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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Danielle Steels World

As I try to do every month - here is the latest from Danielle Steels website and her life and amazing books.

A Note from Danielle for August ‘13

Dear Friends,August always feels like our last shot at summer. A last chance for vacation time before the fall begins. The last of the warm days before it starts to cool down. Our last lazy moments, for both parents and kids. It’s a chance to do the things we haven’t gotten around to all summer. And for some children now, and college kids, it’s back to school and practice for sports teams in August. - See more at:


Gold Digger Novel

There's still some time to get your hands on a pre order copy of my fabulous novel Gold Digger! Its a contemporary romance/chic lit book.

For more information and for purchase details please click this link


What a shit Idea!



Jane Austen


I purchased this movie last week due to the fact that it was a movie about Butter and more importantly butter sculpting not to mention a stellar cast in place, for something like $3.00 off Ebay (when I actually log into ebay, which isn't all that often, I somehow end up spending hours looking through all the cool stuff!) And so it arrived! I love, love weird movies based around something a movie wouldn't normally be made about!  As soon as I saw the cover I knew it was something I was going to enjoy! If you're looking for a comedy with a twist, perhaps something a bit different to watch over the weekend and you're into watching movies why not sink your teeth into Butter!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Thursday, 29 August 2013

où est le bateau

I'm brushing up on my French for my trip to Noumea and Lifou and I thought it might be a good idea to know how to ask where the boat is, just in-case I get lost on my shore trip when I go on my cruise next year! Lucky me - I have a French Step mum so I should be right!

Business as usual......

I'm back - blog posts coming hard and fast, mojo for writing, life, everything is at 100%. My brain is different now though - I think I just grew up!!!!!

Afternoon delights!

Reading in the afternoon sun would have to be at the top of my life list as something I really enjoy doing.
Baking is right up there too along with naps, going for a walk, taking a dip in the ocean in the summer or gardening. And dreaming about travelling. Some would say it sounds like a list for a granny but what can I say - I like the simple things in life.

Okay, lets do this.......

I'm motivated, I'm rested, I'm on it! Ally in Disguise > prepare for my full attention, I will be writing you today!!!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Finding time to write....

I'm her registered emotional companion!

OMG - how do I eject?????

Blah. blah - fucking blah! Seriously shut the hell up!
Ranting and raving about your first world problems is just so pathetic!
 Take a deep breath - your hairdryer breaking is not a big deal, nor is the fact that your Mercedes Benz is out of action because it needed a service. These things are NOT a big deal!!!!!!

Steaming bowl of (Re) Hash.

I've already posted this before, but I really liked it, so I am posting it again.....
Don't pump and dump your whole history - we all love a little mystery.
Some people seem to have what I like to call verbal diahorea! They spew forth their most intimate details, divulging way to much information, and in the process ultimately alienating possible friends.
There's nothing like meeting someone for the first time and by the end of the night you know their life story. Most of which seemed to be stuff you just didn't need to know.
So a word to the wise- keep some things to yourself. We really didn't need to know everything that's ever happened to you in the first five minutes......

Two different worlds.....

When I was much younger and was a bit of a wild thing, me and my friends used to go clubbing until the wee hours of the morning! At the time, I thought it was great, but always remember that the worst ending to a night out is when they turn all the lights on. All it does, other than signify the end of the evening, is illuminate the full horror of the situation. The guy over there you have been making drunken eyes at has a peg leg and an eye patch, everyone stinks of stale sweat including you, and  you look like a total mess, makeup melting off your face, blistered heels, vodka breath and a headache coming on that panadol will not fix. That and the slightly seasick feeling  that you get as you rest your head back as the taxi driver burns silently through the streets. Its 5am, and there are fresh faced people taking strolls on the beach and getting the morning paper, that you know should be you.....

So years later......My friend has become recently single and we went out for dinner and some drinks (which is what I am up for these days) but she managed to convince/force me into a club called Sin City.(The only sin was that everyone was between 18 - 22 and all looked like they needed me to call their mothers to come and collect them!!!!) I promptly put myself in a taxi and headed home. It did however provoke some questions about why the clubs here are geared at the younger crowd when its so obvious that we all like to have a good time and people who are older have much more money to spend.

Its true, the nightlife here on the Gold Coast is deadest pathetic. The clubs here cater to babies. If your over 25 - its dinner and drinks, casino or the pubs and surf clubs, or the 3 live music venues. There is basically nowhere for anyone else to go if they want to stay out past midnight and have a dance. What we, the older generation still want, is  to be entertained - but apparently the Gold Coast don't really know how to make that happen....

Would I go out more often if there was somewhere other than a restaurant to go to? Maybe - would I stay out till 5am - probably not but it still doesn't mean that I wouldn't enjoy new facilities that didn't have a bunch of kids swing from a pole/podium.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Motivation come at me!

