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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dont waste your potential!

Have you ever seen someone who has oodles of potential that they just don't seem to be utilizing. Mmm me too!
There's literally hundreds of people who waste away doing mundane jhobs for meagre money and let there amazing talents fall to the wayside. Trapped with countless responsibilities the dream disapears into a parallel life and they wake up at 50 wondering when they gave it all up and settled into life as they know it.
You can do it, you can create the life you want- I did. Who knew my dream would come true, I believed in myself when certain epople didn't. Considering what I did as something that took time away from what I should really be doing. Devaluing my writing as a pipe dream that would never become anything. I perserveredd and ended up getting my book published. And that's my little story!
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Its the little things I love......

Don't you just love listening to rain on a tin roof?
When I hear that sound it makes me realise its the little thing.
That one small thing that can just do it for you!
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More is More!

I've been reading up on how to make my blog a sucress and generate more traffic, readers and fans.
There is possibly thousands...ok hundreds (cause I tend to exaggerate) of things I can do.
Ideally the first thing is to provide 'bangin' content for my readers, and then make sure I am consistant with my posts ie. Post regularly. Apparently at least five days a week to give my return readers a reason to come back.
They want to know what happens next.
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Right on.... Lets do that!

I love it when people come up with terrific ideas!
Ideas that create more ideas.
That's how the world goes around.
It all starts with that one idea!
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Friday, 30 December 2011

Sometimes I mistake silence for criticism?

I haven't has 1 comment on any of my blog posts yet. Should I mistake your silence for criticism?
At first I wasn't aware that I could change m settings to allow anybody to comment, it was set so only Blogspot members could comment. I've changed that and now anyone that views my blog can post.
Still no comments
So if your reading my post, this is me asking you to leave a comment and tell me what you think of Writing in Heels, a post or just say hi ;-)
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Dont pump and dump your whole history - we all love a little mystery.

Some people seem to have what I like to call verbal diahorea! They spew forth their most intimate details, divulging way to much information, and in the

process ultimately alienating possible friends.
There's nothing like meeting someone for the first time and by the end of the night you know their life story. Most of which seemed to be stuff you just didn't need to know.

So a word to the wise- keep some things to yourself. We really didn't to know everything that's ever happened to you in the first five minutes......
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Im totally into local.....

When your buying something from the supermarket, do you ever check to see where it comes from? I have to say I was guilty of not doing it. I wasn't that dilegent up until about 6 months ago. Now I try and buy as much local made product as I can.
Its really about trying to help the people who grow and make it and the country we live in thrive.
Why buy bannas or meat from south america when we have plenty here. And its really good quality. Im not going to drone on and on about import/export costs and bore you all to tears but I will say that here in australia we have the best quality fruit, vegies, meat and supplies we would be mad not to utlilise our resources!
I love Australia!
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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Keeping it real!

When you write stories, hopefully for a living one day (me) its hard to get out of the fantasy and into reality.
I'm constantly being told I tend to over exagerate. Its definately not on purpose, but I do think I'm stuck in the fantasy of the story Im telling at the time. When I retell something that someone has told me, or I have herd on TV/radio, or anywhere. I seem to turn it into a fascinating  ancedote that makes people say wow and even giggle a bit.
Sorry thats just me! Its not that Im not keeping it real, perhaps I just make something simple sound so much better. I'm branding and marketing it if you will - giving it some sparkle!!!

Just Stop Talking!

Sometimes you just need quiet! That incessant drone in your ear, the nodding of a head in almost recognition that someone is trying to communicate with you, but all your brain requires for 5 more minutes is complete silence. Is that too much to ask?

I like me a bit of silence. Time to think, create and imagine. I also like noise lol but not when I'm in the zone. My particular zone is one I get in when I'm writing......and thats my little story!

She raped my credit card!

Bridgette Roberts is a girl who knows what she wants! Creating the life she has always dreamed about is her top priority, and no one can stop her. Or can they?
Doing the nasty, raping credit cards and glamorous events is an everyday thing......

