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Friday, 30 November 2012

Damien Rice - Seven Nation Army

Adifferent version of a great song!!!

Witty Banter!

There's nothing like a good conversation with people that matter!

So Cheers to all the interesting people out there that have actual thoughts in their head!!

Holiday reading....

What books are you going to be reading over the Christmas break? For people who have summer coming up like me, are more likely (into the same sort of books as me) to pick light easy reading to lay on the beach with, laze by the pool or kick back under the trees with some great holiday reading. Reading a great book and sipping a cocktail by a tropical pool is an ideal summer day for me....

Thursday, 29 November 2012

bookshop dreams

If I had a bookshop which I have always dreamed I would have I would want it to look like this. Ah to sit around on a big comfy chair greeting customers and readers. What a way to retire!!!!

FRANK ALAMO - heureux tous les deux

What's really important>

I'm sure this is a question that literally millions of people ask themselves at some point in their lives.
I watched The Vow a few weeks ago, a really cool emotional movie that got me thinking about what's important to me. I wont go into it, because the list could go on forever, plus it's always changing. Everyday, every hour, every minute....

But I will say it s very important to reassess what's important to you and how you feel because if you don't how will you ever evolve???

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Major Lazer - Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors

Loving this song - still!!!

HAWAIIAN MUSIC ALOHA + Hawaii Musik Song Relaxing Ocean Sounds Beach Vac...

Listen to this once a week to chill with your eyes shut - gives you a whole new persepctive on how you where feeling or not feeling!

Well it would be nicer to be there but beggers can't be choosers.

Interview with Romance Novelist Lissa Bryan!

Lissa Bryan
I was lucky enough to meet Lissa on Google+ and discover that she is a published romance novelist! And you know how I love othere authors!

Ghostwriter her first novel a Supernatural Romance is for sale on Amazon, The Writer's Coffee Shop and various other online sites. Check the links at the bottom of this post for more information.

The End of all Things her latest novel will be available early next year.  She has agreed to an interview and has graciously offered to do the same for me in return so make sure you check out her blog @  
Tell us about Ghost Writer?

Ghostwriter is a paranormal romance, a ghost story, but it’s really about the "ghosts" that haunt all of us: regret, insecurity, and fear, and finding the strength to overcome them.

The End of all Things is due out at the end of January tell us about that.

This one is a tale of survival and of holding out hope against all odds. Carly and Justin have to travel across a land laid to waste by a terrible plague in hopes they’ll find a safe place to raise their baby. But the most precious home they find is in each other.

How long have you been writing for?

I’ve always written "books"  in my head, even taking other books I read and re-writing them to have a plot I liked better. I had no idea other people did this or there was a huge community devoted to it. After I discovered fanfiction, I decided to try my hand at writing my own. That’s how my publisher discovered me. They contacted me and asked me if I’d ever considered writing a novel. That was about a year ago. My head still hasn’t stopped spinning.

What inspired you to write?

I loved books so much I wanted to make my own. I’ve always had a passion for reading and so it was natural for me to write, even if it was just in my own head.

Who are you favourite Authors?

I have so many that it’s hard to narrow it down. Emily Bronte, Stephen King, Colleen McCollough,  J.R. Ward, Carl Sagan, Margaret George … As you can see, they’re from a wide variety of genres. I read everything and every one of these authors taught me something about writing.

Where can we find your books?

 The least expensive option is to buy directly from the publisher.

What is something about you that people wouldnt know?

I have a pathological fear of clowns.

Where do you see yourself as a Writer in 10 years?

Hopefully, still doing what I love to do: crafting stories. I love my publisher, so I hope to stay with them for many books to come.

Lissa is doing a giveaway of a free, autographed copy of Ghostwriter,  starting today at Romanceaholic. The contest lasts for seven days. If you would like to be in the running click this link ~


Lissa Bryan Contact info:

Thanks Lissa and good luck with your future novels :-)


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Exerts from Wonderboy

'I unpacked his barely touched lunchbox and wonder why I don't just cut out the middleman: prepare sandwiches, and lob them straight into the bin. Tod plonks himself at the table, awaiting his doughnut.'

