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Monday, 7 October 2013


I was on redtube last night having a bit of a look around, lets just call it research lol, and what I found the most interesting was the categories. There are things on there that I had never even heard of let alone tried and then gone ahead and decided to make a amateur movie staring myself. Its all a bit creepy.

The basic stuff was just normal people having sex.  But after searching through most of the more risqué categories and titles, and then viewing about 25 videos (not all the way through) I felt a bit jaded. There are so many different things going on, some pretty average, others just fucking weird and a little bit disturbing and I became a bit numb to the whole thing. I wasn't really turned on by any of it.

 Funnily enough I prefer the real thing. Its the same with the Fifty Shades Series - women going nuts - purportedly buying out dildo shops.. me staring at the pages, reading the sex scenes and wondering what the big deal is - there was so many of them that in the end it was like mmmm whatever!

Real sex is way better than watching it, I'm sure most of you will agree. Most viewers of this home girl / guy  type situation would be poor single guys not willing to fork out a joining fee to a reputable porn site, and married men sitting up in the middle of the night having snuck downstairs after their wife had declined their supposed advances, to have a pull over some fat assed busted up skank on redtube who is getting reamed by her boyfriend. (kids probably in the other room trying to go to sleep) He daren't give credit card details over the internet to watch good porn incase he gets caught. so is left with some very average shit going down. But if he'd just made more of an effort to woo his wife or maybe made her cum like he was supposed to instead of getting on and going at her like a jackhammer for 30 seconds, grunting like a caveman and rolling off, then she might be inclined to fuck you next time.

Don't get it twisted - I'm not saying don't get your freak on over porn, but spend a few dollars at an adult store to find something decent and maybe include your wife - or if its not her sort of thing, then keep it for a lonely night but at least you're not watching fap that grosses most people out!