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Friday, 31 May 2013


Before you know it......

I like your intensity!

The way you talk about things, the way your eyes light up, the way you move, the way you talk, the way your fingers touch me, the way you appear in my dreams.......

Thursday, 30 May 2013

when you fail

Ber Carroll

The main course arrives. I pick at the food while Tanya stuffs in as much as she possibly can. Before she devours dessert, she has another crack at flirting with the waiter. It's mortifying to watch.

Less than Perfect 

I wasn't aloud to watch it because my mum thought I was going to get pregnant!

Remember being a child and some show came on and your mum was like Okay, off you go - nothing to see here. Or; Don't you have something to do, why are you hanging around here for? And you're all like - now I really want to watch it!
When is it too early to let a small child see what comes naturally to humans?
I was watching the news today and there has been an ongoing debate about discussing porn in schools and wondered if they should be addressing the situation? (What situation are we talking about here? We are not just talking sex, where talking PORN, and we all know, well most of us know that 'Porn' covers a pretty wide range of sex acts, some 'normal' some going to extreme extents and bordering on disgusting and then there is the shit that goes way beyond that!)
Discussing porn in school is probably something children shouldn't be privy too, I dont actually know a right to to bring this subject up. Porn isn't mainstream in that we should be discussing it with impressionable minds, most of which haven't even had their first kiss, let alone try and negotiate feelings on PORN! Come on you idiots, sex is natural, sex ed is not the question here we all need to learn about our private parts and what they do, and what they will do with them when the time is right. Taping it whilst some shady chick is getting reamed from behind whilst fondling some other guys balls isn't something a kid needs to deal with!

Save it, no names.

I'm so bad with names! Don't bother telling me, I'm not going to remember - not unless your going to or assume you will be in my life for some time!

I knew that would be your first question!

And the answer is yes! I'm getting a book published. It is called Gold Digger, and it is a contemporary romance - could be chic lit! 

What is the book about?

Three ultimately different and independent women, a Gold Digger, a Reporter and a High Society Princess are forced together through a whirlwind of lies, cheating and betrayal.

From Wichita Falls in Texas to the golden beaches of California, and the bustling city of New York, we see Bridgette’s orchestrated rise from rags to riches, Angie’s pursuit to achieve her dreams of becoming a top reporter at The New York Times and Elizabeth’s extravagant existence as daughter to one of the richest men in America, and wife to Millionaire mogul Adam Pain. 

Bridgette longs for a life of luxury, and a man to provide it. She is discovered by Playboy, meets a producer and starts a relationship. Unsatisfied, she moves onto the owner of numerous law firms, and after Adam Pain, Elizabeth’s husband who she falls in love with. It ends badly, and she meets Grant yet another Millionaire, but  she resumes her affair with Adam. Elizabeth who is aware of Bridgette asks Adam to leave her, but it ends in humiliation, and she conspires to expose Bridgette to Grant, hoping that she would flee New York. She succeeds. But not for long, she winds up back in New York on the arm of an even richer man Paul. Is this her fairy tale ending?

 Angie, Bridgette’s only childhood friend has dreamt of being a reporter for the New York Times for as long as she can remember and her dreams and hard work pays off. Years later she is assigned to report on a scandalous all - revealing exposé about Bridgette. Angie finds a woman who has stealthily clawed her way to the top, and accumulating a substantial fortune. Will she be the one to bring her down?

Elizabeth grows up in the lap of luxury! She finds the man of her dreams and marries him! Her life is perfect! Bridgette however has plans of her own and hijacks and try's to destroy her carefully built life. Elizabeth wont take this from anyone and try's to gain control of her life...the final straw  at having been named in the article, along with the revelation of Adam’s cheating, she files for divorce. Life definitely hasn't worked at like she planned!

To Purchase a copy click this link

Where not labeling it!

Possible exert for Ally in Disguise!

I just suck his cock and then he fucks me...really, really good!
Where not together though, even though it's been going on for three years, and we are so compatible in and out of the bedroom, we like each other!
Ultimately and originally it's what I wanted, but not anymore - maybe? Just the sex will do! Just make sure you don't be all sweet and cute and funny and weird, because we both know that's when the feelings fuck it all up!

Sure, it's getting a little weird and uncomfortable in here!

Ahhhh, just the way I like it! 
\Weird is my bitch and uncomfortable is just an added bonus!

decisions, decisions!

