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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tree of Life!

You ought to get out of those wet clothes and into a dry Martini.

Um okay - sounds like a plan to me......

Nothing messes your Friday up like finding out it's Tuesday.

I woke up this morning from the most amazing dream to discover that it was only Tuesday. Because in my head it had been the most fabulously naughty Friday night, and I assumed I was in fact living my dream, not still dreaming it!

I need a patch that releases small doses of approval!

Because I work from home, writing novels and articles and I am alone a lot, there isn't anyone around to pat me on the back and tell me what a great job I am doing when I come up with ideas (some amazing some just plain weird) and thoughts, lots of them all the time, and it kind of sucks.

However getting my book published and the recognition I get when I see how many blog views I have and fans, subscribers and followers that comment on my posts or like them or +1 them across all my social medias it sort of makes it worthwhile, except I can't feel the pats!

Danielle Steel Hot off the Press

Danielle Steel has a new book out and I want it right now! I have been cruising around her website this morning and thought I would share this with you. If you love DS as much as I do you will be greatful!

Until the End of Time
Two couples, four decades apart. One believes that if lovers die, they find each other again in another life. Or perhaps they wind up as stars side by side in the sky, together forever. Who knows how it really ends? Danielle Steel breaks new ground in her career as a perennial New York Times bestseller with the poignant story of two parallel destinies, and the kind of love we all hope will be everlasting.
Bill, a dedicated young lawyer working at his family’s prestigious New York firm, leaves everything he trained for to follow his dream and become a minister in rural Wyoming. Jenny, his wife, is a stylist whose heart and soul are invested in fashion. She leaves the milieu and life she loves to join him. The certainty they share is that their destinies are linked forever.
Fast forward thirty-eight years. Robert is a hardworking independent book publisher in Manhattan who has given up all personal life to build his struggling business. He is looking for one big hit novel to publish. Lillibet is a young Amish woman, living as though in the seventeenth century, caring for her widowed father and three young brothers on their family farm. In secret at night, by candlelight, she has written the novel that burns within her, and gets it into Robert’s hands, wrapped in her hand-stitched apron. He falls in love first with the book, and then with the woman he has never met, living in the sequestered world of the Amish—a world without telephones, computers, electricity, modern conveniences, or cars. Although Lillibet faces banishment from her family and community, she embraces the opportunity to publish her novel, and is irresistibly drawn to the man who has heard her voice. Destiny is at work here. Fate draws her from her horse-and-buggy life toward his, and the publication of her novel.
In the hands of master storyteller Danielle Steel, these two remarkable relationships come together in unexpected and surprising ways, as lovers are lost, and find each other again. If it is true that real love lasts forever and lovers cannot lose each other, then Until the End of Time will not only comfort and fascinate us, as destiny does her dance, but it will give us hope as well. Love and fate are powerful, irresistible forces, as Steel proves to us here, in a book about courage, change, risk, and hope . . . and love that never dies.

Monday, 29 April 2013

I've got some work to do!
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This weekend needs to watch its back...

Planning a huge weekend... you never know what might happen!!!!

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Danielle Steel ~ Special Delivery

But there had never been another women like her. She was so warm, so beautiful, so sexy and mischievous and appealing. She was sensational......
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Big Word of the week makes a comeback.

When I first started writing this blog (well maybe a few months into it) I used to have a big word of the week post. It was a word I found at random from the dictionary that I hadn't herd of or I didnt know the meaning to, and also sometimes words I thought people should use more often.
SO now I have decided to start this little gem back up and educate myself and the masses.
(Please not, if you do not want to be educated close your eyes now)

gybe - (NAm jibe) v. 1. to change a ships course by tacking the stern through the wind. 2. of a sail:to swing violently from one side of the boat to the other when running before the wind gybe.

Sourced from The Penguin Concise English Dictionary.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Back off man, I'm a writer!

Don't make me write you into my book as the dickhead who winds up going back to some groady apartment after working a nine hour shift at some seedy diner, where his one loan goldfish, whose orange skin has slowly peeled away in certain areas revealing an off white inner skin, blubs aimlessly around in circles and his stiff yellow sheets cling to his skeezy mattress.
You don't want to be that guy!

I took the liberty of bullshitting to you!!

