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Saturday, 30 June 2012

self esteem

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The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole!

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole

I have just finished my last book and am finally starting the second installment of Adrian Mole......So excited to get started!

25 great ideas to make life easier!

Freeze Aloe Vera in ice-cube trays for soothing sunburn relief.. 

For more click this link ~


Friday, 29 June 2012

Oh No.....Come on......

I just want to say real quick.....

That if you haven't purchased my awesome new soon to be released chic lit novel Gold Digger.
You can still pre order it @ http://www.golddiggernovel.com

Thanks :-)

Sometimes when I start reading a book it takes me a while to get into it.......

I think there are various reasons for this happening.
 And they could be ~
1. The aftermath of finishing a really good book.
I mean sometimes a book is just so good, it's hard to start a new one, get to know new characters, imerse your mind into something different when your still pondering the last story.
2. The author has not captivated me thus far.
The author has failed to grab my full attention. i.e I'm wondering when its going to get good.
3. It's just crap.
4. I just need a break from reading.
Iv'e read 4 books of various sizes in 3 weeks and maybe I should have a day off.
5. I just received the next book in the story of Adrian Mole and I really, really want to start reading it, but I refuse to begin it until Iv'e finished what I'm reading. Kind of torturing myself with it , sitting there on my shelf beckoning me to read it. Wherein tarnishing the book that I'm reading, rendering me only mildly interesting in what happens to characters. I feel mean to the writer who shall remain unnamed until i have read the entire contents of her book for not being interested.
Anyway I'll try to stick it out, but I'm not saying I like it......

Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail


  • 12 ounces Lillet Rose
  • 12 ounces Ruby Red grapefruit juice
  • 6 ounces gin
  • 6 edible flower blossoms (optional; chefs-garden.com)


  1. Combine 6 ounces Lillet, 6 ounces grapefruit juice, 3 ounces gin, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake until well chilled. Strain and divide cocktail among 3 stemmed cocktail glasses, such as Champagne coupes. Repeat.
  2. Garnish with flowers. Serve immediately.

    • Prep Time10 minutes
    • Total Time10 minutes
    • YieldServes 6

Oscar Wilde

Thursday, 28 June 2012

She meets him in the evening Beaver first!

I often wonder about those 20 something trophy wives that have sold their souls for a bit of cha ching!
I mean, how gross to have to wake up next to some sleezy old man every day whose only quest in life is to show off his fortune.
As the studious sexy second wife she lunches, and preens her way through the day. Gold Amex in hand as she floats around with airhead friends discussing bleaching and botox.
She rushes home in time to meet her peacock, greeting him with sex on a platter, anything for him, he supplies the lifestyle.
Instead of going to the beach, laughing, being 20, checking out cute guys, going to the movies, living in a flat and getting a job.
It all just must seem so hard, to take the easy road is just so simple. Imagine what goes on in the bedroom...it actually makes me shiver!

retro chic!

I have a lot going on at the moment with work and that......

Even though I 'have an official job, like 9-5 or whatever hours and I don't go out and work for "The Man" doesn't mean I am any less busy.
Writing stories for a living (hopefully I make a fortune  but so far I haven't made a cent) is something that I dream about. My book Gold Digger, soon to be published is my first step to achieve my dream.
When it is published - it wont stop. I'm currently writing another book as well as promoting myself any way I can as a new author, looking after 6 year old twins, blogging, researching ~ which luckily includes reading as many books in my genre as I can, that helps me understand my market and review the competition. I also get to watch Rom Com movies out the wahzoo. Reading online articles, checking out websites, researching exotic locations and leafing through magazines is also all part of the job.
Luckily everything to do with my book genre's is all things that I live, love and do.....
Becoming an author is not something I thought about in great depth, until it took over my life.....
Now I'm a writer....how fun!!!!

Book Wall with secret door!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Your an agent of your own demise!

I was watching made in Chelsea ~ one of my favorite shows last night and I found the end very interesting!
Caggie, by far the most interesting, talented and beautiful person on the show has, for the last two seasons, had a mutual attraction to the male romeo of the top rated show Spencer. The heat between theses two is evident not only too viewers, cast members and themselves, but too every girl Spencer comes in contact with, which lets face it, a huge amount.
So last ep Spencer's latest fling told Caggie to just give him what he wants so everyone can just get on with their lives, end the tension and just have sex.
Caggie, all class refuses his advances, as only she has done, making her even more desirable to Spencer.
She (Cags) ends up hooking up (kissing) with a really cute guy at her gig at the end of the episode that everyone including Spencer's has attended. He witnesses them Kiss and he is crushed.
Spencer's best friend confronts him and questions his feelings which have always been brushed over. it is obvious he is in love with her to everyone but he doesn't know how to go from playboy to boyfriend......
It got me thinking about all the people out there that pretend that they don't want to feel anything, don't want to share anything with anyone when really they are just scared to feel any emotion.......

