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Monday, 31 March 2014

Bare-Faced Cheek

I'm watching a foreign film called Bare-faced cheek - it's a French documentary/ show/ mini film perhaps about two guys who start a journey across France nude and get help with clothes and food and travel - the people they meet on the way are so amazing and kind and show true humanity to these guys - I loved it!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dream weaver

I'm a little nervous to go to sleep tonight!


I keep having really crazy dreams!!! Not scary crazy - just weird crazy. You know what i mean - Really random shit, that I can't wake up from. 

It's kind of cool/ annoying because when I wake up, I actually think it was real for a second  and then I'm like oh - I dreamt it.

 Last night I was in an op shop (second hand charity clothes) because I didn't have any shoes on, and didn't realise until halfway to my destination that I was shoeless, and the driver of the vehicle refused to go back home and allow me to get some. (What a looser!!!!) So for some reason I ended up in said shop raiding other people's used shoes looking for something in my size. Somehow it ended up transforming into a bedroom (not mine) but stayed a shop at the same time. Yes this is some x files shit - anyway I didn't have any money on me, so decided I was going to trick the shop / bedroom owner that they were in fact my shoes. I don't know if she believed me or not, because I didn't get to ask her. Somehow, I ended up minding this op shop while she ducked out to god knows where,  to do god know what - I mean who leaves their shop to a shoeless lying stranger - not me thats for sure!!!  so I found myself trying on these old clothes  that I had convince myself were awesome - i remember looking at myself and saying omg this is so cool - and then I decided I was keeping it all - no one was coming between me and these treasures -  wtf? I mean for a start, I don't patronise such shops because I don't like the smell of mothballs, I despise stained used clothes, and the fact that someone else discarded it because they didn't think it was nice enough to keep - just doesn'tsit  right with me, if they hated it (whoever they are) and thought it would be good for a homeless/ poor person, then that thing is not coming near my body, and  I'm definitely not cramming  myself into someone's used shoes. Can you imagine?
I wonder what tonight's instalment will entail?

This story is as true as you want it to be....

I'm laying here watching a movie on TV trying to catch a breeze that is being artificially created by a small fan that rotates around the room and manages to blast a small part of the thick heavy air with a slightly cooler edge in my direction. I am wearing nothing but a small pair of cotton underwear (not panties) I hate that word!!!! It is so hot, chances of sleep are slim ! The leather lounge isn't helping matters and neither is the oil I rubbed onto me earlier in a hopes of keeping my skin as soft and supple as it is at this very moment! I may or may not have smoked a joint to take the edge off, and I might be thinking about listening to some relaxation music to top this all off - I'm thinking whales tonight (my best friend thinks that me listening to that music and telling people about it is actually weird) like I'm some crazy stressed out mess who needs animal noise to sooth me because I'm about to crack some serious shit right open and slam my car into the side if a building (which I would never do) I just like testing out relaxation options in case they help - not that I need to relax because i'm so stressed out with life and the world - more like just to chill - that's okay isn't it???

Friday, 28 March 2014

final read through.....

I received this very exciting email today - lots of final reading ahead over the weekend and then its all done..... Gold Digger wooooooo

Hello Tara,
Please find the final version attached and the Sign Off form. Please carefully review the entire manuscript.
The proofreader left you sixteen balloon comments, mostly in regards to changes she made.
If you approve of this being your final version, please send us the Sign Off form completed and we'll get the book to the next stage.
Thank you,
Deanna and the Edit Team
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Reading in Bed -

The most awesome leg warmers ever!

I don't know about you, but I am totally digging these awesome leg warmers. I will definitely be rocking this look this coming winter in Australia.

Accessorising you killer heels with a funky pair of leg warmers is so cool - its cooler than cool - its just going to be my thing now!!!