Hmmmm the furthest I got with Ally in Disguise last night was wishfully thinking that I needed to actually get some edits done - No such edits where even attempted! I was supposed to get my shit together and write some interesting, funny, stupid and challenging posts for this blog over the weekend - that didn't happen either. Minimal reading was attempted and not much promo for Gold Digger was done. What's fucking wrong with me! No doubt about the fact that I needed some sort of break to get myself back on track after a huge month of writing, reading etc but I am finding it really hard to get back to where I want to be with my work, writing and life! All I can think about is watching the next episode of Lost, sleeping and food - not to mention the cruise I will be going on next may.
I need to dig deep or I may actually get stuck in a rut - the perils of working from home and not having a boss hammering you into shape!!!!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Lost in Lost!

Where have you been all my life? I have just discovered Lost the TV show after all these years. If it wasn't for my local library I wouldn't have ever found it and be so addicted to it! I'm about halfway through the third season and I'm seriously hooked!!!!

Ally In Disguise....

Tonight has been set aside for some much needed Ally time. I'm about halfway through the fifth edit and this new book is really shaping up. I love this time, when I'm on the verge of coming up with my next 'best seller' I love writing!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

we cannot unwrite it


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

You're Welcome...

Here is a list of where you can add me on all the top social medias so you can stay up to date on my writing, reading, amaze pics and funny little stories and posts about all sorts of stuff :-) Oh and don't forget to follow this blog by clicking the link at the top of the page! Cheers!

Tara's mini slideshow

I promised I would supply you with some pics from lasts nights photo shoot - these are the best shots - hope you like it!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Writing in Heels

Skank Fever!!!!

Seriously, is everyone getting their gear off for Internet photo's? It's Dirty Pics Aplenty!
I thought that because I was on Pintrest I could somehow escape viewing practically pornographic pics of women's asses bent over in G-strings, and shots of bare breasted nymphos, but alas this is not so.
In Skanks everywhere's defence I did type in sexy photos on Pintrest hoping to come across tastefully arty pics of sexy stockings and sexual innuendos that I could upload onto my G+ profile, however what I came face to face with, or rather face to ass with was borderline obscene and actually irritated me!

Does it have to be fucking everywhere? Is there no stopping the masses from doing impromptu photo shoots of their crotches all the while thinking that their scantily clad pics are something new? Porn picture sites should be scared, they'll be out of business soon!

Don't get it twisted, I love the female form, I'm all for sexy shots but for a purpose or reason. Websites promoting things that require a sexy women to bare some skin to sell stuff, or magazine shoots, women taking it off in the name of art - I have no problem seeing any women's snatch/bush or otherwise as long as its done tastefully and with a little class - you might be wondering how any pic of a women's snatch could be classy, but if you are in fact wondering you only need to look up artists and photographers that celebrate women by painting nudes or taking classy photos of women in various poses. We should be celebrating women and their wonderful, soft, supple forms not degrading them by taking dirty fucking shit and posting it.
Its hard not to get annoyed by the absolute bombardment of not so sexy photos I see all over the net and its all similar stuff ~ Girl taking selfie of her snatch and posting it! And here are some less incriminating pics that I think are fucking pointless - but let me tell you its just the tip of the iceberg...

Here are three examples of what I would consider tasteful........ but still super sexy


I would like to point out that I am not entirely innocent here - yes I have on occasion posted risqué pictures of myself - none nude, or focusing on my crotch and all very tasteful - and there's the fact that I'm actually doing it for a higher purpose than the one just to get guys to look at me. This blog, Writing in Heels focuses on Writing in Heels! So naturally I post pics of sexy legs (mine) attached to shoes (I love shoes) I also have posted sexy pics on here and G+ of myself at dress up parties or of me with my friends - and I cant help it if we naturally get into some precarious situations and I document it for your enjoyment, but I'll rarely post anything like that without a little story to go along with it - but again all very tasteful and totes fits into my personality. I'm not just some airhead posting shit with nothing to back it up. Most of my photos relate to something. Some people are going to be all like this bitch is tripping she has just posted about some racy photo shoot she's planning on doing tonight - but I cant stress enough that its for a fucking purpose alright!!!!Sex does sell, no denying it but you can cross the line.

The pics I am referring too (that I'm hating on) are ones that a girl needs to save for her boyfriend or partner not go and put it out there for the world to see..... you're not a stripper, and your not a porn star - maybe your a women that gets off from others looking at you and that's okay too, but pintrest....seriously? If you want to have people look at you and up your asshole and you need the validation of a hundred strangers telling you your fucking sexy baby and god they wished they had someone like you to grind up on, post it in the appropriate places - lets not plaster the whole net with it for gods sake - leave something to the imagination!

