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Friday, 28 February 2014

10 Ways To Celebrate Potholes

Now we all know I like anything a little bit weird, you may have seen my work on Google + or even right here on this blog. (And by work I mean reposting the strangest pictures I can find for your enjoyment (you're welcome) and seeking out weird little articles and anything else I can find)

Here is one such montage I found online today and thought I would share :-)

10 Ways To Celebrate Potholes

 Don't get it twisted - I'm not just some strange girl who spends her life reposting the weird shit anyone can find on the world wide web - I have many facets to me and this too can be witnessed online when I cross from the weird shit over to whimsical, arty stuff, and the funny, stupid and hilarious. But that's just one small part of what I am all about. I love to read and when I say love - its not in the broad sense of the word, like you know, how people seem to just throw it into conversation as though it doesn't mean anything, when we all know its suppose to be a declaration of what you're feeling, breathing, experiencing! Reading is what I do - before anything else ever came along, it was just about me and my pile of books. Curled up on a comfy old flowery lounge with my nose practically pressed into the musty pages - living in other peoples worlds.
I am a movie buff! Yes that's right - its just a fact. I watch movies nearly as much as I read - someone once asked me how I found the time for such frivolous activities - and didn't I have anything better and more productive to do with my time and I stared at them like they were an alien invading my planet. The one where it was only ever about reading and watching over and over.
Then the writing came - well it didn't just come - it was always there, and all the books I had read and all the movies I had watched had culminated in me becoming the writer I am today. In between these 3 major events that spanned my lifetime I fell in love with music, art, high heels, beautiful clothes, adventure, France and Paris and New York  (I know - me and everyone else) I love cooking, taking long baths and fuzzy socks on cold days. And that's just the stuff I want you to know.......

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cross Roads of civilization!

I'm still an Oasis


My new favourite song

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Up yours fastfood!

McDonald’s goes belly up in Bolivia
I found this article today and just had to share. Apparently there are some countries actually boycotting fast food (which can only be a good thing) in favour of more healthy foodstuffs that is prepared like food should be.
Here's an exert - you can find the full article by clicking the link at the bottom of this post,.
After 14 years of presence in the country, and despite all the existing campaigns and having a network, the chain was forced to close the eight restaurants that remained open in the three main cities: La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
In Bolivia, the food to be good requires, in addition to taste, care, and hygiene, a lot of preparation time. This is how a consumer values the quality of what goes into the stomach, also by the amount of time it took to make the meal. Fast food is not for these people, the Americans concluded.
Good for them I say!

Danielle Steels new book Power Play

This was on Danielle Steels facebook page today and I thought I would share incase you missed it or you know need it.
Danielle says - I’m very, very excited to share the cover for POWER PLAY with you. It’s out on March 11th and is about two successful CEOs, two brilliant power players. One is a man and one is a woman, how differently they react to situations, and people react to them … and the sacrifices they're willing to make to stay in the game.

You can order your copy now...

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fWjw89...

B&N: http://bit.ly/1az442E

iBooks: http://bit.ly/LTHqHc

Indiebound: http://bit.ly/1e6mGlr
I’m very, very excited to share the cover for POWER PLAY with you. It’s out on March 11th and is about two successful CEOs, two brilliant power players. One is a man and one is a woman, how differently they react to situations, and people react to them … and the sacrifices they're willing to make to stay in the game. 

You can order your copy now...

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fWjw89

B&N: http://bit.ly/1az442E

iBooks: http://bit.ly/LTHqHc

Indiebound: http://bit.ly/1e6mGlr

Almost French

Memories of my previous job come back to me, the images brighter than the reality ever was.

Sarah Turnbull

All dressed up and nowhere to go!!!!

My stationary supplies soon take on warehouse proportions. Frederic brings home rainbows of highlighter pens, colour-coded paper files, fancy pencils, notepads, transparent plastic covers, a tower of in and out trays, rows of fat folders and - most ambitious of all - an invoice  book to record my future payments. My office takes over the dining room table. Equipped to the eyeballs, I'm ready to start. But on what? 

Come dance with me.....

On my orders - charge!!!!!