 If you're in my head space, you are probably going to need a little bit of advice before deciding to take on the legwarmer thing (just to clarify, my legwarmer thing has started after the fact) ( that is, it was a big thing a few decades ago - I am totally aware of this and that every girl wore legwarmers back whenever the craze ripped through society, and made everyone be all like 'OMG I need legwarmers', and if you want to get technical, dancers and  ballerinas were wearing them long before that, and someone maybe like a magazine stylist or whoever saw them one day and was like 'OMG they are so cool!!! I'm so going to make these things hot property and then that happened, and the rest is history, but my history is me rocking the shit out of legwarmers this winter with my own little twist - that's right, heels baby, all the way! - and their ain't nothing anyone can do about IT!!!!!.)
Anyway, this so called advice that I promised is deciding if your;

 A  - cut out for wearing super high heels (The higher the better)
B - willing to hunt down the coolest legwarmers you can find
C -  willing to sacrifice warmth to pull off this look? ( but if you think about it - you'll be practically wearing pants! And you can always wear a pair of skin coloured stockings or opaque tights, underneath, and  despite appearances actually do help to some degree in keeping the biting wind off you bare naked legs.  

Monday, 24 March 2014

Tell me everything...

Some people ask very pointed questions about things that are basically none of their business, and expect truthful answers! I tried to be as vague as possible and it still gets twisted around - seriously you do you, and I'll do me!!!

Sex addiction - what is it all about?

So I just watched a movie about sex addiction, and it really was a very interesting look into something I had heard about, but knew nothing of. Well I knew they liked to have a lot of sex - more than likely with a few different partners but I didn't know what the whole struggle with it was about! I mean we all like sex- most of us anyway - why? Because it feels good - and they are in the same boat,  but somehow it takes over their lives and they basically can think of nothing else but getting their next fix!  Anyway I thought I would share because despite not being a sex addict I can relate to this movie because it is real!

Thanks for Sharing (2012)

   -  Comedy | Drama

Thanks for Sharing (2012) Poster
A romantic comedy that brings together three disparate characters who are learning to face a challenging and often confusing world as they struggle together against a common demon: sex addiction.
  Play Trailer


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Friday, 21 March 2014

I miss the fantasy......

So I've finished the edits for Gold Digger as you may or may not have read about in a previous post. And now, I have a bit of time on my hands, and my mind has been wondering back to my new book Ally in Disguise... I am about halfway through writing it - and I actually really miss it.
I miss the fantasy of sinking into writer and getting totally lost in my make believe land. To explain it is hard, I guess its just an exhilarating experience for me (can be borderline euphoric when I get really lost) and its like I can think of nothing but the book and the story and the characters, and apart from eating, consuming alcohol and the occasional cigarette, sipping on cups of tea and munching toast and dreaming of more shoes (because that's a constant thought in my head) I do nothing else, and then begrudgingly go to bed at 2 am, with so much floating around in my brain its a wonder I can actually get any sleep at all - that's about all I do.... (oh and sex of course Not thinking about it (doing it) sex I mean, having it, riding it, sucking it- I actually seem to get pretty horny when I write - maybe its the story line and imagining sexy men doing things to other women, who are all me - lets face it, there is a bit of me in every character and every story line. Some of it has been embellished, but lots of it has happened to me in some form or another, some of it is stories I have herd, or is inspired in some ways by the movies and books I have read.

But before I get excited, I have to complete a writing job I took on about 6 months ago, that involves me writing a book for someone else for money. Its a great experience but it means that Ally in Disguise has to be put on the back burner until some future date when I get some time to sit down and really focus on it, but in the meantime I will have a book published so I suppose I should just focus on that and be happy that the idea isn't going anywhere and hopefully I'll get to it soon......

How hard....

very, apparently.........

Your booty don't need explaining

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Oh yeah - the deed is done!

Yes that's right, I did it!

Gold Digger has been edited to within an inch of its life, and has been sent out into the virtual vortex  and eventually will be turned into the published book I have always dreamed of!
I'm one step closer to achieving one of my dreams...yay

Monday, 17 March 2014

Tweaky Peaks

People watch porn for many reasons - I suspect men watch porn to get off but for me, my reasons are varied - sometimes for fun, other times for research and then just to have a good laugh.

