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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bridgette Roberts!

Adam Pain is what Bridgette needs, and she will do anything she can to get him, including destroy a marriage!

What to do when I'm writing!

The more you talk, the less gets done!

Talking is great! Love communication, love conversation. But, with all this talking going on, I cant really get any work done. I need silence to do my job, no interuptions. I like being left alone to do my thing. I like silence, and lots of paper and pens.
Chatting isnt an option while I work. I'm not folding the washing, I'm writing a book. Books require alot of concentration and immagination.

It sounds kinda cool, what you do!

Some jobs seem so glamorous, especially the fanciful way they are portrayed in some movies.

I watched The Devil Wears Prada the other day, and Andy the main character was told many times that 'A million girls would kill for that job!'I do love this movie and even the Anne Hathaway character Andrea, but then I really thought about it. Not just watched it and was all like awww I love that movie like I usually do I really thought about it! Your probably like why? And I would say to that because IO can, because I have a brain!
This girl Andy, who wanted to become a journalist, finds herself with no job, after applying to as many places she could. She is desperate for a job basically maybe to pay her rent (New York is super expensive) so Andy finds herself applying for a job as a personal assistant to the editor at a fashion magazine, that literally millions of girls would kill for. She gets the job and from the moment she starts seriously all I hear from her is complaining, and complacency about being stuck in this job. Well I didn't see any better offers so cant she just be happy that she has something but oh no, not Andy she cant believe why her boss and the first assistant treat her like crap, she ends up crying and confronting a staff member about the fact that no one is praising her for doing her job of answering the phones, doing errands and getting coffee. The staff member asks her if she is kidding and explains why she is being an absolute ass! When she has a moment of realisation that yes she has in fact been acting like an asshole she decides to get into it by scamming a full makeover from said staff member. Her decision might have been helped along by the thousands of dollars worth of clothes and accessories she was showered with on a weekly basis.
Her boyfriend and friends then turn on her because she actually starts enjoying her work day and she has been spending long hours at the office and this annoyed me immensely. I mean the girl was finally doing her job properly and enjoying it, they made he r feel like she had sold out and changed by taking this job when everyone seems to have forgotten that she had no job prospects to start with, she was sitting at home complaining to anyone that would listen that she was jobless.
Newsflash! People change. I didn't think it was for the worst at all. Better than the beginning when she was wearing drab clothes and complaining about everything.
Anyway so at the end she ends up leaving her boss hanging in Paris and the job and pretends she did it for all the right reasons. I think she was stupid, she could have had the job for a while and moved up to a writing position for the magazine.
She ultimately thought she was too good to be working there. I know she wanted to be a writer, that was her goal, I just think she could have handled it alot better. She needed a job and she got one. To leave in spite of what her boss said at the end about them too be similar in regards to getting ahead instead of sticking it out showed how immature the character was instead of sticking it out and the moving on with a terrific reference.
She nearly fucked everything up except the writer decided to do Andy a favor and give her the reference anyway.
Emily (The first personal assistant) was the standout character in this film.

This will never happen again....until it does!

I always try and spell things correctly. I use spell check on most things because I am a terrible speller. My mum used to say to me 'How can you be such a bad speller when you've always got your head in a book? 'My answer was 'I don't know!" everytime. And I really don't know why - I can't explain it!
I even had one sarcastic troll on google+ say 'how can I portray myself as a writer when clearly my spelling was atrocious!' Its unclear to me how spelling can impeed on my imagination and creativity, but there is always going to be some annoying people trying to doll out words of apparent wisdom on other peoples life and why your not what you say you are because of a list of reasons that have no bearing on any topic ever!

I say I'm going to try and sort ot, but we all know it will keep happening as will my forgetfulness to actually use spell check on a regular basis.
This is my life or something like it!

Whos Heather? I'm pretty sure she's fictional, but I'm taking her down!!!!!

