or documentary.

So, What's in my planner now?

Vanderpump Rules
Made in Chelsea
The Wedding Video
Bizarre Foods
Ice Loves Coco
The Heat
Breaking Bad
Pretty in Pink
Keeping up with the Kardashians
The Hills
Night at the Roxbury 
Happy Endings
Kandi's Wedding
River Monsters
 The Only Way is Essex
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
Nigela Bites
The Voice
The RealHousewives 
Romancing the Stone
Once Upon a time in the Midlands
To The Wonder
Almost Famous
Generation Um
Celesta and Jessie Forever
Ladies  of London
Eat Drink Love
Chrisley knows best 
Million Dollar Listings New York
Flipping out


What's your type?

Tomorrow I have set aside the whole day for typing - except for the 4 probable toilet breaks I will require and a quick lunch! 
I plan on having at least 3/4 of what I have to do typed by tomorrow at 5pm! Yes I'm setting a deadline, and I intend to keep it! As you may or may not know I have been lacking serious motivation to tackle the mammoth typing job that lies ahead and I just need to bite the bullet so to speak and do it!

If you see me all over google plus tomorrow, do what's right and tell me to get back to work !

I'm not seeing it!

F'ing phone is refusing to upload to my blog still and I'm loosing it ! It sucks not being able to do what you want, when you want!

Lazy Sunday

Ahhh don't you just love Sundays!

 The only day when you can do whatever you want and not feel guilty for being lazy! It's like my perfect day!
My best friend came and took me for brunch this morning in Burleigh Heads which was really yummy! i had avocado on turkish toast with a side of bacon and grilled tomatoes an an apple juice! Apart from enjoying the excellent cuisine  I love people watching, and Sunday in Burleigh is awesome for that! Afterwards we actually walked past a couple of young guys also enjoying the people watching experience, but were taking it to another level  by grading all the women who walked past out of 10! With comments like 4 for her face but 10 for her tits - luckily we were also graded and received a 6 on the way into the news agency and were upgraded to an 8 on the way out obviously after a closer inspection!  So that was fun!  Then we came back to my house and sat in the sun - decided to paint my front gate which looks amaze, and are now sitting back in the sun drinking lemonades out of beer mugs and playing on our phones! Later to top off my fab day I will read a book in the bath and watch a movie 😍

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Botox – yay or nay…

I'm not necessarily against plastic surgery or Botox, I just think certain people go too far and end up looking like the ass end of a cat! That being said, I really think I could go for a bit of botox in between my eyebrows just as like you know a preventative measure, but I’m a bit scared. Not only do I have a needle phobia, I am also scared half of my face will be frozen and/or I get some fucked up twitch and it will never be the same again…. Do you mess with what you already have in a hopes of coming out on top or do you just age gracefully and hope your face doesn’t fall down??

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Role play.

To keep things fresh in the bedroom, we do a little bit of role play! She pretends to be a nurse, and I pretend I’m still into her!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sunday, 22 June 2014

My ‘too read’ list

If you are a reader, I won’t need to explain the stack of books we all have on a shelf, that keeps being added to, of books that we saw passing a bookshop and had to buy because ‘as if you’re not going to read that’ – I currently have 10 of those books, and I intend to keep adding to it, despite the fact that I have at least 6 months worth of reading ahead of me….

The list is as follows;

Sweet Filthy Boy
Second Chances
The Girl in Times Square
Amazing Grace
Southern California
Girls About Town
Who’s that Girl
Heaven Hell and Mademoiselle