When someone lies straight to your face, and you're like um I totally know you are lying through your teeth and I don't appreciate it.
And then your faced with being in a position of either going along with the lie whilst secretly thinking you fucking twit or say 'hey, that's not the whole truth is it?" Even though you should be really saying you fucking liar. And in doing so giving them a chance to be all like either A/ shocked and still in denial. Wherein you can then choose to confront them with your knowledge of said lie and forgive or loose your shit at them
or B/ have the decency to look genuinely sorry and admit that they are in face lying.
But either way they lied - yes everyone lies, at pone point or another, no big shock there.
However its how far you are will to go along with the lies your being told or that you are telling.
Then it poses a question - when is it, if ever, okay to lie?
Deep stuff for a Saturday night I guess - and I'm not dealing with said such event at the moment if that's what your thinking, but am speaking from a lifetime of listening, watching, being lied too and lying myself (always remorsefully of course and not often!) and the witnessing lies and learning from others experiences.

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

I was going through some old photos on my computer the other night and came across this classic Tara/Jodie shot of us in the bathroom at Benihana after too many Saki's.
Jodie and I tend to get ourselves into compromising and outlandish positions for many random and mostly unorganised photo shoots, and hopefully we always will.

Confessions of a Lingerie Addict.

He sat down at the edge of the bed. I enjoyed myself watching the muscles of his thigh. He stroked my hair. I rolled over and kissed his hip.

Jennifer Ashley

Alrighty, lets do it!

I'm so excited to get my 5th draft of Ally in Disguise printed @ Officeworks on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to writing the ending. I won't know how it ends until I start writing it. It could really go anywhere at this point, nothing is decided.
I love sitting down with a fresh print out of a draft. It even smells good, all those fresh pages full of promise.
However I have 13 Freelance articles I need to start as well as my obligations to my fabulous novel Gold Digger, which is in the process of being published.
I don't really like my chances of getting lost in writing (my most favourite thing to do) for at least a week. Because once I'm in, I'm in if you know what I mean. I'm up all night writing, I do other things on autopilot, my mind has been taken over by the story, I need to finish it. I wont stop until I have the next draft ready to be typed. It could take days, a week, two maybe. Depends where I am at with the book. The more writing I have, means I am only just getting into it, as the add on's and edits start to diminish, that's when I know I am close to the end. Because when I read through it - it feels finished, there isn't much I would change, nothing else I have to tell. Its been told.
And then the fun begins...another book ~ Kitty La La!

She ain't nothing but a Gold Digger...

Participating in a foursome seemed like a good idea at the time.....Gold Digger Novel

What happens in Libraries?

Something always occurs to me!

Friday, 26 April 2013

What have you been up too Tara?

Update on whats been happening in Tara Land!

OMG I only have two more article to write this week! I thought I would totally be finished by now, but I have had a few other things to deal with - as I'm sure we all do.

I have too basically just type up a Brisbane Apartments Review that I have previously writtwen today, and then I have a 250 word article to write for a fertility clinic here on the gold Coast and I'm done. 26 Article in 2 weeks is a record! I think I 'll write the second one tomorrow because to tell you the truth I have had enough.

Other than that I have been doing some promo work for Gold Digger, eating yummy food and cleaning my house whilst listening to cool music like Rhea Robertson and Bic Runga.

One of my chickens is lost. Miss Squeekers where -ever you are please come home!!!

Next week I only have one article to write thank god and I'm getting Ally in Disguise printed out on Wednesday so I'm really looking forward to getting back into some proper book writing as well as catching up on some reading. I am alsmost done with Confessions of a lingerie Addict by Jennifer Ashley which I have enjoyed and cant wait to start something else, decision still hasnt been made.

what do we owe to Shakespeare????


Writing Tip #2

Good Advice


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Weekend away picture

I said I would post a picture from my weekend away at my Nanna's 80th Birthday Party. So here you go!

A note from Danielle Steel

April 2013
Dear Friends,
April has always been my children’s favorite month to torture me, and since there are so many of them, they’ve managed to come up with some really awful April Fool’s jokes to play on me—and I always believe them! Ugh. They’re a little better about it now that they’re older, but not much, and they still think it’s hysterically funny to scare me with some April Fool’s prank or another. I inevitably forget what day it is until the second or third joke call from them. They count on me to fall for it every year, and I do!
By now, spring is starting to show promise here and there, and we can look forward to warmer days ahead. And by April, my heaviest workload is beginning to slow down, and I can start to dream of summer, some time off and vacation with my kids! I can’t wait!!
Danielle Steel

For more on Danielle please visit her website. You wont be disappointed!