When you hate a character in a book so much, you start referring to her like she actually exists. If you met her, you would tell her what you thought of her or like the heading suggests take her down!
I'm trying to do that now (not take down a fictional character) I mean create a character that is loathed by many. It is harder than it sounds. At the moment she isn't as hateable as I would like - she is just annoying. Time to build her character, and find out why everyone should hate her so much!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Carrie Diaries

'Even though I wanted this to happen, all of a sudden I felt caught!'

Carrie Bradshaw

Saint-Martin - Paris

On Boulevard Saint - Martin, Paris!

Library shower curtain!

I know some dangerous words!

Punctuation - the history

I have to go back and study alot of things I have already learn't at school in more detail than I did then because I am writing novels. I know all the basics of punctuation but there are a few grey areas an it is always good to brush up on things to keep it fresh in your mind. Whilst doing so I came across this history of punctuation on Wikipedia and thought I would share it with you.....

The first writing systems were mostly logographic and/or syllabic, for example Chinese and Maya script, and they do not necessarily require punctuation, especially spacing. This is because the entire morpheme or word is typically clustered within a single glyph, so spacing does not help as much to distinguish where one word ends and the other starts. Disambiguation and emphasis can easily be communicated without punctuation by employing a separate written form distinct from the spoken form of the language that uses slightly different phraseology. Even today, formal written modern English differs subtly from spoken English because not all emphasis and disambiguation is possible to convey in print, even with punctuation.
Ancient Chinese classical texts were transmitted without punctuation. However, many Warring states era bamboo texts contain the symbols 「└」 and 「▄」 indicating the end of a chapter and full stop, respectively.[2] By the Song dynasty, addition of punctuation to texts by scholars to aid comprehension became common.[3]
The earliest alphabetic writing had no capitalization, no spaces, no vowels and few punctuation marks. This worked as long as the subject matter was restricted to a limited range of topics (e.g., writing used for recording business transactions). Punctuation is historically an aid to reading aloud (vis George Bernard Shaw).
The oldest known document using punctuation is the Mesha Stele (9th century BC). This employs points between the words and horizontal strokes between the sense section as punctuation.
The Greeks were using punctuation marks consisting of vertically arranged dots - usually two (cf. the modern colon) or three - in around the 5th century BC. Greek playwrights such as Euripides and Aristophanes used symbols to distinguish the ends of phrases in written drama: this essentially helped the play's cast to know when to pause. In particular, they used three different symbols to divide speeches, known as commas (indicated by a centred dot), colons (indicated by a dot on the base line), and periods or full stops (indicated by a raised dot).
The Romans (circa 1st century BC) also adopted symbols to indicate pauses.

For more on the history of punctuation or anything else to do with it click this link...


We know what we want, and we know how to get it!

Some people are so driven in life. They set goals, and they do anything to achieve them.

I want to be a successful writer!

Everyone defines success differently. My success would be having half a dozen books published with the opportunity to write alot more, and still say I did it my way! I want to be me, Tara the author, Tara the women who remained true to herself, not changing or filtering who I am, weather it be shy in person and outspoken in my writing and how I can sometimes portray myself. I am who I am, no excuses. But sometimes a little apologetic if I take it too far every now and again. I like who I am, and I think you either accept that or you don't!

There are always going to be people in this world who try and tear down your success because of jealousy and their own disappointments, who will write horrible comments and make slanderous accusations that hurt and attempt to destroy your self esteem. Not everyone will like me, but that's the price you pay when you do something that achieves something else. I am going to keep achieving things in my life because I know what I want!

How to put a conversation into a novel!

This is alot easier than you think once you know what you are doing! When you have a story line and have turned into into the beginnings of your book and the characters layed out, you have to put yourself into the conversation. The characters are the most important part of your story. Once you build your character, find out who they are, what they are interested in. You will be more likely to know what they would say in a conversation. Who is the person talking? What would they be likely to say in that certain siuation? Would it be witty and interesting or is the character flighty and giggly? How would they talk to someone? What is the story about? Why is the character having a conversation? What do you need the readers to know in this conversation? Is the character explaining or debating? who are they talking too? Who is the other character?