He wasn't sure if he should cum in his pants or text his friends! In the end he did both....

The Inbetweeners

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

This Weekend!

This weekend is looking like its going to be fun! I wasn't planning on doing anything at all but Freelance Writing Articles, reading a book and probably having a few bubble baths and watching some movies. But I've kind of had a better offer.
Friday night will see me and my BF Jodie heading to a 21st Birthday at a pub here on the GC where we will no doubt indulge in some yummy vodka based beverages and run amok through the streets taking happy snaps and being silly. Saturday night you will find me at the Miami Marketta Street Food Fair where I will be sampling some yummy foods and probably more alcohol because lets face it - if you get me away from my house where all my obligations are staring me in the face teasing me into working 16 hours a day - I tend to go a bit wild!

Fun times ahead!!!

More Freelance....

Today I completed the 10 articles I needed to finish for a travel website. The articles where about Sri Lanka, and it was an interesting experience learning about a country I really didn't know that much about!

Onwards and upwards I go, as I settle in to rewrite 3 articles for a 'how to' site, that I'm planning on starting tomorrow, and then about 8 more relating to the same topic over the next week.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

So, so far my list of fears include....

- sharks
- tap water 
- Stephen Segals ponytail 
- the dark
- people that put too much alcohol in their supposed mixed drink
- dumb people with nothing to say
- people that pee loudly into the toilet bowl
- dogs as tall as small horses
- big teeth in small people heads

Less than Perfect

The second thing I registered was the intense manner in which his eyes focused  on my face. I sensed his concentration, his anticipation of whatever words would come out of my mouth. His intentness was so extreme that I became tongue tied and didn't say anything at all. 

Ber Carroll

Monday, 27 May 2013

Hmmm what to do?

I've been meaning to make a start on the 6th draft of Ally in Disguise, but I don't want to start it when I have too much going on. I stare at it longingly, still sitting in the brown paper bag with Office Works emblazoned on the front from when I got it printed out about three weeks ago, and wish I had a few weeks to dedicate to it, but atm I'm swamped, and feeling annoyed that I can't get to it! I can't start it with too much on my plate because I wont dedicate the time it needs and provide it with my full attention. I am going to have to schedule some personal time to do it, but its not looking good.

I don't want to make a big deal out of it...but that's not duck!

Andrew Zimmern - my favorite chef, celebrity writer and mystery meat sampler for Bizarre Foods visits Goa India in today's helping of the show. He is so funny, and pretty much willing to put anything in his mouth to give it a go. I sit enthralled as he travels the world in my weekly fix, showing us what other cultures consider food stuffs. His sense of humor and passion for food makes me smile.

The food in Goa is influenced by Arabic, Portuguese and Indian flavors and everything he ate except for maybe one dastardly dish made my mouth water. I would love to travel around and write and taste food. What an amazing job!!!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Featured writers!

I'm looking for authors to feature on my blog! If your a new author, up and coming or previously published in the romance, contemporary romance, chick lit or similar genre and looking for ways to get you book and profile out there, contact me via email @ taraanderton@live.com.au.

I'm such an exciting person!

No really I am - however, I have spent my whole weekend working...
 I feel like I have missed out on something! I probably haven't, but when you don't do anything other than work, it kind of feels like everyone else's life is much more exciting than yours is. I just have to keep in mind that I am building my fabulous writing career and in the end I am going to be glad I did all this weekend work and slaving away, but at the moment its Sunday afternoon and instead of being at a BBQ, drinking a few beverages and laughing with my friends, I sit here with a honey and oat face mask on in my purple pj bottoms with half an article written chewing on the end of a blue pen - it just doesn't seem fucking right! Especially when I am doing work for a travel company and its all about tropical beaches and fantastic spices and foods...... its like FFS, only 17 and half more articles to go!!!!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

TV time!!!

The real housewives of NYC, Kel on Earth, Millionaire Matchmaker, and any other show that I can find so I can be a sloth on the lounge is what I am doing tonight! Have a great Saturday night everyone xx

More freelance....

I got two new freelance jobs today and yep they both wanted me to write thousands of words right now! I have spent the day researching, hand writing and typing up everything and would really like to have a break a la bubble bath and a good book but I have been sent more things to do! Its going to be a long night!!!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Writing a story!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

It seems like I'm asking, but I'm actually telling!