For more on Bridgette  follow the Gold Digger link!
Gold Digger is my first novel to be published, and will be available for pre order in approx 18 weeks. Stay tuned for more details closer to the date!

Um.....It's not you, it's totally me!

My latest work in progress, Ally in Disguise and I aren't speaking at the moment! It's a bit of a bummer because we have such a good vibe when where together. This presents a problem, because I want to finish my book.
It all started when I got an offer to publish my second book Gold Digger. Now that I'm working on editing and preparing it for the final submission like a crazy women, and helping to design the cover, write my dedication and acknowledgements, deciding fonts as well as a mirade of other things. Plus living my normal (abnormal) life. We dont see each other as often as I would like, which is pretty much every other night. I do manage to sneak in  moments here and there whenever I can, and its awkward at first, we stare at each other, nervous perhaps, wondering if its still there, if the feeling will be the same, but then words pour onto the page for hours, until we are staring at each other in silence. Somewhat satisfied. I have to go to bed, we have so much to say to each other, but there is never enough time. I really want to take our relationship to the next level, one where we can be together for days, but it takes time, attention and energy, which I dont seem to have much of recently!

Maybe I can plan for a night together soon...........

(Inspired by Maryanne)

A quote......

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Really - The only sensible thing to do right now is write.

When you feel like writing, that is what you should do, even if its 1:36 in the morning and you have to wake up at 7am!
Creativity doesnt know what time it is, it just happens, and I cant help it if I become more creative the later it is.
It can present a bit of a problem as you can imagine. But I have a pretty full life, and I guess the only time I get to sit and think is at night. So I have come to look forward too night time and the writing, reading and researching.
Here's to all the night owls out there :-)

I'm great and your wonderful!

That awkward moment when you run into an ex and your both trying to prove how great your doing without each other.

Its such a cliche!


Congratulations! You've eaten your weight in ham!

Christmas ham is so addictive, the luscious sweet sweet meat!

I've eaten it every way possible.
By itself with sauce, then aoli, then pickles. Then on 3 sandwiches with the above mentioned condiments. I've fryed it in a pan, I've made eggs benedict with it, i've had it with salad on a plate, I've had it on toast, and I think Ive actually bitten the side of it when all my knives where in the dishwasher, but its all getting a bit hazy.
The ham haze should continue into next week I imagine, and surely i'll be sick of it by then. But I'm not making any promises! :-)

Please People I'm a Professional!

When I started writing booksabout 4 years ago, I had no idea it was going to amount to anything.
I mean there's always the hope you have, that your dream of becoming a published author would actually come true. The reality is surreal! I dont think I'll actually believe it until I have my book Gold Digger in my hands. When I can flip the pages and read my words in actual print - thats when it's really REAL!
When people ask me what I do as a profession, I can actually say 'I'm a writer' without feeling like its just a hobby, something I'm interested in.
Now to just get it to sell!

Geek Mountain!

Back in the days of high school romances, the Geek never really got a look in, unless there was some underground geek orgy that I wasnt privy to.
How wrong we all where! Not only are they earning a shitload of money in there various fields, but they are actually quiet interesting. Hence the smash hit TV show "The Big Bang Theory" Love it!
Penny a sexy female character in the show even states that Lenard (The Geek) has ruined men for her. She cant look at HOT, dumb, normal guys the same way after being with him.
Looks arnt working anymore guys - there also has to be something upstairs, something that will actually hold our attention. Sure a nice shag will do for a while, but it isnt going to make us hang around!

You might be wondering how they get the girl to even talk to them in the first place. Well just by being themselves and sharing who they are is a great place to start - women arnt stupid, (most of them) and if they are they deserve the dumb ass's! Looks come second when you have something interesting and intelligent to say!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Substance is everything!