Go to your room young lady!!!!

The exact opposite of the advice you gave!!!!!

Cool old bookshop

The spectacular Rhea Robertson

This is my amaze balls best friend Rhea, finding fans whereever she goes and singing her little heart out! Check out your awesome new EP thats just dropped and make sure you especially check out Heatless - it makes me get goose bumps ever time.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Articles galore!!!!

4 more articles to go for one freelance job, (19 done already) and then I only have 1 more article for another company to do by the end of the week, and I will have the whole weekend to myself.....my my my - what am I going to do with myself????

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Christina Perri

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More articles

I am soooo busy. I somehow managed to get offered 39 articles to write and I thought I would just write away and it would be all sorted. Hmmm. This is not the case. Yesterday I wrote 4 articles and today I've written another 4. I have 7 to go by tomorrow night. Then after that one due by friday with another 13 to go for one company and a possibility of 10 more to complete for another company by the end of next week. Its all getting a bit confusing and not leaving much time to write this blog, get my book printed out, read or chill. It feels like I haven't come up for air in about 2 weeks! My shoulders are aching and all as I want to do is lay on the lounge and watch a movie.... yeah...not going to happen.....
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Who invented the pen?

I have been doing alot of research lately for alot of different articles and some for my book Ally in Disguise and also people often send me links they find to intersting things they think I will like. So today I was looking through a website called Yes I Know That and can across this interesting information about pens and thought I would share it.

The pen that we use today has gone through a lot of developments from the time it was first invented.

History of Pen

The very first reference to the use of a pen was seen in the year 500 BC in India. By then, they used sticks and bamboos as pens. Most of the books written during that era used this kind of technology. But, interestingly, in the year 300BC, pens made from reeds were used as some scholars have suggested. Upon checking into the discoveries that have been made in the evidence from the past, it has been found that nib pens had been used somewhere around the year 1663.

A fountain pen

In the year 1827 the fountain pen was discovered by Romania Petrache Poenaru. This pen worked for a while and became popular in France where it had been invented and patented. It was mainly famous for its ability to write without messing up the hands of the writer or the paper where it was being written. Later, an improvement to this pen was made in the year 1888 when John J Loud invented the ball point pen. This was an improvement on the earlier design which sometimes never produced a smooth flow of the writing on paper or certain materials. Since this pen had just been invented, there were still other problems associated with it, so it needed improvements.

ball pen

Image credit: Flickr Martyn @ Negaro

A ballpoint pen

In the year 1938, Laszro Biro invented a pen that came to be known as a biro pen – after his name. It used a ball that rotated when someone was writing and collected ink which was packed in a cartridge, and smeared it on the paper. This was a sealed pen and had also the advantage of not messing up the paper. But, in the 1960s Yukio Horie invented the felt tipped pens. Finally, roller ball pens came on the market too in the 1970s with well designed features that made them uniquely fit for the purpose.

This information can be found at the following website!


C. S. Lewis

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me!

Dirty Dancing

Last night, at oh I don't know maybe 12:15am after managing to write and type up, and send 4 articles I had to create for two different freelance writing jobs. I decided it was a really great time to rewatch Dirty Dancing the movie with Patrick Swayze (swoon) and Jennifer Grey where they fall in lust (love) whilst dancing provocatively to a list of hit 80's songs; for probably the 100th time. Yes I am a repeat watcher of one of my all time favourite movies and I have to say it gives me goose bumps every time. When Patrick Swayze slides across the floor in the Loverboy scene I can be seen staring longingly at the screen - remembering all the times as a young girl/teen that I had wished that was me!

Patrick Swayze was the sexiest man ever!

I could do that yes, or I could.....


Sometimes - it's really time to say "Fuck It" and throw caution to the wind!

I need your LOVE!!!

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Monday, 22 April 2013

I fucked up!!!