So cool

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Audio Smut

Audio Smut is a radio show that delivers honest and emotionally engaging stories to educate and initiate public discourse about gender, sex, and relationships from a sex-positive, queer, and feminist perspective. We are thrilled to bring their first contribution to the MoSex blog:
As a queer woman, I’m used to reading between the lines. Squinting or turning my head sideways to find love narratives that apply to me in pop culture. Warping romantic comedies to read the subtext between the protagonist and her best friend, or twisting the end of a movie like Thelma and Louise; did they drive off a cliff or in to a sunset? I’m used to taking what I’m given and bending it into a shape that feels like a fit.
But whose love looks likes the three-step program of kissing-marriage-baby we’re most often given in pop culture? The complexity of human relations is something that often escapes mainstream media – both fiction and documentary. Looking for stories about sex and gender that feel both intimate and complex in mainstream media can feel a bit like asking your partner for some heavy-kink play and getting the missionary position (again) instead.
Working with Audio Smut, I found a space of play in two places that can often feel stale: pubic radio and documentary journalism. Audio Smut is a podcast and radio show that does more than talk: we take you into the hearts and minds of people baring their deepest darkest secrets. Described as “part feminist queer tutorial, part sexual diary”, the stories on the show make you feel things while exploring contemporary issues of sexuality and gender. We talk about the political without talking politics. In the first season of the show we covered a wide array of issues; reclaiming your sex life living with an STI, orgasmic birth, first forays into scat and many, many more. Some of the season favorites:
Afternoon Delight The purpose of a public bathroom is to provide a place to do private things in public. Isn’t it?? Here, the lines between public and private; and work and pleasure, get a little blurry.
Poo The anus. A great source of both pleasure and anxiety. In this episode, we tackle one of the biggest taboos of human function.
Overwhelmed The beauty of multiple partners! Doesn’t today’s free love revival feel so good and liberating? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, not at all.  You can be as sex-positive as you’d like, but occasionally being with more than one person is a little overwhelming.
Audio Smut’s Season Two launched Valentine’s Day weekend. In our upcoming season, we have stories about falling in love through arranged marriage, navigating masculinity through being physically disabled, how to maintain a sexual relationship when letters are your primary method of communication, and more.
You’ll be hearing from me as the season unfolds….
[Featured photo courtesy of Ted Roeder Photography.]


How One-Hour Orgasms Can Burn Away Suffering

So I was cruising around the net and I found this interesting so i thought I would share....

Dr. Nida Chenaktsang, a world-renowned expert on Tibetan medicine, discusses the Buddhist sexual technique known as Karmamudra. Join him for a more in-depth talk Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 6:30 pm, at Trace Foundation (map).  Reprinted with Dr. Nida’s permission.
[Link: https://www.trace.org/events/sexuality-according-tibetan-medicine-buddhism]

In Karmamudra practice, the first thing we think about is about how we use desire. Don’t repress desire. Desire is a very powerful energy. We need only to use that energy. Second, we think about how that energy can be transformed and how that kind of energy can transform aspects of our mind. The result of practicing Karmamudra then connects us with bliss, pleasure, and joy. Most orgasms last for five or ten seconds, and if you are lucky, maybe eleven. Maybe even twenty seconds if you’re very lucky. Then, after that? You say, “Ahhh . . . Don’t touch me!” or, “Oh, my headache is back.” Let’s say your orgasm lasts ten to twenty seconds. In that time, in that moment, where is sadness? Where’s pain? Where is depression, where is fear, where is anxiety, where is anger, where is confusion? Normally, we have so many of these feelings, but in that moment, everything is gone. That’s called the power of orgasm, and we call it of course the power of bliss.
Of course some Tibetan teachers will say that this bliss has nothing to do with orgasm. Maybe they’re monastic. In reality, when the spiritual texts talk about bliss—great bliss—they actually refer to orgasm. Let’s say you have an orgasm once a night. That means that in twenty-four hours,  for ten to twenty seconds your mind free from any kind of suffering.
This is good, but it’s too short. Why not extend that? Sometimes orgasming is like manic-depression. Before an orgasm, you want to enjoy it as much as possible. Then the orgasm happens. You reach the highest peak. The supreme orgasm, and you go, “Oh, god, I’m coming, I’m coming.” For God that’s the best prayer. You’re not asking God to give you something; you’re just saying, “God, I’m coming.” Poor God! He has a great paradise, but it’s empty, so he’s happy when someone comes. When you reach that level, the highest peak, you see God, and then you fall back down, into the darkness. You visit heaven, paradise, and after twenty seconds you are in the hell. “Don’t touch me, I need to work, I’m stressed. I have headache now.”
Karmamudra talks about why we continue on this high peak–low peak pattern. Why don’t we keep everything balanced? Or why don’t we extend that feeling? Why not keep it longer? If your Karmamudra is good, you can increase your number and duration of orgasms. Let’s say you can have orgasm one hour per day. Not bad, sixty minutes. Let’s say all the stress, all the problems that you accumulated in twenty-three hours—they’re all like garbage, and you can burn them up completely in one hour. It’s a really powerful, profound technique. It’s one of the best meditations, and if you really know it well, you’ll never get bored. Even when you die, you’ll die with an orgasm. With your last breath, you’ll say, “God, I’m coming.” And, for sure, you will die with a big smile.
To have a great sex and great orgasm every day, possibly two or three times a day, that’s the best psychotherapy.