' My mother introduced him to fierce Aunt Isa, saying, 'And here is Ro's brand new husband Marcus? Isn't he super?' She made it sound as if IT'S had several inferior husbands before him. Marcus laughed in an embarassed way, which heightened his appeal.'

Wonderboy by Fiona Gibson.
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Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

More typing...

Broken blogpost record - updating you on Ally in Disguise! Still typing...Will it ever end? Maybe not lol... Well it totes feels that way. I swear to god I need to get this finished so I can keep writing....

Cool Book Shelf Idea........

What a cool Idea - I want one!

Romance Novels......

I have found an awesome romance novelist on Google+ Lissa Bryan and she  has agreed to do an interview with me and share with us her books, a bit about herself, and how she got into writing. Stay tuned for the interview!
And if you or anyone you know might be interested in sharing your/their story here at Writing in Heels tell them to email me @ taraanderton@live.com.au

Little Dragon - Twice

Monday, 26 November 2012

Crappy Books

I try not  to read crappy books, but sometimes I do come across one and think to myself how the fuck did this even get published?

I heart shoes...

I found these little gems the other day and although I do not own them - I love them! I wish I owned them but I can't own every pair of shoes I see and fall in love with....... totes awesome as they are....

New York, you inspire me....

Ah the thoughts provoked by this amazing city, weather it be at night, by day or through the rain splatered windows.....is just truely amazing!!!!!!!

Reading, and the movies in my brain!

It's so true! I have such a vivid imagination! I also have an excellent long term memory and these two combined make for a very good reading experience! In my case the real movie can totally destroy my imagination because I never pictured it that way!!!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

dreams and reality.....


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Archive - again

Blondie - One Way Or Another

How do you pick books?

Other peoples buisness.

So I decided to hit the creek today and spend a few hours relaxing, and soaking up some rays while reading my new book.
I arrived to low tide perfect crystal clear water and surprisingly fewer people than anticipated. I sat my stripy beach bag down and proceeded to unfold my awesome pink lay down beach chair. I set my towel up, placed my water bottle strategically in the shade and stretched out my already sunscreened body like a cat. Ahhhh this is the life. Children splashed in the still water far enough away not to be annoying and couples, families and friends all enjoyed the perfect conditions as I opened up my book to a previously marked page and started reading. I barely noticed the lady who walked passed me and positioned herself on the sand 10 metres behind me. That was until she started yelling