I will make this dream a reality!!!!

This is what I want my office to look like...................When I start making money from writing this is what I will be building in my house!!!!

What do I need?

Everyone always laughs at that, but I'm not joking!

When people say things in a humorous way, it doesn't always mean that they don't mean what they are saying. Sometimes its just easier to mask the truth with humor to spare feelings.
So next time someone jokingly gives you advice or says something in a joking way keep in mind that they might actually mean what they are saying.....

Monday, 25 June 2012


Check out my awesome chic lit novel Gold Digger at my author website@ http://www.golddiggernovel.com
Please purchase a copy and support new authors!!!!
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A : Learn to speak French : Meeting and Greeting

I love anything French as you may or may not know.......

whats your poison?

“Reality continues to ruin my life.” 

Book Mooch


Give your books away, get books you want!

Check out this website I found - really great way of swapping books .......

Sunday, 24 June 2012

So that's how its going to happen.....

Tonight I will be doing some promotion for Gold Digger, possibly two hours, more if I have the time and then I will be typing up my new chic lit novel Ally in Disguise.
I will probably have bouts of confusion (about the scribbly mess that barely resembles a second draft) and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) due to the substantial amount of words there still is to type up. The agony of it is deciphering the explosion of penned words with arrows directing me to follow them to fill in the gaps. If i'm lucky, I probably have about 10 hours of typing ahead of me. Sux because my ass gets numb, my mind wanders, and I just wish the typing part would be over so I can keep writing the story that is floating around my head ~ unattached, alone, unaccounted for. The risks are high, so are the chances of it all being forgotten forever.Writing at its scariest....what if I forgot that thought? That epiphany..... if I don't wake up at 3:34am Tuesday morning and jot down what Mitch (a character) thought about something or other and yes its detrimental to the story....well it might be and who am I the mere host to determine at that time of the morning that it might not be. I might ruin the story or make it less good if that one thought is forgotten or left unwritten. Like everything that pours out of my brain must be epic and to write it down and not get it out there would be a slight on the reading world.

Ahhhh the life of a writer, blogger, resentful typist and total dreamer!

Me Wanty!!!!


Check out me wanty so full of cool gift ideas its crazy!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Do you think its gunna last?

Drama's with a computer that keeps freezing right at that moment when your on the cusp (more than likely) for finding that one bit of information you have been looking for , for the last hour, and your computer decides to stop working , and then it creeps along at snails pace, until completely fed up you log out and realize that you have just wasted an hour of your life that you can never get back.
FUCK! I'm going to bed to read my book!

time lapse - New York!


New York life captured in time-lapse

The Manhattan Project, created by Cameron Michael, takes the viewer on a four-minute tour of the Big Apple.

