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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie


Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.Jules Renard

Earth Hour tonight in Australia at 8:30 pm your local time!

Get involved in earth hour tonight ~ go on you know you want to....

That's not the case! I don't think that's the case.

When you've written a book and are lucky enough to have a company interested in publishing it things can get very interesting.
Apart from getting loads of advice ~ unwarranted or not from interested authors, wannabe authors and haters as well as well wishers, you get people that just cant believe your getting your book published when they too have been trying to get a publishing deal but just cant seem too. They try telling your deal is dodgy or they know of a place you could have got more money or better rights.
I mean I'm a first time author, any deal is a good deal! I'm grateful for everything I am getting! 


I love finding weird and interesting things and this one is up there with the weirdest...... what have you got? Post you interesting or weird things in the comments!

Whats your thoughts?

Is there something you want me to write about? Do you need to contact me? Why not email me ~

taraanderton@live.com.au or
have an awesome weekend x

Thankyou for waking me up....

Your dead to the world~ having an amazing dream, snuggled up in your little cocoon of spendidness and some jackwagon decides that you need to be woken up. The light pierces your brain and you wonder if this is in fact hell!!!!!

Your a legitimate enthusiast!

What things make you enthusiastic? Mine are varied, but one thing I can tell you about is reading.
Give me a good contemporary romance and you've got me!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Billy Joel - Honesty


Here I am ~ Riding like a hurricane!

Three months into my six month deadline to sell my 100 books for Gold Digger on pre-order. I've sold 30!
For some reason I thought it would be alot easier than it has  been to get 100 people to purchase a pre-order copy.
I have been advised by my publisher that because the book is still in the process of being published including editing and printing and designing the cover hence the pre-order option. Authors usually rely on friends, family and a small percentage of word of mouth to get the 100 sold. Once the 100 have sold and the book is ready for distrabution, my publisher goes into full promotion mode. That's about 3 months away however, but it will be officially available to buy on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, Kindle as well as traditional bookstores.
If you would like to buy a copy on pre-order and help me reach my goal of 100 in the next three months click here....


Less Talky - More Worky!

I LOVE talking, and tend to rave on a bit, but that's just me! Nothing better than a really good conversation or chat.
I love random conversations the most about any topic. You pick, and I'd love to discuss it. I can be quiet opinionated and am constantly telling myself that I shouldn't interrupt, but I mean well.
Don't get it twisted ~ I'm not one of those people that other's refer to as~
'Oh Tara  once you get to know her she grows on you!'
I'm liked by many, despised by few. My good points consist of but are not limited too;
Happy, funny, cute, sexy, sweet and crazy in a lovely way. I'm intelligent but not in a brainy dorky way. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and love to have a good time, but also sit, relax, read and take bubble baths, and I've obviously got a wild imagination that I put to good use.....

My Website

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

When Girls compete its Art, when guys compete it's all about muscle! 

I'm good at crossword puzzles!

Mum always said I was good at crossword puzzles because I read alot. Apparently reading didn't make me a better speller!
I always had to have a dictionary beside me and as an adult it's not much better. I own 4 dictionaries and a thesaurus. I also own an Australian slang dictionary, but that's a whole other story.
Anyway crosswords are one of my things ~ among a huge list of things I enjoy, participate in or do.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Guess What? Just on a side note ~ I had an idea today. Where moving to France!

To eat cheese, talk french, drink un cafe au lait in Paris, to watch the people in the streets, languish in the countryside. Eat french sticks (oops baguettes, or are they still called French sticks? Aren't baguettes the smaller skinnier ones?) and croissants and pastries and cakes. To watch the artists paint, visit the sites, go to the south and live the lifestyle, swim, sun bake, eat, drink and submerge into all that frenchness!!!!!

Fortunately my orgasmic adult experiences must include smart.....

You want to grab a muffin or something?