Reed doesn't answer right away.
"You have every reason to doublt me. I fucked up when I screwed Lilly. And I fucked up in Costa Rico. I can't defend what I did. I can only tell you that sometimes it takes a while for a guy to get it. I finally get it."
Kayla Perrin
Getting Some

writing and researching all day...

Today I had some articles to write for two different companies. I wrote two for a Specialist doctor on the Gold Coast and three for youth hostels in Brisbane, Farmstays in Brisbane and Homestays in you guessed it, Brisbane. Its actually really interesting finding out about all this stuff I didnt know. The research is actually pretty enjoyable, I like finding out new things!
My shoulders are a bit sore though, but that might also have something to do with sitting in a car for 6 hours on sunday and six hours on Saturday......

Corey Hart

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What do you mean?

Some days, I don't even know what I mean!!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

road trippin

Today I am travelling to Port Macquarie for my Nanna's 80th Birthday. Can't wait to see my large Italian family and eat lots of food and drink lots of alcohol. Will post pics when I get back home.
On a side note travelling long distances is a great time to think and dream and think some more. Unfortunately i keep replaying the same three scenarios over and over in my head from all sorts of angles. Having a photographic memory and a mini obsession with certain things and people/and or a person is sometimes annoying but really great at the same time. I think I have cabin fever!!!!
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Friday, 19 April 2013

Cute Bookmark


I love biting on big Juicy Lips! Sucking on them, taking them into my mouth slowly. Licking them, running my tongue along and around. Kissing is passion, kissing is connecting, kissing is exploring.

Is it the answer or the question???


Thursday, 18 April 2013


My Diary!

E is for....


Gold Digger Novel Update

Online Interviews

I am currently halfway through completing an online interview for Gold Digger. It's very exciting getting interviewed like I'm a novelist or something. Oh wait I am. lol

That tastes like I imagined.

If your going to serve wine at a celebration please god don't choose the $4.99 bottles on the specials shelf. It's not a school party - we are now adults and require adult beverages!!!

All about Ally.


Name: Ally Fisher

Location: LA, New York

Friends: Brad, Lissa, Lauren and Momo Chee

Works @ Hollywood Events, Hollywood Party, New York Party

Love Life: FUCKED up

Objective: Sort life out, find meaningful relationship

For more click here>>>>>>> ALLY FISHER


Thanks to all my followers on G+. Now if you'll all just kindly become a follower of my actual blog that would be great!!!

Music makes me go Boom Boom Boom!

When I listen to music (and let me assure you it's varied and often) I go to another place. Music to me is my soul, it speaks to me. I drift off to another place like when I am writing.

Music is life - I like to imagine my life has it's own soundtrack, and when I meet people who are passionate about music, people that sing music and people that create sounds - I really make a connection with them.
I have sat for many hours in bars, clubs, magic buses, Marketta's, in my lounge room, at parties and intimate places listening to one of my best friends Singer/songwriter Rhea Robertson sing  to some very heartfelt ballads, heart breakers and covers, that have done something to me that I can't describe.
I have sat in studios with music producers watching the magic happen. Feeling the energy, electricity shooting through me as I witness something special happen. I have sat for hours trolling through Youtube, Myspace and Soundcloud, headphones on lost in sound. I have spent endless hours of one nights listening to music with special people - discovering new things then getting lost in lust, a haze of powder and intimacy.

Up Up and Away......

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

what do I love?

doing your thing.....

Some people smoke? Some people get drunk, I buy Lingerie- Brenda Scott (COALA ~ Jennifer Ashley)

I do all three- Tara Anderton
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Confessions of a Lingerie Addict

Ten minutes later, I stood in front of a mannequin modeling a camisole and thong that were mostly sheer? Mostly black, and covered mostly nothing.

Jennifer Ashley
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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What is your Job doing to you?

Maybe its time for a change.


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High Heeled Race

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proof in a book

Monday, 15 April 2013


Getting Some

"You sure you want that kind of attention?" I ask.
Half an hour later my sister has a pair of seriously hot shoes, black, with a clear heel? And Jewels on the straps that cross over the foot and up around the ankle. I picked up a pair of thigh high boots.

Kayla Perrin
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Honey, your heels are stuck!

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Yes That's right- I'm a fucking workhorse.

OMG I just typed up the editting for the 5th Draft Of Ally In Disguise!!!

