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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Getting shot down and finding an alternate route!!

I checked my emails and got replies from 2 more of the 21 agents I emailed asking to submit my manuscript and two more rejections. One said 'sorry I cant help' and thats it!! Its a pretty harsh buisness!

This has got me questioning the actual probability of anyone of these agents even caring enough to read my book and its looking pretty slim! Is an AGENT the way to go??? I began searching the web yet again in hopes of finding an answer and came across this site.


He basicly says in Australia it is harder to get a good Literary Agent than a good publisher! He suggests going straight to a publisher as I would have more chance of getting somewhere!

Im definately not nieve enough to think that Ill get published first go but maybe I shouldnt put all my eggs in one basket and presume my book/books are going to find me an Agent... the agent route is probably harder, as you have to impress two lots of people rather than going straight to the source like I did with Allen and Unwin the first two times around. I may as well get as many publishers reading it as possible.

So thats my next mission to source all possible publishers of my book and start sending it out!!

Here's to following my dream!!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Whatever is meant to be, will be!

Can you believe I actually got responses from agents regarding my book Gold Digger!!
(If you havent read previous blogs I have submitted requests to 21 Agents asking them to review my novel)
I nervously awaited replys with my fingers crossed! I logged into hotmail a few days after sending my requests and found I had actual emails from agents!!

The first reponse was;
Thankyou for your query asking to submit your manuscript,
Unfortuantely we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time, but please check our website regularly as it will advise when we are ready to do so.

The second was similar;
Please note that all literary submissions to Cameron Cresswell are currently closed...please check website ...etc

The third one sucked!
Thankyou for your enquiry. Unfortunately we are to busy to take on many new clients, and your proposal isnt for me!

three no's! So far it isnt looking good!

Then a request to review my work!!! Yes! At least they actually want to read it!!! I emailed back with my book attached. They said it would take at least three weeks before I would get a response. So fingers crossed!!!

And then another email with a positive response asking to see my book! This particular agent had requested a synopsis with my query to read my book. So they already had an outline of my book before they responded.

Hello and thankyou for your query. After review of your query, we would like to examine your work for publishing. wooo whoooooo!!!
So, so far I have two agents reading my book! Definatly happy! You just never no.

Monday, 29 August 2011

What to do?

Im probably half way through my third book, and today I had the makings of book four rolling around in my head! I decided to get it down on paper before I forgot! An hour later, with a hand like a smurf (my pen decided to leak all over me) and a definate outline for a new book, Im not sure what to do! Do I just go with it or should I put it aside and concentrate on book 3??? Is it possible to write two books at once? It very ambitious thats for sure!!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Weekend off!!!

I took the weekend off from writing and decided to have a good time!!!
Went and watch Rhea Robertson perform on the Gold Coast and she was amazing as usual!!! Kind of hungover today and just cruising! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!

Peace Out x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ive taken the first step!!!

Today, I finally got it together and emailed 21 Literary Agents Inquiring to send my Novel (Gold Digger). Im very proud of myself! Fingers crossed someone writes back!!!!
If you cant dazzle them with brillience. Baffle them with bullshit!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Writhing in Apathy: the cool/weird dance project "Sex, Love, Money" in...

Check out this link! I found it interesting.....

Writhing in Apathy: the cool/weird dance project "Sex, Love, Money" in...: ​ The reasons for marrying are probably as numerous as the marriages out there. Why do so many people choose to (legally) bind themselves to...

How the HELL did they get published???

Have you ever read a book and wondered, 'How the Hell did they get published?'

I have, many times! Especially now, since I've written two books. I have become somewhat of a critic when it comes to books similar to mine or in the same genre. Im reading and I'll think - 'My books better than this!' Or 'They started out good but the rest of the book sucked!'
I find myself speeding over parts I think they should have left out or condensed down. And it kind of gives me confidence. Not that I think I'm better than them, but it gives me hope that one day someone will want to publish my book!