As a sexual woman who knows what she likes and doesn't like - I actually find certain porn clips hilarious - I mean come on, its like watching a comedy, but instead of jokes, its just crazy animalistic noises and chicks getting slammed from behind by some donkey dicked dude who probably has nutted into a condom 4 times to get the shot perfect. (No - its not a turn on - its like watching gorillas do it!)  Then you have the funnier stuff on Youporn or Pornhub - and most of it is just a series of fuck ups that they thought would be great to upload and see who views it. (I'm not talking about the stuff where amateurs are fucking on film or even women playing with themselves or giving head - they aren't too bad) I mean random people doing crazy stuff. I actually watched a threesome the other day between this rather large woman and two guys (one looked like a ball with legs, and the other, some skinny guy who was a bit freaked out by the whole thing if I'm honest) this 24 minute extravaganza that I didn't watch in entirety, was filmed from the oddest angle which made it even more funny to me, set up in a hotel room (I hope I never stay there) the threesome enter and stumble around like they know what's about to happen but cant quiet work out how to get it to come to fruition. Eventually they all awkwardly start going for it for like 10 seconds and then changed positions and then back again. You couldn't really see the woman's face (thank god for her) as she lay starfish like on the bed - the camera which was set up in one position was aimed at the general area where said action was to take place and they got down and dirty! More dirty than down was what I witnessed, as the fat old guy spread her legs and started hammering away as the younger guy watches on - the old guy decides he wants his random 'friend' to get involved, which he is obviously hesitant to do - he is pantless but leaves his shirt on (probably so he could make a quick getaway I suspect) the two guys end up 'up' in each others business for maybe 5 seconds and the younger one doesn't seem to be all that into it) the old guy goes back to the woman who has laid dead still while the guys fiddled around. He then try's to entice old mate back over so he can penetrate him, however he is too big to make anything happen. The younger guy disappears and returns fully clothed and try's to slyly make for the exit whilst still trying to convince them he is way into whatever nightmare is going on, on the bed. At this point I decided to leave. How they thought anyone would think it was worth cumming over is beyond me? More like stare at in horror as they wonder what the true meaning to life really is. 

Shits about to get real

OMG if the next door neighbour doesn't rectify the annoying beeping sound that emanates from his area every 46 seconds I am going to fucking loose my shit.
Its been going for weeks, and I did hear it, but decided it must just be an alarm or something and forgot about it, and it wasn't until I sat down a few days ago and fully focused on the brain tweaking noise and where it was coming from that I realised it was his problem. Seriously do people do this on purpose or is he fucking deaf?

It goes 24/7 and no one but me seems to be having a problem with it - which is just fucking nuts! If that's his thing, then he should get some headphones or something because I am seriously going to camo up and army through his yard until I find whatever it is and fucking stomp on it with the pointiest high heel I have available!!!!!!

Editing is my life....

I've been on the edit train for far too long, I should be finished by now but sadly I am not!
Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to be having my book published - but this edit thing leaves a lot to be desired. I think, actually I know, that I have read Gold Digger about 50 times since I wrote it, I could bloody recite it word for word if I was asked. Anyway whinge over head down, bum up!!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

15 Terrific Alternatives to “Hello”

So I found this and thought I would share - there are so many ways to say hello and I didn't know half of them....

First impressions are important, so why be boring when there are so many other ways to greet and say “Hello”?

1) “What’s the craic?”

How they say “What’s up?” in Ireland. The craic (pronounced “crack”) is the news, gossip, latest goings-on, or the fun times to be planned.

2) “How hops it?”

Be classically cool with this late 19th-century slang for “How’s it going?”

3) “Ahoy”

Add a little jaunty excitement by getting into pirate mode.

4) [Hat tip]

Be the strong, silent type and forgo words entirely with an elegant tip of your hat.

5) “There he/she is!”

Make someone feel like the man or the woman of the hour.

6) “Ciao”

Feeling friendly and cosmopolitan? “Ciao” will set the mood. Add a kiss on each cheek for authenticity.

7) "S.P.D.S.V.B.E.E.V"

Want to write a letter with a classical Latin feel? Open with this abbreviation for Salute plurimam dicit. Si vales, bene est, ego valeo. “Many greetings. If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.”

8) “Salutations”

Show off your verbal dexterity with this gentleman’s greeting.

9) “Greetings”

Or keep it simple and use the word that means just what it says.

10) “Howdy”

Keep it casual, cowpoke, or get fancier with a full-on “Howdydo?”

11) “Aloha”

Bring a little mellow sunshine to your interactions by greeting the Hawaiian way.