Because I'm awake till all hours most nights ~ writing, being creative, listening to music, promoting my new book and eating. I tend to eat breakfast quiet late. I'm not a traditional breakfast eater. Most days I tend to have a brunch.
I rarely eat cereal, and if I was to have some I would more than likely eat it at night.
Toast isn't a main priority either, although I do like it. I cook it properly - it has to be golden, then I sit it on my plate to cool. I hate butter put on immediately , it makes the toast soggy. Once the toast is sufficiently cool I put butter and peanut butter in even amounts. I may have honey or vegemite as possible options for my toast experience.
I like omlette's  either plain or with ham and cheese, maybe some chunks of tomato or capsicum and shallots.
I love eggs Benedict  with ham or bacon.
Muffins ~ Blueberry is so yummy and
English Breakfast Tea!!


Competition scammers.....

Companies that hold competitions promising prize money at the end and then reneg in week 9 of a 10 week competition should be held accountable! If your running a singing comp on a wednesday to pump up your sales on a slow night and it doesn't go as planned but singers have turned up every week to compete in my opinion its on you to come through with the prize money!!!!
Just saying!
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Some people just piss me off on a regular basis!

And that is all!!!
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What am I reading?

I've just finished The Vodka Dialogue by Kirsty Brooks. It was a light easy read about a 29 yr old Cassidy Blair who is a video shop assistant cum sexual sleuth.
Now I'm reading Paradise Fields by Katie Fforde. Written up in the Indepenent as 'a witty and generous romance' Its set in a small town in England. I'm enjoying it. :-)
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Not a morning person.....

Monday, 26 March 2012

Glam Rock!


Glam Rock

You are the rock goddess incarnate. The jeans can't be skinny enough, the embellishment tough enough and the heels fierce enough for you. You instinctively know how to rock a range of black textures, from leather and lace to suede and shimmer. With your just-fell-out-of bed-smoky eyes and your messy fringe you add an element of stylish danger and 'tude to all your outfits. Rock on. Get style tips and fashion advice for your Style ID!
According to Westfield style survey!


Old School Burleigh

Photographer unknown!

Mr. Big - To Be With You

Sunday, 25 March 2012

burleigh beach

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to act!!!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I wear my heart on my sleeve like a big deal!

And it is a big deal. I love everyone that's in my life and they know it. I'm the type of person that spoils their friends and lavishes them with love support and friendship and I don't care who knows!

Are you enjoying yourself mate? Don't be a bitch dude, let me get my smoke on!

Someone passes a joint around and old mate closet smoker sucks the shit out of it down to the butt....everyone groans! At least there's still alcohol, because no one but him is getting their smoke on!!

Now I know where your niece gets her trucker mouth!

Admittedly I'm a bit of a swearer..... not really on purpose, just comes naturally. I apologize, but not really!

The content of what you said has made me hate you.....

The truth can be hard to stomach at the best of times - especially when it hurts....
Some people take great pleasure in pointing out other peoples faults, and relish the fact that their making you feel upset and or bad about yourself.
Ultimately we take these words in our stride, but truthfully we go home and brood, cry and deny these faults, instead of embracing everything that is us in all our uniqueness!!!

I'm Sorry, What?

Did I just hear you say you want to buy my awesome new book Gold Digger?
No worries here's the link......

Bedazzling personality.....

Personality Vs Looks...
Ha - personality wins hands down every time!
Robert Patterson in TWILIGHT is sooooo sexy!!!

Just thought I'd mention it!!!

Just a little sip of naughty water and we'll go back to the hotel.

Sometimes but not always you can go out with friends and not actually feel like being there....nothing to do with the company obviously - but your hearts just not in it. You'd rather be at home, watching a movie, chilling. But as soon as the alcohol is introduced all that changes. One sip of the naughty water and your rolling! I've actually had one of the best nights I've had feeling just that way. No expectations.... that's the way to go!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


How come you have enough time to go out and make other people fall in love with you, but you don’t have enough time to pay attention to the one who already does..!

Its a question I am sure alot of people have asked over the years and my answer to those people is ~ um maybe it's because the one who does isn't doing it right! Or maybe they just don't care anymore!!!!

liking people


what men wear....

