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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Where are all the cool blog posts?

Sorry I've been MIA lately - I haven't even told you one story about Melbourne or anything! I've had a lot on the last few weeks and haven't had much time to get much blogging done! I promise to write something worthwhile in the next few days! 

Cheers for stopping by and come again soon!

bitches gotta eat: call me maybe.

I was browsing through some other blogs on blogger this morning and I was lucky enough to come across this gem of a post that I took upon myself to share with you guys because not only is it well written its fucking hilarious! If you want to relive that awkward moment when you meet someone for the first time or just want a good laugh read on and then click the link to finish the story!

shit, i'ma need to restock my business cards soon. i give those bitches out to errrrbody. i learned two key pieces of information from that mostly useless black woman's dating bootcamp class my white friend jill and i went to last year: 1 oxytocin is real and incredibly dangerous, rendering my tiny little womanbrain a helpless slave to biology; and 2 every woman should carry business cards bearing little more than a working email and an artfully-crafted pseudonym. i'm not sure of much else she told us (the only two women to sign up for her excruciating three-hour seminar), but i do remember this: try not to show more than two sexy body parts at one time (heaven forbid he get a glimpse of my sexy ass elbows) and never ever pick up your phone to call a man.

it's never the dude you want to call you who actually does. that sweaty asshole who kept breathing his hot mouth all over the side of your neck? that dude is going to call you before you even leave the goddamned bar. but the mellow dude with the slow smile and the large, calloused hands whose volunteer after school literacy slash adorable abandoned puppy rescue that you actually would like to hear more about (because he's obviously sensitive and totally your soulmate and you would absolutely love to volunteer hosing down kennels to help him out sometime)? no, that dude is calling next week. or next month. or probably never. which is totally fine because you hate reading things and you didn't want to clean up puppy shit anyway. dick.

except it isn't fine, because GAH WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH PLEASE CALL ME AND VALIDATE MY EXISTENCE. or something like that. i went to a thing last week, the kind of grown up fancy shoe meet people at this thing kind of thing that i usually 100% avoid because there are no snacks, and while i was milling around bored with a glass of wine i couldn't tell you shit about pretending to be interested in art deco jewelry (i ain't, tho), this handsome piece of brisket sidled up to the mannequin i was trying to instagram a photo with and asked me if i needed some assistance. tangent: i fucking hate when a motherfucker interrupts my artfully-posed selfie. listen, bruh, there are 39 other people bored shitless in this gallery. if i needed someone to take my picture wrong (including all of my delicate meatbeard at its least flattering angle while neglecting to crop out the top part of my awkwardly grown-out mohawk which has been looking super gnarly lately), I WOULD HAVE ENLISTED THEIR HELP. resisting the urge to reply, "yeah homie, i could use a little ASS-sistance. wocka wocka," while elbowing him softly in the ribs and dancing a little softshoe, i instead pretended to be shy and embarrassed.

i don't really listen when men talk because most of the shit they're saying you can just find out from a glance at his linked in profile, so i just stared right at his mouth like a fucking weirdo and nodded every time he took a breath. he talked for fifteen solid minutes about banking and something called residual interest (snooze) and when it was finally my turn to talk i said, "the most excruciating thing in my life is waiting with my finger on the lid of the ramen cup for the two minutes it takes the hot water to cook it." I AM A MASTER OF CONVERSATION. who the fuck cares what i do for a living? i mean, do you really want to get tipsy at a jewelry show and talk about my job? we have one maybe two hours together, and you want to spend it talking about vector-borne diseases in dogs? f that s. i'm not buying any $475 earrings, so let's just crack jokes and talk about regular shit until it's time to go home. that noodle talk loosened my man right the fuck up. within no time at all he was talking about his scaly back eczema while i had moved on to why i hate tampons. KISMET.

Keep Reading by clicking the link below!!!

bitches gotta eat: call me maybe.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monday, 29 July 2013

what I think and say.....

Do you have the nerve.

More from Melbourne...

Tea and Books!

Nothing better than making myself a hot cup of tea with three sugars and sitting down with a good book!

Beware literary bloggers

I was flipping through a copy of Writing Magazine that I picked up from my local library and came across an interesting little blurb about blogging, and I thought I would share it with you!