Likki Li- Little Bit

Awesome song- can't get enough!
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tara on finding an Agent!!

I thought Literary Agents where for people who had already made it! Someone who has been published! This is not true. When I first decided to find a publisher to read my book, I thought why not go straight to the source? So I nievely contacted Allen and Unwin, one of the biggest publishing houses in Australia, and submitted my first book. And although I got feedback which I didnt think I would get unless they wanted to publish me, saying my writing showed merit, and I should keep writing, (which ultimately gave me confidence to continue writing.) I cant ever submit that book to them again. Even if I make it better. Whereas if you find an agent who is willing to represent you , they help perfect your book into something a publisher would be interested in.

So the hunt for an agent starts here. (Well it started a few months ago) I havent actually contacted any yet just doing preliminary research as to what is available for my book genre. Not all agents are interested in all genres, same goes for the publishers.
My first step was typing in 'literary agents in Australia' into google. There are hundreds! Then I had to weed out all the ones that dont relate to my style of writing. Once I had my shortlist in place, I had to find out what their individual requirements where. Alot wont even read your book or even the front page unless you have contacted them in advance, either via email or phone, asking them if they would be interested in looking at your novel. Once you get the ok, you can then forward your book, more often in the mail.
So, so far I have all that, but havent actually gotten around to calling or emailing yet.
Why you ask? Ummmmm I've been really busy!
But my focus is back - I managed to write a chapter today and Im really happy with it.
BRING ON THE AGENTS and buckle up - I'm going to do it!!!

Rhea Robertson Live at The Cave!!


Check out Rhea singing, she has such an amazing voice!!!


The thoughts and musings of a girl who should be in bed!!

Im up late working on my book, and basicly wasting time looking at other blogs! I think Ive found yet another thing I can do online! And I need that like a hole in the head!!

Im reading a book atm called The Lost Boys by Sam Di Brito and one of the characters Ned seems to have major writers block! He sits thinking for hours about pretty much nothing and spends his days sleeping and smoking. It could have something to do with what he's smoking! What is this elusive writers block? Does it really exist? I cant seem to get the words out fast enough! Lucky me I guess but it doesnt get a book published! The words however keep coming so I keep writing, and hopefully it eventuates into something but if not it seems to be a hobby that I enjoy and thats what counts in the end! I am passionate about something!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Cant Sleep!!!!

Insomnia or Information Overload??????

Im a bit of a thinker apparently! Not necessarily about the right things, but none the less my mind is continuously ticking over and Im always doing something. Im a self confessed night owl and thats the problem I cant get to sleep. Come 1am, Im still wide awake and tend to stay up late alot researching, writing, thinking, wasting time on facebook and always listening to music. Writing and music would have to be my two favourite things, followed closely by clothes, perfume and makeup as well as lipgloss and lots and lots of shoes!!! Im a girly girl, I love beautiful things but what girl doesnt???

Anyway so I seem to get lost in my own little world, doing so many things at once (women are excellent multi-taskers) and before I know it, its super late. Then once im in bed I just cant seem to switch off. I'll think about anything and everything, until I supose I just drift off.

So what Im trying to say is;

Could technology be resposible for my insomnia and my talented multi-tasking abilities???

In the old days you watched a bit of telivision, read a book, listened to the top 20 countdown on the radio it was all so simple. Now Im online listening to music, blogging, facebooking, emailing, uploading photos, downloading songs, typing my book, skyping, buying, banking. Plus all thats now convieniently located on my fabulous motorolla flipout - MY MOBILE LIFE!!!! Texting, emailing, taking video's, photos, it even reminds me when I have an appoinment ..Farrrrk!!!

Am I just too buzzed out on technology ? Or do I just have insomnia??

To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself

- Anne Rice

Thursday, 18 August 2011

My inspiration and motivation!