Exercises for Fiction Writers

More Exercises:
  1. Write the first 250 words of a short story, but write them in ONE SENTENCE. Make sure that the sentence is grammatically correct and punctuated correctly. This exercise is intended to increase your powers in sentence writing.
  2. Write a dramatic scene between two people in which each has a secret and neither of them reveals the secret to the other OR TO THE READER.
  3. Write a narrative descriptive passage in a vernacular other than your own. Listen to the way people speak in a bar, restaurant, barber shop, or some other public place where folks who speak differently ("He has an accent!") from you, and try to capture that linguistic flavor on the page.
  4. Play with sentences and paragraph structure: Find a descriptive passage you admire, a paragraph or two or three, from published material, and revise all the sentences. Write the passage using all simple sentences (no coordination, no subordination); write the passage using all complex-compound sentences; write the passage using varying sentence structure. The more ways you can think to play with sentence structure, the more you will become aware of how sentence structure helps to create pacing, alter rhythm, offer delight.
  5. Focus on verbs: Find a passage that you admire (about a page of prose) and examine all of the verbs in each sentence. Are the "active," "passive," "linking?" If they are active, are they transitive or intransitive? Are they metaphorical (Mary floated across the floor.)? What effects do verbs have on your reading of the passage?
  6. Take a passage of your own writing and revise all of the verbs in it. Do this once making all the verbs active, once making all the verbs passive. Then try it by making as many verbs as possible metaphorical (embedded metaphors).
Characters: There are two types of characters: well rounded and flat.
  1. Create character sketches. This is a good exercise to perform on a regular basis in your journal. Sometimes you can just create characters as they occur to you, at other times it is good to create characters of people you see or meet. Some of the best sketches are inspired by people you don't really know but get a brief view of, like someone sitting in a restaurant or standing by a car that has been in an accident. Ask yourself who they are, what they are about. The fact that you don't really know the person will free you up to make some calculated guesses that ultimately have more to say about your own vision of the world than they do about the real person who inspired the description. That's okay, you are NOT a reporter, and ultimately the story you intend to tell is YOUR story.
  2. Write a character sketch strictly as narrative description, telling your reader who the character is without having the character do or say anything.
  3. Revise the above to deliver the character to the reader strictly through the character's actions.
  4. Revise the above to deliver the character strictly through the character's speech to another character.
  5. Revise the above to deliver the character strictly through the words/actions of another character (the conversation at the water fountain about the boss).
  6. Often when we call a character "flat" we mean that the author has failed in some way; however, many good stories require flat characters. Humor often relies on flat characters, but often minor characters in non-humorous pieces are also flat. These characters usually appear to help move the plot along in some way or to reveal something about the main character. A flat character is one who has only ONE characteristic. You can create whole lists of these and keep them in your journal so that you can call upon them when you need a character to fit into a scene.
  7. Young writers are prone to write autobiographical pieces. Instead of writing about people like yourself, try writing about someone who is drastically different in some way from you. Writing about someone who is a good deal older or younger than you will often free up your imagination. It helps to make sure you are delivering enough information to your reader so that the reader can clearly see the character and understand the character's motives.
  8. Write a scene of about five hundred words in which a character does something while alone in a setting that is extremely significant to that character. Have the character doing something (dishes, laundry, filing taxes, playing a computer game, building a bird house) and make sure that YOU are aware that the character has a problem or issue to work out, but do NOT tell your reader what that is. 


Friday, 22 June 2012

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Cherry Bomb with lyrics

Circumstantial Hotness!

Can a job make you appear hotter to the opposite sex? I was watching How I Met Your Mother today and they were talking about how hot the bar maid was. Robin was in total disagreement saying that by being behind the bar with so much male attention it seemed like she was smokin hot when actually  than she is less hot  in real life. Robin demonstrated such a scenario and it got me thinking about jobs that make people hotter. Women in men's work places like construction sites appear way hotter. I was told a story by a friend who said an female electrician turned up on an all male job site and the guys where beside themselves everyone wanted to get a look at the sexy new girl on site. On closer inspection she is in fact very plain you could go as far to say she was ugly but had caused such a commotion that there where actual rumors going around about how hot she was. Dressed in  men's clothing and a hard hat its a wonder they even knew she was a girl. And then about what people wear to work, like a uniform..... a fireman, sailor, business suit for office men and if these are factor in making someone appear hot! Women definitely are attracted to a man in uniform and I guess it does make them hotter!

Circumstantial hotness is out there people!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

1.  Build a Fire – Fire produces heat and light, two basic necessities for living.  At some point in your life this knowledge may be vital.

7.  Tell a Story that Captivates People’s Attention – If you can’t captivate their attention, you should probably just save your breath.

26.  Speak at Least Two Common Languages – Only about 25% of the world’s population speaks English.  It would be nice if you could communicate with at least some of the remaining 75%.

30.  Listen Carefully to Others – The more you listen and the less you talk, the more you will learn and the less you will miss.

46.  End a Date Politely Without Making Promises – There is no excuse for making promises you do not intend to keep.  There is also no reason why you should have to make a decision on the spot about someone you hardly know.

For the rest of the 50 click this link....


Surfing the net.....

Just thought I would write about all the fabulous reading and writing sites I have come across lately! There is a whole world waiting to be discovered on the internet ~ even when you think there just couldn't be possibly anything else that would interest you. I have come across a really cool site called Stumbleupon its great for finding something a bit different. You type in your interests and it takes you on a voyage through everything you could think of and lots you wouldn't.....

Dunning–Kruger effect

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to ametacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes.[1]
Actual competence may weaken self-confidence, as competent individuals may falsely assume that others have an equivalent understanding. As Kruger and Dunning conclude, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others"

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

People who hate to read scare me!

What should I read next?

Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our huge database of real readers' favorite 
books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.


A new way to choose what to read....


The Origin of Everyday Punctuation Marks.

Here are the origins of several symbols we use in everyday life.

Question Mark

Origin: When early scholars wrote in Latin, they would place the wordquestio – meaning “question” – at the end of a sentence to indicate a query. To conserve valuable space, writing it was soon shortened to qo, which caused another problem – readers might mistake it for the ending of a word. So they squashed the letters into a symbol: a lowercased q on top of an o. Over time the o shrank to a dot and the to a squiggle, giving us our current question mark.