So I've decided that today is the day I will get down and dirty with my final edit of Gold Digger!
For some reason I have been putting off the monumental task of reading through the final cut of Gold Digger from my Editor because if I'm honest - I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by this huge task.
 You would think I would be tearing into it with gusto because I just want to see it printed - but for some reason I shied away from it, and tried to think of all the other way more important things I had to be doing before this. And lets face it there is NOTHING that is more important to me right now - I want to get my book published - its my dream, my life, my everything.... So what's wrong with me then? Nothing now! I have made a conscious effort to convince myself this day, now, this moment is the time to do it, no one else can do it for me - I have to roll my sleeves up and just go for it - so this is me...going for it!!!!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The History of the Vagina, or as I like to call it The Queen Victoria......

Journey with me as I travel back in time through the varied, harried, hairy and sometimes scary history of that womanliest of parts, the vagina.

Prehistoric Punani, Paleolithic Period
The oldest known representations of the female form date back to 23,000 to 35,000 years ago. Hundreds of miniature Venus figurines, as they’ve been dubbed by archaeologists, have been unearthed across Europe and Asia. Are they fertility symbols? Realistic depictions of actual women? Idealized bodies? Experts aren’t sure. But the voluptuous carvings all share a few key traits: large breasts, wide hips and prominent vulva. Also of note, most don’t have faces.
The Clitoris is Discovered, 1559

If any man is going to get credit for finding the clitoris, it’s Realdo Colombo, who first described the erogenous region in his 1559 book, “De re anatomica” (“On Things Anatomical”). He dubbed it “amor Veneris,” the love of Venus, and postulated that without it, women would not derive pleasure from sex (and therefore wouldn’t have children).

The Original NSFW, 19th Century
It seems that the storied history of the chastity belt is just a story. That story says that medieval Crusaders would lock up their wives’ metal underpants before going to battle, bringing with them the only key, to ensure fidelity during their absence. Turns out, that’s a myth, based on symbolic art, literature and satire (like the 16th Century wood carving at left), and propagated over the last few centuries. And the artifacts from the Middle Ages you find in museums? Probably fakes. Indeed, according to researchers at Hungary’s Semmelweis Medical History Museum, chastity belts didn’t really show up until the 19th Century. During the industrial revolution in England and France, women were entering the workforce alongside men in factories and offices. The belts were intended to protect them from rape. They were also used to keep European and American middle-class adolescents from masturbating.

The World Spreads, 2012
Tumblr: The HQ of V. Large Labia Project (largelabiaproject.tumblr.com) joined Vaginas of the World (vaginasoftheworld.tumblr.com) as a place where women can upload and share pictures of their vaginas and celebrate the full labial spectrum. As Emma, the self-described meaty-lipped founder of Large Labia Project writes, “by adding your labia to the growing body of contributed photos on this site, you’ll be able to join with me and the other girls and let everyone else out there with fears, misgivings and even hatred towards their labia know that they are not alone, that they are normal, that they are beautiful, and that they have nothing to be worried about.”

large labia project

Women Start Faking It, 15th Century...

Long before going bare was a beauty treatment, it was a medical treatment—for crabs. Labial legend has it that, as far back as the mid-1400s, prostitutes shaved their pubic hair to prevent lice. But since the Brazilian wouldn’t come into fashion for another 600 years or so, ladies of the night used pubic wigs, or merkins, to cover their bald mounds, sticking them on with spirit gum. Far from fading into history, the modern-day merkin shares the spotlight with shy Hollywood actresses during nude scenes, is a must for many drag queens and is available in a variety of styles and colors online from vendors such as Hollywood Merkin, International Wigs and Max Wigs.

Visit us at http://www.youbeauty.com/

The Selfie stick and two crazy girls.....

I went to the creek yesterday with my best friend Jodie to have a swim, sunbake, eat, drink and be merry! As you may have guessed we love a good photo shoot, so we took my brothers cool little Go-pro and an extension stick that we have dubbed 'The Selfie Stick'. It was a really fun day and we got some cool footage and photos that I will post to my google + in a little while so look out for them xx

But right now - let's just take a little pause for the cause!

My fabulous book Gold Digger is very close to being published, its been a long learning process that I have blogged extensively about - you can find all the fabulous posts in my blog archives.
At the moment I'm just doing the final read through before it goes to print, before which I will be choosing my cover.

All the pre order copies have been sold - Thanks to all of you that bought a copy! I totally appreciate it - more than you can imagine!