Asking and telling are two different things! When your boss asks you to do something, they are actually not asking you if you want to do something, they are telling you that's what they want done. So instead of saying can you do this, they should just say you have to do this. Leaves less playroom and reminds you that you are in fact employed to do a job, and if you want to be paid, you have to do what you have been asked/told to do.
When someone asks for a blowjob, it's your decision. You are not being told too, unless your part of some dominating/role play scenario, that involves being told specific things to do. So in this case the ask/told thing is more defined!

What is the intended use of the firearm?

Oh you know, just going to keep it to stare at!
It's basically not comprehendable to me that when Americans go into a firearms dealer, that one of the questions is intention of use! Isn't it obvious? I'm going to shoot something!
In Australia there is a NO gun law.
No one but farmers, police officers and professionals such as.... shooting range guys??? have access to guns. There is no crazy lady rolling around town with a semi-automatic in her purse, nor is there a guy with a gun at home in a lock box next to his bed in case of an intruder. We all believe our country is safe without them, and there is less accidents, less stupidity and no drive bys etc. Letting randoms purchase guns just because they can is preposterous, and no I don't think a depravity of rights, its just common sense. Get it together America or you will shoot yourselves to death!

hey! hey!

No, I didn't know that!

My novel Gold Digger is merely months away from being in my hot little hand, and as excited as I am, I'm still willing to share some of that excitement with you and give you the link to where you will find it!

Homecoming- Cathy Kelly

'What do you think happened? Why do you think I'm smoking? So I had something to do with my hands to stop myself grabbing you.'

Freelance writing update!

I had 8 articles to write this week, I've managed to get 4 done so far and probably do another 2 today with 2 left for tomorrow! Other than that I managed to land a virtual assistant job that will involve me updating social medias and writing some articles for a website/blog. I've also applied for a few other jobs that I am waiting to hear back about! 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Making books cool again!

Life Happens

I watched life happens last night and I'm glad I did. Not only was there an epic music line up, the actual music was a total classic. And by classic I mean fucking fabulous. The one liners and random moments made this a laugh out loud 2 hours.
One of my favorite actresses Krysten Ritter who stars in Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23, is all time and I would even go so far to say she is a comic genius. The only thing that pissed me off was the fucking 'Aussie Surfer' character. His Australian accent was so bad that I was embarrassed for him, the producer and especially the casting director who was obviously not in his right mind the day he said 'yeah lets give this guy a go!' How the casting director thought his poorly formed words  in any way resemble our wonderful lilt is beyond me. If your going to get someone to play an Australian - get an Aussie, no-one can do that accent better!

How do I get up there?

Firstly, make sure you have clean hands - that's just whats right!
Secondly - you have to work your butt off! In my case, other than 'normal' work, which if you have read previous blogs posts you would know that consists of me writing a huge amount of articles for freelance writing jobs. I promote my new book Gold Digger all over the net on many different social medias for at least 10 hours per week, and try to do promo (interviews) and filling out random questionnaires and answer emails for my publishing company. I also write a lot of random blog posts for this here blog, which takes up another 10 hours a week. Other than that I've been working on another book - Ally in Disguise - which I would like to dedicate some more time too. I read at least 1 book a week and watch a wide variety of TV shows in many different genres and lots of E News. I also watch at least 5-6 movies a week.
You might be all like how is that work - but I am here to tell you that everything mentioned in this blog post is what I do for a living - staying abreast of all things current makes me a better writer - gives me ideas, information and ammunition for everything that I do. Reading books and watching things, looking at things all over the net makes me a better writer and well informed about whats happening in the world. So if you want to be 'up there' this would be a good start!

Deadly Little Secrets

As you know I am always on the lookout for fresh authors, new authors and authors of interest.
I stumbled upon Marla Miller who is doing some amazing work and creating a buzz and awarness around the controversial topic of AIDS. She has written a book amoung other things and I would like to help her get the word out!