Exclamation Point

Origin: Like the question mark, the exclamation point was invented by stacking letters. The mark comes from the Latin word io, meaning “exclamation of joy.” Written vertically, with the i above the o, it forms the exclamation point we use today.

Equal Sign

Origin: Invented by English mathematician Robert Recorde in 1557, with this rationale: “I will settle as I doe often in woorke use, a paire of paralleles, or Gmowe [i.e., twin] lines of one length, thus : , bicause noe 2 thynges, can be more equalle.” His equal signs were about five times as long as the current ones, and it took more than a century for his sign to be accepted over its rival: a strange curly symbol invented by Descartes.


Origin: This symbol is stylized et, Latin for “and.” Although it was invented by the Roman scribe Marcus Tullius Tiro in the first century B.C., it didn’t get its strange name until centuries later. In the early 1800s, schoolchildren learned this symbol as the 27th letter of the alphabet: X, Y, Z, &. But the symbol had no name. So, they ended their ABCs with “and, per se, and” meaning “&, which means ‘and.’” This phrase was slurred into one garbled word that eventually caught on with everyone:ampersand.


Origin: The odd name for this ancient sign for numbering derives fromthorpe, the Old Norse word for a village or farm that is often seen in British placenames. The symbol was originally used in mapmaking, representing a village surrounded by eight fields, so it was named theoctothorp.

Dollar Sign

Origin: When the U.S. government begin issuing its own money in 1794, it used the common world currency – the peso – also called the Spanishdollar. The first American silver dollars were identical to Spanish pesos in weight and value, so they took the same written abbreviations: Ps. That evolved into a P with an s written right on top of it, and when people began to omit the circular part of the p, the sign simply became an S with a vertical line through it.

Olympic Rings

Origin: Designed in 1913 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the five rings represent the five regions of the world that participated in the Olympics: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. While the individual rings do not symbolize any single continent, the five colors – red, blue, green, yellow, and black – were chosen because at least one of them is found on the flag of every nation. The plain white background is symbolic of peace.

“The Symbol”

Origin: Okay, so we’re running out of symbols, but this is a great pop culture story: In 1993, Prince’s dissatisfaction with his record label, Warner Bros., finally reached its peak. Despite his superstar status and $100 million contract, the Purple One didn’t feel he had enough creative control over his music. So “in protest,” Prince announced that Prince would never perform for Warner Bros. again – this unpronounceable symbol would instead.
The symbol for the Artist Formerly Known as Prince combined three ancient symbols: the male symbol, the female symbol, and the alchemy symbol for soapstone, which was supposed to reflect his artistic genius. Prince retired the symbol when his contract with Warner Bros. ran out in 2000. Today, he is again Prince.

33 Ways to stay creative

Monday, 18 June 2012

rise and fall

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. ” 
― Vince Lombardi, Jr.

mistake makers

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 
― Albert Einstein


“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Adopt a Word!

Save the Words....
If saving the words is something you want to be a part of click this link and register.....
Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English Language !~ Old Words, Wize words Words that once led meaningful live but now lie unused , unloved and unwanted.
Heres your chance to adopt a word!!!


Beds that make you want to climb in......

Just found this awesome website and thought I'd share. I love bed so much, the snuggly comforting feeling when you climb in after a hard long day. Its like heaven.....
These are my fovourite ones out of the 15...