"Jackson.......Jackson" At the top of her voice. I chose to ignore her and continued reading. It started again. I looked up to see who this Jackson person was and why for the love of god he wasn't answering her so she would stop shouting. No one appeared to be acknowledging her as I scanned the beach. I continued reading. Again with the Jackson. For fucks sake Jackson answer the women.
Then to my surprise she starts mouthing off about the group of people standing at the edge of the water seemingly having a good time. probably about 6 couples and their kids. Up until that point I hadn't even really noticed them doing anything wrong and wondered what Old love was going on about.
"I think its disgusting." She said loudly. "That people can behave like that in a public place." I didn't know who she was talking to or about and hoped like hell it wasn't me. Luckily their were two startled looking women directly beside her and I turned back around and pretended to read my book wondering how this conversation was going to unfold.
She then went on to spew forth hatred for the group because they had a couple of cornas and where drinking on the beach. She said someone should call the police and that they where bad parents because the children where swimming and other people and families couldn't enjoy the beach because this group had turned it into an unsafe place. I glanced over at the group, who upon closer inspection where having a child's birthday party. There was a table set up under the trees with cake and party bags for the children. They had been there for a while by the looks of it. Mothers where swimming with children and fathers where standing knee deep in water enjoying a few cold coronas together watching their children, talking and laughing. I could see nothing wrong, no bottles discarded, no danger of any kind. What a whinger I thought. She proceeded to bitch incessantly about how disgusting they where and how she would never bring alcohol to a beach because that's why pubs where invented. She called them alcoholics and bad parents repeatedly. The ladies next to her then shocked me by agreeing with her hopefully to shut her up or maybe they did in fact agree??? Which is fucking warped to say the least. Isn't it? This got me thinking. Was it them who where wrong, the drinkers? Was I wrong to think that they where doing absolutley nothing wrong?? She then said that she wouldn't be the one to call the police because she watches those shows on telly and knows that when you get involved in others business bad things can happen. She sounded paranoid and judgemental. WTF.... She then puts her jumper on, she is already wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and boots. hmmm something isn't right here....I was glad to see the group of 'public drinkers' pack up and go, so I didn't have to listen to the tirade any more. (I actually felt sorry for them  who cares what they do...its a free country...especially Australia - its so relaxed and cool who cares if someone has a few beers at a beach party/kids party. I mean come on is it really a big deal?)
 Then the Jackson shit started again. For fucks sake Jackson run while you still can!! I was mournful when the cutest little blond kid come walking past and joined old love. The elusive Jackson, who is about 4. This bitch who was saying that the group of "drunks" where bad parents,  but had let her 4 year old roam the beach while she focused on total strangers. I turned back to my book annoyed and pissed off over something that didn't even involve me. I decided to go for a walk to cool off, and half hour later returned to my chair and layed down. She is still here, fuck! The kid is nowhere to be seen and I wondered where he was. (Around the corner out of view scaling a rocky outcrop. I checked.) Nice work..... I sit hoping to get passed this, and continue reading until her overbearing conversation with the two (strangers) women beside her continues, this time about a tent. She is saying she got a tent and wants to use it, then somehow says she will get on the train with her tent and go to Brisbane and go to Southbank pool with Jackson but she cant camp there so she doesn't know why she would take the tent..then laughs and starts listing random attractions she will visit whilst in Brisbane. I actually now think she has something wrong with her. Jackson has started playing with an older Japanese couple trying to take photos in the water.

I pack my stuff up and depart before she can ruin the rest of my day! Some people are so fucking annoying!!!!!!

Exert from Wonderboy

'I'd been right to worry about living together: one minute your kissing in the back of taxi's. Next thing you're staring into bidets. There's no in between bit. Couples should be warned about that.'

Wonderboy~ Fiona Gibson.

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Friday, 23 November 2012

How to wait......

writers are readers

Gold Digger Novel by Tara Anderton

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


a room without books, is like a heart without a soul.

It's Raining --Inara George

I love listening to this when I'm feeling blue!!!!

burning books and culture!

Study about sex and music!

STUDY ALERT: Guitar Increases Male Facebook Attractiveness: Support for the Sexual Selection Theory of Music

"Music is a universal phenomenon that has genetic and brain-localized features. As such, it warrants adaptive evolutionary explanations. While some scholars believe that music arose as a by-product of other adaptations, others argue that music is likely to have served some adaptive function, for example in coalition signaling or mother-child bonding. The sexual selection theory of music suggests that music serves as a signal in mate selection. While this claim is prevalent, it lacks empirical evidence. A facebook experiment revealed that women replied more positively to friendship requests from a man shown in a photo holding a guitar. These results offer initial support for the sexual selection theory of music."

I found this on Google + by Scott Barry Kaufman PHD and he had posted a link and thought I would share because I found it really interesting..I hope you feel the same way....


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What food do you love?

I'm Italian so - I love food. Some people eat food to survive. I eat food to taste and smell and savor and enjoy.
I'm no chef but I'm pretty good in the kitchen. I can cook most things if I have a recipe to follow. And most of it tastes great - except for that one time, but I wont go there. However I love trying different foods, eating out, eating in. I have very exotic tastes and love trying new flovours and things. I love seafood but not muscles, and I love eating meat but I wont eat kangaroo, bison, frogs, or any other insects, rodents,  rabbit, duck, mutton, snails, brains, kidneys, eyeballs, animals balls, or sexual organs, or anything else seedy or fucked up. Other than that I will try about anything - and especially love french, Japanese, Greek, Thai, Mexican, Spanish and Island infused foods as well as Italian of course. I love alot more but they are the main influences in my life.