Think of yourself talking to people in your life, other conversations you have herd in shows, on the radio or in the movies, use that to help the conversation flow. You are not descibing something here, you are speaking for the character. You are the character!


Reading is something I do every day! Reading a book can open your mind to posssibilities as well as be very entertaining. Reading can educate as well as entice.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

homework for the rest of your life.....

She aint nothing but a Gold Digger...

Bridgette needs it, she wants it and she will do anything to get it!

Why not try a book?

Sorbonne Library Paris

As Photographed by Candida Hofer

A note from Danielle Steel

I always visit Danielle Steels website to catch up on what she has been up too and listen to her words of wisdom. I have included a small exert from her Note from Danielle for February. She updates this once a month if your interested.

Dear Friends,
There are some fun days coming up this month—or they could be anyway. There’s Valentine’s Day, which I always say is a mixed blessing in my life. Some years are great, others not so great. But at least whatever happens, it’s a holiday that includes a lot of chocolate—how bad can that be?
Mardi Gras is a major event in New Orleans, and is celebrated in other cities too, featuring beads, feathers, masks, costumes, dancing in the streets. It’s intended to let people “cut loose” a bit before the more subdued season of Lent begins six weeks before Easter.

To read the rest of her post click this link.....


favourite people

Use your words. How did it make you feel?

Crying is one way to express how your feeling when you are sad or hurt, as is smiling when your happy or you have a good day. But no one really knows what's going on, unless you tell them.
Using your words to describe how your feeling is a way of showing and telling people who you are, what makes you tick and what you need and want from them.
Using words to go along with your actions is a great thing  - people should try it more often....

Monday, 25 February 2013

All Books Released by Danielle Steel.

As you may or may not know I am a huge fan of Danielle Steel and have made my self a goal of owning and reading every book she has written. Danielle Steel is such an insipation in my reading and writing life. She is an amazing author, person and mother..... So I have provided a list of every book she has ever written incase you needed this information but also as a referece for myself to look back on and check off as I read and when I own them.   
  •  Danielle Steel Books:

  • 1973 - Going Home 1977 - Passion's Promise
    1978 - Now And Forever
    1978 - The Promise
    1980 - Season Of Passion
    1980 - Summer's End
    1980 - The Ring
    1981 - Palomino
    1981 - To Love Again
    1981 - Remembrance
    1981 - Loving
    1982 - Once In A Lifetime
    1982 - Crossings
    1983 - A Perfect Stranger
    1983 - Thurston House
    1983 - Changes
    1984 - Full Circle
    1985 - Family Album
    1985 - Secrets
    1986 - Wanderlust
    1987 - Fine Things
    1987 - Kaleidoscope
    1988 - Zoya
    1989 - Star
    1989 - Daddy
    1990 - Message From Nam
    1991 - Heartbeat 1991 - No Greater Love
    1992 - Jewels
    1992 - Mixed Blessings
    1993 - Vanished
    1994 - Accident
    1994 - The Gift
    1994 - Wings
    1995 - Lightning
    1995 - Five Days In Paris
    1996 - Malice
    1996 - Silent Honor
    1997 - The Ranch
    1997 - Special Delivery
    1997 - The Ghost
    1998 - The Long Road Home 1998 - The Klone And I
    1998 - His Bright Light
    1998 - Mirror Image
    1999 - Bittersweet
    1999 - Granny Dan
    1999 - Irresistible Forces
    2000 - The Wedding
    2000 - The House On Hope Street
    2000 - Journey
    2001 - Lone Eagle
    2001 - Leap Of Faith
    2001 - The Kiss
    2002 - The Cottage
    2002 - Sunset in St. Tropez
    2002 - Answered Prayers
    2003 - Dating Game
    2003 - Johnny Angel
    2003 - Safe Harbour
    2004 - Ransom
    2004 - Second Chance
    2004 - Echoes
    2005 - Impossible
    2005 - Miracle
    2005 - Toxic Bachelors
    2006 - The House
    2006 - Coming Out
    2006 - HRH
    2007 - Sisters
    2007 - Bungalow 2
    2007 - Amazing Grace
    2008 - Honor Thyself
    2008 - Rogue
    2008 - A Good Woman
    2009 - One Day at a Time
    2009 - Matters of the Heart
    2009 - Southern Lights
    2010 - Big Girl
    2010 - Family Ties
    2010 - Legacy
    2011 - 44 Charles Street
    2011 - Happy Birthday
    2011 - Hotel Vendome
    2012 - Betrayal