Deadly Little Secrets, a novel, zooms in on the early years of the AIDS epidemic when more than a few folks in this country believed it was their God's answer to sin. The novel is in solid form. In 2000, my literary agent liked it. However, she wouldn't take it on because she believed 'AIDS is passe' - her exact words. Though she was wrong, our country's politics at that time probably fed into this view. I'm revising portions of the story that features a 'big mouth' school nurse, activist teenagers, angry parents, an ambitious school board member seeking higher office, shady business dealings involving the Camen Islands and a physician who does not do the right thing.
About Marla Miller ~

Author, Freelancer, Teacher & Founder of Marketing The Muse

Marla says;
As I traverse down my own road to continuing publication, I appreciate just how hard it is to not only write well but well enough to get published. It’s tough out here. More than ever, writers need each other. In these changing times in publishing, it does take a village.
Some history:
I worked as a psychiatric nurse practitioner/teacher until my 3rd daughter arrived. One of a fortunate few, I was able to full-time mother my children. My writing career shifted from professional journal writing to freelance writing during these years.
For several years, I wrote for The Writer Magazine. My first series featured notable authors’ early years, the second zoomed in on query letters that hooked literary agents. My latest series, a video column called Critique My Query ran from 2010 until the magazine sold in 2012. During my years as Assistant Director of Santa Barbara Writers Conference, 2005-2008, I MC’ed many literary agent panels. Their denial of ‘change coming’ always astounded me. Did they think the web was just going to go away? Besides teaching at Santa Barbara Writers Conference, my favorite place to teach MarketingtheMuse workshops is at the Southern California Writers Conference. Executive Director, Michael Steven Gregory (MSG) & Wes Albers, Director, always have writers’ backs.

More BIO from Marla:
Marla Miller’s Marketing the Muse Quick Query Critique video mini-workshops offered FREE at www.MarlaMiller.com receives high marks from authors on the road to publication. She’s a Simon & Schuster author and for 16 years, wrote for Orange County Register’s lifestyle magazine before becoming founding editor-in-chief of a quarterly Southern California coastal lifestyle magazine. Marla’s latest book, The Booty Bible, is written with a fitness model/celebrity. Click here to read Marla’s Amazon profile. Promotion of The Booty Bible continues online at FitPOP.com where Miller’s Ageless Fitness column appears whenever she has useful information to share about health, wellness and fitness at any age. In late spring 2012, Marla’s 2nd ‘indie’ book about health care pricing, Decode The Black Box of Group Health Insurance debuted. Marla is ‘with author’ and her co-author is a high ranking executive in the health care pricing field. In addition to her longstanding association with The Writer, Miller has written for MORE Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Los Angeles Times & Oxygen.com. For 8 years, she co-hosted a radio talk show on an NPR affiliate and interviewed many notable writers and public personalities including Ray Bradbury, Barnaby Conrad and Joe Wambaugh.

Marla is currently readying a novel for publication, Deadly Little Secrets, a Kickstarter project that has been lucky enough to have reached its funding goal. Click here to review the project on Kickstarter.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

This drinks so strong it's an Orangutan!!!!

For fucks sake - half vodka and half mixer does not a good drink make. Get yourself a nice tall glass, 4 ice cubes, a shot or two of vodka and a generous helping of your choice of mixers and enjoy! Don't worry, you'll still get drunk eventually, but you might manage to have a decent conversation in the mean time!

What if I violate those terms?

Cause let's face it I'm a bit of a violater! History indicates I will more than likely violate any terms put forth in moments of rationality when alcohol passes my lips! It's just fact!

Monday, 20 May 2013

I'm only afraid of one thing in this world, and since you aren't Steven Segals ponytail it isn't you!!!!

Haters gunna hate - but it only makes me realise how much you want to be like me! That's why your so jealous! I'm not afraid of you or what you represent, which if I was to take a guess wouldn't be much!  I'm amazing, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!


I haven't watched this movie in years so I decided to take it for another spin, and I'm glad I did. 
The photo fanatic Baltimore teen, Pecker played by Edward Furlong, has just the right amount of quirky and weirdoness to keep me interested! Shelley his girlfriend played by Christina Ricci, is just as strange if not stranger than him, and between the two of them and a list of colourful culturally challenged characters, makes this movie a cult classic with a twist. 
I love twisted, strange, weird and quirky > thank god for Indie movies!!!!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sexy and sensual


Sympathy for Delicious.