Blogging is killing literary criticism, according to Sir Peter Stothard, 61, who has edited the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) for almost 10 years. Sir Peter has declared himself as being 'hugely critical' of the decline in current standards of literary criticism, and suggested that the rise of bloggers will damage the publishing industry. 
He added: 'The rise of blogging has proved particularly worrying. Eventually that will be to the detriment of literature. It will be bad for readers; as much as one would like to think that many bloggers' opinions are as good as other. It just ain't so. People will be encouraged to buy and read books that are no good, the good will be overwhelmed, and we'll be worse off.'

Funnily enough I don't agree! Just because they see them-self as a critic, what makes their opinion more worthwhile than a blogger who could have a degree in literature and be extremely well read! Traditional Critics should be scared because no one is listening to them! Or if they are being listened too there opinions aren't the be all and end all!! We can make our own decisions on what to read and don't mind reading a variety of reviews to base our decisions, also another thing to think about is the fact that everyone enjoys things in different ways and because someone says its shit doesn't make it shit! Originally a critic could end a book or writer by telling everyone what a crap read it is and people believed, but now we seem to have gained control over our thinking and are able to make our own informed decisions of our own or else read a few different people's opinions to make our decisions!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Movie night tonight!

Just a little lite reading.

Show me shorts - Film Festival

I love anything to do with indie films and short films, and I'm going to say ahead of time that I already love this! Seriously Gold Coast Libraries - I love you for letting me indulge my passions for free!!!!

Mentally exhausted!

Today is Friday! I usually look forward to Fridays! I am so f'ing tired right now and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and go back to bed!
Freelance writing is a great way to make some money but I may have overdone it and gotten in over my head! I love writing but this is getting out of hand! I don't have any time to myself (yes I did go to Melbourne for a long weekend - but I have been that busy since I got back I haven't even been able to sit down and write about it for my blog) I have worked until 2am every night to get these article finished and I still have 5 to go! My time management when I originally took on the job may not have been up to par but I have been working day and night recently and still have 5 too finish plus the 7 separate ones I promised by the end of the week which is today! Next week I am having a break - I need to recharge my batteries and lay all over my lounge and read books and watch movies and eat and sleep and probably eat some more! So looking forward to that!

Melbourne Mayhem!

Thursday, 25 July 2013


    1. Eamon Vs. Frankee Fuck It & Fuck You Right Back Lyrics

      Fritz the Cat 1972 full movie 01:18:24 dvd

      Old English Folk Song

      Two birds flying high,
      A Chinese vessel, sailing by.

      A bridge with three men, sometimes four,
      A willow tree, hanging o'er.

      A Chinese temple, there it stands,
      Built upon the river sands.

      An apple tree, with apples on, 
      A crooked fence to end my song.

      Up late

      I'm behind in my freelance articles so I'm trying to get some typing done so I can send off the 11 articles due by today! I've written the final 7 articles and typed up 4 so far thanks to the packet of delicious gummy bears that have helped me get through this backload of work! I have to do 10 more tomorrow! Shhhhhiiiit!!!

      Wednesday, 24 July 2013


      Been to the library.....

      Love Machine

      I moved my hand to the sheer stockings that covered her long thigh and, watching the driver, leant in close. 'Is it okay if I touch you?'
      'Not if you ask.'

      Clinton Caward

      You suck!

      stop it!

      Tuesday, 23 July 2013

      Computer Malfunction

      Just my luck to have finally gotten together an album of really cool photos half edited and almost all uploaded to Facebook and my computer decides to just switch off and now won't turn on properly! Seriously I'm not asking for much, just the opportunity to share with my friends and family what a wonderful weekend I had in Melbourne! You will not beat me!!!!!!

      Safe Harbour DVD Trailer

      The DVD trailer promoting the movie, Safe Harbour, based on the book by Danielle Steel.

      Tara and Rhea get timesliced!

      I was lucky enough to go to Melbourne Australia for a long weekend - lots of funny stories and pics to follow - but until then I thought I would share this awesome little mini clip from when I went to the ACMI yesterday! I had so much fun!!!


      Sunday, 21 July 2013

      Reading and Art

      Friday, 19 July 2013

      Mastering the Walk - The High Heel Helpline!


      I remember my first, my sized high heel encounter age 9 - when I walked past a Mathers in Port Macquarie, and saw a pair of girls hot pink high heels. I was hooked! Needless to say, my mum said no, even when I looked up at her with a pleading face! Apparently little girls weren't suposed to wear them. But ever since, I was destined to wear them, like a Victoria's Secret model strutting her stuff on the catwalk. By 18 I was wearing them like a pro, and lucky me I ended up working in a shoe shop for a year and managed to purchase 23 pairs of heels. A bit of a dream come true at that point!
      Since then I have probably bought hundreds of totally inapropriate but beautiful pairs of shoes, that I swear I needed to go with that one outfit!
      So anyway, how can I help you walk in these impossibly high but totally necessary heels??
      Firstly - Make sure you get the right size!! There's nothing worse than heel pinchers, toe squashers, or shoes that slip. Try using heel grips, and innersoles to get the fit totally perfect.

