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Friday, 30 September 2011

Reviewing books!

Ive decided to start reviewing the books I read and adding them to my blog! I've been researching how to write reviews online and found a good website
"How to write a book review' ( haha thats what I typed into google and thats what I got) that might be of interest if your planning on reviewing a book or are just interested in the process.

Writing a Synopsis!

If your writing a Synopsis for your book Max Barry's Website is your one stop shop for everything you might need. Its def a good starting point anyway and you can goggle away from there. He also has some great insite, can be quiet funny plus he is a published writer, so Im pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. I have him stored in my favourites for future reference, just thought you might like to know!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

O My F'ing G!

So, so tired right now! From my lack of sleep last night! I blogged and facebooked and read and watched TV. (Just the usual) It ended up being about 2am before I drifted off. But I know me, the next time I look at the clock, it'll be something to midnight, and I'll be wondering where the time went and knowing I'll be regretting my two almost all nighters.
At the time, I'm in my own little world, doing my thing, but it turns into a problem when the alarm goes off at 7:30am every morning, and I'm forced to get up, somewhat shell shocked. Living on 5 1/2 hours of sleep every night, or most nights just isnt right. I end up feeling like a zombie in the morning. By the end of the week, Im for a better word 'FUCKED'

Anyway Im going to try and have an early night...I dont really like my chances.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Back to the Real World!

So tonight I'm trying to catch up on everything in my online world, after a week with practically no technology. (Well, service or a signal for that Technology.) I must admit I didnt miss technology as much as I thought I would. Considering how much time I seem to spend using it! I did take my Laptop - but once I was out of the city, in a small country town, 3 Mobile Broadband just didnt come to the Party!
Telstra - the only real service provider (The only one with a signal worthy of calling itself a signal) unless your located in the heart of a major city, seems to be the way to go.
My phone currently Vodafone wasnt much better!! I only got service in the heart of town, where I frantically checked my facebook of news of my sisters baby and emails and texts before the signal dropped out! I felt like I was stuck on a deserted Island!
Anyway I'm home now, and back to quietly hoping that Linda from Tate Gallery has read my proposal and likes it!!
I cant wait to keep writing book 4. Its at a really exciting stage. I sat up the other night till 2am and would have kept going if my hand didnt fall asleep. I tried to revive it, but it kept going all weird so I was forced to stop.

Ive been reading a few books too, check out the side panel if your interested or need ideas for a book to read. I update them constantly.
Peace Out

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Music and the arts feed the soul!

I've always loved this Goo Goo dolls song and Im into the new show Made is Chelsea. So I thought I'd share xx
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Check out the awesomely talented Rhea Robertson performing Heartless my fav song!!
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Monday, 26 September 2011

trying to update my blog

I've been trying to update my blog for days now and unfortunatly im finding it near impossible! I'm on holidays and the service in this town is really bad!! All my inciteful and witty comments have been wasted and forgotten forever! Im hme tomorrow night so stay tuned for book reviews, and heaps more.
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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tara the list maker!

Anytime I go on holidays, I end up with hundreds of lists! Ok, maybe not hundreds, but at least 6 lists. (I'm a bit of an over exagerater!) I like to think this is the writer in me. I have a active imagination, I tend to elaborate or make most stories into something that sounds more fabulous. All these stories are true 0- I dont lie, I just vagazzle life!
The writer or creative artist in me also like to make lists. I make lists for everything, and holidays are an excellent oppertunity to put my awesome list making skills to good use!
So my OCD list making escapade is in full swing as I attempt to pack for a 6 day holiday for 3 people! With lists out the wazoo why do I have shit everywhere??? Im a messy person for someone with so many lists - Ive always got so much going on! Maybe I can relax on my holiday! Ha ha even Im laughing!
I am taking my computer and hopefully will get alot of writing done, Hamilton Island is sure to inspire me! Becasue Mackay sure as hell wont lol.
Cheer to Hamilton Island Pool bar and the yummy fluffy cocktails waiting for me to drink them!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday night!

While most people are out to dinner, at the movies, having drinks with friends, attending parties, and basicly doing really fun things - I'm sitting on my bed writing, formatting, facebooking, blogging, listening to music and watcging TV. Could I fit anything else in? Probably!

Its Friday night, and although I love doing everything mentioned above, I wish I was hanging with friends and having a few drinks.
I'm actually doing that exact thing tomorrow afternoon/night, but you know how it is when you have plans on a Saturday night. The weekend hits, and you just want to have a good time straight away.
I have friends who are that excited for the Saturday night, they end up jumping the gun, get hammered on the Friday, and spend the actual intended night of frivolity, hung over and barely awake, wherein ruining everyones night!

So for those of you having an awesome night at the expense of your Saturday night SHAME ON YOU! lol
And for those waiting in anticipation like good little people- CHEERS!

Miami Beach today

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Writing book 4!

40 pages into my new book, I have the sorest hand imaginable. I zoned in last night about 7:30pm and didnt look up until 1am.