If you missed out - don't stress it will be available for  purchase online in the next few months at my author website and Amazon and Barnes and Noble. and you will also be able to find it in book shops in America and here in OZ. I'll keep you posted on were you will be able to find it!

Friday, 21 February 2014

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I'm melting....

It's 31 degrees c here on the GC today and I have to say I'm not loving it! Why? I'm stuck inside editing, instead of diving into the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean! I would so love to be out and about right now instead of sitting on my sticky (but totally awesome brown leather couch!) Well, I wouldn't actually call it a couch, it's more like a massive comfort giver, but today I'm not taking much comfort! I mean how could I? It's more like a slip and slide at this point, and it's not fucking water if you know what I mean! The leather probably has more of my body fluids in and around it than I do!

I think I might have to take a shower to wash the leathery sweat smell off me and then crank the air con to max and pour myself a drink!!!!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Saturday, 15 February 2014

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Friday, 14 February 2014

Opening up.....

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Drive-by Shushing

Fiction Writing

So you have decided you want to become a writer. Welcome!
No matter what genre you decide to go into, the premise is the same. If you want to write a book or at least have a go at it, you have had an idea and don't know where to start, you have been fooling around with the idea about writing your idea down but don't know how then you have come to the right place.

The idea for a book is the first step to writing your book. If you have an idea great, if you don't then you might want to go away and think about it for a while. Ideas come at odd times for me, when I am doing everyday things. But yours might be different. You need an idea to write a book, a subject or a topic that interests you. You might have read a book and that will give you an idea. The next step is to write down your idea. Jot down everything that comes into your head. I like to do a mind map which is a very easy and basic to begin with and becomes more complex as the story takes shape. If you don't know what a mind map is then you can search online and create one that fits you. Once my idea is down and I have mind mapped the life out of it. I start writing. At first its not in order and seems like a mass of undecipherable words and pages but that's the fun bit. Its like a puzzle piecing it all together and making it fit and creating chapters...... Ahhhhhh

If you want more tips on how to become a fiction writer you can check out my archives located on the sidebar to your right. I have covered all the most interesting topics that will get you on your way to becoming a writer, I also give you a play by play of how I got published and what I did to get to that point. You can also check out this link which I found helpful.

Reading list

I am a member of Goodreads and you can add me here if your into that sort of thing.....

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mobile Library......

It's like an orange made love to a plum.....

Exotic fruits seem to be finding their way onto Australian shelves more and more over the last few years, and despite being a person that usually buys Australian made or grown products to keep jobs here in OZ - I have to say I am totally loving all the different fruits that are appearing and going into my juices -  blended here on my bench in my fabulous juicer..... when I sip it I could be in Hawaii or some far flung exotic island sipping it out of a pineapple and kicking back on a hammock with someone sucking my toe!!!!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Don't even get me started on the little sex diagrams that are wearing helmets and goggles and scarves and figure skating uniforms while engaged in coitus.

Sticking with my Olympic theme, I have found this little gem of an article about Sex Olympic Style and decided I must share!
(And I have to say I giggled my way through this and had to share it with you guys because its only fair that you be smiling too.)