    Information source

    King Island Diary

    These producers on the most amazing cheeses I have every tasted come from an Island off the coast of Australia.... so fresh and Delicious!!!

    Charles Dickens

    It's getting late!

    Yes, awake again - late nights are my thing, although I should really try and regulate it a bit, becasue it is so easy to burn out. 5 hours sleep a night isn't the best idea, and I promise myself every morning - when I can barely drag myself up, that tonight I am def going to bed early - but I NEVER do! I come alive at night. My creativity chooses to surface leaving me no choice but to harness it.

    I am an owl, but much cuter!

    Sunday, 24 February 2013

    about me.....

    I am a Chic Lit Novelist/contemporary romance novelist and freelance writer for a cosmetics company. I also write this blog called Writing in Heels about lots of different topics, from writing, and reading, to thoughts and feelings about social situations and current events. Before I started writing 5 years ago, I was a personal assistant at a construction company and specialised in secretarial work and report and letter writing for three years. I am two years into a Bachelor of Education Primary Degree. I am planning to use the credits and complete my Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in literature. My other interests include but are definitely not limited to watching romantic comedy movies, and Indie movies, discovering random things on the Internet, travelling (or dreaming about travelling) makeup (wearing it) dress up clothes, high heel shoes ( a bit of an addiction) To sum up, I am a Mother.Writer.Dreamer.Lover.Friend.Pedicure addict.Gourmet Food connoisseur.Phenomenal Monopoly player and 80's music enthusiast.

    Hotel Vendome - Danielle Steel

    I've have read and own a copy of this really great Danielle Steel Novel. I have had the pleasure of reading Danielle's books all of my adult like, starting out with Star. I was hooked and spent alot of my teen years at the local Library reading and borrowing as many books as the librarian would let me take. I had a few years off from Danielle in my early late 20's and came back with Happy Birthday and this book published in 2011. Danielle is an inspiration to me and many writers out there.

    Too much time on your hands?

    Here's an idea for the book nuts out there.
     If you have plenty of books, which I know you do, why not try to build something like this???

    Saturday, 23 February 2013

    Anais Nin and her Diaries...

    Happy Birthday - Danielle Steel

    In this beguiling new novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of three very different people, each of whom, on the same day, reaches a crucial turning point in life—a rite both bittersweet and full of hope, a time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a wish for the future.

    Valerie Wyatt is the queen of gracious living and the arbiter of taste. Since her long-ago divorce, she’s worked hard to reach the pinnacle of her profession and to create a camera-ready life in her Fifth Avenue penthouse. So why is she so depressed? All the hours with her personal trainer, the careful work of New York’s best hairdressers, cosmetic surgeons, and her own God-given bone structure and great looks can’t fudge the truth or her lies about it: Valerie is turning sixty.

    Valerie’s daughter, April, has no love life, no rest, and no prospect of that changing in the foreseeable future. Her popular one-of-a-kind restaurant in downtown New York, where she is chef and owner, consumes every ounce of her attention and energy. Ready or not, though, April’s life is about to change, in a tumultuous transformation that begins the morning it hits her: She’s thirty. And what does she have to show for it? A restaurant, no man, no kids.