for more click this link~


22 Beautiful Uses For Vaseline

I found this very interesting page on Stumbleupon today and thought I'd share.
Vaseline, a.k.a. petroleum jelly is a beauty staple that every girl should have in their makeup bag. There are a zillions of uses for it and it is so inexpensive! Here’s some beauty related tricks you can do with vaseline:
1. Lip balm: moisturizes and soothes chapped lips but it doesn’t taste good.
2. Moisturizes dry skin.
3. Hand and feet moisturizer: it hydrates and smooths chapped hands and feet. Apply some petroleum jelly to your hands and feet and then put on mittens and socks. Wait about 10-15 minutes for the vaseline to soak into the skin. The result? Smoother and softer skin.
4. All over moisturiser: apply petroleum jelly all over your body after a bath. It will leave your skin soft and smooth.
5. Eye makeup remover: removes even the most stubborn mascara and soothes the eye area.
6. Scrub: mix petroleum jelly with sea salt to make your own scrub.
7. Night cream: it can be used as a night cream but you need to warm it up first.
8. Protects manicure: putting some vaseline on the base of your nails will stop the color from running.
9. Shaving: just put a very thin layer on the area that needs shaving and shave. Don’t use water. Also don’t apply too much product or it will plug up your razor. In addiction, vaseline can get a bit greasy, but it will leave your skin soft, smooth and moisturized.
10. Highlighter: apply it on cheeks and undereye area for that dewy look.
11. Softens elbows: apply some vaseline to elbows daily. It will soften them.
12. Lipgloss: apply some lipliner all over your lips and top it off with vaseline for instant shine.
13. Maintains fragrance longer: apply a thin layer of vaseline on your wrist before spraying perfume on. It will make the scent last longer.
14. Lip exfoliant: apply petroleum jelly to your lips and wait a few minutes. Then, using an old toothbrush, scrub your lips. This will exfoliate lips, leaving them very soft.
15. Protects skin from hair dye: apply some vaseline around the hairline before coloring your hair to protect your skin from the harsh chemicals contained in the dye.
16. Conditioner: Apply some to the scalp before shampooing to condition it.
17. Seals in split ends: if you put some vaseline on your split ends, it will seal them in and make it look like they aren’t there. But don’t do this too often as it will take a couple of shampoos to remove vaseline from your hair.
18. Cream blusher: mix some vaseline with your lipstick to make your own cream blusher.
19. Prevents uneven tanning: just put some on dry spots before applying fake tanning lotions.
20. Moisturize and tame eyebrows: putting a small amount of vaseline on your brows before going to bed will not only moisturize them, but it will mould them into place too.
21. Prevents chafing: just apply some vaseline on the areas that need it, such as heels and the balls of feet.
22. Stains remover: it removes makeup stains from clothes.


Book Heaven!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Paris Panorama!


Ten Rules for Being Human

by Cherie Carter-Scott

1.You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's yours to keep for the entire period.
2.You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, "life."
3.There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately "work."
4.Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.
5.Learning lessons does not end. There's no part of life that doesn't contain its lessons. If you're alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned.
6."There" is no better a place than "here." When your "there" has become a "here", you will simply obtain another "there" that will again look better than "here."
7.Other people are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.
8.What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.
9.Your answers lie within you. The answers to life's questions lie within you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust.
10.You will forget all this.


How to apply fake/false eye lashes tutorial *the easy way*

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Everyones Mixtape...


Check out this link I found ~ really cool! It's got heaps of mixed tapes you can listen too online for every occasion including driving and late night among the choices....

I love High Heels......

Yes its an obsession......

How to Make Wine - Step 1

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Learn Japanese Numbers 1 to 20

Diana's a time suck!

Those people that keep you waiting and breeze in like there doing you a favor even turning up. Or are they really that blase?
The ones that call to meet up and it's always just about them....they spend ages getting ready  after you arrive at their house although they have had all arvo to get ready, and then they forget their wallet, but you've already left the house and are halfway to your destination...are they rude, and doing it on purpose or do they just live in LA LA land and don't stop to think how their actions affect other people???
Its a mystery!

Was I there?

Still looking back at the photos of my wild night out two weeks ago and wondering why not much of it looks familiar. Passion fruit Martini's ...there killer! But totally delish. 
And that is all..........

Oh that's your excuse is it?

Iv'e kind of been neglecting my promotion for Gold Digger.
I'm ultimately suppose to dedicate 40 hours per week to make it become a success. For the last two weeks or so I think Iv'e done about 20 total!
Although my publishing company have began to promote the upcoming release of my awesome Chic Lit novel, it is in my best interest to promote myself and my book to maximize the full potential of my sales and eventual money in my pocket......
So Iv'e decided to get on with it and put in a few late nights, well there's that and the new book I'm writing and everything else I try to fit into my life........

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Chromatic Typewriter.

How awesome is this invention - I thought I would share with you!

For more info click the following link~

The Chromatic Typewriter typewriters art

Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan modified a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter, replacing the letters and keys with color pads and hued labels to create a functional “painting” device called the Chromatic Typewriter. Callahan submitted the beautiful typewriter as part of the 2012 West Prize competition, an annual art prize that’s determined by popular vote. I don’t know how practical painting an image with a color typewriter is, but if Keira Rathbone can do it… (via dark silence in suburbia)

Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shooters

Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shooters

Yields 24-30 Strawberry Margarite Jello Shooters

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shooters 21 Strawberry Margarita Jell O Shooters

A few notes:
  • Use the real Jell-o mix and not a store brand, as the store brands tend not to set up as firmly.
  • Choose the freshest strawberries you can find.
  • You can use a strawberry huller or an apple corer along with a melon baller to empty out the strawberry. I used the latter method because it allowed me to dig a deeper well.
  • These are best made the night before and served the next day.
  • Fill your strawberries as high as possible, as the Jell-O will sink a bit in the middle.

