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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I have been youtubing of late, and have pretty much come to the end of my vast resources for researching music and following recomendations from various creative musical minds. I wonder if other than finding new music and re-discovering bands and music from years gone by (eventuallly through hours of searching) what else there was to find, see and laugh at?
Youtube is an awesome tool to broadcast yourself, your talents and pranks to the world, and can be very useful;
You can create playlists to get down to at parties and friends houses, oh and then there's the oppertunity for your flatmate to DJ your hookups ;-)
But there is a vast ammount of pure shit that you have to wade through. I would even go as far as saying that even some things have made me want to stick things in my eyes.
But all in all, youtube is amazing, especially when your bored sitting in the car....waiting and you realise you can listen to whatever you want thanks to youtube and phone technology.

And that's my story! Peace x
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"I write to find out what I think." - Stephen King
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Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Self destruction is something that can go un - noticed until its too late!
Some people dont realise how good they have it and seem to be on a mission to destroy whatever is great in their lives, at their own expense!

Check it before you wreck it!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Cheers to Next Weekend!

I haven't officially celebrated with a glass of champagne since signing my contract!
What the he'll is wrong with me?
Those who know me, know that I love to have me a celebration drink!

I could blame it on being super busy and all that....but I wont!
Anyway I had better get all my fabulous friends together for a CHEERS TO ME!
Next weekend it is!

Have a great weekend blog readers and friends
<3 <3
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Monday, 21 November 2011

Landing a Book Deal!

So basicly, this is how it went!

I emailed an enquiry to many different publishing companys saying who I was, and that i'd written a book called Gold Digger.
That it was a contemporary romance and it was like..... and listed 5 - 6 best sellers in the same genre or similar.

They emailed me back saying they where interested in reading and outline (synopsis) and the first chapter, which I eagerly email back.

About 3 weeks later I got a rely saying they would be interested in reading my book. I'm not really sure how lonmg it took to geta response because I was busy writing book 4 Ally in Disguise, and emailing other publishers etc. But they sent me an emailsaying they would like to make me an offer

I must say I had to read the email twice before I understood that they where offering, to publish my book..... Yep an American Publishing Company are offering me the oppertunity of a lifetime - to publish my book!

After a phone call and re reading the offer and contract several hundred times, I signed on the dotted line and sent it back!

I'm officially a signed author!
Ok - I've finally gotten a chance to sit down and write.

I'm still in shock about getting a publishing offer for my book Gold Digger. (Check out my pages for book description) I'm still jumping up and down screaming and laughing!

It's such an exciting oppertunity for me, one that i thought wouldn't come around so quickly...if ever!
I am soooo lucky!

Friday, 18 November 2011

I'll make youre bed rock!!!

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Gold Digger!

Check out my pages to the right >>>>> and click on Gold Digger to find out what my book is about!

So excited that it is going to be published! I signed the cotract today and am very excited to begin the process of creating, printing and distributing....

Stay tuned for release dates and pre order information.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

OMFG I got an offer to publish GOLD DIGGER

Yes that's right! I got an offer to publish my second book gold digger!!!!!!
Will fill you in on all the details when I calm down and stop sweating!!!1

Woooooooo whooooooo so extremly happy and overwhealmed all at once!!!!!!!
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Reply from Tate Gallery -

I finally recieved a reply from Tate Gallery about my 2nd book Gold Digger that I am trying to get published. (See previous blog posts for more information)

Unfortuantely shes's not interested.......

Dear Tara,

Thank you for your proposal. I have now had the opportunity to review it and unfortunately cannot assist you.
I don’t think it’s a ‘big’ enough story to fit into the very competitive and overcrowded fiction market.
Of course, that is my opinion only and another agent may disagree. I am returning your proposal accordingly via mail.
I wish you every success with your work.


Linda Tate

Monday, 14 November 2011

Blurbologist- A blurb writer!