    Jack Adams once threw a football like a guided missile. Twelve years after retiring from the NFL, he is the most charismatic sports analyst on TV, a man who has his pick of the most desirable twentysomething women. But after a particularly memorable Halloween party, Jack wakes up on his fiftieth birthday, his back thrown out of whack, feeling every year his age.

    A terrifying act of violence, an out-of-the-blue blessing, and two extremely unlikely love affairs soon turn lives inside out and upside down. In a novel brimming with warmth and insight, beginning on one birthday and ending on another, Valerie, April, and Jack discover that life itself can be a celebration—and that its greatest gifts are always a surprise



    Where to put your book

    Friday, 22 February 2013

    1949 Bookmobile

    Writing = Self indulgence

    Self indulgence comes in many forms.

    You can eat out at a great restaurant, lay in bed for a few extra minutes, have that second bowl of ice cream, get you nails done, buy a fancy car to seem impressive, go on a round the world trip or even read a book if that's your thing.
    But writing, for me writing my books, that's my big self indulgence.
    Setting myself up on the lounge, comfy pillows all around me, pen and notepad sitting on my lap. That's pure indulgence!
    And then it's like my brain is telling me this amazing story and I'm just writing it down (the host so to speak) I get lost for three hours, just letting it pour out onto the paper as I get to know the characters. Its really like a movie in my head, I am watching it play out and writing it all down, scene for scene, word for word. I created it - but not intentionally, it was always there, I just have to press play and there it is.

    Do I have magical powers - yes, yes I do.

    A thousand lives....

    Thankyou, appreciate it!

    Just like to throw a little praise and thanks around to all my readers/viewers/listeners and especially to the loyal followers, who come back time and time again to make me feel super special.
    At nearly 43000 views, and just over a year into this blogging buisness, I have to say I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts, writing tips (both my own and many others), videos, pics and links to you all out there.
    Thanks for buying my book Gold Digger, and encouraging me along the way. It has been a fabulous journey so far, thatI have fully delved into and documented (check out the archives), and I hope you have enjoyed it all. I really appreciate each and every one of you!

    Thursday, 21 February 2013

    Enough with the showboating you tiny hooligan.

    I haven't had much of a chance to do any showboating in my life up until now. I have lead a pretty modest little life here in Australia, and I enjoy it. Don't get it twisted I do have some achievements under my belt, done fun stuff, have a great family and fabulous friends, but nothing really to showboat around town about. Now, I feel a little showboating is in order - just for a second.

    I'm getting a book published!!!!
    Yes that's right, my awesome contemporary romance called Gold Digger is going to be on a bookshelf near you very soon! I even have my own author website!!!
    This in itself  is a huge achievement and milestone in my life, but it has caused a chain reaction of events that will no doubt continue - because I my friends am finally doing something I love to do!
    The chain of events I mentioned above include an ongoing freelance writing job that I don't mind saying pays well, and another exciting job opportunity to write a biography.
    As well as this, I am two thirds of the way through writing my third novel Ally in Disguise, and I am considering submitting my first novel Glamour Girls to my publishers once Gold Digger goes on sale.
    (Jumps up and punches the air)

    Least Sexiest women according to who?

    This whole Kristen Stewart being voted the least sexiest women is just bullshit!!!!!
    I mean come on jealousy is a curse people. I heard on the radio this morning that it is because she is sullen and comes across as brooding and distant!
    Just because she isn't a bubbly blonde bimbo with big tits and a flashy tiny wardrobe, doesn't mean she can't be sexy. She is a women who dresses how she wants, isn't trying to impress anyone - she doesn't have to. She is a women who commands attention from millions of fans for being a good actress, maybe not your type both physically or entertainment wise - but her appeal lies in her quirkiness, and her obvious weirdness, and I think that makes her a sex, down to earth person who many, many men find attractive and sexy and would love the chance to get to know her.
    I think all the Judges and voters should stop fucking worrying about voting for stupid polls and focus on what really matters!
    Kristen - you go girl!!!!