Up against the wall with skirt bunched over my hips.......

As he brings his face closer to mine I can see his skin is perfect, not a pore in site. It's just not fair. He's even prettier than Teresa, in a manly way. In an up-against-the-wall-with-my-skirt-bunched-over-my-hips kind of way. 

Life Over Easy

Shoe passion......

Racy photo shoot....

I've been doing a lot of heels and leg shots to coincide with the theme of my blog - and have decided in true Tara fashion to do another little photo shoot. This one is going to be a little bit different to what I usually do and I really hope you like it! I will post the best shots on my blog for you to check out in the coming days!

Monday, 19 August 2013

She ain't nothing but a Gold Digger

I am doing some promo stuff for Gold Digger today, it's coming along nicely! 

I should have some interesting things happening with it next month! It's still in the editing process and once that's complete I will be picking the cover and it will go to print! 
In the mean time it's still available for pre- order at my author website;


Sunday, 18 August 2013

You see me cruisin'

Exert from Life Over Easy

I gingerly pick my way back to the trestle table. Some of the retreaters give me exasperated looks, as if I'm personally trying to fuck with their serenity.


Life Over Easy.

Beach Library!

I found this on Random Houses Facebook Page and thought I would share it!
A beach library! What a great idea. Would you use a beach library while on holiday or if you live near the beach?

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Relaxing Weekend

Why is it so relaxing?

  1. Last night I watched Ted, Pitch Perfect for the third time and then the first half of The Straits a 10 Episode Australian/Papua New Guinean show that is so awesome you have to check it out, and fell asleep about 1030pm.
  2. Today I woke up at 9am and laid around all morning which included but wasn't limited too continued reading of Pretty Vacant - A History of Punk which I have found very interesting.
  3. I went to Harbour Town @ 11am and brought myself a really cute  pair of High Top Converse's in a tany/gold kind of leopard print. Ate a BLT with chips and coleslaw on the side with a lift drink. Then went to typo, a shop that has funky notepads etc and got a new notepad that says; Pardon my French on the front (you know how obsessed I am with anything French) and a cute little pencil case/mini bag that says Lets Blog some shit on the front which was right up my ally!
  4. Drove home - relaxed.
  5. Cooked a shepherds pie from scratch. And there goes the timer so I had better go and eat it!

 But later I'm planning on watching the rest of The Straits and then moving on to the last 2 disks of season 1 of Lost and then onto season 2. Maybe in between I will take a long bubble bath whist reading my other book Life Over Easy which I'm really enjoying, and then put my pj's on and relax a bit more! Shit its such a tough life - but someone has too do it!

Tomorrow I plan on doing some gardening, cleaning, reading, more Lost (because I am fucking obsessed) and maybe even indulge in an afternoon sleep!

Have a great weekend x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Danielle Steel

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Walk the street

Shoes with a view!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Just having a little rest....

Its been a huge month, full of so much stuff its been very draining and last night whilst hung over, I received some very sad news about a family friend dying! That, along with a lot of other things, has forced me to give myself another week off work to recharge my batteries and just do me!

 So if you were wondering where the hell I have been, then this will explain it! If you didn't care - go about your business!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Friday, 9 August 2013

only thinking about life!


Passion for shoes part 1000!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The pens should be scared...

2 in one night - died of different causes but will be equally missed!

I need shares in a pen company!

Finally I spill the beans on Melbourne!

So I have been meaning to fill you in on my trip to Melbourne, and have until this point been too busy with my freelance writing and a few other things that I wont go into. So here is my little story!

I flew out of the Gold Coast on Saturday morning to the largest city in Australia for the first time alone, for one of my best friend Rhea's birthday and engagement party.

Upon landing, I disembarked to freezing conditions - (unlike my hometown which is approximately 16 hours drive away.) The icy winds I faced after the 2 hour flight surprised me as I huddled into my coat, scarf and gloves that I happened to have handy. I proceeded to Nando's to purchase food and wait for my lift who was arriving via another flight 2 hours later. As I sat eating and waiting I realised I should have attempted to catch the 3 modes of transport I would have needed to catch to get to my destination that would have taken 1.5 hours, despite the promise of a direct car ride to said destination and the discouraging story I was fed about the hassle the public transport posed.