Most importantly you must have substance. Without it, you would be a shell of a person. What would you do without it? What things could you interest me with?

Relentless Persuit!

In an attempt to promote my blog and eventually help sell and promote my new book Gold Digger, I typed 'promote my blog' into a search engine.
BOOM!!! There are literally thousands of places to visit, and just as many things you can do to promote yourself!
Here is one I found helpful

My Emoticon

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Control Freak!

Sometimes having everything under control isnt always the way to go.....

Control Freaks are people who need to be in control of every aspects of their lives and sometimes other peoples lives.
They have their breakfast every morning at the same time, have a specific bed time, do things a certain way all the time, they dont embrace change very well, they like to tell others what to do, and they like it if they make all the decisions.
These people who from now on will be refered to as CF's ry and controll every situation, and when it doesnt go their way, they shut off!
This can leave the people that they suround themselves with confused and bewildered as to why the CF is ignoring and or punishing them. The CF feels that the situation has moved out of their control and instead of just going with the flow and enjoying the moment (its their way or the highway) they shut off. Its almost like a child that wants a lolly but isnt aloud. The CF throws a tantrum!

Its up to us, the non control freaks to either put up with their childish antics or tell them to FUCK off!

The choice is yours!

My Obsession with Anais Nin continues..........

Gold Digger!!!!

In keeping with the theme of my soon to be released 1st book Gold Digger I thought I would post this song!
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thoughts about writing......

Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn't wait to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know what I was going to say. ~Sharon O'Brien


Dreams are necessary to life.
Anais Nin
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Thursday, 22 December 2011


It is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily by. How else, indeed, to clap the net over the butterfly of the moment? For the moment passes, it is forgotten; the mood is gone; life itself is gone. That is where the writer scores over his fellows: he catches the changes of his mind on the hop. ~Vita Sackville-West

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

You aint seen nothing yet!

Watch this space for where you can purchase your copy of my first published book - Gold Digger!
Its a quirky contemporary romance about three uniquely different women, whose lives colide in a whirlwind of lies, cheating and betrayal.......

Available for purchase in early 2012.


Life has a certain sense of poetry and meaness!

She Gets It! She Gets It!

She gets what?
She gets me?
She gets that?
She gets this?
She just gets it!

And that is all!

Shoe Candy!


I'm in LOVE!!!!!!


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Christmas Cheer!

Christmas is always a time of year that I enjoy.
Apart from the obvious coming together of family and friends, the amazing food, alcohol,and fun. It's the feeling christmas time gives me.
I like to call it christmas cheer! I suspect its all the things aformentioned that combine together to give me the christmas cheer. All the things I love all at once- who wouldn't be cheery!!

So this is me wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Xx
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Tourist!

I will not just be a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, posses as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy.

Anais Nin
I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.
Imelda Marcos
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Anais Nin.....words of wisdom

Anxiety is loves greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.
Anais Nin.
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Monday, 19 December 2011

come clean!

Love the lyrics!
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Friday, 16 December 2011

This isn't a dress. It's a sequin sensation!

Rumaging through my annoyingly small, old, and just inadequate wardrobe, (I'm talking about the size of the cupboard) I realised, like I'm sure many women have, that I have nothing to wear out tomorrow night!
There is the really hot red and black one (dress) that I wore to Sally's wedding in Noosa a few weeks ago, the pink and orange one I was going to wear to the wedding but didn't, and an array of equally sexy/cute/hot dresses I've owned for a while that I could wear but - HELLO I'm a girl and nothing is doing it for me!

Then there's the fact that I'm unsure where I'll end up and what I'll being doing.
My good friend Rhea and I are running amok so to speak, and just going where the night leads us......and this of course brings us to the ultimate question....

I'm totally a heels girl all the way, but it could end up pretty messy!!!
What the hell am I talking about?????

Of course I'm going to wear Heels!!!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

more gold digger!!