12) “Namaste”

Start with a show of respect. This peaceful greeting comes from the Sanskrit for “I bow to you.”

13) “How’s tricks?”

You’ve got to smile when you dust off this gem from the 1920s.

14) “Breaker, breaker”

Open the conversation like a trucker on a CB radio.

15) “Well, look at you!”

Reminiscent of the sweet way your grandma used to express how impressed she was with you. Why not spread the love around with this opening?
Feel free to use these greetings when contacting GEICO’s customer service – they’re delightful folks who appreciate a good “How hops it?”



Friday, 14 March 2014

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to Write a Story that Comes Alive

I read this article today and thought you might find it interesting if you're writing a novel or planning on one.

Remember - you cant do enough research....




Here you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to write a story, including answers to these Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I write vivid descriptions?
  • How can I invent characters that feel like real people?
  • How can I create suspense?
  • How can I can I make readers care about my stories?

You will also find answers to some Infrequently Asked Questions::

  • What did one successful novelist do instead of murdering her ex-husband?
  • How is writing a novel too soon like getting married too young?
  • What's a really bad strategy for convincing people you're super-cool?
  • Do you hear voices in your head? If not, what should you do about it?

How to Write a Story - Table of Contents

1- Types of Fiction - Which One You Should Write. Do you want to be a short story writer, a novelist, a novella-ist? Is novella-ist even a word? Learn about the types of fiction and which one might be right for you.

2- What is Fiction and an Easy Technique for Writing Better Stories. What is fiction, and how is it like dreaming? A discussion of where story ideas come, plus an incredibly simple way to improve your imagination and your writing.

3- How to Write Fiction that Feels Real - The Secrets of Showing Versus Telling. Find out how to write fiction that makes readers feel like they’re inside your stories. Learn essential techniques for developing scenes and creating an intense reader experience.

4.1- Fiction-Writing Tips - Create Characters Your Readers will Care about. Tips for inventing characters and turning them into stories. Learn the number one secret to creating stories and novels that people will care about.

4.2- Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles . Writing character profiles is an easy way to invent characters and to come up with story ideas. Use these helpful questionnaires to get started.

5- What is Plot - How to Build a Story from Beginning to End. What is plot? It’s what happens in a story, and the order it happens in. Learn the basics of story structure. How to create a narrative conflict and why your fiction will die if you don’t.

6- The Story Climax – How to Make Your Fiction More Exciting. Have you ever read a book you just couldn’t put down? Learn what a story climax is and how to write a story that will keep your readers on the edge of their seats.

7- How to Write Short Stories from Inside Your Character's Head. What's the best way to tell your story? All about narrative point of view, plus tips to help you avoid common creative writing mistakes.

7.1- How to Show Your Characters' Thoughts. Learn how to express your characters' thoughts and feelings, and use our Character Reaction Questionnaire to get to know your characters better.

7.2- How to Make Your Characters More Interesting. Here are 5 techniques for adding interest to your characters and your stories.

8.1- How to Write Dialogue that Works. Find out how to write dialogue that your readers can actually hear in their minds. How to express each character’s unique voice and avoid boring blah-blah-blah.

8.2- More on Writing Dialogue. Essentials of writing dialogue tags and using dialogue in your fiction. Important dos and don’ts to avoid confusing or distracting your readers.

9- Tips for Writing a Story - Control Your Reader's Imagination with Powerful Descriptions. How to write a story with the specific details that help your readers imagine scenes exactly the way you want them to.

10- Writing Websites - Useful Resources Online. Here are some websites where you can learn more about specific genres and aspects of fiction writing.


Monday, 10 March 2014

You cant make this shit up!

Because its Monday, and because I cant think of anything that is funnier than this to write because my brain is hung over from the weekend (and I'm actually hung over) I am sharing this little update from a hilarious lady I follow on Facey. Everything she writes makes me smile - and smiling is what its all about!