Lyrics and their meaning!

Vast Library

I love libraries as you might have guessed if you follow my posts....if not check out some of my archives for some cool library shots.......

Monday, 19 November 2012

Exaggerate much?

I truely do! I end up turning most things into fabulous adventures, and people are like wow thats awesome, and then some stick in the mud points out that I am a writer and a known exaggerator and I do tend to  put a spin on most stories. Its totally unintentional but yes IT does happen....


Thanks to all my Google+ followers who come and check out my blog.... I really appreciate it :-)
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Cures for anything

What music does......

If you want to find me on youtube, and check out what sort of music I like.
Click this link and follow me...


Choices and consequences

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Soko - I'll kill her

Super Synonyms

Bic Runga

tiffany - I think we're alone now......

Schwab - Djs In A Row (its all gone pete tong)

Gold Digger Novel by Tara Anderton

Library of my dreams....

So loving this home library....I would love to have one just like it!

Rocking it old school.......

total dedication

I have posted this before on my google+ but I had to post it to my blog because I just came across it again ad hada littlegiggle to myself. Thisguy has got it ging on! Nothing will sop him from getting to that next part of the story!

Rockin Wedges

I want these wedges so bad!

Nerd Girl Problem

Loaning out books?

True story!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Friday, 16 November 2012

Tara's life - this weekend.

I have a rough draft of how this weekend will go.....

Friday Night

 Typing up Ally in Disguise my latest novel. For more info click the link at the top of the page. I'm about halfway through a monstrous undertaking of about 30 hours of typing, which I have fully delved into in previous blog posts that you can view by either scrolling down or going to the sidebar and checking out the archives which is full of interesting, naughty, funny, informative things to pass some time.

I will be reading my book Wonderboy by Fiona Gibson you can find her books on Goodreads.
I will be blogging as well as updating all my social media's so if you want to follow me check out the side bar for where I am located.


I am going to the local Olympic pool to do some laps and try and get my tan started for the summer. Although I did kind of start it today at Tally Creek but although it was hot and sunny the wind made it virtually impossible to sun bake as the sand storm whipping up the beach was basically unbearable. I lasted all of one hour and came home with a layer of sand glued to my sunscreen. Top Stuff!!!!
Tomorrow night I am going out for Tepanyaki and Saki with my best friend Jodie! Maybe meet up with a friend who is up for the weekend from Sydney and have a dance.....

On Sunday I am going to Greenmount Beach which is like a huge bay that you can float over the waves in, and more sun baking. Don't get it twisted people, I am fully covered with a high UV protection factor and I wear a big floppy hat and sunglasses, plus I'm Italian/Australian and I tan easy and don't burn very often.
Sunday night I will probably do some more blogging, typing (wishful thinking) and wind down from my weekend.....

And that's my little story ;-)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Feeling Shady

Today I woke up feeling really shady! No I do not have a hangover, I am genuinely sick! I have had a throbbing headache all day despite the 3 panadol I managed to hold down after I spewed up around 11am afterwhich I fell into a deep 2 hour sleep, even though the morbid heat seeped through the wide open windows. There was unfortunately no breeze what so ever, and being somewhat delious and weak I didn't manage to get a fan turned on, so I woke up stuck to my bed with sweat behind my knees and a feeling like I couldn't breath peoperly. I ended up in the bathroom spashing handfuls of water onto my face, I would have showered but feared my weakness would get the better of me and I might faint so I ended up giving myself a sponge bath on the lounge wishing I had someone that cared enough about me to take care of me in my time of need. Like I mean.... I'm sure if I asked someone to give me a sponge bath I may get a few takers but not just anyone gets that privlige. So on my own, I struggled through my day - nibbling on dry saladas and sipping water out of a drink bottle - which made me feel somewhat looked after, a childish but conforting thing. Like a teddy, but I dont have one. The closest I got to a hug today was from a baby guinea pig called sweetpea.
Thankfully I am starting to feel alot better. Kind of like a 12 hour bug or even a 6 hour one. I still have a minor head ache but it feels so much better....