    Accidental Knees and Elbows!

    I seem to be always getting kneed and elbowed accidentally on purpose!
    No-one really means it apparently. I must just be in the wrong place @ the wrong time. I don't like people in my personal space, roughhousing and when people are careless with their limbs flailing them about as though they are drowning for no particular reason. I am expressive with my hands but there is a limit. If you enter my space please keep all arms and legs inside of the vehicle.
    Respect my space and I will respect yours!

    Wednesday, 20 February 2013

    New York 1940

    The Carrie Diaries - quote

    I'd come here to escape. But the question was, how far did I want to go>
    Carrie Bradshaw

    The Carrie Diaries Fox 8


    Billy Trips Balls - choose your own adventure!

    Ha ha - I love this.

    My Idea of Heaven!!!

    Tuesday, 19 February 2013

    What is a Ghostwriter?

    I have been writing for over 5 years now and I never really knew what a ghostwriter was. I had some idea that it was a person/writer who worte things for other people like biographies etc but I didnt really know the true definition so I looked up Ghostwrite and this is what I found...for your information as much as mine.....

    A ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. Celebrities, executives, and political leaders often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit autobiographies, magazine articles, or other written material. In music, ghostwriters are often used for writing songs and lyrics for popular music genres. Screenplay authors can also use ghost writers to either edit or rewrite their scripts in order to improve them, increasing their chances to be optioned or produced. Also, ghost writers may work on accompanying documents, such as treatments for screenplays.
    Ghostwriters may have varying degrees of involvement in the production of a finished work. While some ghostwriters are hired to edit and clean up a rough draft, others are hired to do most of the writing based on an outline provided by the credited author. For some projects, ghostwriters will do a substantial amount of research, as in the case of a ghostwriter who is hired to write an autobiography for a well-known person. Ghostwriters are also hired to write fiction in the style of an existing author, often as a way of increasing the number of books that can be published by a popular author (e.g., Tom Clancy, James Patterson). Ghostwriters will often spend a period from several months to a full year researching, writing, and editing nonfiction works for a client, and they are paid either per page, with a flat fee, or a percentage of the royalties of the sales, or some combination thereof. The ghostwriter is sometimes acknowledged by the author or publisher for his or her writing services.

    For more information on this click this link


    'Stop staring at me!'
    'I don't know what your talking about?'
    'You practically bore a hole through both of us!'
    'Isn't that what you wanted?'
    'I don't know what your talking about!'

    Carrie and Sebastian at the school dance.
    The Carrie Diaries on Fox 8

    Thoughts - lots of them!

    Legacy - Danielle Steel

    Here Danielle Steel talks about one of her many books Legacy. If you love Danielle as much as me or even if you don't she is such an inspiring person, who has achieved so much. Worth a look!

    Nerd Girl Problem.....

    Monday, 18 February 2013

    Nick Earls does it again. Another laugh out loud moment...

    What exactly happened here last night? Jen says as she puts jam on a croissant. What were you two doing? How does the phone come to be in a plant pot? How does this very strange hole come to be in the new jar of jam?
    She shows us the jam, shows us the hole.
    And it's Kelly who works it out first. I can tell this, because it's only the horror on her face that reminds me of what actually happened with the jam. Or, more precisely, whose penis is responsible for the hole.
    I wouldn't eat that, she says, quite slowly, knowing she's not saying enought but not knowing where to go next.

    Bachelor Kisses
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    Sunday, 17 February 2013

    As you can see.....

    I am available on many social medias.
    If you have a penchant for twitter, or an obsession with Google+ I am there for you to add and follow.
    For a full list of where you can add me feel free to peruse the list below and follow the links to your fav social medias.