Strawberry Prep:
  1. Cut the bottoms of the strawberry flat to get them to stand upright. When you do so, make sure that you do not cut off so much that there is a hole at the bottom.
  2. Use a huller or apple corer to empty out the strawberry.
  3. Once the strawberries have been emptied, use a towel to pat the outside of the strawberries dry.
  4. Check each strawberry and make sure there is not a hole in the bottom before you start filling.
Margarita Mix:
  • 1 box Strawberry Jell-O
  • 8 ounces tequila, preferably reposado or blanco
  • 6 ounce Cointreau
  • Salt for garnish
  1. Boil one cup of hot water in a saucepan,  then add in Jell-o powder and whisk until powder is completely dissolved, about 2  minutes. Set aside.  Measure out 1/4 cup of cold water and set aside.
  2. Combine tequila and Cointreau, in cocktail shaker filled with ice. Add liquour mixture to cold water and stir to combine. Then add cold liquour mixture to hot Jell-o mixture and stir to combine.
  3. Pour final Jell-o mix into strawberries and chill overnight. Dip  your finger in water or use a moistened brush to wet the edge of the strawberries, dip and rotate the strawberries in salt to rim. Garnish with cut lime triangles to finish.

Sexy Heels

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Gold Digger Novel by Tara Anderton

The Adrian Mole craze!

“It was probably the biggest phenomenon of my youth after ‘Star Wars’, and ‘Star Wars’ was bigger than God.”
David Walliams on The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 ¾
Adrian Mole Diaries was a huge hit when I was young. I loved reading his diary and especially loved how Sue Townsend wrote it. I have recently discovered that he had 8 books dedicated to his life and I am making it my mission to read them all. I have just purchased all 8 online at ebay and have visited Sue's website (link above) to check it all out. I'll let you know how I go and fill you in on all the happenings of The Adrian Mole.
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 ¾
First up I will be re reading this book. The first of the series and one that I haven't laid  eyes on since I was in high school.... actually looking forward to it!@!!

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The retro kit!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Passionfruit Fire!!!

Last Weekend me and my besty Jodie had some amazing Passionfruit Martini's made by yours truly! After three yummy drinks we called a cab and headed into Surfers Paradise to Swingin Safari  where we met my two gorgeous cousins for a few more drinks and some dancing! After those drink and a few ciggies (I know so disgusting ~ but in my defense I only started smoking when I turned 30 and only smoke when i have had a few drinks!!!!!)
Anyway so were at Swingin Safari having a blast except for the fact Jo Jo and I didn't eat anything for dinner (last meal ~ lunch) and the drinks started going to our little heads. Me wearing skin colored stocking started feeling claustrophobic and had to go into the toilet and sit on the floor (so seedy) and hold my tights away from my stomach for oh 10 minutes. After emerging (a new women, tights still on my person) I went back to the dance floor and kept drinking. My second favorite (sorry Ri Ri you know  I love your guts) Gold Coast Besty Rhea Robertson and the lovely Nick Kovaks AKA Rheas man showed up for a boogie after work. We had so much fun.... until Brazilian (drunk) dancer lost her footing and grabbed the back of my dress to help balance her to no avail. She went down hard and I luckily manged to hold it together although my dress was undone at the back...... after the crisis was averted she stomped on Rheas foot rendering her incapable of dancing. Meanwhile Jodie disappears to the toilet and spews her hole up!!!! We leave soon after messy and tired.

What a night!!!!

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Jello for the grown and sexy!


blueberry martini jello shot

I dont actually know any of the people in this story but it sounded interesting so I thought I'd include this in the post as well to make it more story like but with a few commentaries thrown in for fun)

My friend Chris (not actually my friend but someones I'm sure) invited me to a barbecue last weekend, and wanting to be a good BBQ guest like Deb at Smitten Kitchen, I offered to bake a pie. (I dont bake pies but its sounded like a good idea) It turns out, though, no one who was attending the BBQ was very excited at the prospect of pie. Who would’ve thunk it?(interesting!!!!!) Geez, how can anyone not like pie? Pies are delicious; it’s jammy fruit in a buttery flaky crust! So then I thought of making a watermelon tomato salad with olives, but after showing Chris the recipe, her response was, “Uh, that’s weird.” (Yes, yes it is!)  Back to the drawing board, I searched the Internet, but nothing seemed really interesting. A few days later I was still lost, but after a few glasses of sangria (yum) with friends, it finally dawned on me, ‘My friends are lushes, why not make jello shots?’
I didn’t want to make regular jello shots though, I mean my college days are far behind me. So I googled “gourmet jello shots” and I came up with a Los Angeles Times adapted recipe for Blueberry Martini Jelly Shots from Bar Nineteen 12 in Beverly Hills. It was exactly what I needed, jello for adults, or as I like to call them, ‘jello for the grown and sexy.’ I emailed Chris with my idea and she responded with one word, “Nice!”