Many things have contributed to me wanting to become a writer!
My first memories of writing would have to be at high school when they made you do those creative writing essays and stories, but I think the wheels of a budding writer began to turn long before that. I remember being curled up on the lounge with a book most afternoons after school and long into the night after mum and dad had told me to turn out the lights! Weirdly enough I remember pegging my book to the clothes line so I could keep reading while I mundanly fulfilled my daily duties of taking off and folding the clothes.
My library card was like a ticket to another land and mum would take me to the local library in Port Macquarie where I would borrow 20 books and return them 2 weeks later for another 20. I was addicted to the stories and my imagination just couldnt get enough! I remember long lazy days pouring over The Babysitters Club and then Sweet Valley High, Dolly Novels and eventually Danielle Steel which defined my early teen years.
At 16 I decided it couldnt be that hard to write a book and began peicing together some random story that was mostly copied out of various books and strung together. Two chapters in I think I gave up!!

For the next 4 years I think I read 5 books in total. Which suprises me now, I dont know how I coped! Boys friends drinking and good times where had as I became an adult.

Then I met a family of avid readers and my passion was reignited! I was put onto new authors and a new world waiting to be discovered! I went to Literary Events, and met authors and library card in hand continued my journey!

10 years later and a set of newborn twins, half a uni degree and a new found respect for alcohol I find myself at home totally mentally unstimulated (you have no idea) and started wondering what it all ment????

About 2 years ago I had an idea and grabbed a note pad and started scratching away a few ideas and all of a sudden I had 20 000 words, then 50 000 and so on, wow I think I ve written a book?? I was a bit hesitant to tell anyone as I didnt really know what it all ment! Am I a writer? What the hell just happened?? I decided I needed someone to read my book and decided to share the biggest thing I had created besides my twins with an avid reader my sister in law Jae. I nervously waited the two days it took her to read it and was suprised when she told me she loved it and would buy it if it was in a bookstore! Awesome! What now? I researched everything I could get my hands on about publishing a novel and how to go about getting my book read.
Allen and Unwin seemed like the first place I should start as it seemed to be the biggest publisher in Australia. I found a thing called The Friday pitch where you submit your first chapter and a synopsis and crossed your fingers. If you dont hear back by the following friday they dont want it. The following Thursday an email came through! OMG could this be happening??? Fat Chance lol But I was told my writing showed merit and I should continue writing!! I wasnt sure weather I should submit it to other publishers or what so I kind of just drifted along for a while.

The second one came the same as the first and voila two books in and the 3rd one started. I submitted the second the same as the first to Friday pitch and didnt hear back at all. Slightly dissapointed I forgot about my writing for about six months before starting my 3rd.
Since then I have had a few people read both and have had positive feedback. Is this stupid? What am I doing? People would ask what have you been up too? hmmm do I say writing? Am I a writer? I decided to have faith in myself and my ability and started telling people "oh actually I have written a book" The more I said it aloud the more I believed in myself as a writer and now when I tell people I dont feel as stupid but sometimes I do!

Then an old friend from school popped up on facebook and it just so happens hes written a novel and its been published! WOW my dream! He posted things on facebook about how to find an agent and how to get published and I poured over them with great interest! Maybe thats what I need - an agent. So now Im in the process of contacting agents all over Australia to see if they want to represent me and my novels.

And thats my story!!!! XXX


Hay peeps check out my pages>>>>

Click the links to check out my two books and get an insight into what sort of novels I have written! Feel free to let me know what you think - any feed back is appreciated!!!!

writing is my passion!

I am a writer!!!!

I have an interesting story and Im going to tell it!!
Published or unpublished a writer is a writer and we all have a story to tell!!!


Welcome to my blog

Hello out there... after a few false starts I have decided to make my blog about my writing! The first two attempts (failed food blogs) made me think I would never get a blog off the ground, but I am here to prove myself wrong! I tend to start alot of activities and never get around to actually completing anything apart from my first two novels that i am extremely proud of!!! Although I havent been published I am not giving up hope (more about that later)
Cheers to blogging, writing and heels xxx