Just the Tip

Sunday morning update: Making a bid for Parent of the Year, I put my Littlest Tip in charge of the dog last night and went. to. bed.
He took his job very seriously. Perching on a barstool above her pool, he watched cartoons and apprised me each time she shifted positions, groaned, farted or licked her fucking ass.
I fell asleep. I really needed to sleep.
Macie is no longer leaking fluid. This means the puppy's amniotic sac sealed back up and labor never began. Still, because you all psyched me out a bit, I called my vet this morning.
Him: Are we doing dewclaws today?
Me: No, she's still pregnant.
Him: Oh, she sealed back up?
Me: Yeah.
Him: How many days now?
Me: Anywhere from 53-63.
Him: Hell, you prolly still got some time. Go back to bed. Call me if you need me, I can be there in ten minutes.
This, Tippers, is why the man makes the big bucks. I try not to worry until he worries. I've only seen him worried once. It was ugly.
So I'm being all domesticated today, making soup and folding laundry. I'm somewhat rested, so I don't feel like barfing or crying anymore.
And Mr. Tip is home! He can totally take over Watching The Dog's Vagina 2014.
We got this shit HANDLED, yo.


The best way to get someone to lie to you is to set a standard for unattainable perfection and sit back and crack open a cold one.

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of Jezabel! Its like my morning newspaper - but its not filled with death and destruction (well they might have that in there but I have never come across it), instead, its full of interesting stories that are actually, well interesting. I don't mean to say the deaths and whatnot don't  mean anything, but there is so much sadness and destruction in the world, I have made a conscious effort not to fill my days with the morbidity of the world and instead focus on the upbeat and informative instead.

Anyway - so I'm doing my usual read through, and have come across this little article that I found extremely interesting and thought I would share it with you.....

#LiesToldByFemales Perfectly Illustrates Gender Bullshit

Shit you guys, the males are onto us. They know we aren't virgins, that we've actually been with other guys, have seen bigger dicks than theirs and at least need a little concealer to look like Scar-Jo. Fuck, what do we do now?
Seriously, from the Dept. of Sex, Lies, and Hashtags: #LiesToldByFemales chronicles all the shit ladies be sayin' to dudes to seem cooler, prettier, less slutty, more laidback, when in fact women are not any of those things and are terrible liars who will say anything to make a man like them. Pathetic, amirite? A funny roundup at The Gloss put the Tweets into categories that reflect terrible stereotypes about women and act as a kind of guide to what insecure men think about women, like:

"All Girls Love Drama"
"Girls Who Put Effort Into Their Appearance Are Liars"
"We're All Sluts"
"Women Can't Have Male Friends"

And while I agree it's all pretty standard-issue sexist thinking about the tired construct of gender differences that is Venus and Mars mania, on another level, they are just examples of exactly the cultural expectations society has put on women since forever to be this perfect specimen of servitude to a man's ideal woman. It is really a guide to Impossible Things Men Want to Hear (but will then complain about when it isn't true even though it's not possible to be true).

But these falsehoods are precisely the sorts of things women are culturally counselled to present to men to cater to their allegedly fragile egos and fulfil their fantasy for the Perfect Woman, the fantasy that we are, I guess, cryogenically frozen in time until hand-plucked by them, and that our true self is Exactly Like Them But Hot, Virginal to the World But Slutty for Them, Effortlessly Beautiful and Drama-Free. You know. ELTBHVWBSTEBDF.
But women aren't those things. No woman is. Women wear makeup, need maintenance to "look that good," have emotions and desires and needs, get 'roids, and, like any post-colonial country, are a complicated mix of who they are and who they have been forced to be.
FYI: The best way to get someone to lie to you is to set a standard for unattainable perfection and sit back a crack open a cold one. So, uh, duh, women have a nice bag of tricks because they need to. It is only barely in the last few decades (and not even for all women, trust) that large numbers of women have been able to support themselves alone. To put women in a position of less power and influence, and then condemn them for workarounds to succeed in spite of it, well, that's called a catch 22, dilrods.
It takes enormous courage to defy gender roles, ask anyone who is anywhere on the gender spectrum that doesn't line up to classic archetypes of male and female. It is a life lived in the margins at best. I'm not advocating that women lie. I'm just saying that if you take any of these Tweets seriously as part of the stuff of courting rituals, it's a thousand percent obvious why SOME women would lie about little shit like this, because the alternative is exhausting and uncertain and risks marginalization, that's why.
Which is why dudes also lie. There is already a #LiesToldByMales hashtag, natch, and it is proving to be just as illuminating. Gender roles have a way of trapping us all, and men too feel the pinch of cultural expectations that they must be virile, potent, rogue individualists unaffected by feelings.