Old school book week

At least once a day!!!!


dirty girl....

Last night in bed I was geared up to watch a movie with the title dirty girl, with captions on the front like
"would you prefer to have sex than dinner"
 and "do you know all of the lyrics to  'I know what boys like'"
 and I'm like um yes, so here I was sitting in bed waiting for the thing to start. It didn't disappoint with the movie starting out with the obvious 'dirty girl' being pounded in the back of a car out the front of the school before the bell even rings! Old mate freaky fat guy with expected hoodie covering most of his face is starring at the car with an unreadable look on his face....is he gay? Is he wishing it was him? At this point its hard to say...so I settle in to watch. All of a sudden where in class and slut face comes up with some dirty comment, and is sent to the principles office but before she goes the guy who had just fucked her out the front hands a note saying meet me in the same place at lunch so he can go for round two.
Long story short the principal has had a gutful of her whoreish behaviour and sends her to the learning challenged classes with the freaks including original freak at beginning of the story, who she is paired up to do an assignment with. A flour bag with eyes becomes their baby for a week. They have to keep a diary. Anyway at lunch the guy who was supposed to be getting re pleasured in his car races out and jumps in his mates car while dirty girl lays on the bonnet of he red convertible trying to get his attention...it doesn't work they have herd she is in learning support and brush her off. At this point she is the pariah, who then drives her red convertible home to her trailer??? Yeah not adding up..... anyway so freak boy comes over to work on assignment, tells her he is 65% gay and his dad will send him to the army unless he stops being so gay. She drops him home and kisses him in front of the dad. Which buys him some time....however the story takes a turn and ends up an across country trek to find her long lost dad in freak boys dads stolen car. There's gay sex scenes with a male stripper and an awakening, and I began to wonder if they fucked the title and should have called it dirty boy??? Anyway she finds her dad, her mum comes after her, freak boys dad beats him up when he finds him and dirty girl ends up home and sad and freak boy goes to the army. They are reunited at the end when they sing a song together..... sooooo weird!!!!!!
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Monday, 12 November 2012

What am I reading?

 I finally finished Weird Sister's by Eleanor Brown and even though I totally rate it as a good read - I'm glad its over and I can move onto something a bit lighter, not so dark and thought provoking.

So I chose Lauren Conrad's The Fame Game.

 I started this morning and I'm on page 82 atm. I would have to say I will be finished it by tomorrow afternoon. I really love the way Lauren writes...very much like my books. She gives you what you want without making you think too hard about plot and a minargery of characters with heaps of twists and turns and some freaked out ending. She makes it easy to read and thats how I like it..
About The Fame Game
In Hollywood, fame can be found on every corner and behind any door. You just have to know where to look for it. Nineteen-year-old Madison Parker made a name for herself as best frenemy of nice-girl-next-door Jane Roberts on the hot reality show L.A. Candy. Now Madison's ready for her turn in the spotlight and she'll stop at nothing to get it. Sure, she's the star of a new show, but with backstabbing friends and suspicious family members trying to bring her down, Madison has her work cut out for her. Plus, there's a new nice girl in "reality" town—aspiring actress Carmen Price, the daughter of Hollywood royalty—and she's a lot more experienced at playing the fame game... When the camera's start rolling, whose star will shine brighter?

Filled with characters both familiar and new, Lauren Conrad's series about the highs and lows of being famous delivers Hollywood gossip and drama at every turn.
Check out Goodreads for all the reviews and to find out about Lauren's other books.

staircase bookshelf

Love it!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes

 I think I've posted these shoes before but I had to repost now because I still love them and wish I owned them.... part of me likes them because they are pink and another part of me likes them because they are super high and a little bit skanky!!!