I'm suposed to be editing, reviewing and formatting Gold Digger my second book incase Linda from Tate Gallery (literary Agency) wants to read the whole thing. And I have had good intentions for two days to do so but the writer in me took over!

I got so involved , so immersed in my new story about Ally, Jade Will and Mitch - another Contemporary Romance. I didnt even eat dinner. The story just unfolded onto the pages. Sometimes all over the place as new characters are formed and the story comes together.

I start out with a small idea and it basicly writes itself. I get the main outline of the story sometimes 40 - 80 written pages. Then I type it out and print it. I then start building the story adding conversations and making chapters, bring everything together. Then I go back and focus on each chapter at a time making sure it covers what it has to and makes sense and flows. Then I break down each character and read their chapters together to make sure their individual story makes sense and it works in with the other chapters. After that I reread the whole story always on the lookout for mistakes or parts that just dont seem right. After editing and spell checking, word count and fiddling. I reread the whole story. It seems easy when I say it like that but all this happens over a period of six months. I takes time, passion and patience to write a book. Sometimes you need a break, and other times there isnt enough hours in the day to get done wht you want to do with the story. Its a very interesting process.
Then I give it to my sister in Law Jae - a genuinly avid reader and knows the contemporary romance genre quiet well. She then tell me what she thinks.
Your probably thinking she would be bias because were related, but I trust that she would tell me if it sucked! I have in the past given my book to other friends and family, and have nothing but positive feedback. A publisher from Allen and Unwin Publishers told me Glamour Girls my first ever book showed Merit and that I should continue with my writing.
So writing is what I will do!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Book formatting and thinking out loud!

Yes up late again....
now that my thoughts are no longer consumed with synopsis's and cover letters for the time being, I have to make sure my formatting of the entire book is how it should be. Double check my word count and re-read the entire book making sure everything sounds just how it should, and there isnt any mistakes. Surely there will be heaps and it will take me hours!
(Agents and Publishers require the book to have specific formatting for reading. Including double spacing every line )
Once again I'll be visiting various websites (thank god for the internet) to make sure I have everything in order, incase Tate Gallery (The Literary Agency that is reading my synopsis) decides they love that and my cover letter - stating why my book Gold Digger is worth reading and what market I would be aiming at.
I'm trying my best not to think about it, ( the fact that they might say yes) and I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up! But its hard not too! It would be amazing.
Anyway hopefully I get some good news saying 'yes were interested in reading your book' and even if its bad news maybe they'll tell me where I went wrong and what I can do to make my writing better.

Then I can get back to book 3 (I haven't named it yet) Although I'm kind of wondering why I left the contemporary romance genre, and decided to delve into the unknown. I'm not quiet sure what area it fits into. Nothing that a bit if research wont relsolve. Its definatly not flowing as well as the first two have due to all the reserch I'm having to do. Which makes it hard to get a good flow going. But I do like the idea of this book. Once its written I think I'll really like it.

I have another contemorary romance in the making, but not sure weather I should persue the idea now because once it comes, I have to keep writing!
Its like reading a good book and wanting to know what happens next. You cant put it down.
Then what happens to book 3? Will it be pushed aside? Will I go back and finish it?
Time will tell.

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Midnight Library!

YES!!! I have finally finished writing my cover letter and have perfected my synopsis to within an inch of its life!
Gold Digger the novel could become my publishing dream!

Tomorrow is D Day! Im posting it to Tate Gallery! 9am I will be waiting in line at the local Post Office nervously attaching stamps and double checking the address!!

Will they want to read the whole book? Heres hoping!
Will I get an Agent? Im not sure!
Am I nervous? Very!

Good luck to me!!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Next, next step!

Hey bloggers, blog readers and friends!

Im preparing to send my book outline to Tate Gallery, and Im re-reading (for the 40th time) my synopsis for Gold Digger. I am trying to look at it from an agents point of view. (Pretty hard as I dont really know what they want to see. There is so much info about writing a synopsis online that it has kind of clouded my vision!!!)
Its going to be late nights for the next few days, as I try and perfect it to send, all the while wondering if this is what there looking for?

Then there's the resume! They want one, and Im guessing its not the usual crap that people fill their resumes with that there looking for!
They want previous books published, contests won and completed university degree's.

Ummmm.... I have none of these!!! I havent published anything, Ive researched writing competitions and contests and thought about entering them but havent gotten around to it! (Kicking myself now) And Im 2 years into a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

However, Im going to take it in my stride and think positively! Its all I can do really!

I should be posting everything to Tate Gallery on Friday and will probably be holding my breath until I get a reply.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Progress Update!

I got a response from Tate Gallery today about my book. (They are one of the 21 agents I contacted asking if I could send synopsis)

Hello Tara,

We are on the lookout for a great book, story, read! Yes a commercial best seller! We will read a synopsis of your work, and your resume and please tell us who your market is, and why you believe your work is commercial. Please mail to our postal address and include a prepaid return envelope.

Linda Tate.

Im very excited, as its one of three responses that have been positive!