      Secondly - the best thing to do is practice, practice, practice! Slip on your heels and wear them up and down the hallway/living room or even your bedroom. Pretend you a model on the catwalk and strut it baby! Hold your head up and put one foot in front of the other.

      NOTE - If your struggling after alot of practice, your heels are too high and you should downgrade to a lower heel until you get it.

      Stripper Heels look hot, but you want to look hot! So dont go for the highest before youv'e learnt the moves!!

      Mastering the Walk - The High Heel Helpline part Deux.

      For those of you that liked the original, and for people that are reading this for the first time...my obsession with heels started at a very young age - and mastering the walk in a pair of spectacular heels is a long and often repetitive process.
      Yes that's right ladies - if you think you will be brilliant at it first go or even the 10th, you have another thing coming. I've said it before and I will say it again;
      Unless you have some natural freakish talent, high heels are something that one has to master. It takes time and energy to be able to strut your stuff, and you have to be willing to make sacrifices - namely the blisters caused by tightness, slipping and general angles your feet are subjected too. A lot of it is finding a pair of heels that your comfortable in, and my advice would be to have a good look around, and probably go for comfort rather than looks to begin with.

      I'm the first one to see the most gorgeous pair of heels and say I want those. But there's no point getting the prettiest if they are going to kill your feet and make you feel like someone who has a hot poker up their behind. Well at first anyway. When your a pro you can make your own mind up. So like I was saying, get something comfortable and not too high. (they can still be hot) but you need to be able to walk in those well before you go higher.

      From years of experience the shoes around $70 - $100 are the most comfortable. I have found $40 ones that have been great but they where ankle boots. Normally heels under $50 unless on sale are blister makers, pinchers or just fall apart, but there is always an exception to this rule.
      When you do find that perfect pair that fits like a glove. I actually think they can feel like a pair of slippers.

      So I guess you asking or wondering how to master your walk without having to taking professional catwalk classes!

       My answer to you is buy a pair of  heels, watch other girls, imitate, practice, watch yourself in the mirror, get a hold of a Victoria Secret fashion show on Youtube and watch it over and over again. Hold your head up high, exude confidence and just keep doing all those things until you get it. The more you practice the better you'll become. You could also check out my previous Mastering the Walk - The high heel helpline (you will find it in my blog archives.)

      Mastering the Walk - The High Heel Helpline :Part 3.

      I thought I'd make it easy for the ladies who would like to know how to strut their stuff in a pair of super sexy heels without looking absolutely ridiculous (and believe me there are plenty out there)

      In my previous two posts about Mastering the Walk, I've mentioned or basically made it a mandatory thing for 'wanna be' high heel pro's that they have to PRACTICE!

      Its like anything you don't know how to do. Your not going to be good at it first go, and you wont get any better unless you practice. I also said that you have to choose a pair of heels that your not going to break your ankle or neck in. (For more info go to my archives located to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>>> and check it out)

      So here is a clip from the Victoria's Secret Fashion show to get you motivated and help you reach your goal, but bear in mind these women are professionals IE. it's their JOB! So don't freak out if you cant strut it like they can straight away. It takes a long time to be that confident and don't forget they probably had lessons as well.

      Happy Strutting xx

      Mastering the Walk - The High Heel Helpline :Part 4.

      Hopefully the last 3 posts have been helpful in some way. Walking in Heels isn't easy if you don't have a clue how to make yourself look cute, sexy and in control.
      In this post I would like to concentrate on what sort of heels you should start out it. Like I've said before we would all like to look great in the highest, prettiest heels we can get our hands on, and look like a catwalk queen when we strut into our destination.
       In reality you can still look cute, but the height  thing comes later. Here are a few ideas so you know what I mean.

      Found at Peeptoe Shoes!

      If worse comes to worse and its just not happening for you; Wedges are an excellent place to start. They give you some height, but are much easier to walk in and you can progress from there.

      And remember ladies - practice as much as you can!!!!!

      Wednesday, 17 July 2013

      Beautiful hidaway


      "You know, you are even more beautiful when you're being neurotic, if that's possible," he told me. 

      Horny Brit!