Monday, 19 March 2012

I saw a photograph of one of Sam Messer’s paintings in a religious magazine, and hunted down his work. I was so excited when I saw it, because Sam paints Olympia typewriters, and that’s what I write my books on, so I had to have one of his paintings. And they are so happy and fun. The texture and surface of the paint is amazing. Sam teaches fine arts at Yale. I had his work in an art show I did after the gallery closed, but didn’t represent his work. I love owning this piece. 

Exert from Danielle Steels blog 

Danielle Steel's blog

I have visited Danielle Steels website many times (the link is in the sidebar) but only recently have I discovered her blog and actually had the chance to read it. Here is the link for those of you that are interested.


She is such an inspiration to many writers..... especially me xx

No strings attached!

Is there really guys out there that are so thoughtful and amazing that they are capable of matching Ashton Kutcher's character in No Strings Attached?
He makes Natalie Portman's character a period mix ~
"to sooth your womb!" he says!


I'll be right there using big words, saving peoples lives.....

A good book can really change someones life, even if it's for a few hours or a few weeks. It allows their imagination to flow, lets them check out of their own lives and into another one. It helps pass time, and gives people enjoyment and even hope.
I love writing and I love reading!

FRANK ALAMO - heureux tous les deux

Reading VS TV

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Night Owl!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Love it!

Your jeans feel so good against my jeans!

Bridgette Roberts has got Mike in a state of utter sexual ecstasy. Unfortunately she feels the same way, but he's poor and that just wont make her dreams come true.

For more on the sexual exploits of Bridgette click this link.....


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Money doesn't make you the better person!

People are people - money is money! Just because you have more money, more expensive clothes, car and house doesn't make you better than a struggling artist who eats 2 minute noodles five days a week and wears 3 year old jeans and can't even afford a car. We are all equal and we prove our worth however we know how!!!

Fine, fine - you know what? I'll go......

I find it interesting in this day and age with all the technology that people still don't have the courtesy to reply to a text message..... I mean your either my friend or your not! Not when it suits you!!!!
When people don't reply to texts in a timely manner there had better be a good reason but to not even reply at all - its just fucking rude!!!!!!
I'm the type of person that understands that everyone is different, but please people it doesn't take much to shoot through a response!
Sometimes I feel like I'm the glue in alot of friendships.  I've always been the one to write a letter to let people know I am thinking about them or send a funny text through or pic. I totally get that people have busy lives but come off it  - interact, live, love be a human being and treat others with respect and kindness.....

Yeah, that could work!

It's always incredible to see your achievements and hard work come to fruition! Gold Digger is that achievement, and I'm very proud of it!

I would never write that!

Sci -fi, horror, drama - there just not my thing, I wouldn't even know where to start.... I think I'll just stick to contemporary romances and chick lit.......

Sir Lobster.

Sometimes people want to pretend that lobster just isn't for them! Come On..... that delectable white meat - it's pure heaven...who couldn't like it? You can have it so many ways and yes there all yummy!
And that's my little story :-)

When its on - everything goes off!!!

Don't move - or your gone!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I got a little lost in the middle but I found my way back......

Promoting Gold Digger and writing my blog, as well as dealing with everything that goes into publishing my book has taken up so much time and energy that I stopped writing my amazing new book in progress Ally in Disguise. I don't have writers block, it's all still floating around in my head, I just need the time to get it onto paper.
I keep saying I'm going to make time, I even wrote a blog post about it, but it's just not happening. So tomorrow it is Ally in Disguise day! I will dedicate at least 3-4 hours for writing. No distractions ~ no computer!!!

I can be myself finally!

Writing by night and by day is my dream lifestyle....
Staying up till all hours can make me a bit of a zombie throughout the day though and it's like;
How's it going? Um you know....I'm here...'
but it's all worth it.

Can you not tell everyone!

On second thoughts tell everyone!


Share the love, buy my book or leave a comment and tell me what you think!

USB ~ What it stands for!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I want to see it, and I want to see it now!

I want to travel! I want to see France, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, America, South America, Bora Bora ~ the list is endless. The places I want to go and the things I want to do inside of these countries is endless also.
I sit sometimes and plan out 'fantasy trips' including hotels, sites and things I'd like to do at each destination. Unfortunately I haven't been outside of Australia! It's not such a bad thing because Oz is so beautiful and I have seen alot of it. But we happen to be very isolated over here.