I'm about half way through setting out my manuscript as per publishers requirements! I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would! I'm up to chapter headings! Exciting stuff peeps, as it means I am that little bit closer to publishing and that's awesome!
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gold Digger dedication!

I have to come up with a dedication for the inside of my book!

For years I have been reading the dedications, and wondering who where these people and how did they influence the writer?
Now its my turn! I'm excited that finally I get to create my own.....but its strangely sureal.

Gold Digger - what I'm up too.....

I just recieved an email from my publishing company on how they would like me to submit the final copy of the book to them! Looks like I'm in for some long nights on the computer. Lots of work, but a little bit excited by the whole process!!!

Manuscript Submission Guidelines:


o Manuscript is presented as a Word document (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

o Manuscript is contained in one contiguous file for all text with no images included. All content to be included in the interior pages of the finished book, such as Dedication, Acknowledgments, Foreword, Preface, Introduction, Appendix, Bibliography, and Index, must be included in the manuscript file, and not submitted separately.

o Document is set up as 8.5 x 11 size with one-inch margins on all sides

o Font throughout is Times New Roman, 12 pt. (no other font or size for any text matter, including heads)

o Line spacing is double. (NOTE: Please do NOT use the ENTER key to double-space the document. You should use the paragraph/line space setting in your word-processing software to set the line spacing to 'double.')

o Do not use the 'section break' option in your word-processing software at all. If you wish to indicate scene changes within a chapter, use a row of three asterisks, set on a line by themselves, to indicate where the scene change should be.

o Every chapter ends with a page break.

o All chapter headings are uniform. If you have a document with several levels of heads, please mark them in ascending order as A-level, B-level, etc.

o Do not indent paragraphs; set them flush with the left-hand margin. Press the ENTER key after each paragraph.

o Do not include headers, footers, or page numbers.

o The Table of Contents is not formatted, but is straight text.

o There are NOT hard returns at the end of each line. A 'hard return' is a code inserted into the document each time you press the ENTER key. The page-layout software will interpret each hard return as the start of a new paragraph, so you will end up with a lot of unwanted paragraphs and sentence fragments if you press the ENTER key at the end of each line. Press the ENTER key only at the end of a paragraph.


All images are to be sent separately and discussed with the Production Department at the appropriate time. Please let us know there are images when you submit your manuscript, but they cannot be included in your text file.

o No illustrations, photos, charts, graphs, or multi-column formatting are included with text manuscript. These items should be provided in separate files with their placement clearly marked within the manuscript.

Monday, 12 December 2011


What is the average amount of dreams a person usually has in one night?
The average person has about 3 to 5 dreams per night, but some may have up to 7 dreams in one night. The dreams tend to last longer as the night progresses. During a full 8-hour night sleep, two hours of it is spent dreaming.

check out more about dreams and dream interpretation here


I have a fascination with France and French things! Especially the crusty french sticks and cheeses! (except for the one with the blue veins in it) Oh and the wine......Dont even get me started! And of course - the FASHION!

Iv'e never actually been there (to french land) buy hopefully one day I can go there! Its on my 'to do list'.

Basicly I want to eat the food, taste the wine and bask in the Frenchness!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Think twice

rude funny cartoons.

The Lunar Eclipse!

Its going to be a Lunar Eclipse tonight between 12am and 3am QLD Australian time!
The moon is going to be red!
for more info please click below.


Friday, 9 December 2011


I need more followers!
Do you like reading my blog?

If you would like to join up so you can follow me and keep returning to my blog, please click the "Follow Me"button to your right >>>>>>>>>

Much appreciated!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Blogs - how to find them!

Do you want to browse blogs> or do you have a certain topic in mind.... here is your one stop blog shop!!!