When I finally sat in the promised hire car (after waiting 20 minutes to hire said car and being somehow roped into minding a ladies bag and 2 year old while she went to retrieve the food she ordered, but took far too long and I ended up having to follow the baby around who wouldn't stay put while dragging her bag, her stuffed handbag and my bag and belongings behind me, and finally dumping them back on her as we exited the airport to her protests that she wouldn't have been much longer and had the audacity to look annoyed that I couldn't just do this one thing!) I relaxed and excitedly awaited the upcoming reunion with Rhea as I looked around at the new scenery.
Unfortunately the couple who where kind enough to give me a ride, wanted to check into their hotel (as you would) before taking me to Rheas, and I politely told them I didnt mind at all when they asked me if that was okay. My heart sank when I realised that the checkin included a possible shower and a clothes change. I awkwardly followed them to their hotel room and asked to use the bathroom.
Luckily the guy from the couple said he would leave his partner to it and suggested we retire to the fully stocked bar conveniently located in the lobby.
2 drinks deep, the edge well and truly off, I didn't mind that 6 hours later I still hadn't arrived at my destination.
The 40 minute car trip went smoothly as small talk was exchanged and I tried not to think about how much I wanted to pee.

Our arrival was greeted with lots of hugs and kisses from Nick and Rhea who I hadn't seen for 6 months! - Yay I've arrived.
Two glasses of champagne later, snuggled up on the lounge with a blanket, my besty and central heating warming up my bones I dined on 2 pieces of rather ordinary pizza and participated in some funny card games and had a shower, I was ready for bed. Unfortunately the hostess had other plans.

Pyjama clad 3 girls head off to 'the city' (a 40 minute car ride) to pick up another guest who was arriving from Byron Bay at the Southern Cross Railway Station and bus depot. After driving around in circles for 10 minutes we parked illegally and spotted who we had came for and gestured for her to hurry. Obviously not quick enough though because seconds later a police car with 4 officers pounced on us demanding to know why we were parked there. As previously mentioned we all had pyjamas on and were getting some weird looks (its 12am on Friday night/Saturday morning and here we are surrounded by people who were on their way to clubs and bars or coming from dinners and parties and we are sitting in a car flanked by police) The driver of our vehicle got out and attempted to convince them her car was playing up to avoid being fined the hefty fee she faced for doing the wrong thing and to possibly convince them we posed no threat. (The police in Melbourne city are armed to the hilt and are out in force) '
They either bought her feeble story or had bigger fish to fry and told us to get it sorted and move on.
The drive home saw me trying to stay awake, which I succeeded in doing and headed for bed after sprinting from the car to front door in the inhospitable weather. As I slid into the double bed/cloud I was looking forward to drifting off. No such luck! The double bed (a mattress on the floor) was accompanied by a set of bunks that the two other female guests would be calling theirs for the two night stay. We chatted about all sorts of stuff and the one who had just arrived unpacked and changed while she reminisced with the host. The school camp experience just got real. About 1:30am all went silent.

The following day saw us waking up to equally freezing conditions and pancakes. I'm not really a breakfast person, but being a guest, I forced down half a pancake and a funny tasting cup of tea that I later found out had been laced with soy milk.
Dressed for success we headed to the previously organised birthday lunch which was really nice and it was great to see all of Rheas new friends and some of her older ones. We ended the lunch on a champagne high and took a mini tour of the surrounding area.


Back at 'home' we logged into Youtube and listened to various tunes as we started to get ready for the engagement party. Time flew as 4 girls tussled over the limited space in the mirror to apply foundation and make various improvements. The following pictures speak for themselves - it was a really fun night.



The following day we had a late brunch and caught my first Melbourne train into the city to look around. 7 hours, 2 trams and another train later I was hopping on a bus to the airport for my flight home. With the 2 hour delay I arrived home at 1145pm and breathed a sigh of relief. It was such a fun whirlwind trip and it was so good to see Rhea but;
There's no place like home.

Death of a pen!

An empty vessel
spent, used, dried up.
Hollow and lifeless!

Life Over Easy.

"We don't take reservations, unless its for a big party." She smiles, still holding her pen point up. Now I see why she's so perky - she's high on Sharpie fumes.

Margins Candela

Monday, 5 August 2013

Check out my 'I love stuff' WishList.

Check out Tara's 'I love stuff' WishList.

All about High Heel Shoes

The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands

Christian Louboutin: The French shoe designer is known for the signature red soles of his shoes. He came up with the idea for the red soles on his shoes when he saw one of his employees wearing red Chanel nail polish. He figured that adding red to the bottom of his shoes would be the finishing touch to his designs. Manolo Blahnik: Manuel “Manolo” Blahnik Rodríguez a.k.a. Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish fashion designer with boutiques located in New York, London, Dublin, Las Vegas, Athens, Madrid, Istanbul, Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Stockholm. In 2007, Blahnik was appointed as an honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order British Empire for his service to the British fashion industry. Jimmy Choo: Malaysian Chinese fashion designer based in London. Choo created his first shoe when he was 11 years old and would go onto worldwide fame in 1988 by having an for more click this link


Sunday, 4 August 2013