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Friday, 19 July 2013

Mastering the Walk - The High Heel Helpline :Part 3.

I thought I'd make it easy for the ladies who would like to know how to strut their stuff in a pair of super sexy heels without looking absolutely ridiculous (and believe me there are plenty out there)

In my previous two posts about Mastering the Walk, I've mentioned or basically made it a mandatory thing for 'wanna be' high heel pro's that they have to PRACTICE!

Its like anything you don't know how to do. Your not going to be good at it first go, and you wont get any better unless you practice. I also said that you have to choose a pair of heels that your not going to break your ankle or neck in. (For more info go to my archives located to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>>> and check it out)

So here is a clip from the Victoria's Secret Fashion show to get you motivated and help you reach your goal, but bear in mind these women are professionals IE. it's their JOB! So don't freak out if you cant strut it like they can straight away. It takes a long time to be that confident and don't forget they probably had lessons as well.

Happy Strutting xx