      Three girls and their Brother

      Tuesday, 16 July 2013

      legs and heels

      What a FREAK!

      OMG - tonight, I decided to nip around to the servo (for anyone that isn't from OZ, its a petrol station that not only supplies petrol, but also has essential items one might need should it be too late to go to a shop) Anyway, so at 7:48pm I sprinted out to my car (its freezing here tonight) and drove around the block to get said supplies from the servo.

      1 Caramelo Koala
      1 Freddo Frog
      1 twin pack of Mars Bars
      1 pkt ciggies + lighter combo
      (just in case I felt like a sneaky ciggie when I'm writing later tonight.)
      I gathered all items for purchase and headed to the counter. 'Old Mate' bald attendant, who had said hi as I walked in, greeted me again and I said hi in return and proceeded to ask him for a particular brand of cigarettes. He looks at me suspiciously and says;
      'Got any ID?'
      'Seriously?' Is all I say, because I'm 34, and I totally don't look 18, which is the legal age over here.
      'Yes - I need to check it!" He says holding out his hand as I flip open my wallet in disbelief and tell him my age.
      'You don't look 34!' He says as I slide it across the bench.
      "Well I am!" I state, as he probably memorises my address to come and kill me later! Its basically an invasion of privacy for some servo guy, a virtual random who could be fucking anyone, to ask to see my ID that has all my personal details on it. He slides it back, rings up my purchases and tells me the total. I go to hand over the money required to get the hell out of there, and that's when it all happened!
       I glance down at his extended hand and notice just as my fingers come into contact with his, that not only has this guy got longer finger nails than I do, they are chipped, jaggered and totally seedy and they touched me!!!! I seriously nearly gagged as I stood there feeling violated and very dirty. My eyes flicked to his other hand as he put the cash in the till and I freaked out. I didn't want my change at that point and nearly forfeited $4:85 so I didn't have to endure the possibility of touching him again. I stood there in horror as he mimicked the last time, and asked if I wanted a bag. I refuse, grab my items and flee to the safety of my car. Once inside flapping the hand of contact around in a hopes of dispelling some of the germs that, in my mind, where crawling all over my palm, and shivered.
      Seriously, get your messed up shit away from me. There's just no need, excuse or reason why this pox on the face of dignity should think its okay to be running the  seediest nails I've even seen and touch people with them!
      Needless to say, I drove home and disinfected my hand and my chee so I could breath alright again, I'm basically scarred for life!!!!!!! 

      perspectives of Paris


      Discover another world!

      Danielle Steel talks about the pressures of modern life.

      Monday, 15 July 2013


      Writing all day, writing all night - this freelance thing is turning into a lucrative little venture ! I have absolutely no time for anything else - well practically no time !!
      The next few weeks will see me doing 32 more articles for an ongoing freelance Job, trying to get around to doing more edits and add ons for my 5th draft for Ally in Disguise, and get some reading in! Oh and a trip to Melbourne this weekend for one of my best friend Rhea's birthday/engagement party! So I'm a very busy little bee!


      Saturday, 13 July 2013

      cruisy music (playlist)

      You need to go back in time to stop that haircut ever being born!

      Why do you have flames on your laptop?

      Because I'm on FIRE!!!

      You guys are random!

      Yes, we know!

      I just had the strangest dream, and you were there. And you were there, and you were there!

      The last few nights I have been having some really crazy dreams! I usually have some pretty strange dreams, but most of them are real. As in facts, places, current day and people. But the last few ones have defied gravity and lacked real world feelings in parts. I don't watch space age, horror or anything like that by choice, so it seems quiet strange to me to have a dream where I am trying to land some kind of space craftesque thing and there are no controllers. I did it with my mind. Yes, that's right - I did! What the fuck is going on?

      Friday, 12 July 2013


      Happy Endings

      Thursday, 11 July 2013

      A note from Danielle Steel

      I always stay up to date with whats going on in Danielle's world - and as always I share a link to her latest post off her official website....

      ...........My book First Sight is coming out in hardcover this month and I hope you love it. It’s about a woman who owns a successful clothing company, and the challenges that go along with running a major business. - See more at: http://daniellesteel.com/blog/a-note-from-danielle-for-july-13/#sthash.8fhyYYTU.dpuf

      friend with Library.....


      Wednesday, 10 July 2013

      On a mission...

      I was reading through a hilarious post from a blogger I follow called the Offended Blogger! I love the style of writing and thought I would share the link for your enjoyment!

      So tired!