Yeah it's just dumb, sexist Twitter, but this is the real trap of thinking of men and women as oppositional, it means we all get stuck in parts that might not fit. Rigid gender roles trap us all. Because if women have to be perfect, well, then so do men — and that's not pretty for anyone.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lady Godiva


Lady Godiva by John Collierc.1897, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Godiva (/ɡəˈdvə/Old EnglishGodgifu[1]), known as Lady Godiva, was an 11th-centuryAnglo-Saxon noblewoman who, according to a legend dating back at least to the 13th century, rode naked through the streets ofCoventry in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. The name "Peeping Tom" for a voyeur originates from later versions of this legend in which a man named Tom had watched her ride and was struck blind or dead.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cramming it all in!

So I've been doing Gold Digger Edits for what feels like forever - I'm nearly done which is great news for me, I've been feeling a little bit fatigued by the whole thing - I need a holiday! (Luckily such a holiday is already booked and paid for) However before I go - I have a lot of work to do.

Here is a little list of said work.

Finish Gold Digger Edits
Reread entire book
Continue writing another book for an ongoing job I have been hired to do
Write 5 articles for an online website

I have 2.5 months to do it!

Weirdest Fetishes Ever

So I was doing the daily rounds of various pages I find interesting online and I came across this strange but intriguing information that I thought I would share.

These are a few of the weirdest Fetishes Ever...


People with this fetish usually have a sexual relationship with an inanimate object powered by electricity. No, we're not just talking about vibrators, but hair dryers, lamps, and vehicles. Mechanophilia can be very dangerous because of high risks of injuries and getting "stuck." How would you explain that to your doctor?


This fetish was first documented in 1877 when a gardener fell in love with a statue named "Venus de Milo" and actually tried to make love it it. Imagine walking into the mall and constantly having sexual thoughts because you are surrounded by well dressed mannequins . . .


Avisodomy is the most impractical fetish because birds fly and they flap their wings. How are they supposed to settle down once you want in? In order to have sexual intercourse with birds, people would breaks their necks then penetrate. I hope Tweety Bird has never experienced this...

For the full lost check out this website


Super Sexy........

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Midnight mayhem!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Things you can do with Books other than read them....

What is a Contemporary Romance?

Contemporary Romance

As you might expect, contemporary romances are set in the present. At this time, popular trends include humorous romances and romantic suspense. (Romantic suspense is big enough to get its own category in this article.) That could change any minute now. Besides, many writers aren't afraid to tackle serious stories about characters recovering from abuse or alcoholism, people coping with life-changing events, and so forth. That said, tearjerkers where somebody dies at the end are published as woman's fiction rather than romance.Notable writers of humorous contemporary romance include Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Elizabeth Bevarly, Jennifer Crusie, and Rachel Gibson. For a more serious read, turn to Paula Detmer Riggs, Theresa Weir, Kathleen Eagle, or Ruth Wind. For more suggestions, check out the Romantic Suspense listings.


Types of Romance Novels

How to write romance - types of romance novels

Many imprints specialize in one or more sub-genres or categories of romance novels. Which kind should you write? Easy. The one you like reading the best.

Popular sub-genres include:

  • Contemporary series

  • Historical

  • Regency romances

  • Inspirational (includes religious elements or themes)

  • Paranormal (includes supernatural elements or themes)

  • Romantic suspense (includes crime or danger)

  • Young adult

  • Chick-lit (contemporary, humorous - often talks about city life or glamorous jobs)

  • Erotic romance (sexually explicit)

What do you need to know before writing a book.......

I found this and thought I would share - you might find it interesting if you are planning to write a novel or have written one and don't know what to do now......




How to write romance - market research 101:

If you are writing commercial fiction, your writing is not just a work of art -- it's a product that you intend to sell. You are therefore a business person as well as a writer. And a basic rule of business is to know your customer before you create your product.

In this case, your direct customer is a particular publishing house, and your indirect customer is the reader. The publishing house wants to make its readers happy, so you do too.

Your first step should be to read lots of romances and decide which ones you like the best. Then look at the publishing imprint that is producing your favorite books. Go to the publishers' websites and check out their author guidelines. Do they have certain rules that authors must follow? Do they even accept submissions from new authors?