blueberry martini jello shot cubes

I made a few modifications to the recipe to make my life easier. The recipe calls for sheets of gelatin. I opted to use gelatin powder instead since it can be found in regular supermarkets (I used Knox Gelatine). As for setting the jello, the recipe has you use half-ounce silicone molds — since these shots are meant to be picked up with your fingers and eaten — but I didn’t want to go out and buy molds, so I ended up using an ice tray. It worked nicely except for the fact that each cube was bigger than a half-ounce, so I ended up with about twenty shots instead of thirty-five. I would double this recipe if you are going to take the ice cube route. In addition, I would avoid using ice trays with really large ice cube molds. If that’s the only type of tray you have, don’t fill it all the way to the top. You don’t want to bite into a giant cube of hard gelatin. It’s not as tasty. I also added more blueberries per shot because I thought it looked cheesy to have only one lone blueberry in each cube.
The jello shots were a hit at the BBQ, especially amongst the girls. The shots were cold, refreshing, and made for some summer fun. One of the girls thought they were a bit strong, but she doesn’t drink much, so if you are making these for the non-drinking crowd, I would mix in some water and perhaps some more simple syrup so they’re weaker. Also, the texture of these shots are harder than normal jello shots; a cross between jello and gummy bears. One of the guys wasn’t too crazy about the texture, but then again I notice a lot of men aren’t into candies of the gummy sort, so if harder jello freaks you out, you can add less gelatin or serve them after leaving them out for a while.
I can’t wait to experiment with these jello shots. The possibilities seem endless. I’m thinking mojito shots, lychee saketini shots, sangria shots…. So next time you’re a BBQ guest, and no one likes pie, make these jello shots. Vodka + Gelatin = SCORE!

Blueberry Martini Jello Shots
(Adapted from an adapted recipe by the LA Times for Blueberry martini jelly shots at Bar Nineteen 12)
Total time: 25 minutes, plus overnight chilling
Servings: About 20 Shots (more if you use 1/2 ounce molds instead of an ice tray)
10 1/2 ounces Stoli Blueberry vodka
2 ounces simple syrup* (add more if blueberries are sour)
3 1/2 (1/4 ounce) packets of gelatin powder
About 60 fresh blueberries (more if the blueberries are small)
1. Off heat, combine the vodka and simple syrup in a small saucepan. Add gelatin powder to the vodka mixture.
2. Heat the saucepan over low heat, stirring, until the gelatin is dissolved and incorporated into the vodka mixture, about 5 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat.
3. Place a few blueberries in the bottom of each individual ice cube mold, and carefully pour the vodka mixture into each. Refrigerate the ice cube tray until set, preferably overnight. These cocktails will keep, refrigerated, for as long as 2 days.
*To make simple syrup, combine equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan, and stir over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved.



Writing ~ nothing better!

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Verbal Diarrhea....

Today I  painting a basket white, painting a second coat of paint onto the floor in my sun room where my dog Bubbles has chosen as her inside wee spot when it's rainy, and I've tried everything to deter her from doing it. Being a wooden floor (unsealed) it was starting to make me gag even though I have scrubbed 'the spot' to within an inch of it's life, so I painted it- partly to mask the smell and partly to cover the urine stains. Then I moved onto the wall and painted that. (Previously painted a few days ago, but blue dots where showing through so I touched it up) Iv'e decided to turn that wall into a photo frame extravaganza devoted to my life, and that of my family and friends. So I added a few more frames and pics,  (It's a  definite work in progress)
Anyway so I was going to dedicate today to blogging, book promo and replying to emails and computer related activities but I haven't gotten around to it. Looks like I'm in for a long night. I had planned on typing up part of Book 4 ~ Ally in Disguise tonight, I have about 10 -12 hours of typing ahead of me due to my massive writing session last week and I haven't had a chance to make a start on the typing yet. SO apart from that (no I wont attempt to complete it tonight, because after about 2 hrs max I start getting all agitated and stuff. I cant sit still, but that's only how I feel during the typing process as previously mentioned in many blogs, I write my books by hand).
Anyway I think I might go and have some vegie soup and contemplate life and my night ahead....

Have a good one......

I'm a black belt in that....