Shaving down there…

I don’t know about you but I kind of like a shaved Queen Victoria!

 I used to like it completely shaved, but I’m more of a bare essentials kind of girl now!  I also have a preference for a guy who does a bit of maintenance down below. Shaved off completely? No! Trimmed up; YES!
 I once spoke to a very witty lady who explained to me that it was downright rude for a guy to expect a woman to have it all trimmed up and ready to go, and not do the same in return. Who wants to wade through a furry bush to uncover what looks like a mediocre penis that could look a good inch longer had he come prepared? I had to agree, and from that moment on every time I came across a foreign dick I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said.
Anyway it got me thinking about loving what god gave us, and wondering when it became the norm for women to start shaving their privates to please their man! (I presume sometime around the 80’s) Was it a guy who said it’s too f’ing hairy down there and took to it with some scissors, or did some woman with a really long bush think Jesus Christ this thing is out of control and hacked it off? I’m thinking the whole trimming thing would have to have come first, because as we all know if that shit gets too long you’re not going straight in for the razor you need to trim that thing up first and then go in with the razor.
That aside you have to wonder how many people actually shave down there! I mean do more people shave than not – or are we the minority?  Then I also wonder how often people shave? I suppose that would depend on how hairy they are? So many questions….

What’s in your nickers?

Prepare to be…..

Amazed? Elightened? Not a chance….. 

I was perusing some websites a few days ago and came across an article that implied that ghosts are real…… DON’T EVEN GO THERE – I hate anything to do with stuff like that – I don’t want to know about it, I don’t want to talk about it! I don’t watch scary anything, and I don’t want too. You can keep all your horror, gore, supernatural creepster shite right away from me….

Life as Tara

So I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated since coming home from my splendid holiday to the South Pacific, and I wasn’t really sure what I could do to get back on track.
Don’t get it twisted I don’t have writers block, more like Tara Block!
After such a relaxing time in some truly amazing places, I thought I would come back invigorated and ready to tackle anything. Instead, I have found myself lacking motivation in practically every aspect of my life, and I was pretty freaked out about how I was going to fix it, so I just kept watching TV and reading books and having baths and eating and doing not much else.
Anyway I came up with a plan to turn this thing around, and get me back to my bouncing bubbly self.

Tara’s get your shit together plan…..

Write a list of all the things I want to achieve in the next 2 months.

Clean my house (as best as I can since I have renovations in full swing and there is shit everywhere)

Have a shower (no baths for you being all relaxed and carefree – there is some serious work to do) and dress appropriately for a work day (no more underwear and t-shirts for you missy)

Go to bed at a decent hour so you don’t feel like a zombie the next day and not get any work done because you’re comatose on the lounge for most of the morning.

Set aside 1.5 hours a day to get all social media and blogging done as well as emails etc

Do 30 -60 minutes of exercise per day coupled with eating a balanced diet

Write, Write, Write!

Reward yourself at end of week with alcohol units.