I consider myself a blurbologiist of sorts.
I love to write little blurbs about things. Give me a product or thing that I believe in and I could sell it to anyone. Give me an interesting topic and I could write a blurb about it.

I love writing- if you didn't already no.....
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Friday, 11 November 2011

marvins room- sorry for the wait mixed tape

Its pretty dirty but { love the lyrics
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Monday, 7 November 2011

The Forehead/Forrid Debate!

What do you call the space between your eyebrows and hairline?

I call it a FOREHEAD! Spelt Fore - Head. Others, call it a forrid! Not sure of the spelling, as it's not an actual word! The first signthat its a forehead.

In the dictionary - which I decided needed to get involved in a debate that has been ongoing.

The Penguin Concise English Dictionary states -

forehead n. the part of the face above the eyes.

This elusive (forrid) is no where to be found. I've checked twice! Yet some of the population (Some un-educated person or people, or severly misinformed persons seemed to think it was an actual word and has somehow passed it down the generations.)

I'm not saying your un-educated if you say forrid !!! Dont get it twisted! I'm saying the original person or people responsible is!

Is it an abreviation created so people didn't have to say forehead? I'm not really sure!
Do I think it's annoying? Yes!

The dictionary actually makes my case, with the word forehead surrounded by words like forehand, foreground, foregone and foregoing.

Come on people - lets keep the propper pronunciation going or our words will be squandered into a heap of slang and abreviations, rendering the English language a mismatch or words that no one has an actual grasp on.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Fornication - formal or humorous voluntary sexual intercourse outside marriage.
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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Typing challenge overcome!

Woooooo I did it!
Typing crisis averted. I have completed the task, admitedly under duress, and have avoided another mini meltdown. I have 14512 words and it feels really good! It took so much longer than expected but proud of myself for getting the job done! Now the fun can continue! WRITING!
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Instead of typing up the rest of my book.....because its just so annoying to me at this very moment...especially due to the fact that its taken such a huge chunk of time out of my life (I'm sounding like a broken record) I'm updating my blog, and fooling around online! Cant keep putting off the inevitable..... I really just want to keep writing!

I'm one of those people that has many different activites/hobbies going at once!

At this very moment - I'm reading two different books, knitting squares for the poor, writing two novels and typing one up, researching for my novels, writing and maintaining my blog, entering writing competitions, looking for Literary Agents and trying to get my first two books published, listening to music and creating playlists, creating an online virtual book shelf of all the books I've read and want to read, I'm helping a friend create her blog and organise her fundraiser.
And then there's my normal life; family obligations, friends and work!
What can I say I like to stay busy!
So I guess I'm a pretty motivated person - just not when it comes to the 20th hour of typing up a book that still has hundreds of hours of typing still owed to it!

OKAY - enough whining Im on this thing!!!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Typing Trauma Avoided!

I'm back into typing (Book 4 - Ally In Disguise) - I must get it done so I can keep writing my story....after my mini typing meltdown (see previous blogs) I decided to distance myself from typing for a few weeks to re-group. Now I'm back bigger and better than ever!

I plan on doing half of what i have left and complete the rest tomorrow night! Hmmm another later night, nothing new!

I'm an OWL -- whoooo whooooo!!!


Whimsy - an affected or fanciful device, creation, or style, esp in writing or art!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

it isnt all rainbows and butterflys!

Wouldn't it be great if everyones lives turned out exactly like they planned? Or are you the type of person who is glad that it didn't because now their life is way better than before? Then there are those people that no matter what they do nothing pans out- they don't get the guy, the job they want is way out of their reach and no matter how hard they try their hair will never be beautiful their skin will always be like that and their friends will never be who they expect!
Its hard to watch the people who seem to have everything but then you see the person who just wont let the world get them down no matter what shitty thing happens to them next!
Life is so diverse! I'd love to be a combination of everything all rolled into 1!

Its all these people with such different lives, problems and triumphs that make it easy for me to write books and create characters! People are awesome!
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