Anyway its all going to change ~ I'M PLANNING MY FIRST TRIP O/S !
I'm going to America to see my sister! LA here I come!!!

Monday, 12 March 2012


Romantic ~ adj
1. thoughts and feelings of love.
2. a person with passion and enchantment.


Limited bullshit tolerance!

Some people make up stories for a living, others just make up stories. I find it funny when people pretend there something their not. Just be who you are - and if you don't like it, change ~ become who you want to be!!

Blissfully enamored!

Hobbies are so wide and varying it's unbelievable. I watched a show on TV about wacky hobbies and found some of them way out there. Chicken racing to stamp collecting, the list these days would pretty much be limitless.
So I thought I would compile a list of some of the things I like to call my hobbies in no particular order.

Gardening, knitting, writing, reading, watching movies, listening to music and trying new things!

Thanks Dude!

Thanks to all my readers and a special thanks to those of you who are return viewers. I love to write and hopefully I am keeping you entertained in some way!

Oh Shit! Seriously!!!

That was rock bottom!

Or was it? Bridgette can't imagine it could get worse than be exposed in the New York Times as a Gold Digger when your engaged to one of the richest man in New York City....

For more click this link~ http://www.golddiggernovel.com

You where most alive in my dreams......

Dreaming is something everyone does, but not everyone remembers what they dream....I do! Not always and probably not all of them but lots of them. Some so vivid when I wake up I wonder if it was real - it seemed so life like, and the memory of it, like it did really happen.
Sometimes I've dreamt things and then experienced them in real life. It's truly an amazing thing!

Alright - I like that!

Did you just say that out loud, or did I just read your mind?

That moment your so in tune with the other person the answer to the above question could be yes to both............

Just throwing it out there!

I've sold 23 books out of the 100 I must sell to get my book published! I would love it if you or anyone you know could click this link


and go to my author website and purchase a copy of my book to help me reach my goal.....

Thanks for your help, support and kindness xx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Come on guys....there's a wig missing!

I would really love to get a wig, or go to a wig shop and see what it would feel like to have a totally different hairstyle and colour.
I saw a girl last week at a gig who had the most amazing shiny black hair, cut really blunt with an awesome fringe. I would love to see what it would look like on me or try something completely different.
It's always fun to fool around with a new lookm and an awesome photo op for facebook or your blog!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hot Air Ballooning......

Getting ready to get the balloon up.

And its up....

What a view....

Our Shadow

What an amazing experience! Hot Air Ballooning is something I had never really thought of doing until I got invited. I thought to myself ~ I might never get the opportunity to do this again, I may as well do it. I must mention I am afraid of heights and it was a big thing for me to actually go through with it. But I am so glad that I did. It was exilerating and exciting and so beautiful. It's so weird being suspended in the sky in a basket with cows mooing underneath you and nothing but beautiful blue sky.

What a fab weekend xx


Passion ~ n
1. intense sexual love.
2. strong felt emotion.
3, the object of intense desire.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Cathy Kelly

I went to Cathy Kelly's Book Signing for her new novel ~

The House on Willow Street

It was a really fun luncheon with yummy champagne and food supplied by Babilou. Cathy was a lovely down to earth Irish women who I immediately liked. She is the type of lady that you just know is a lovely person.
 Not only is she an amazing writer having written 13 other books including ~ Once in a Lifetime and Homecoming, she is an excellent public speaker. She kept us amused for half an hour with stories of her life and writing and then answered questions.  Before hand I had the oppertunity to personally meet her (my dad is the manager of Babilou) and tell her about my book and my blog. She graciously talked to me, even though I am sure she would get some aspiring writer picking her brain at every event and signing.

I purchased her new book and lined up to have it signed.

It was a really great day and I'm glad I met her!

For more on Cathy Kelly click the link ~



Going to a book signing!

Unfortunatley its not mine! Im heading down to Babilou in Kingscliff today to meet Cathy Kelly and get a signed copy of her book. Should be a fun day!!
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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The life of a Banana!