In honor of the upcoming Winter Games, this month's issue of Cosmopolitan tailored its monthly offering of sex tips around an Olympics theme. And, like the Olympics, only the world's most elite athletes should try them. Seriously. They're cock-snappingly harrowing.
I'm not going to mince words here: while far-fetched, this month's SEX OLYMPICS section in Cosmo is fucking awesome. It seems that, like Skynet, Cosmo has gradually become self-aware, and rather than shying away from its much-ridiculed penchant for silly sex tips, it's doubled — nay, tripled down and decided to own them, and that takes scrunchie-framed balls. I mean, positions called The Bawdy Bobsled? The Long Pole? Siberian Husky Style? And don't even get me started on the little sex diagrams that are wearing helmets and goggles and scarves and figure skating uniforms while engaged in coitus.
Here's an excerpt from The Heavenly Spiral, which sounds like one of those positions that only work when the woman is 5'2" and tiny and the man is like 6'5" and burly.
... have him enter from behind while he holds your legs at his sides, with VIP access to your G-spot. For a double (Axel) 0, reach down and stroke your clitoris. All O, no concussion? And the crowd goes wild!
Yes, congratulations on completing sex without bruising your brain.
The O-lympic Village sounds like another recipe for sexual injury.
We like to imagine the athletes mastering this during the notorious after-dark f*ckfest that is Olympian housing. Lie on your back and position your whole body upward, as if you were about to do a backbend. Then have him kneel (and thrust) between your legs. Since your head's below your heart, you'll have an intense head-rush orgasm. And he gets a vigorous thigh workout. You're officially champions of coitus.
Since your head's below your heart, your face might turn purple while your ears pound with the sound of your own blood overwhelming your cephalic vessels. With bonus back injuries! Skip the Sex Olympics like injured Olympian Lindsay Vonn skips the real Olympics!
But the peak of this month's giddy ode to dirty jokes and A+ double entendres is called The Sex-Goddess Ski Jump, which I kind of want to get tattooed on my ass.
1. Take a flying leap. 2. Land on his penis. 3. Win a gold medal! Have him push you up against a wall and grab you around the butt. Now leap up into his arms like you're soaring off a Sochi bluff, lock your legs around his waist, hold on to his shoulders for leverage, and get busy. Little-known Newton law of motion: up-against-a-wall sex is never not hot.
Widely-known law of dicks: do not take a flying leap and land on a dick.
Break Your Man's Penis With Cosmo's Ridiculous Olympic Sex Tips
To Cosmo's credit, I never realized how hilarious drawings of people fucking while wearing helmets was until I read this month's issue. But please, unless you want to win the gold medal in embarrassing emergency room visits, leave the Olympian fucking to the pros.


Russia's apparent ineptitude in pulling off a non-harrowing Winter Games would normally leave me howling with laughter!

Shit is going to go down at the Winter Olympics - of that we can be sure!
Now, I don't know if you know this, but I love me a good Olympic Games! Winter or Summer, you will find me glued to the box shouting out support for my fellow Aussies as the try and win us some Gold!
The lead up to the games seems to have dragged on, as I scoured the TV, newspapers, magazines and online for signs of pre games entertainment and I haven't come away empty handed - of that you can be sure.
Last night I got to watch what some would say were preliminary events, but I would call fucking cheating. The opening ceremony hasn't even happened yet and events have already started. I mean come on - WTF? Heats for some downhill trick thingy over jumps and whatnot have already started and I felt kind of cheated because I want to watch everything (lucky I flipped the channel when I did or I would have missed OZ's own Torra Bright moving straight into the final.) I then panicked and started shouting obscenities at the screen, because my way of thinking is that until the opening ceremony has happened no events should go ahead weather it be heats or whatever. Anyway rant over.....

So - I have been interested in all there is to know about the games, from the moment I thought Sochi was in Japan (It sounds fucking Japanese to me) till now, and I have read various articles relating to the apparent bomb threats, Russia's hairy slopes, and the fact that no one entering into the games or the civilians there to cheer them on are safe and are virtual prisoners in there accommodations! Why the fuck did they pick Russia? The snow? Lots of places have snow - why don't we take that thing to St Moritz or somewhere civilised and a little bit classy instead of holding it in the ass end of a country that has some serious scary shit waiting to unfold. But alas its too late for could of, should of, would of's so instead, What they should do is, set up cameras in the Olympic Village and we can watch them all struggle with cabin fever - that would make for some interesting TV.

Olympic Village Sochi
Anyway - I found one of the funniest articles on Jezabel relating to the games and the harrowing slopes of Russia and thought I would share it with you.

Normally, the Olympics, with their feel good pageantry, would provide valuable respite from seasonal ennui. But this year, the Olympics are just making things worse.
Russia's apparent ineptitude in pulling off a non-harrowing Winter Games would normally leave me howling with laughter, like the kind of howling laughter I laughed every day when I was living in Athens, Greece during the run up to the 2004 Summer Games. I'll never forget where I was when I read that construction workers who were supposed to be building the Olympic Stadium were instead going on strike because they were upset about a 5.5-hour workday without a built in afternoon naptime. Or the time a big news report stateside revealed that absolutely nothing had been done to prepare, and whoever was running things in Athens responded by ripping up all of the sidewalks in Kolonaki and installing new, shittier sidewalks that looked like yellow Lego bricks. Or how Athens in August is like living inside an armpit that sweats diesel fumes. Bureaucrats stressing the fuck out over sports is funny, almost always.
Every Olympics produces its own comedic organizational clusterfuck in their run up, and this year's Sochi games promised to be no exception. Russia, the land of dashcams and tacky billionaires and Vladimir Putin's chesty scowl, was a land of rueful promise. But everything that's gone wrong, and everything that promises to go wrong, hasn't been funny at all this time. It's just combined with terrible weather-induced cabin fever to induce a perfect storm of hopelessness that may even morph into existential crisis. I'm about to Debbie Downer the shit out of these Games, and it's not going to be fun.