      I've been recovering from a really messed up flu, and that coupled with all the writing I have been doing lately  has totally changed my sleeping pattern! I say that like its a bad thing, but really - I am actually sleeping like a normal person for the first time in a very long time! Its 9:48 pm here and I am so ready for bed. Usually I would be settling in for a night of writing, blogging and research right about now, but I can barely keep my eyes open!
      I might have a nice cup of tea and head of to bed to read a few pages of the latest book I'm reading!

      Night, Night!

      Friends with Benefits guide!

      So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been doing some freelance articles for some websites, specifically a casual dating how to guide, geared at finding and meeting friends with benefits / Sex buddies. The site went live last week! Here is a link so you can see what I have been writing. The link is as follows: www.friendswithbenefitsguide.com

      Tuesday, 9 July 2013

      Reading Chair

      Monday, 8 July 2013

      Three Girls and Their Brother

      Polly was in heaven, it was exactly the sort of thing she's been looking for her whole life, being the center of attention in a roomful of people who think being the center of attention is the only reason to live.

      Theresa Rebeck

      Sunday, 7 July 2013

      What's on in Tara Land for the coming week!

      • For the next 5 days I will be methodically plowing my way through 26 Articles for an ongoing Freelance writing job! During this time, I will be researching, writing, typing (spell checking - this is a must) and sending each article off one by one for approval via email to America!

      • I might possibly get the chance to relax for 5 minutes and finish the book I am currently reading called Charmed, I'm Sure by Liz Ireland if I don't finish it tonight. And if I do - no doubt that I will start reading another one - title unknown at this stage but rest assure I will tell you soon enough.

      • I will print out, fill out, and send off relevant forms for the cruise I booked last week.

      • I will eat (because if I don't I'll probably die)

      • I will probably wear high heels at some stage. ( Who am I kidding - I know I will)

      • I will be all over my social medias -  writing, blogging, uploading pics and doing my usual stuff that includes promo for my Novel Gold Digger!

      I'll definitely be doing some other stuff, but due to privacy laws (mine) I cant divulge that sort of information - you'll just have to make it up ;-)

      And that's my little story!

      100 000 Blog Views

      Wow - thanks you guys.... I'm feeling the love! 
      100 000 Blog Views makes me really happy!

      Saturday, 6 July 2013

      Friday, 5 July 2013


      Charmed, I'm sure!

      "Shh," he said, putting his hands gently on her arms. The contact sealed his fate. His lips touched hers  and it felt as if another person had taken him over entirely. Callie's lips were incredible. They were soft and warm, and tasted faintly of Twizzlers. He had dreamed of doing this a hundred times, he realized now. But his dreams couldn't hold a candle to the reality of feeling her mouth under his.
      He pulled her up close to his body, wanting to feel more of her. Wanting to sample those curves that had starred in his daydreams since he had first laid eyes on her.
      When he parted her lips with his tongue, she let out a surprised little moan, as if she hadn't expected it to be that good, either. As if it had been a while since a man had pulled her to him and given that sweet delectable mouth of hers the attention it deserved.

      Liz Ireland.

      flashing in fishnets.....

      Little Thesaurus

      I was doing some writing for an article I had due today and I needed to find another word for disgusting! Unfortunately my 'little thesaurus' was too little to include that particular word. However I was lucky enough to come across Disguise, and while I was slightly annoyed and disturbed that disgusting wasn't listed one of the synonyms for disguise really tickled my fancy!

      Disguise - stalking-horse; enigma

      my day is complete!

      Writing in Heels

      Become a follower of Writing in Heels by clicking the link on your right!

      Thursday, 4 July 2013

      Gold Digger Novel

      Check out my amazing chick lit novel @ my author website

      Wednesday, 3 July 2013

      Writhing in Ecstasy.....

      Tired and agitated!

      I've been working all day on freelance writing projects and at 7:58pm I've pretty much fucking had it! I can't actually sit anymore and write, type or anything else!  
      That is all! 

      Tuesday, 2 July 2013

      Tara Anderton Drinks and Smokes, and lends her lips too other blokes!

      Ooops, my shoe!

      Writing tonight

      Today I've been doing some articles for a freelance job! I managed to get one article researched, written, typed up and sent and another researched!
      Tonight I have decided to flag doing anymore of that even though I should probably get stuck into it and instead indulge in some novel writing ! I know it's been ages hasn't it! Super excited to continue Ally in Disguise sixth draft and find out where the story is going to end up! It's going to be a long night!!!!

      Me and my besty!


      Monday, 1 July 2013

      Book Head