I know it sounds a bit like stalking! That's cause it is......

I watched a movie today called Roommate. The gist of the story was~

Physicotic beautiful college girl starts school and she become obsessed with her new roommate. She ends up freaking out big time and trys to hurt and kill everyone in her new bestfriend's life....

I dont normally watch movies like that and now I know why!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Giggle ~  a foolish laugh!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hi there......

Hello writers of all subjects. Its so amazing to have a place to go and read and write to my hearts content.

I love to write, read and am especially interested in Contemporary Romances. Its a very big genre that keeps me busy.

My other interests include but are definately not limited to music, watching romantic comedy movies, discovering random things on the internet, travelling (or dreaming about travelling) spending time with friends, makeup (wearing it) dress up clothes, high heel shoes ( a bit of an addiction) going out with my friends, and spending time with my family.

I love to write and I have been offered a publishing deal for my second book Gold Digger! Check out my Author Website at; http://www.taraanderton.com/

I also write this blog Writing in Heels http://taraanderton.blogspot.com/

Its about life, writing and publishing a novel. It also has random thoughts and ideas, music I'm into, quotes and other fantastic tidbits.

Oprah's Book Club.

Are you looking for a book recommendation or something to read? Oprah's book club online is a great place to find a book to order or get a really good review. Each month they have reccomodations of the best new books and must reads.
Check it all out @


Monday, 5 March 2012

Your perception of life is somewhat altered!

Just life.

This is why I'n hot!

Written on the walls

So cute!


friend ~ n
1. A person knoiwn well to another and regarded with liking, affection and loyality.

I don't know...Maybe I'm just a little scandalized~!

There are so many interesting things going on.....

I'm a bit of a list maker. If you didn't know that... you will.

So here is a little list about some of the interesting things going on in my life atm...

~ Getting my book Gold Digger Published.
~ Learning about getting a book published.
~ Picking Cover designs for my book.
~ Writing my current book Ally in Disguise.
~ Writing my blog.
~ Planning my trip to America at the end of the year.
~ Reading alot of books.
~ Researching on the net.
~ Renovating my house.
~ Watching alot of live music and loving it.
~ Discovering awesome movies that I haven't seen before.
~ Spending quality time with friends and family.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I'd prefer it if you didn't taint him with your whore juice!

Bea Tompson despises that little Gold Digging Whore!
Bridgette is trying to steal her husband ~ she will go to any lengths to stop her ....

For more info click this link

Gold Digger

Damn Girl...You are a writer!

If your new to Writing in Heels - or just looking for an update on where Gold Digger is at ~ your reading the right post!

Gold Digger my first published novel is available for pre- order at my author website ~

It is a contemporary romance with a twist. It's Sex in the City meets Devil Wears Prada. For more info head to my author website or click the Gold Digger link at the top of this page.

It is currently only available for pre  order. Once I sell 100 copies it will officially be for sale on amazon.com and barnesand noble.com.
I've sold 20 copies so far so if your interested in Contemporary Romance novels or know someone who is send them my link http://taraanderton.blogspot.com/ 

Thanks :)

I'm brutally honest...or am I?

I'd like to think I can be brutally honest, but sometimes unless pushed to my absolute limit, it's best if I'm not honest about certain things. For example, the classic - 'does my ass look good in this?' When it looks huge but she's a good friend and telling her the truthwould be insulting and hurtful. They know their ass looks big they want you to tell them how hot they are, not point out faults. That's what friends are for.....
There are plenty of times when being brutally honest can backfire and sometimes people just don't want to hear the truth.

Telling the truth is a good thing, but sometimes brutally honest isn't the way to go........

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Congrats to my awesome frind Rhea Robertson for making it through to the next round on The X Factor in Brisbane Australia!
You can find her and her music by typing in her name to YouTube or clicking on my past posts or find her in my tags!
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Friday, 2 March 2012

Thursday, 1 March 2012

You've come to the right place, cause I have that!

Are you into contemporary romances? Ummmm me too!

I've written a book called Gold Digger, its a story about 3 women whose lives are intertwined through lies, betrayal and fate.

For more info visit my author website;