If the publisher looks promising, read a ton more books from the same imprint or series and figure out what the books have in common. Do their main characters always have glamorous jobs? Do the sex scenes stop at kissing? Do all of the books include werewolves?

Look at:

  • Length of the books

  • Type of heroines and heros

  • Historical time period

  • Plot elements that appear in many of the books (for example: crime, religion)

  • The explicitness and type of sex scenes

Your aim is to write a novel that's original, but which is also a good fit for the publishing imprint or series you have chosen. And then when you submit your book for publication, be sure to mention which imprint you have in mind. For example, the biggest romance publisher, Harlequin has a wide range of imprints, including Silhouette, Kimani Press, Spice, and many others. If you submit a romance to Harlequin, it's important to tell them which imprint your book is best for. (Harlequin provides a lot of information for writers on their website, some of which I have included on this page).


How to Write Romance.

Despite having a novel nearly published (and when I say nearly - it is happening, I didn't get rejected and nearly have a book published if only the editors had thought it was worth publishing - I actually am in the process of having a book published. Not just any book - A Contemporary Romance.) So anyway, despite having a book almost published - I don't in anyway think I am above still researching articles on how to write contemporary romances or reading things that will not only make me a better writer but will also make my novels better. I always say - 'you learn something new every day' and I don't know about you but I actually do learn something new every day. I think as a writer you should read as much as you can in your genre, seeking out articles, book exerts, books, youtube posts and anything else you can find, weather you are a famous author or just starting out. It gives you a new perspective on your world and often humbles and inspires and cheers you on. As a writer, I am always learning and improving. Its also good to become other writers in your genres cheerleader - we need to stick together - instead of seeing them as your competition - you can use them, their experiences and their novels to make you a better writer and maybe make a few friends on the way!

So in saying that, I have provided you with an article that I read today that I found interesting and helped me in some way or reiterated what I already knew.




How to write romance: what's a romance novel?

The broadest definition of a romance novel is simply... a novel focused on a central love story. But the term romance novel is normally used for specific types of commercial fiction.

A literary novel is one that's written as a work of art. A commercial novel is one that's written to sell. A commercial novel therefore follows certain rules determined by the marketplace -- by what people want to buy. This doesn't mean it can't be a good novel! In fact, the fundamental elements of a successful romance novel are the same as with other types of fiction:

But in romance novels, these elements of fiction normally take a certain form. Here are some basic guidelines for how to write romance, looking at each of the elements I mentioned before:

  • Characters - In romantic fiction, the focus is generally on two characters, the ones who fall in love. Traditionally, these are a man and a woman. The story is usually told from the woman's point of view. Why? Because the vast majority of romance readers are women, and they are more interested in reading about the woman's perspective than about the man's.

    Novels written for romance series are generally short (under 200 pages), so romance writers tend to keep a strong focus on the hero and heroine instead of giving a lot of stage time to secondary characters.

  • Conflict - If the couple falls in love right away and everything goes perfectly, then that's very nice for them, but it isn't much of a story. So save "Happily ever after" for the end (read here about why). You need a conflict to create some suspense and anticipation to keep the reader turning pages. In a romance, this conflict is normally something that is keeping the characters apart. Your hero and heroine are meant for each other, but there's a problem, something in the way. The story is about how the couple gets past this obstacle or problem to reach the ending. In commercial romance, this ending is always a happy one.

    A typical romance novel plot: 1) hero and heroine initially dislike each other (although there is a powerful attraction underneath); 2) something happens that forces them together (for example, he is assigned to be her bodyguard); 3) they start to fall in love, but there is an obstacle in the way of their romance (for example, she is engaged to another man); 4) at the story climax, they get past this obstacle and reach the happy ending.

  • Good dialogue, vivid writing - These always improve a reader's experience. In romance, the reader's main interest is the relationship between the hero and heroine, so you should use these techniques to make the reader feel the chemistry between them.

    Although specific details are part of vivid writing, if you are writing sex scenes for a romantic fiction series, bear in mind that different series accept different levels of sexual explicitness. This depends on the preferences of their readers, many of whom prefer a soft focus.


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