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Contemporary Romance!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Contemporary romance is a subgenre of romance novels, generally with the setting after World War II.[1] The largest of the romance novel subgenres, contemporary romance novels are set in the time when they were written, and usually reflect the mores of their time. Heroines in the contemporary romances written prior to 1970 usually quit working when they married or had children, while those novels written after 1970 usually have, and keep, a career.[2] As contemporary romance novels have grown to contain more complex plotting and more realistic characters, the line between this subgenre and the genre of women's fiction has blurred.[3]
Most contemporary romance novels contain elements that date the books, and the majority of them eventually become irrelevant to more modern readers and go out of print.[3] Those that survive the test of time, such as the works of Jane Austen are often reclassified as historical romances.[2]
Over half of the romantic fiction published in the United States in 2004 (1468 out of 2,285 books) were contemporary romance novels.[4] Contemporary romance novels have twice been chosen by Kelly Ripa to be featured in her Reading with Ripa book club.[5]

Contemporary romance novels may, in turn, be categorized into several subgenres, sometimes mixing with other main subgenres of romance novels.
Subgenres include:[6]
General contemporary romance
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Baby Love
Medical romance
Cowboy contemporary romance
Glamour & Jet Set
Humorous contemporary romance
International Lovers
Love in the Workplace
Vacation Love
Amnesia, that is memory loss, often including some former relationship [7]
You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury

1000 blog views!

Ive reached 1000 blog views!!!

Thanks to everyone for your support. I really appreciate it!!!


Monday, 5 December 2011

Yes bloggings an excellent Strategy for Novelists!

I came across this blog post from Angela Booth that I found interesting.

- Angela Booth is the author of many books, both fiction and nonfiction. She began her writing career with the "flying doctor" series of romances for MacDonald-Futura, and has written many business books for major publishers.


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Memory.... or lack there of.

I have a pretty bad short term memory- like a seive actually, especially with names.
But on the other side of things my long term memory is amazing! So it kind of makes up for it!

I actually have what appears to be a photographic memory(long term)
I can remember clothes I was wearing at a particular time and place,m what others where wearing and many more freaky details. I'm the one that always remembers that funny night out years later, or something we did together. But when I mention it to whoever was there, they usually have no idea what i'm talking about.
I'm the same with smells (deoderant, perfume and afershave.) I can tell you where I was, what year and who I was with when I smelt it.
I'm really good with childrens movie characters voices. I can always pick who the actor is from there voice.

What can I say? My talents are vast! ;-)
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I have notepads and bits of paper annd folders with more paper all over my house incase I have a thought or idea and need to write it down for later.
I literally wake up in the middle of the night and reach for pen and notepad or the back of a recipt and write something down. It all means something to me, im just not positive what it is at the time. I probably should plant a few trees to compensate.
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down time.....

Its been a hectic weekend. I need some alone time!
Fat Chance!

I feel like I need to lock myself away in my room, with my computer and my pens and my pink folder full of paper, and write and create and basicly just be me......
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I need to write.........

I've had a huge family weekend. I haven't stopped.....but what I really want to do now is write......
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Friday, 2 December 2011

You are what you read!

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Vote 4 me please!!!!!

Vote 4 me in a short story competition on facbook please/
You need to click the link and scroll down through the comments and like my post - Tara Anderton. Its near the top so you have to click read previous comments to find me!
The more people that vote the better. You can only vote once!


You've Got Mail

I love receiving emails from my publisher!
When I open up my hotmail and scoll through the almost junk mail from random people peddling their products, the odd fiew from friends, which are usually forwards of jokes and pictures depicting various crude topics (mostly we, as in me and my friends use facebook to comunicate) then...... the email i'm looking for....a dimond in the rough!
I'm in the process of proof reading, spell checking and organising the layout to their specifications. Then the final copy will be sent, where i'm sure they will do all the Adam things when they receive it.....and then its on to cover design.

I'm looking forward to the cover design part. I have a few ideas for how i'd like it to look, which they welcome, then they take my ideas and add their own, after all they are the professionals!!! Then the team of designers will create two different options that I will be asked to choose out of.....exciting stuff!!!!
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