Getting ready to go somewhere for a women, can take literally hours..... washing, shaving practically every hair from your body apart from your head, which has to be washed. The facial cleansing and scrubbing with specific products, then the body wash, blow drying, straightening and or curling, moisturizer to the face and then makeup, the outfit, accessories and the shoes. The handbag, the lip gloss, the keys the wallet....FUCK!
However I can also be a master at getting ready in minimal time. In fact I nearly have ninja like skills. That or I just look like shit when I do???

You ain't nothing but a Gold Digger!

Angie is going to bring Bridgette Roberts down...... old school friends Vs Your Job!
What do you do?

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Writing tonight = happiness ;-)


Did you know that when you read you open up the left side of your brain?
What do you read?

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what the hell is going on?

Sorry people i've dropped the ball recently in regards to my blog....been so busy with everything else that it sort of got on top of me and I haven't been keeping up with it all. I'm back however in so many ways...trying to be a good mum, friend, sister, daughter and wife can be a challenge and I think to some extent I gave up on it all and went a Bit crazy if im honest with myself.....
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Sublime was an American rock band from Long Beach, California, formed in 1988.[1] The band's line-up, unchanged until their breakup, consisted of Bradley Nowell (vocals andguitar), Eric Wilson (bass guitar) and Bud Gaugh (drums and percussion). Michael 'Miguel' Happoldt also contributed on a few Sublime songs, such as "New Thrash." Lou Dog, Nowell's dalmatian, was the mascot of the band. Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996 and Sublime immediately split up.[2]
Sublime released three studio albums, one live album, five compilation albums (one of which also contains never-before released material), three EPs and one box set. Although their first two albums—40 Oz. to Freedom (1992) and Robbin' the Hood (1994)—were quite popular in the United States, Sublime did not experience major commercial success until 1996 with their self-titled third album, released shortly after Nowell's death, which peaked at number 13 on the Billboard 200, and spawned the single "What I Got", which remains the band's only number one hit single (on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart) in their musical career. The self-titled album is now considered a classic ska/punk/root reggae album with hip hop influences by fans and critics. As of 2009, the band has sold over 17 million albums worldwide,[3] including about 10 million in the U.S. alone. The band has been credited—alongside fellow California punk bands, Bad ReligionGreen DayThe OffspringPennywise and Rancid—for reviving mainstream interest in punk rock in the United States during the mid-1990s.

Musical style and influences

Sublime was one of the most popular bands of the third wave of ska, specifically characterized as ska punk.[13] Their genre-blending mash-up style incorporated elements of dubreggaefirst-wave and second-wave skapunk rockrockabilly, improvised dancehallhip hoppsychedelic rock and acoustic rock, which they developed through their live shows.

Bob Marley and associated Jamaican reggae acts The Wailers, and Peter Tosh feature prominently in Sublime's songs, as do other Jamaican reggae and dancehall acts such as Born JamericansToots & the MaytalsThe MelodiansWayne SmithTenor Saw,Frankie PaulThe Wailing SoulsBarrington LevyHalf Pint and Yellowman. The band additionally covered "Smoke Two Joints" originally by Oregon-based reggae group The Toyes.[14]
Sublime was also heavily influenced by the 1980s and 1990s hip-hop and rap scene of Los Angeles and New York City, alluding to or borrowing from such acts as N.W.A and Eazy-E (who died 14 months before Nowell), the Beastie BoysJust-IcePublic Enemy andFlavor FlavKRS-OneDoug E. FreshToo $hortMobb Deep, as well as the Philadelphia-based rapper Steady B and Texas hip-hop The Geto Boys.[14]
The southern California metalsurf rock and punk scene influencing Sublime includes Big Drill Car (who were thanked in the first two albums), The ZiggensMinutemen, The DescendentsBad ReligionThe Bel-AirsMudhoneyButthole SurfersSecret Hate, as well as fellow fusion band Fishbone. Sublime was also influenced by Washington, DC hardcore acts such as Minor ThreatFugazi (who were also thanked in the first album) and Bad Brains. The band also referenced popular California and Swedish bands like Grateful DeadThe DoorsABBA and Red Hot Chili Peppers.[14]
A few references are made to funkR&B, and soul bands such as James Brown, the Ohio PlayersJimi HendrixFrank ZappaAswad, as well as a smattering of Irish, Scottish and English bands like Boomtown RatsThe Specials, and Primal Scream.
Sublime's music was highlighted by bass-driven grooves, reggae rhythms, elaborately-cadenced rhyme schemes and transitions between paces and styles throughout a given song, sometimes alternating between thrash punk, ska and reggae within the same song (see "Seed"). Their music often contains psychedelic, harmonic minor-based or bluesy guitar solos, rhythmically-improvised bass solos or dub-lines, turntable scratching and rolling drum transitions and heavy bass lines. They are known for being one of the first and most influential reggae fusion musicians.