If you have read my last update below, I had 36 pages to type, and planned on getting them done over the next two days annd thought that might even be pushing it. So after that blogpost I decided to just try and get as much done as I could and somehow got into some sort of zone/ time warp or something because I sat there annd typed and typed and typed and then that's right, I typed!

So what am I doing tomorrow you ask? I have some really great ideas for some interactive blog posts and also some really great ideas for some more that include me and a pair of heels (okay a few pairs) and an adventure.
I had a really great brainstorming session with my best friend Jodie and come up with some brilliant shit if i do say so myself. So stay tuned in the next few weeks for more info.
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Typing up the edits

36 pages of editing to type up for Ally in Disguise~ I've just done 8 and hopefully get 8-10 more done by the end of tonight.
The next two days will be dedicated to finishing said editting but I'm not sure if I'm being too ambitious but i supose time will tell.....
for more info on Ally in Disguise click the link at the top of this page.
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Freelance writing update....

I have managed to complete 8 out of the 10 articles I had to write on Brisbane that are due by tomorrow, and the only thing I can really have a whinge about is the pain I am feeling in my back from sitting in the one spot for so long. Other than that I have  had a good time learning about all the fun things you can do in Brisbane. and just discovered a place called Cloudland that I really need to go too.  I might have a little break and start the last two... and by last two I mean in the Brisbane series - I still have 13 articles to write for a Doctor - yes people I am a medical writer among my many other talents :-)

What more can I ask for?

Not a lot - lifes pretty great right now.....
Great family, awesome friends, a book being published, this blog of course, terriffic sex and fast times at Ridgemont High ;-)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Walking in Heels - The High Heel Helpline - How to walk down stairs in Heels.

5 Tips on how to walk down the stairs in heels.
Walking in heels is hard enough, but getting down the stairs is a whole other story.
I was out with my cousins a few weeks ago and one of them was struggling to get down a huge flight of stairs gracefully - well at all, so I had to guide her down like a traffic controller at the airport. So here's some tips to get you to the bottom, without looking like a freak.
1. At the top of the stairs, take a deep breath, assess the situation and calculate how you propose to get to the bottom. Some staircases are made for midgets rendering it virtually impossible to fit your foot on the limited step space available, especially precariously atop a pair of delicious heels.
2. If their is a handrail, grip onto it for dear fucking life.
3. Don't take on the staircase facing front on. Turn your body and feet to the side and edge down it one step at a time. Kind of like a beauty queen would.
4. Look where each foot is stepping and make sure you have a clear path. There are so many times that I've seen girls go down after being tripped up.
5. Avoid eye contact with the hotty across the way making eyes at you. You have a job to do, and its getting down those stairs without tripping, flashing (unless you want too) and in one piece. Once you've made it to the bottom then you can flash your best victory grin.

His mouth on my mouth....

Girls in Heels

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Lennon and Maisy

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E.B White

Are you ready?

Gold Digger is so close to being in my hands I can taste it....This publishing thing takes time, but is so worth it!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Freelance Writing

I have managed to write 4 out of 10 articles about Brisbane the Capital of Queensland that I was asked to write for a freelance job that has to be completed by the end of this weekend. Looks like I'll be putting in some late night hours to get it all done, but interesting because I am learning about things I didn't know before and I like that. I like it a lot! If you know me - you know I love learning new things to do with just about anything as long as there is no violence, ghosts or anything scary. I love nice things, dreamy stuff and cuddles :-)

cool idea

How Animals Eat their food!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I am a sexy bitch...yes

hahaha I love Austin Powers!

One for me, and one for my homies

I'm watching Austin Powers for some unknown reason, and I must say its still stupidly funny but I think I might actually be a bit delirious.
As previously mentioned this morning, I'm running on 2 hours sleep max from last night and I have fought the urge to get back into bed when several different opportunities presented themselves today. Instead, I kept on going and managed to write three articles and upload some other work I had to do, and read a bit of a book, I also researched some things for other articles waiting to be written.

Now Im going to eat chicken noodle soup with garlic bread and then work out how to make a 7 layer bean dip to make over at my Best Friends house tonight for our weekly cooking together night! I might just have a little weeny rest..um no I wont.....

It got weird didn't it! Yes.

Right on the MONEY!

The way you do what you do, makes me crazy - crazy horny ;-)