Today I watched Sympathy for Delicious, about a homeless wheelchair bound ex DJ who had fallen from grace and had found himself living in his car on skid row. As the story unfolds he meets a women who remembers who he used to be and she asks him to join her band of misfits doped up to the eyeballs on qualudes and hard drugs. Meanwhile the priest who has been trying to help old mate DJ get his life together discovers the DJ has been given the gift of healing by god when DJ Delicious  D heals a women's eyesore by touching her head, he is also unaware he has been bestowed with such powers. With the help of the priest he starts healing all the homeless people on the streets. He feels scammed when he discovered a rich man and his daughter where prepared to pay the church 250 grand for the heeling and leaves the priest and goes into business with his band healing people on a smoking darkened stage to the drugged out rock they like to call music. Shit turns for the worst when old love who is in the band OD's on stage and dies. Delicious D can't heal her - um maybe because she's dead! He ends up in jail for manslaughter but somehow because he heals the one guy he never wanted to heal because he was ins wheelchair like him and he couldn't heal himself he didn't want old mate walking and not him. He ends up out of jail and I think that's the sympathy! 
Very strange movie - but I kind of like that!

Of all the gin joints in all the towns, in all the world, she walksinto mine.

Fate, do you believe in it? Is it something you consider when you go about your life? I believe in a lot of stuff, and I think things can happen for a reason. I do not however let it rule my life or let it cross my mind all that often. Sometimes I do catch myself thinking about certain events and think the reason these things happen is because I went there instead of doing something different.
Temptation is a form of fate I think, and people can be tempted by certain things, people and events that could totally change the course of their lives. The term tempt fate is used because people choose their fate, but by tempting fate they are in fact changing their destiny!


I love that word - it explains so much whilst saying so little!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cathy Kelly

I've just started reading Homecoming by Cathy Kelly. I've read a few of Cathy's books now, and was lucky enough to attend a ladies luncheon where she talked about her life, writing, and her best selling books. The food was yummy and thanks to my dad who was the manager of the award winning venue Babilou a restaurant here in Australia, I was personally introduced to her and got the opportunity to discuss my writing with her and ask a few choice questions. I even got a big hug. She is definitely one special lady and an amazing author and when I walked away with the flash of the camera still in my eyes, holding  my first signed copy I was glad to have met her!

Friday, 17 May 2013


Today I'm shopping because lately I have had no time to myself. Have a great weekend I know I will xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Omg one and a half articles to go! I'm going ftw!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

4 to go

I have four more articles to write by tomorrow night. I have managed to get four done today which was fairly hectic but exhilarating at the same time. Then I have nine more to do for another job plus I was just offered a job to write a review for a blues gig this coming Tuesday night that I'm looking forward to seeing. Then I just received an email about being the main writer for a popular website that I have to submit sample articles for. Oh and I have a book that is about to be released!

 Fast times at Ridgemont high!!!!!

2 down 6 to go

Ahhhhhh I need a break from this freelance stuff! 6 more to do and then I am giving myself a long weekend off! I totally deserve it and plan to let my hair down in a big way ;-)

Bubble baths.

I woke up this morning and all I could think about was a bubble bath! I love a good bubble bath, all stretched out reading a book soaking in the delux smelling froth! I actually had a bath at 12:15am the other night! Yes  totes addicted

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Omg what am I doing?

How do I get myself into these precarious situations? Why am I always right? I know stuff! Lol


Monday, 13 May 2013

Girl in progress

Today I'm watching Girl in Progress with Eva Mendez and it got me thinking that I'm definitely a girl in progress. So many things happening for me professionally right now it's crazy. I'm juggling everything that I can and trying to make it all work... Sometimes things don't always go to plan and there is always one idiot trying to ruin everything or make me doubt how truly amazing I am and the great things I am about to achieve. So lucky to have great friends and distractions that make the nonsense all worth it. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Taking over my life?

Today I spent 3 hours researching and writing and typing up articles for more freelance jobs that I have to do. I had 27 to complete in 3 weeks. I've managed to write 8 so far and am halfway through another. Looks like its going to be another long night! 

Midnight writing

It's 12:59pm and I think it might be time to stop writing and go to bed. I've managed to write two articles tonight for an ongoing freelance job I am doing and research another one that I will have to write tomorrow. I just don't have anything left to give at this point. I have 23 still to write  but there is no possible way I can write anymore tonight! Hope you all have a great weekend xx

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Friday, 10 May 2013

Babe Tip

Gold Digger Novel

Have you seen my author website? Check it out @ http://www.golddiggernovel.com

The light just went on...

Lets play doctors!