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    If you would like to leave me a comment or +1 any of mine you are more than welcome, although I must impress that I am in no way provoking or asking for any filthy or disturbed comments from certain sick individuals that feel it is their right to send me perverse messages asking me to write dirty stories and or telling me that they have a boner. This is not a porn site nor it is a place where you can try and fulfil your twisted fantasies. I am a writer and blogger and yes I do have a different sense of humor and sometimes upload questionable posts and pics but its all in good fun... and in no way implies I want your sexual advances. I do however encourage responses to all of my posts and don't mind a bit of naughty every once in a while but keep in mind that I am on here to share my thoughts ideas and sense of humor with anyone that wants to read, listen and look.....

    Trapped in Tara Land....

    It's really a funny little life I lead. Writing Books, reading, promoting, doing freelance writing jobs and blogging all from the comfort of my home. However the drawbacks are numerous.
    Firstly, I don't have a certain time I have to do anything, and this can be weird because time can pass really quickly and you can loose alot of hours of nothingness.
    Secondly, I tend to clean my house in between these projects and don't really get anything done on either fronts.
    Thirdly, I can't really get dressed up - so I tend to wear denim shorts and t-shirt an no shoes alot. I loved the fact when I had a job that I could wear nice stuff and makeup and have something to make an effort for. It makes you feel good about yourself.
    And lastly, I am a bit lonely. I tend to shut myself away alot - living in my own head, writing made up stories. Sometimes I crave a human to talk to, someone to share ideas with....

    But other than that its pretty great being a writer.....

    Oh and by the way, you can buy my book online....

    If you haven't already herd you can purchase my book Gold Digger online @ my author website ~

    If you are an E-pub reader or want to download a copy for your IPAD and are wondering how you can purchase it - details will be available both here on my blog and via my website in the next few months, so stay tuned for the updates......

    What do you think of that then?

    I can't wait until my awesome new contemporary romance Gold Digger is on the shelves of bookshops, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com and in all sorts of formats including E-Pub, ebook and many other medias.
    The whole experience has been amazing and very educational, and one that has inspired me to keep writing. I am halfway through my third book Ally in Disguise which is a source of real joy to me as a writer. My first novel Glamour Girls is something that I will go back to, maybe modify and try and get published in the future, and I have many more fabulous ideas for more books, including Kitty LaLa that you can view at the top of my blog.

    Old School Books - anything goes....

    From Paris with Love

    My obsession with Paris and anything French continues.....

    The Carrie Diaries - Quote!

    'How are you darling?'
    'I thought I saw something bubbly and expensive back that way......'
    'She knows me so well!'

    The Carrie Diaries Fox 8

    Drinking and thinking!

    Why do you always do things you want to do straight but only comes out when you have been drinking...like telling someone something that you would never normally say or doing something you would never normally do...I know alcohol gives you false courage, changes your inhibitions and makes you do silly things...I always say things I shouldn't with a few under the provebial belt, and I really shouldn't have. Sometimes you wanted to have said them and other times you should have just shut the hell up.

    stupid alcohol, stupid me.....

    Danielle Steel - Southern Lights

    Another Danielle Steel post becasue as you know...she is the most famous author in my Genre and I absolutely admire and love her!

    Friday, 15 February 2013

    Bachelor Kisses

    In seven, Mrs Dyson has chewed through her IV line. I ask her why but she can't quiet put her finger on it. She sits there with her small body slowely sliding down into her pink nightie and her mouth crowded with a set of teeth that were surely made for a much larger head, and the bitten~ through line seems to be ass much a mystery to her as it does to the rest of us. As though the teeth did it themselves. But looking at her teeth, that does seem at least possible. I'm sure they're the teeth of a much bigger? Much nastier peron than Mrs Dyson, out to do harm and using her as an alibi.
    But Mrs Dyson, I say to her. These tubes are tough. You can't just chew through them on a whim. This takes commiitment.
    To which she says, thank you, doctor, and smiles a smile from which she seems so disociated it's as though she's standing near it, rather than arranging it voluntarily on her face.

    Nick Earls
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