The Gaymes

The irony of a country with homophobic leadership that bans "gay propaganda" hosting the world's premiere competition of male figure skating, the "world's gayest sport," promised to a satisfying bit of poetic justice. No gay propaganda here, says a stone-faced Putin clapping demurely at a man rocking the hell out of a purple spandex bodysuit while skillfully dancing on skates. It would have been great. Think of the gifs.
But then, this video, of the sort of thing that gay people who aren't elite global athletes face, zaps all of the ironic humor from the aforementioned theoretical and transforms it into something enraging. It's hard to laugh when you can't pretend that awful shit isn't happening.

Toilet humor

Despite travel warnings, gobs of journalists have ventured to Sochi and found accommodations to be... lacking. Even the toilets are fucked up. Athletes and journalists have shared images of double toilets, audience toilets, and toilets with the lids installed backwards to social media, and everyone's having a laugh.
But when I think of an athlete winning a gold medal, only to return to his room to throw their poo paper away in a small bin next to their commode, I don't find laughter. I feel despair. And then I think — this is Russia rolling out the fancy shit (no pun intended). Imagine the conditions under which non-foreign non-journalists live in Russia when the country isn't trying to show off on the international stage. That country is rife with human rights abuses of its own citizens, so while we're all laughing at toilets, I'll be over here in a corner, holding my knees and rocking while pondering the horror of everyday existence for many Russian citizens.

Go For The Goldendoodle

Athens locals were very protective of the self-tamed strays that populate the city. They're fed, watered, protected. They'll wait outside of bars and clubs for people to leave and walk you home, like furry, mangy bodyguards (when you get back to your apartment, it's customary to offer the dogs a scrap of food as thanks. That's just Athenian dog etiquette). They wait for pedestrian walk signals at intersections. They don't jump on you. They're great. It's a major faux pas to fuck with them, and people got super mad when some of them turned up dead of poisoning before the 2004 Games.
Sochi's got a stray issue, too, but some of it is self-induced. Some of the dogs that now wander the streets don't have places to live because the Olympic organizing committee forced their owners to clear out of their homes to make way for the Games. And now, tame, mostly-harmless pups are being rounded up and killed, in the spirit of global unity and competition or something. A billionaire has stepped in to try to save them, but who knows how many were rounded up before they could be saved.
These games are run by fucking assholes! Holy shit!
And speaking of assholes,

... and Heroin

Turns out, there's a reason the Olympic committee agreed to give the Winter Games to a tropical resort city about 250 miles from one of the least politically stable regions in the world. A heroin kingpin strongly encouraged them to.
One of the architects of the Sochi games, according to ABC, was Russian "businessman" Gafur Rakhimov, who associates describe as a terrifying monster and one of the biggest players in the heroin game. And it's not like this stuff is a secret, either.
[Rakhimov] was banned from attending the Olympic games in Australia in 2000 because of his alleged criminal ties.
In 2012, U.S. Treasury officials sought to freeze Rakhimov's bank accounts around the world, describing him in public documents as a "key member" of a huge Russian-Asian criminal syndicate called the Brothers' Circle.
"He has operated major international drug syndicates involving the trafficking of heroin," the Treasury statement said.
Former ambassador Murray said the heroin from Rakhimov's network moves through Central Asia to St. Petersburg, Russia and then on to Europe and the United Kingdom.
Despite the criminal allegations and indictment, Rakhimov continues to serve as a vice president of the Olympic Council of Asia, a group of nations that are members of the International Olympic Committee.
Lovely. Let's award him the Gold in the brand new Profiting Off Of Misery And Harm Competition.
I'm beginning to suspect that the Olympics are to international sports what Disney World is to environmentalism and multiculturalism. The Games have been corrupt for as long as I can remember — remember what the Salt Lake City committee did to secure its bid? — but between the puppy murder, gangster placating, gay bashing, and lack of basic amenities for its own citizens, at this point, I'm about ready to break up with the Games entirely. NBC's idiotic decision to air everything with a tape delay doesn't bolster its case for rewarding them with ratings, either — although, if this were a different year, Lauer trying to gloss over all the institutional homophobia with relentless, quixotic positivity might be somewhat entertaining.
At least we'll always have Norway's curling uniforms.
Your Welcome :-)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The best description of France