So I went for an appointment last year to see about getting a breast augmentation (no I haven't done it yet) anyway sitting in the waiting room nervously anticipated my name being called, and trust my life a really hot doctor comes out, and introduces himself, and accompanies me to his office with my sister who has come along for moral support.
After discussing details, he says 'okay, time for the examination!' I giggle nervously and stand up and go over to where he is standing. He is so hot running over and over in my head. Now I have to take my shirt off and stand semi nude in front of this 'god' and have him check me out... 'm nervous and thinking I need a shot of dutch courage to get through this. So in true Tara form I say;

'So, do you want me to take all my clothes off?'
His eyes crinkle, a smile playing on his lips he replies;
'Just your top and Bra will be fine thanks!'
Shiiiiiiiit! Did I actually just say that? My sister is hysterical in the corner - I feel like sinking into the floor, 'Oh...um okay' I say as I remove my top and bra and stand before him. What the fuck?
The rest of the appointment went fine but I couldn't help be totally embarrassed and was wondering what he was thinking.
So the other day, my friend Jodie was getting her teeth x-rayed for a root canal she has to get and something similar happened to her.
Cute doctor asks if she's pregnant, she says no, he says 'can you take your sunglasses off your head' she does, and replies 'do you want me to take anything else off?' Doctor has his back to her at this stage. He turns smiling and shakes his head and says 'NO.'
What it is about cute doctors and girls subconsciously thinking this stuff without even knowing it and then spewing out random sexual connotations. Is it just us or do all girls get a bit hot and bothered without even thinking about it.....

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Hair tutorial gone wrong!

This made me nearly pee my pants!

Amazing Dog

Check out this awesome video that my friend Jodie found!

Paul Theroux

100 presales reached for Gold Digger!!!!!

Hello Tara,
Congratulations on reaching your 100 Presales. Our Book Order Team will alert the Production Team you have reached this and your book will proceed to the next part of Production.
Best Regards
Denise Volwiler
Division Manager: Client Care - Author Royalties - Industry Channels


Freelance writing

I have 22 articles to write by next Thursday - so if you have been wondering about my lack of blog posts or interesting blog posts then this is the reason. I do however intend to sit down later this afternoon and writing something to entertain you and make you laugh because that's what we all need today, a bit of fun and laughter.
I have just written an article about portion control of food and now doing an introduction and  review on Verve Cafe in Brisbane. Its making me hungry!

Check you all this arvo - have a great day!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


So angry right now

Funny Shit!


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What are you doing Miss Tara?

Today I got an iPhone, and joined the masses parading around their top notch gadgets whilst ignoring the land of the living. I spent most of the day getting acquainted with all there is too know about making my life more efficient, and I must say its really going to be a lot easier to get all my promo done for Gold Digger, keep up to date with my freelance work and blog to you guys, and it all fits into the palm of my tiny little hand!

New phone

I am writing you this post from my new iPhone.... Exciting stuff!


Just like to say thanks - I've reached and surpassed my 80 000 blog views I wanted by the end of the week and its only Tuesday! Thanks for the support and liking all my stuff!

Here is my gratitude pig!

Monday, 6 May 2013

dangerous creature

Big word of the week

Here is another fabulously unused word that I think needs to be used a little bit more often, just because.......

degage - 1. Free and easy manner; nochalant; unconcerned. 2. Politically uncomitted.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Interested in your opinion!

Weekend Warrior

I've had great intentions all weekend to do some writing. I have 26 articles to write and haven't done one single thing relating to writing all weekend. I managed to print out the 5th draft of Ally in Disguise on Friday but haven't had one moment to actually look at it. I have to research and write 3 articles tomorrow and similar for the rest of the week..... I really want to sit down with Ally in Disguise but as previously mentioned once I do I wont get anything else done.... so I'd better not look at it until I can commit my full attention to it....
So what have I been doing...Friday night was spent with my BF Jodie. We rode to Nobby's

and had dinner at the cave and some drinks.... listened to some very interesting live music from a nameless singer who specialised in freestyle rap that seemed practiced and somewhat crappy. Spoke to some nice people and then rode home to hers (Jodies) to keep drinking..... The night ended somewhat unexpectedly as usual nothing in my life ever ever goes to plan or how I thought it was going to end.....
Yesterday I spent the day sorting out my new desk and accessories that include paper, notepads, pens, clips, pins and highlighters, and the cleaning up my house and today I went to my sister in Laws new house and got drunk on cheap wine whilst listening to the 15 other visitors tell their little stories and entertain me with foul mouthed talk about black pussies and head jobs. Yes, it was an very stardard day in the life of Tara - you know who you are you naughty little boys!!!!

Fiction - Stephen King

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Writing Prompt 5

Henry Miller