Exert from The Weird Sisters

'I just like him. As a friend. I think he can help me.'
'Just for the record, fucking is not helping,' Cordy said.
'Shut up,' Bean replied.
'If you want him, your going to have to break it off with Dr Manning,' Cordy said.
Bean froze. Cordy looked over at her and shook her head. 'Bean , you can't think we wouldn't notice.'
"I didn't.... It's not...' Bean began, but there was nothing to say. Caught, again.
I don't think your a  bad person, you know. You've done worse things, I'm sure. Hell, I've done worse. But this isn't seriously what you want, is it?'
'No,' Bean whispered, and her throat was thick with tears and guilt. 'I mean, when I'm with him I'm happy, but...' She trailed off. She wasn't of course. Forgetting wasn't the same as being happy. Being drunk wasn't the same as forgetting, and as often as she was literally drunk when she was with him, she was just as much intoxicated by the effort of forgetting everything she had to face.
'No you're not,' Cordy said cheerfully. You're obviously miserable, Bean. We're at our most miserable when we are doing it to ourselves. Sad. But true.'

Eleanor Brown

I was reading my book The Weird Sisters and I read this part twice and it definitely resonated with me..... maybe it means something to you too?

Book Poetry

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012

How to Write A Book

I always like to share tips, weather they be mine from writing my books or via other authors..so here is something I found on youtube that's interesting..one day maybe I'll make a video??
Have you made any video's about writing? Or think I will find something interesting on the internet? I want to hear from you so post in the comments!

What's the meaning of that word?


n a noisy confusion; uproar.


1 n a litter of pigs
2 v of a sow; to give birth to (piglets)


n a writer or actor of farce


n a period of 5 years


n a person who gives opinions in an authoritve manner

All definitions retrieved from The Penguin Concise English Dictionary.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tip of the day

Tip of the day: Don't be a dumbass

A love of good books means you will never be lonely.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Weird Word of the week.....

I was looking through the dictionary - I have 5 all over the house - as you know I am a bad speller and the need for these's books with the magic words is great. So anyway I was looking up the spelling of yet another word that I should know but for some reason seems to have slipped my mind and I came across a word, whose meaning I would not have been able to tell you, even if I  had been sitting in the hotseat on who wants to be a millionaire, with no lifelines and a possible four answers to sift through, so I thought I would create this blog post to enlighten you...

1 adj of or resembling a monkey or ape.
2 n a monkey or ape

And there you go..... see you do learn something new every day!!!

Who will you vote for? The Goodreads Choice Awards 2012

Who are you voting for? What's your favourite category?

I voted for;

Best Ficton Category Mr Penumbra's 4-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

Best Romance Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1)    by

The mind of a writer.....

And it doesn't end! So many thoughts...so many ideas! I dont know when to stop and just go to bed and even once in bed it continues. Last night, I was awake till 2am thinking. Writing didn't even come into it - but the ideas, conversations, and the places ticked through my mind like photographs or mini movies. It is very amazing and sureal to have nights like these. However they can also be somewhat annoying because sometime you just need to switch off and relax, but you cant.
I am trying to finish a book and  I am reading The Weird Sisters by Elanor Brown and it seems to be taking forever, 500 pages in length and I am midway through so I can start another one (a little rule of mine) that just arrived in the mail and I really want to read it. I have book envy!
 I will be typing till at least midnight tonight....then by the time I wind down, shower, and climb into bed it will be 1am and I will want to read for a while, and an hour goes by and I'm like ....
'fuck I am going to be so tired in the morning" ...and I always am!!! But I continue to live and operate in the same manner, even though I know the consequences. I do it until I am exhausted and then I find myself falling asleep on the lounge at 10am and will sleep till 1 or 2pm and then I'm good for at least another 7-9 days of semi sleepless nights until it happens all over again, I cant change that I am most creative at night and that I want to stay up late and do things, amazing things, this is my life! 

Lab 3 - Horizontal Labamba -WE ARE GOING TO HAVE AN ORGASM (DJ Lace)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I like BIG books!

How do you feel about books?