France is like a maddening, moody lover who inspires emotional highs and lows.

Sarah Turnbull 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Reading essentials.....

An Eat Pary Love type siuation

So a very nice person on G+ told me that Tara is an Indian name meaning Star, and a Goddess in Buddhism. How cool is that!
 As a child, I found a card in a local newsagency that said my name meant Tower in Irish - but I never thought to look for it anywhere else. Now I've got something else to add to my ever growing 'to do' list, or bucket list as it is now commonly known these days. I'm going to look up my name in all the languages (well the ones that recognise my name as a word) You know, cause I don't have a million other things I want to do and achieve - why not just make it a never ending thing, until I die and then maybe someone will find my list and decide that in my memory they will try and complete my list and in the process find themselves or fall in love or something.... it could end up the most amazing story that could be turned into a book or movie or something- an Eat Pray Love type situation, but about my life and this person that carried the thing (my list) around with them and what happened and stuff!

Water = no headache

So I've been getting a few headaches lately, and I realised its because I have been depriving my body of water! You'd be surprised how quick that shit goes in and out and how much your body actually requires to function at optimum levels! Apparently the human body is 85% water! See you learn something new every day! Also when you are thirsty your body is already dehydrated - I'm just full of interesting facts today!

Anyway - I have been meaning to monitor my water intake for some time by filling a pop top water bottle up and seeing how many I go through per day - but I keep forgetting to refill it and someone always decides to have a big scull out of it and then I don't know which ways up so I just give up! But I am going to make it my mission to see my water bottle experiment through - its the least I could do for my body don't you think?

The final edit of Gold Digger

I am slowly working my way through the final edit of my first soon to be published novel! And, I have to say - god it's hard work! Yesterday I was actually brain dead by the end of it and almost two hours into it this morning and I've had to take a break! It's very mentally challenging and I'm not sure how much longer I will last today! I'm def going to have to pace myself or I'll need a holiday after it! Writing the book is way easier than this stuff!!!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Whats your invisible list......


There are a lot of different things I like to do. I'm sure everyone has some sort of invisible list of the things they like to do, I just happen to have one written (I'm weird like that!) and weather it contains sporting activities, TV Marathons, eating, drinking, reading, sleeping - everyone has their list.
My list is way too long to go into at this point, and I think you may find I have probably written such a list in a previous post,  but I cant be sure because I am a bit tired and my brain isn't working properly.

Anyway I was laying here on my lounge looking at this blog and brainstorming ideas for future blog posts that will surely keep people interested in my cool little stories,  interesting pics, writing tips, progress on my writing and what I'm reading and music I'm into etc, and I though -

'hey, you know what, I could totally list Two things that can really relax me when I'm hanging out at home and include cool pictures and what not!'

~YES, I'm a genius and a bit of a twit at the same time.... in my head its like ~

 'Why wouldn't anybody be interested in what two things I had plucked off of a list of possibly 100 things I like to do?'

Actually provide you with a list of these two things that make me relax so your life is what, complete somehow?

So this is what its come too....

Writing Novels in Australia

Writing Novels in Australia
Writers in Australia on Writing Novels
If your a writer in Australia, you might want to head over and check this blog out! I found it really useful, and will definitely be going back when I have to chance for a second look.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Feet in the Air....

I'm having a lazy afternoon with my feet in the air..... - probably not what you thought when you read the title of this post, more likely you would assume, that I had meant I was being fucked sideways!!! Unfortunately,  it's just the relaxing kind of 'feet in the air' situation, but in my favour, I am drinking alcohol, despite my pact to not get intoxicated this weekend - oh well - I'm having fun :-)

Wisdom and authors